After Friday, I was tested out from the teaching building, and the fidel and roommate said, and I went to the school gate.

His family is close, and weekends often go home, so roommates have learned.

At the school gate, Yue Fei quickly saw Tang Yue's car.

Tang Yue also saw him and got off the bus.

The fidel stepped in front of the front, and the attention was paid to Tang Yue, so he did not pay attention to the simply coming out of the school at the same time.

He lifted his hand and tang Yue, indicating that he saw it, but he did not prevent a familiar voice sounded on the side.

"Your new boyfriend?" Simply looked at Tang Yue, tone of the car.

Fei fi came back, see it is him, it is inexplicable after it: "What is it?"

Simply yin and yin, a slap in the style of greenery: "I thought you were at least another alpha, I didn't expect to find Beta."

Fei Fi: "... he is alpha."

I heard the words, and I also said: "What is it?"

Fi Fi is not willing to be tangled with him: "He is my friend, you are just my former boyfriend, how do I have no relationship with you, you have time to stab me, not as much as careful attention to Yin Xinchen."

Beta, what is Beta, he is a beta, it is also a look in front of him, who is doing it?

Jane is not a call.

Tang Yue still doesn't know that he is harmful, and the fidelity looks wrong, I want to go to the front, Yue Fi has already gone.

"Go back." Yue Fi drilled in the door opened from Tang Yue.

Tang Yue, a voice, slightly, I looked at the alpha student who looked at this side, just sitting on the front drive.

Simply standing in the same place, silent, looking at the car and gradually, the hacker cake in the hand landed, and there was no expression and turned back to the school.

After the test, the fidel will be in a bad mood, and the happiness cake is the comfort of the two people. But now, the once heart is not publicized, and he is the biggest embarrassment.

He wants to understand why Yue Fi can be so decisive, the past is not a business?

Talented talent is the worst. But in this emotion, it is simply unable to accept yourself.

In the car, Tang Yue asked with concern: "Mr. Yue, what happened to you?"

Fei Fi: "Nothing."

"That's good, if you meet what problems, you can tell me, I will do my best to solve it for you." Tang Yue is very attentive.

Tang Yue actually recognized that people who have just been stopped with the fidet are his former boyfriend him. When he surveyed Yue Fi-related information, he saw it, but the two did not do what to wear a green hat on her own boss. Behavior, Tang Yue also did not stand what to say, only the state of the table.

"Well ..." Fiye didn't know the bend around him, just think of just simply, some want it.

Tang Yue saw: "You said."

"Are you alpha?" Fei fi asked very well.

Tang Yue stunned: "... Yes."

Fei Fi: "Oh, nothing, just ask."

Tang Yue is inexplicably, but the Fei has already turned to the window, and there is no meaning to continue to talk.

Alpha, the Alpha, which has been in the role of social livestock life, I didn't know how I didn't know how to I didn't know the sinister students.

Send Fei Fei to Nanwan Xiangshi, Tang Yue left.

I didn't return this for a few days, and the fidel is somewhat uncomfortable. Fortunately, there is only a good meal in advance at the moment. Gu Wei is not there. His alone is half an hour.

After eating, the tableware is washed, the leftovers are put in the refrigerator, and the fidel returns to their room.

He brought back high textbooks. In order to not hang at the end, he must have to join in learning.

I found a high-tech video on the Internet, and the fidile reviewed it carefully.

The table in the bedroom is a bit short, and the fidel reading is a bit uncomfortable.

I didn't know that I didn't know how to move at 9:30, but I didn't come back.

Tomorrow, I have to eat with Gu Jia people, and Fei Fi will also think about it in the evening and talk about it. I didn't expect that people haven't come back yet.

Simple and packed up, and the fidel took the clothes to go to the bathroom, wait for him to take a shower, Gu Wei still did not come back.

It is already ten o'clock time.

Vietnamese picks up the phone, first give Tang Yue.

Fei Fi: Total Gu always has entertainment today?

Tang Yue: There should be no, today is another assistant to follow the Gu, do you have anything? I will help you ask.

Fi Fi: Nothing, don't ask, thank you.

Tang Yue: Venor.

Two fingers clamped on the phone on the desktop, and the fidel put down the towels that wipe the hair directly, directly gave Gu Yafei.

Fi Fi: Are you still going back to South Bay? Today?

Waiting for Vietnamese, two high titles, Gu Wei's information is late.

Gu Wei: Late late. Is there something?

Fei Fi: Nothing, just want to talk about things that tomorrow and your family meet.

Gu Wei: You can get in the scene, you don't have to worry.

Fei Fi: Oh ...

