Soon they arrived at the hotel, Tang Yue is standing in the car with the driver, and Yue Fei follows the Gu Yizhen, follow him into the banquet hall.

I don't know if it is the illusion of the Fi Fif, and he pericamed that he followed Gu Wei to enter the hall. The people who were cordially conversing in the hall had a moment of pause, but it was only a moment, everything was restored. normal.

Gu Wei's eyelids did not lift, and they left straight towards the center of the hall.

The fidel is kept with the lower lip.

One corner of the hall, a beautiful boys stared at the figure of the two people, and the left ear nice flashed under the hall light shining. Whether it is a gas field or a clothing, these two people are like a companion, you have me, I have you, I can't intervene.

A beta? The boy is smirked in his heart.

"Gu San Ge, you have come."

"Three brothers."

"Three brothers, I haven't seen you for a long time."


With the central government of Gu Wei, there are more and more sounds around, and Gu Wei only took a picture, and did not stop the footsteps and anyone.

Four fi is looking at this scene.

Obviously, Gu Wei is the existence of this group.

Dozens of meters away from the distance, the center of the hall, an old man sitting in a wheelchair with a smile looking at them.

"This is Xiaofei."

The fidel's eyes are called the old man who calls himself before.

"Yes, grandfather, this is my partner." Gu Wei hooked the mouth, taking Yue Fi's hand, "You don't have to worry about my marriage in the future."

Lu Zhenye and Gu Wei Grandpa have gave a good job, and he took Gu Wei and took him a lot, he was treated in his own grandson. At this moment, he heard a saying: "I thought you had already forgotten my old man."

"How can you, you have a special talent to come to the Haitang Hall today, but also a partner to bring a partner, not for Xiaofei, I will bring you. Gu Yidao.

Lu Zhenye did not admit it, and couldn't help but complain him: "You think more, I just took a new painting to let you have a small generation, say anyone who makes you a marriage confidentiality, half point wind I didn't go to the leak, or if your father accidentally said, I didn't know that you and ... I have already had a partner. "

Gu Wei but laughed.

"Xiaofei, this kid is not good?" Lu Zhenye looked at Vietnamese.

Fiki nose: "Very good."

Lu Zhenye was suspiciously looked at Gu Wei: "If he is bullying you, you don't say that Grandpa said, Grandpa gives you."

Fei Fi: "Ah, good, thank you Grandpa."

Gu Wei smiled and raised his hand to help the hand of the old blond wheelchair: "It's too noisy here, I will accompany you to rest."

Lu Zhenye's old child is like: "You just don't want me to say a few words and Xiao Fei."

Gu Wei: "Don't worry, I will take him to my home to visit you."

He pushed the old man into the inner hall and did not greet the fidel.

Fi Fif is estimated that they have to say alone, they will go to the table, pick up the plate, pick some snacks, and eat someone.

I didn't eat anything in noon, he was really hungry.

He came with Gu Wei, so soon someone came up, I want to chat with him.

But the fidel only burys her head, and it is completely unqualified.

He doesn't know people here ... Gu Wei is not there, and he doesn't have any other, he is not open.

Take a wake up in the corner and looked at your own companion who didn't see the younger brother who was high at the small eyes. It was full of interest.

Gu Wei, who was pulled everywhere, lived in Beta, and registered to get married. Today, he is still not believed. This is true.

Although the name of the conviction was originally borrowed, Gu Wei only took a mouth with him after he was flattened with him, and Hu Zuo did not have a very straightforward.

The indifference of the Fi Fif is retracted many people, but the circle is big, there is always a person who is not used to Yuefi.

"Hey, which home? Who is it? I don't know if I haven't invited it here."

When the Fi Fi is eating, it suddenly passed a shadow with the front, and the fidel came up, it was a very beautiful boys, and the left ear's ear nail refined and arrogant.

It is two high sizes that follow him.

