After the red wine, the Fi Fi book has been moved to the book. I feel that it is because of the exercise. Later, I found that the temperature didn't fall, but some dizziness, I had to admit that I may be a bit drunk.

His alcohol is not bad, and it is only possible to be a problem with Gu Wei's wine.

Is it more expensive to be intoxicated? Yue Fei, I gave this conclusion, gave up the plan to study in the new study room, back to the first floor, changed my clothes, I woke up.

In the middle of the night, the second floor is the master bedroom. Gu Wei, who has slept, suddenly opened his eyes, and fell to the door, and slipped up on the throat.

Although light, he determined that he smelled the sweetness of unfamiliar pheromones.

It is an Omega.

Just in this house.

Hey, the main bedroom is open.

Gu Yanyu has no expression, follow the smell of the information, from the stairs, and stop in front of a house.

If he has not remembered, at this moment, the person in the room should be a companion, fidel, a Beta, who should be married.

Recognizing what happened to what to control it, Gu Wei's brow gradually picked up.

But he did not open the door in front of him, but turned and returned to the second floor.

Sitting on your bedside, Gu Wei took a glass tube from the bedside cabinet, and silently entered the liquid into his body.

It is a basic skill to suppress the inhibitor, and after finishing, Gu Wei will throw the empty pipe to the table, lying back into the bed, close your eyes.


This feeling, the fidel is extremely unsatisfactory, and when you wake up, you found a sweat yourself, to the bathroom rushed to get out of the door.

Going to the dining room, I found that Gu Wei was sitting at the dinner table, and the fidel stunned.

"You haven't going to work yet?"

Gu Wei looked up to him, deep eyes, and black eyes were unknown.

"Waiting for you."

"Ah? Oh!" Fei Fei sat in the dinner table, "Is there anything to be alive?"

Gu Wei looked at him without opening immediately.

A fidel with flying water.

Last night, the stock strongly attracted him, simulation of the pixel of sweet springs, I can't sneak it at this moment.

Gu Wei took the cup to take his hand, and he went down the water. He left the scorpion. If you think about it, he said: "Nothing, don't forget Wednesday, I went to the company."

After that, Gu Wei got up and did not wait for Chen Aunt to take the breakfast, leaving.

Yue Fei thought that he really just want to remind himself on Wednesday, it didn't care, let the driver sent himself back to school after dinner.

Yue Fi, I don't know, this day, Tang Yue has received a new task released from his own boss.

- Investigate Yuefi's medical or medical records in all hospitals, don't let him know.

I received all the relevant information on the hospital in the hospital horizon, and these information showed that the fidel did not differentiate, just a Putu-through Beta.


At Wednesday, Tang Yue went to the school.

Feifei thought that he was to send himself back to South Wanquan, but he didn't expect to open the door, and there was a person behind him. It is Gu Wei.

"Do you want to pass the venue directly?" Yuefi sits in and asked, he has not changed clothes.

Gu Wei: "Don't worry, buy you clothes."

Fei Fi: "There is a lot of clothes at home, don't buy new."

Listening to him in Nanwan inquire, Gu Wei's eyebrows moved to him.

Fei Fi also looks at him, it seems that he is waiting for his reply, and does not think that there is anything wrong with what you just said.

Gu Wei did not answer him, moved away, and driver said: "Drive."

The boss did not say back to South Wanquan, and the Tang Yue on the co-pilot naturally gave the driver to the driver, went to buy clothes.

Gu Yipui, who is going to buy clothes, is the old shop you often, before Tang Yue has already contacted in advance, so go in, waiting for a long time, the store manager is immediately receiving them.

Fei Fi has no high demand for wearing, so when I use my eyes, I will take the closest set of I have recently taken it.

"Just this set."

Gu Weiyuan plans to sit on the side of the sofa, see the movement of the turning, raise his hand and take the clothes in the fi hand, put it back.

Ferry: "?"

Gu Wei looked at the store manager: "The few sets sent to me in the morning let him try."

The store manager immediately understood that the identity of the fidel is unusual.

"Okay, you come with me."

Defi Fi is looking at Gu Wei, asking for the eyes, otherwise he helps him?

