When I got up the fidel next day, Gu Wei had already went to work.

At Friday, he went to the chambermare today to go to the cinema to see the new movie. Before going out, he took the phone to the phone, let him return home.

Helpless can only put a chamber-friendly pigeon, so that the driver will send himself home.

Going home, it is exactly lunch time, and the more my mother is ready, and the fidel is coming back, there is a hot meal waiting for him to fortunate.

After lunch, the fidel is hazard by the sofa. After you eat enough, people always don't feel sleepy.

More my mother sat around the fidel, asked him: "How is Gu 3 less?"

When I heard this problem, Yipeng was very spirited: "It is very good."

"How is a good law?" Yue Mom asked.

Fei Fi: "... ... The car in his garage will pick me with me."

The more my mother listened to the side, and my eyes were pleased.

After the Vietnamese voice, the living room was silent.

After a short wait, the more my mother tested the opening: "Nothing?"

Fei Fi: "Haha, how can it be, too much, I don't know which one is good for a while."

More my mother breathed: "That is good. I am calling you back today, it is your father, you are also married, I feel that I am giving you some industries in my family, how to dispose of you in the future Be a master. "

More my mother took a box from the coffee table, it is obviously ready to be ready.

"Here is the title certificate of the three sets of houses in the city, as well as the shares of the family company, each year, should be enough for your daily overhead, you don't want less, I will give you and the soul to you and the spirit. Don't think that I am unfair to your father, Xiao Luo is alpha, and the industry is definitely him to inherit, and I will be old by him with your dad. "

"Mom, you don't have to explain, I understand." Fei Fi interrupts more mom.

Fi Fi does not mind these things, he has planned to find a suitable job after graduation, plus self-material desires are not strong, so it is not intense to wealth, just feel enough.

"You can understand it. Gu San less is very good to you, Gu Jia's conditions are too much better than us, see you have fun, I am very pleased with your father, I don't have to worry about you, you and Gu Thonder Shaostous Two people should run their own small families, know? "Yue mother took the back of the fi, and he worked with a long way.

Fei Fi: "I know, my mother, you and Dad don't have to worry about me."


Leaving Yuejia, Fei Fei is not immediately returning to South Bay, but let the driver send himself to the cinema.

Originally with roommate, the film has already spread, and the fidel has bought a ticket, and I will go in.

The movie tells the story of a beta delay until the age of 22 knows that he is Omega, since then, the world is bigger.

Fuming of the Five Furtia, the full field movie is completely unaffected to the surrounding people, causing a good comedy to see him as a drama.

After reading the movie, Fei Fi will let the driver will send themselves directly back to South Wanquan.

On the way back, the Fiye remembers the book of the book, giving Tang Yue, saying that he needs to get a book in Nanwanxiang County.

Tang Yue replied very quickly, and said that Gu's always said to him, taking advantage of him returning to Yuejia today, Tang Yue has taken time to contact the decoration design team to put everything.

Although the room in Nanwan inquire is a lot of rooms, the comprehensive rays and the environment are suitable for the second floor of the second floor, only the second floor of the second floor.

Tang Yue invited Gu Wei, move the gym to the first floor, the room on the second floor changed to Yuefi's study.

The Fi Fi was shocked by Tang Yue's work efficiency, sighed to send him a message: Tang assistant, take the liberty to ask, how much is your annual salary?

Tang Yue: I don't have a million [blush]

I want to dig the fidel: ... Oh!

Confirmed, it is an assistant he can't afford.

I know that I will have my own study, the heart of the Fei Fei back to South Bay, is unprecedented, I don't know what kind of decoration style of Tang Yue.

He is thinking, Tang Yue sent information.

Tang Yue: I originally want to ask your design, just to see the description of the design, I will definitely, you will definitely like it.

Fei Fi: Ok, I know.

Gu Wei Ding? I hope that the style should not be too serious.

Back to South Bay, the county, the fidel is not allowed to stay on the second floor.

The door of the new study is not related, and the fidet turned in and went in, and immediately realized his misunderstanding of Gu Wei.

Desk, bookshelf, floor window, projector, small sofa, snack cabinet, game console ...

Is this a study? How is it like a recreational room?

After Sitting in the desk, I took a photo to the room to Gu Wei.

Fi Fi: My study? image

When waiting for a reply, the fidet got up to the sofa, kneeling down and opened the snack cabinet, it is Tang Yue, and it is really full of snacks.