Eye know that he is coming in with Gu Wei, deliberately come to ask, and set out to find it.

And the means is prejudice.

Fiyu is not very immersive.

But the other party is obviously not like the group of people who have just been in the group.

"I came with Gu Wei." Yue Fei Road.

Beautiful boys: "How do you prove? Is there a invitation?"

"..." Fi Fi looked up to the surroundings, just trying to talk to him, people have already turned their heads.

Is this realistic?

Yue Yueji is laughing: "Without invitation, you can go to monitor."

Pretty boys got a bit: "How do you stick to it!"

Ferry: "?"

"If you don't invite you, please feel conscious, don't be so thick." Pretty boys are cold.

Fei Fei: "Are you?"

The boys raised the chin: "This banquet will be a grandfather."

Fei Fi: "Oh, Gu Wei is in the inner hall, if you don't believe, you will ask him."

"This kind of small thing does not need three brothers, you can't walk? If you don't leave, I will throw you out." Said, boys will take a step back, follow the two high sizes behind him. Previous step.

The fidy puts down the small spoon in your hand, sighs: "How do you not say?"

Seeing that the high sizes immediately touched the fidel.

The fidet suddenly improves the sound: "Gu Di, have you looked at it?"

The hall is quiet, and the eyes of the crowd suddenly focused on the corner.

I didn't expect Yue Fi to see yourself. Eating melon does not turn into the fire, and the consciousness of the body is distressed, standing up.

"Lin Lin, don't make trouble." Please wake up and said to the beautiful boys.

Lin Lin? Lu family? Yue Fi recalled, understand, this is a person who is considered to be the most common in the book. If not because Gu Wei is not considering Omega, Lu Wei may be married under the two people.

Fi Fi puts the small tray in your hand in the table, get up, and hook your mouth: "It turns out that you are Lin Lin, I often listen to you."

In a word, kids.

The eyes of the land of the land are red, how is the three brothers talking about this Beta? A pursuit? Still what else?

Seeing Lu Lin's faces, the deal of the look is cold.

"Fei Fi, there are too many words."

No more fidel, a low voice broke the deadlock.

"How are you getting here?"

Fame returning, is Gu Wei.

Seeing Gu Wei appeared, the "wake up the corner of the mouth, silence.

Originally standing on the Lu Lin, I saw him, but the eyes were bright, and I went to Gu Wei with a few steps: "Three brothers, I just opened a little joke, but it seems to be angry with this brother. "

"..." The Fuey is like laughing, ha, this says, it is really tea.

With the approach of land, Gu Wei frowned a step, reminded: "Collect your information."

The rich pheromone is clearly hooked, letting Gu Wei Don.

I don't consciously disclose the pheromone in front of the favorite people, it is Omega's instinct, and I said in front of everyone in this way, and the face of Lu Lin can't stand almost.

"Sorry, it was forgotten to suppress the inhibitor yesterday, I first went to the inner hall to find grandfather."

I randomly pulled an excuse, and Lu Lin ran away.

Seeing that you didn't take care of Lu Lin, please woke up the eyebrow, and looked up with the land.

There is only Yue Fi and Gu Wei, as well as the onlookers.

I was swept away by Gu Wei, and the people of eating melon immediately consciously spread.

"Well ... I am not angry." Yue Yue thought about it, take the initiative to explain.

Gu Wei did not pay attention to his explanation, but asked: "Why is it to wake up?"

Where did you start listening from?

Yue Yue wants to think, the truth is true: "I will know him here."

Gu Wei stared at him and his eyes were complex.

"If you encounter this kind, do you know who is going?"

The Fiyu stunned, and later, he was observed, and his reaction side was observed: "It must be ... you should find ... you!"

I heard the satisfactory answer, and Gu Wei moved to the eyes of staring at the fidet.

"Let's go, go home."


After the Fi Fi, I looked at him, I thought, I thought, is this the legendary Alpha strange win?