On the evening, Fei Fi returned to Gu Wei to eat outside the school.

When you arrive at the location, you can unlock the password that Tang Yue said, and the fidel has read the familiar Chen Aunt.

"You are back."

Chen Ayi enthusiastically greeted him.

Some accidents: "Chen Auntie, what should you come here?" What should I do with South Wanquan? "

Chen Ayi: "What are you here, what am I doing in the county in South Bay? Of course, come over to cook for you."

Fei Fi: "What about Gu,?"

Chen Auntie: "Gu always never eats at home."

Fei Fi stunned: "This is."

"Tang Assistant has been greeted, saying that it is not necessary to prepare Gu total, I think Gu's may have been eaten outside," Chen Aunt explained.

Fei Fei nodded, and his heart is still very surprised by Gu Wei.

Obviously, Chen Ayi is prepared for him.

It is worthy of Gu Jia heirs, and Yue Fi wants to have to think about it.

Is this a means of all presidents who will receive people? Think about his previous boss, in addition to crushing or crushing, no wonder business is always not doing, no pattern.

For a time, the Yue Fi Brain has turned a numerous analysis of the small theater.

It seems that this meal at the weekend should be prepared.


"Tang assistant, you can have trouble, you will send me the information of Gu total, and the information such as personal hamper is given to me? I need to prepare for the weekend dinner." After dinner, Fei Fei returned to him for him. The room gave Tang Yue.

When receiving the fidel information, Tang Yue is with Gu Wei and attending the business dinner with his boss.

"Gu, Mr. Yue, said you want to ask your preferences to deal with the weekend dinner." Tang Yue invited Gu Wei.

Gu Wei looked at him, not very awkward: "Well, give him."

Received instructions, Tang Yue's heartache put his experience in these years to Vietnamese, or the most complete personal collection.

Received the file, the fidel is immediately put down the textbook.

...... Coffee does not add milk and don't add sugar, don't eat honey, don't eat tomatoes, don't eat dragon fruit ...

Vietnamese reads a page, oh.

Look two pages, haven't finished yet?

I saw three pages, the front has been forgotten ...

At this time, Tang Yue sent a message from the information, and the fidel retired.

Tang Yue: This questionnaire troublesome you to prepare the information that is familiar with you here.

The Fei Fei is a hurry to look at the eyes, which is a problem for his personal hi and habits.

Fame back to him: [OK]

On the occasion, after the completion of Gu Wei, Tang Yue took the finishing folder.

"Gu's summary, Mr. Yue, also provided a message about personal life habits, do you see?" Tang Yue is not allowed to take care of Gu Wei, did not dare to take a heat.

Gu Wei's eyes did not lift: "Play the table."

Tang Yue: "Yes."

After putting down the documents, Tang Yue fell to the office until he came out of the office, and he was reliably sighed. Gu always looks like it is not too happy, it seems that he is more than one, and it is a gratitude.

In the office, I finally fell on the document left by Tang Yue.

Just as the casual relaxation of the work gap, Gu Wei took documents and looked over.

...... Don't smoke, don't drink, don't drink strong tea, don't drink coffee, don't eat spicy ...


Gu Wei picks up the material and takes out the phone.

In the school, someone who was seriously attending the class suddenly received new news.

Gu Wei: What did you eat in the first night of Nanwan inquire?

Fiyu: Spicy crayfish. Do you want to eat?

Gu Wei: Oh, don't eat spicy?

Don't eat spicy?


After the fidel, I know that I think of my answer to the questionnaire. The fidel in the original book is really true ... Other Fi Fi don't remember, just fill in the status of your ideal life.

But certainly can't reply to Gu Wei like this, can only hit it: ring!

Gu Wei: [Voice]

Vietnamese reads the teacher, wearing wireless headphones, low sneaked sound drilling into the cochlea.

"Not let you fill in health. The standard of life is overwritten."

Frequent fidel plus headphones, reply to him: ... I know.

Gu Wei: [Take the head]

Yue Fi suddenly, I don't know how to return for a while.

Don't you fill in a questionnaire for personal habits? Why is there a shame that has a written wrong job being talked from the teacher?

And what is the head ... What is their peers, is it possible to take each other?

, Yue Fi thought it would reply: [Handshake].

After receiving the expression of his back, Gu Wei smiled and put down the phone, this beta is really incomcation.

Just smashing Tang Yue stepped in, Gu Wei pushed the documents in front of the table: "Take it down."

Tang Yue took the top before.

Gu Wei has temporarily changing his mind: "Don't, still give a meal." Tang Yue stunned, and confirmed the document, and he confirmed: "Chen Auntie who is responsible for three meals?"

"Well." Gu Yidao.

Tang Yue: "Okay, I understand."

This is what Chen Ayi understands the taste of Mr. Yue, Gu will consider it. It seems that he is preparing to prepare this information.

In the future, he is here, and the things of Mr. Yue is the third time after Gu total and the company!

Tang Yue analyzed in his heart.

On the other side, I didn't know what Gu Wei did, only re-filled the Qian Yue's questionnaire, and then sent Gu Wei directly.

After returning to [ok], he did not say anything.

Fi Fi put down the phone, the teacher on the podium has not known a few PPTs.

Semi-employment is a smoking. On the side of the teacher, you should pay attention to the boss.

But now the intensity is worth mentioning than his past experience. So after the Fi Fashion is tone, he will continue to travel in the ocean of knowledge, strive to work hard to learn the skills of the deep dive, suffocating in this sea when he is trying to prevent the exam.