Gu Wei lifted the Pakistan, indicating that the Fi Fi followed the clothes.

Yue Fi has walked two steps forward, and he turned back to confirm that after he followed him, he continued to keep up with the leader.

"The new three sets of quality cutting design is from the hands of your own designer, you see which set."

Prior to the display, the fidel has a lower lip, pointing to the middle: "Just that set."

In the middle, the color is deep, in fact, it is not suitable for him, he will choose this set, and some people next to them are some.

It seems to realize that other people do not agree, and the Fei Fei looks to Gu Wei: "Do I choose wrong?"

Gu Wei looked at him and smiled at his mouth: "No chooses wrong."

He walked forward and picked up the shallow gray suit on the left and handed it to Vietnamese.

"Try this set."

The fidel is blinked.

Then, Gu Wei picks up the set of fidelity: "I will try you to help me choose this."

Ferry: "?"


Yue Fei quickly changed its entire clothes.

Exquisite tailoring out of his poor figure, with a unique shallow figure, concise, and revealing the designer's fine thinking, it seems that the gentleman is expensive.

It seems to be more suitable for him.

Fei Fi is standing in front of the mirror, and has to admit that Gu Wei's choice is right.

Not long after, Gu Wei came out.

The two stits on the shirt did not come to the buckle, and he came out and lowered his head on the wrist.

Wide shoulders narrow waist, black suit outlined his sleeper line, superior proportion makes people unknone.

Note that the more fidel and glanced at him, and Gu Wei went to him, and got the weight of his clothes. He nodded said that the sound was low.

"Give me a button."

Fei Fi is not expected to have a sudden near, and then raise his hand to him.

For him, this move is just a help between friends, but it is not the same for people.

"Mr. Gu and Yue is really a loving." The storeman stood aside and said with a smile.

I just changed my clothes, she had asked Tang Yue as a fiph, she was very consciously stood next to smiling, and did not put it out of the clothes for Gu Wei.

Some of the fidel, after using the fastest speed to deduct the button, "Okay."

Gu Wei seems to have not perceived his unreliable, ask the store long: "Is there a two sets of cuff buckle in Shishan and Xikan?"

Wen said, the store is happy: "Some, you will take it, I will take it right away."

In the time of waiting, Gu Wei looked at Yue Fei: "You wear this set."

Fi Fi-courtesy reply: "You have good choice."

Gu Wei smiled and looked at himself in the mirror. "You choose it."

Fei Fi: "..." Is there anyone boasting himself?

Soon, the storeman held two sets of boxes and opened one by one.

See the sleeve buckle of the black gem, the fidel is bright in front of you: "This is Shi Mountain?" Gu Wei took a sleeve and picked up the sleeve.

I thought he was to wear it, so he heard Gu Wei said that the fidel did not respond completely.

"Hand." Gu Wei repeated it.

Files are busy.

Gu Wei helped him wear the sleeves on both sides, and raised his hand to give him a chest.

"I will come here." Yue Fi took the brooch of the flying bird stone from his hand, wear itself.

Gu Wei did not barely, inserted his trouser pocket, standing on a side.

After wearing a good fidet, look at Gu Wei, Gu Wei nodded.

"This is suitable for you."

This is completely worn, only Gu Wei is left.

Seeing that it doesn't have to move, Yue Fi touches the nose, pick up the sleeve buckle with blue gray gem, standing to Gu Wei.



Help each other, finishing each other, and three people returned to the car, and the car driving in the direction of the venue.

On the car, the fidel is silent with the sleeve buckle on his wrist, hesitating, take out the mobile phone to Tang Yue information.

Fei Fi: Tang Assistant, how much is this?

Soon, Tang Yue returned him: two sets of two hundred and six hundred thousand.

Fei Fi: ... Oh, can you refund?

Tang Yue:?

The fidel migraine looks at Gu Wei, who is eye-catching, and finally did not speak him.

Two hundred and six hundred thousand ... it is actually not big, after all, he is now holding the three sets of rooms in the city center, to squint.

Hey, Tang Yue sent him a new message.

Freight point.

Tang Yue: Cannot be refunded.