When I was hesitating, the familiar voice came from the entrance of the study.

"Don't you like this style?"

The fidel has twisted the head, Gu Wei is standing at the door, watching him, and there is a fascinating drama in the tone.

Yuefi stands up, some can't prevent it: "Are you not going to the company?"

"came back."

Gu Wei walked into the room and looked at the settings here again.

"Where is it dissatisfied, you can let Tang Yue change."

Fei Fi: "Actually, it is not very like a study."

Gu Wei: "Where is it like a book?"

The source of sin next to the Fi Fi finger: "Nettle Cabinet ... Game Machine ... Projector ..."

Gu Wei: "When reading is hungry, you can eat some snacks. If you are tired, you can look at the video to play games, isn't it very convenient?"

"... You want to be true week." Fei Fi is no refuting, can't help but ask, "Can I visit your study?"

Gu Wei nodded.

So the fidel is followed by Gu Yizhen, came to the next room.

What is defective, the two rooms are similar, and the difference is only that the next wall is placed in the side of the snack cabinet, where the wine cabinet is placed next door, the game machine projector is placed.

In the case of two, the difference may be a business book, one is a student study.

"Well ... It seems that my study is still very full." Yue Fi smiled.

Gu Wei took a bottle of red wine from the wine cabinet, sat down on the black leather sofa, and asked Vietnamese: "Drink?"

The single sofa next to the fidel is dropped: "Drink a cup."

Gu Wei fell to him.

Fi Fi raise hand: "I am coming yourself."

Gu Wei did not let go, and the fidel can only give up.

The two touched a cup.

Fiii, rolling up and down the throat, drinking a mouth.

"You don't need to be so polite in the future." Gu Wei suddenly said.

Ferry: "Well?"

"This marriage is a win-win transaction. As a partner, you can treat me as a friend." Gu Wei explained.

Fei Fei is very surprised, laughs: "I have been as my boss."

Gu Wei: "I know, you have to think about it, just in my opinion, there is no need."

Vietnamese silence.

"I don't miss it." Gu Yidao.

"You can have a friend like a total, is my honor." Fei Fi is politely responded.

For his attitude, Gu Wei's eyebrows are light, and there is a dinner: "There is a dinner on Wednesday, you have to bring a partner, you are ready, attended me."

Wen Yan, the fidelity is degranted: "Don't you send it?"

Gu Wei: "Not open to the outside world."

"Good." Feri is only promised.

"Don't want people to know our marriage?" Gu Wei understood his scruple.

Yuei is a sound: "After all, it is a fake marriage. We will separate the agreement. The more you know the better, the better, you can minimize you."

Gu Wei nodd: "Your scruple is reasonable, rest assured, I will tell."

For Gu Jia, it is a very simple thing to open in front of the public.

"Thank you, there is nothing wrong, I will go back." Fei Fi will finish the wine in the cup, "I have to move my book."

Gu Wei: "Good."


Going back to the bedroom, Feiyue recalls that I just said to what I said.

He really didn't think that Gu Wei would say that when a friend is like this, he will not say that Gu Wei is really true. After all, after all said that his friends, Gu Wei immediately asked him to attend the dinner.

Although accompanying attendance is that he has need to cooperate, but Gu Wei started with a friend, let him not refuse the room, and even have a good way to make good cooperation. The impulse.

It is what he thinks too much or Gu Wei is really just in Ensi, and the Fi is not known.

After all, he is just a student, did not have exposed to the level of the level of Gu Wei.

I thought about it, and the fidel gave Tang Yue.

Fei Fi: Do you say what you want to be friends with you? (This sentence doesn't have to follow your main report)

Tang Yue:? ? ? How can it be possible (this sentence is automatically encrypted)

Fei Fi: [Smile] [Smile]

Tang Yue: Gu always treats work extremely serious, and the cold knife is poked by people, and who dares with him. (This sentence is automatically encrypted)

Fei Fi: I understand [OK], thank you

Tang Yue: But you are not the same for Gu 's.

Fei Fi: I know.

Tang Yue: ...

Firappus smiles and turns off the phone.

He is of course different from Gu Wei. Without him, Gu Wei is not completely inherited by this book.

So the fidel concluded that Qi Wei really was in the routine.

If he really takes himself too serious, he is sure to be taught by people in minutes.

Oh, Gu Wei can really be a little.

In this book, you can truly confuse, only him.