In the evening, the information that the Fei Fei received his own parents said that he has already went out, and he also gave the driver to a phone call, let people pick himself.

Although many times, Tang Yue is connected to Yuefi, but he is a man of Gu Wei, it will not always be free, so the full-time driver of the Fei Fife and Gu Wei, which is married. If Tang Yue did not Come, that is, the driver picks up the fidel.

Before going out, Yuefu asked Tang Yue address, and also knew that Gu Wei was still meeting, because the company left to eat nearly, so I will pass it directly, Tang Yue is planning to arrange the driver to go to Guan Fi, I didn't expect Yue Fii. I have already contacted it yourself.

Gu Wei arranged two locations in the Hypering Hall.

On the car, Yue Yi, I listened to the driver, I knew that it was also the industry of Gu Jia.

Fi Fi has numb this, and even begins to suspect that South Bay inquire is also a household industry.

When I thought here, I asked the driver, and the driver answered him very proudly. Of course it was.

Fei Fi: ...... Oh!

It is poverty to limit his imagination.

Yue Fei's home is actually a asset, but he has passed through, there is no big spending, so there is no intuitive feel. It is an impression that is impressed by the moisture of the house.

Nanwanxiang County is not far from the Haya, and the Yuejia two old is still not arrived. The waiter wanted to lead him to the VIP room and was rejected.

Fei Fi asked Tang Yuefa information asking them if people have departure.

After a while, I gave him a message.

Gu Wei: Just starting to start, go to the third floor of the entertainment room to play.

I don't ask more fidels, back: Ok.


When Gu Wei arrived, the Fei Fei lied at the cascading video on the casino sofa.

"Your parents are like it. Why don't you go in?" Gu Wei did not see Yuefi in the box, and to find someone in the entertainment room.

Fi Fi is turned off the video and replied: "Wait for you."

In the box, Gu Jiahe Yuejia took the left and right and right, and the faces of the face were in the face.

When Gu Wei came in with Yue Fi, the waiter just placed the table.

Yue Fi is sitting down on the Dad, and Gu Wei landed next to him.

"Dad, Mom, this is Yuefi, my partner." Gu Wei officially introduced the Fifer Road to Gu Jia.

Gu Timusheng is an alpha, but there is no business in business. Before the grandfather left the will, after Gu Wei, he inherited all the industries of Gu Jia, and couldn't see the ability of his own son.

Therefore, Gu Tian will say that Gu Wei can be said to be love and hate, love he is proud, hate him to take all the family's favorite and eye-catching, even if you can't.

"My life is responsible for yourself. I hope that you are not a confused choice for inheriting rights." Gu Tian Sheng did not give Gu Wei.

The Fi Fi is heard in your heart, although I know that Gu's father is not in charge, but I didn't expect to be directly.

Gu Wei looked at Gu Tiangsheng, smiled, and the arpha of the sharp man took a gas field that did not be angry, and the box was quiet.

Fi Fi once again smelled the wilderness, and before, this rosin is no longer gentle, but it is like a small ice needle, which is a moment of chilling.

He did not pinch the hand, and he looked at Gu Wei.

Gu Wei looked at him and opened: "Father, you have more concern."

Gu T Ten: "I hope so."

He Yinyin seeing this father and son. The two is not dealt with each other.

"Xiaofei, how do you and the old three do you know?"

The Fi Fi has reacted that this small flash is yourself.

He laughed: "Everything knows."

Gu Jia Lao 2 praise was sitting on a side, and he wanted a little bit of wine almost no spray.

"Blind date?"

Fei Fei nose: "Phase I love at first sight, my mind is connected, the mountains have an oath, marriage Tiancheng."

Trusque: "..."

He Yin Yin has a smile from beginning to end, and there is no half-point question at this moment, and it is very natural to introduce the words on the old man.

"Yue Fi is so good, the more you have to teach the more you."

Yue Dad, I have two sounds: "I have a prize, Xiaofei's shortcomings on him, I am clear, I still have to be a lot of people, if you don't know what you have, you have said, I will teach him."

What is the meaning of your own, how is your child? There is no power to manage others.

Some accidents, the more they will say this, may be stimulated by the attitude of Tsusheng.

It is Alpha, although there is a gap in the wealth power, but no one is notiety.

"You are heavy, Xiao Fei is a child." He Yinn is soft, she is an Omega, and Gu Tiansheng is a family marriage, there is not much feelings, so she is more like a son, "I Will treat him in love with his son. "

A rice bureau, no one is happy. After a hurry, the three people returned to each home.

On the car, the fidet is turned to the window, and it is true that the shadow on the window is secretly observed.

It was because the end of the dinner was relaxed, and the Gu Wei, who was originally combed, and took a few shortfilters, it hangs before his deep eyebrow. Gu Wei did not organize the hair, only on the back of the chair, close his eyes.

When Vietnamen stared at God, Gu Wei, suddenly opened his eyes, through the projection on the window, and the eye on the fidel.

"See what I do?" Gu Wei asked him, maybe because I just took a break, at this time, I was lazy when I saw the fidel as if I took a hook.

The fidet slowly blinked, the brain had an instant card shell, slow half-shot and responded to him: "Show is meal."

The cattle should not answer the horse mouth, and the car is quiet.

It must be , and Gu Yizhen is silent and laughs.

"..." The Fi Fi's face brushs red, hate must not open the door immediately, what are he saying? !

The car arrived in Nanwan Xiangshi, Yuefu swearing that he got a speed of getting off the bus in the past ten years.

Gu Wei took the elevator behind him, and saw his red ear, until the entrance, the arc of his mouth did not come.

Seeing that the fidel buried back to the room, Gu Wei is not slowly: "Isn't it not full?"

Yue Fenteon stayed: "... Chen Ayi gets off work."

"Do yourself?" Gu Wei intends to ask for advice, and the tone that is not refuted is not refuted.

The fidel did not have a disgusted, and after it came into the kitchen.

Gu Wei picked the eyebrows.

After fifteen minutes, Yue Fi ended two bowls of green eggs.

It is very rare. Today, Gu Wei has not rushed back to the study, but sat next to the dinner table, so the whole is waiting for the Vietnamese.

Put the egg noodles in your hand on the front table, and the fidel is a chaotic: "Just do it, you try, you can't eat it."

Gu Wei picked up the chopsticks and tasted it. In the eyes of the fidel, it is open to the mouth: "Well, yes."

Feri, this is the face of his hand, "Yes, I used to cook it before, I don't dare to say, my craftsmanship is still good."

Gu Wei nodded, affirmed his craft, then said: "Eat more, beautiful beauty can't be hunger."


Fii is buried, and it is not heard when it is.

Eat, the two returned to their respective rooms.

After the feature, I put myself into the nest, and I really sighed for myself today, quickly entered the dream.

He wants to re-taken the story after tomorrow!