I looked at the high textbooks on my own table, I waited for a while, and the Fei Fei sent a message to the past.

Faches: I want a book room.

Gu Wei did not return for a long time.

When I fell asleep quickly, the sound of the door was closed, and his mobile phone also shook it.

Gu Wei came back, and he also gave him information.

Yue Fiki is open.

Gu Wei: That told Tang Yue.

The fidel grabs the head, he seems to take a small thing to take the chicken and machine.

Feiyu: Ok.

After returning to Gu Wei information, the fidel put the phone back to the bedside table, closed his eyes and regained his sleep.

In the dream, Yuefi fell into the rabbit hole, surrounded by black paint, he heard someone shouting him, followed by the sound.

Walking and walking, suddenly stepped on the empty, fell, after a moment, the world recovered brightly, he fell from the hole, saw the wild lake.

He fell to the soft grass, did not be injured, and patted his trousers.

"Welcome to my kingdom, since then, you are my subject."

The familiar voice sounded in the ear, and Yue Fi thought it was the voice that attracted himself forward in the dark.

He turned and saw a man wearing retro lancer pants, and the man took the scepter in his hand, looked at his eyes with picky and despise.

Vietnamese heard he said: "I don't want to be your subject."

When he heard him, the man was smirked, I don't know where to take a piece of paper, throw it on the grass in the fidel.

"For an hour, I made this paper, if I got, I will send you out, if you can't get it, you will stay here for my slave."

The fidel looks down, and the paper writes a high number of dense Ma Ma, he suddenly feels desperate.

The two or three topics are also calculated. For an hour, he should write these twenty questions, and it is too strong. How can he complete?

"Too much topic, your arrangement is unreasonable." Fi Fi protest.

Men took a pocket watch, ignorant the protest of Fiping, and the cold: "Time, start."

Fei fi is not a good, look at him, look at it around, compromise the debut: "You have to give me a table!"

The man got him: "Looking for Tang Yue."


A ringtone came from the sky, and the fidel is stunned, which is the alarm clock.

The darkness came, waiting for the fidewaking again to wake up and open his eyes, it was an empty ceiling.

There is no lake without the grass, and there is no man in the lantern pants.

After tired, Yuefi opened the quilt and held his head to think about the dream.

Although it is very incredible, the man in the dream is forced to do high questions, it seems to be Gu Wei ...

This is a mess, and the fidel suddenly laughed, and Gu Wei wearing a lantern pants was too good.

Changed the clothes and go out, Chen Ayi has boiled breakfast, and the fidel walks, sitting on the living room sofa, watching him.

Note Gu Wei, Yuefi thought of the strange dream of the whim, can't help but smiled and greeted him: "You haven't going to work yet?"

Gu Wei was a.

Xu is that his face is too obvious, and Gu Wei asked him: "Is the mood?"

Fei Fi: "It can be better if you don't force me to do high questions."

Gu Wei: "What?"

Fi Fi, he is sitting on the sofa, as if he doesn't have a rooping, just sitting on his sofa, telling his dreams that he did yesterday.

Gu Wei listened, and he grabbed the focus: "Are you high?"

Ferry: "... Yes."

"Tang Yue is TOP2 graduate." Gu Yidao.

In the words, you can find Tang Yue.

I didn't expect Tang Yue so powerful, the more the fidel, nodded: "I know."

Talking again, Chen Ayi shouted in the kitchen, saying that breakfast is ready.

Fi Fi got up: "Gu is still not eaten yet, eat together?"

Gu Wei looked at the watch, nodded, got up and moved to the table.

Fi Fi is following him.

Seeing Gu Wei, he left, Chen Ayi is a little unexpected, but did not say anything, but also prepared two small dishes.

"Gu total, do you like Chinese or Western-style? You can let Chen Auntie prepare more in the future." Yue Fei asked him.

Gu Wei: "Chinese can."

Fei Fei automatically understands compared to Western style, Gu Wei prefer Chinese: "Well, I also like Chinese, habit of snacks."

Gu Wei nodded.

"Chen Auntie, how do you speculate in the early morning?" Fi Fi pays attention to the green eyes of the table.

Chen Ayi wiped his hand with a scarf out of the kitchen: "Bitter melon, do you like to eat? I specially fried, bitter gourd defeated fire."

The fidel is smashed, he likes to eat bitter gourd, why don't he know?

Gu Wei looked at him and was pleased with his face, and the mouth was resolved. After solving the rice in the bowl, put down the chopsticks: "I have a good time, let's go, you will eat slowly."

The Fiyi heard, very consciously prepared to get up and sent people, and was pressed against the press to stop.

So he only nodded: "Okay, then you will walk slowly, pay attention to safety on the road."