Leaving the hotel, the two returned to Nanwan Xiangshi.

Foots did not eat very much. When I got home, I didn't seem to have time to eat at night, so I asked in front of him: "You haven't eaten dinner, I cook it, eat together?"

Gu Wei finally reacted that he brought people to the ban on forgotten today.

"Are you hungry? I let Tang Yue come to eat."

Fei Fi: "Don't use it, I can cook myself, do you want to be together?"

Yue Fei asked him, purely out of courtesy, but listened in Gu Wei's ear, but as if Vietnamese hoped him to stay together for dinner.

"Yes." Gu Wei thoughtfully sat down to the dining room, waiting for the fidet.

Seeing, Yuefi touched the nose, I entered the kitchen alone.

The same egg noodles, less than fifteenth minutes.

Gu Wei looked at the Qing Dynasty oligoma in the club, and she took out the chopsticks.

Under the light, the two seem to be a real family, under the same house, with the same dinner.

Two people at the same time in the Nangwan in the county, let Gu Wei think of Omega pheromones that have been smelling that night.

It has confirmed that Fi Fif is not Omega, then there is only one possibility ...

The night of fidel uses some kind of item containing Omega pheromone in the room.

"Do you know why I am only willing to marry Beta?" Gu Wei suddenly opened.

Fideways: "Why?"

"I don't like to smell the taste of Omega pheromones." Gu Yidao.

So, don't use the perfume, shower gel, shampoo, shower gel, shampoo, shower gel, shampoo ...


Fi Fi does not know the lattice of Gu Wei, only thinking that he is looking for a topic and chatting yourself.

In the book, it is simply referred to that Gu Wei doesn't like Omega pheromone.

Because of his own excellence and the background of Gu Jia, Gu Wei encountered an Omega that had been hugged. Every day, it is harassed by a variety of sweet information, and Gu Wei has not self-fallen and sent to the omega mixed. Instead, it has suffered from mild terrorism. I will have a reasonable resentment.

Gu Wei, of course, will not frankself to others, and only reflect the unreal rhetoric of Omega.

And the original book, Yin Xinchen is an Omega that is unannounced, because Yin Xinchen never seduce his mind.

"You don't say that I don't know this." Fei Fi said with his eyes.

Gu Wei thought that he understood his hint. After drinking the last soup, he put down the chopsticks: "I know it is not too late. I have finished eating, go up."

Fipi nose: "Okay, good night."

Gu Wei got up, after coming out of two steps, it seems that it suddenly remembered the same: "... ... I have a break."

Yue Fi, who is picking up a tableware, heard this sentence, look back, Gu Wei has been upstairs.


The next day, Fei Fi returned to the school. This month is the month of the mid-examination month, and the teacher of each department has arranged a period of time, and the Fi Fi's learning pressure is the greatest.

The results of the exam in the first first day of last week have come out, and the fidel sees their own grades, biting the fingers, and opens the dialog box for Tang Yue.

Fei Fi: Tang Assistant, I heard that you are a graduate student in China?

Soon, Tang Yue replied: Yes, you?

Fei Fei: [Picture] Is there a saving?

Tang Yue is taken by Gu Wei, and the Fi will know his own degree, it must be that his own boss said, so ......

"Gu's general, Mr. Yue seems to have a little trouble on the exam."

Tang Yue sent Yuefi to his own boss.

Current red word 58.

Gu Wei: "How much is it?"

Tang Yue: "100 ..."

Gu Wei: "..." He didn't have seen such a low score.

Tang Yue Shi Fei Defi Zun: "Mr. Yue may ... At that time, the examination status was not very good."

Gu Wei refers to the picture of 58 points: "You will put it first in this month, this matter is followed."

In fact, you can also ask a teacher to make the fidel tutor, but such a achievement, Gu Wei feels not to let more people know.

Even if it is just an agreement, Gu Wei cannot accept the achievement of the other party.

This kind of examination is not a closed eye can be eight or ninety. Is it full of two eyes? How can someone can take this score?

Fi Fi does not know that he is included in the focus of support, and after the Tang Yue is willing to help himself, he let him go.

After class, Fei Fei returns to Gu Wei at the school, after eating and drinking, listen to Tang Yue, waiting for Tang Yue, listening to the network class while listening to himself.

The teacher in the video talked from high, and the fidel outside the video was like listening to the book.

Although he is poor, he has never been used to use his brain.

Sure enough, is he too learned?

I heard the vocal voice outside the door, it is estimated that Tang Yue came over, and the fi immediately opened the door towards Xuan.

"Gu ... always?" The first eye, Yuefi saw Gu Wei, and then he was a friendly smiling Tang Yue.

"I lived on this time." Gu Wei explained a sentence.

I looked at Gu Wei and looked at Tang Yue, Yue Fei nose: "Oh!"

What can he say?

When Gu Wei came to the door, he drilled into the study, and the Fiye took out his textbook and sat on the living room carpet.

"Tang Assistant, we are here to make a class."

Tang Yue: "Okay."

Fi Fi: "There is too much subject to the senior high school entrance examination in this month, you can help me see what can save, I will struggle."

Tang Yue: "Well, we will make a sort in accordance with the test time and the level of content, then I will give you a co-ordination schedule, and we will review it according to the plan."

Fei Fi: "Okay. Yes, have you eaten? Do you want me to cook a bowl?"

Tang Yue: "I don't have to thank you, I have eaten in the company."

"Oh, oh."


Quickly live here, there is no constant temperature kettle with habits in the study room. This point of Chen Aunt has returned home, so Gu Wei can only go to the water.

In the living room, Tang Yue is low to explain the mathematics questions, because the picture is explained while the picture is not seen, so he moved down, until you can see the problem of Tang Yue's solution. live.

He and Tang Yue are immersed in the atmosphere of the questionnaire, and there is no excess attention to the posture of the two people.

Therefore, when Gu Wei came out, he saw two people who were very close.

Alpha brow fringes, the wilderness spread with a faint cold wind.

Tang Yue is the first time to feel the threat. Behind the hair is placed, he turned around and saw his own boss meaning unknown eyes.

Fi Fi didn't know what happened, noted that Tang Yue's strange, went back to Gu Wei, and seeing an empty cup in his hand, understanding that he is going out, it is very eye-catching. I took his cup.

"Want to drink water? I will help you."

Fei Fi entered the kitchen, only two Alpha left in the living room, and Gu Wei did not converge the pixel to Tang Yue brought pressure.

"Gu total?" Tang Yue was carefully loud.

The last time I saw that I was angry like this, or it was an extremely uncommon negotiation in half a year ago.

It seems to be aware that I have passed, Gu Wei received a message, and Tang Yue said: "Today is here."

Tang Yue: "Ok, then I will go back first."

I was waiting for Yue Fei, I found my own kung fu, the teacher didn't see it.

"How did the assistant of Tang Dang?" Yue Fei took Gu Wei's cup asked him.

Gu Wei: "There is an urgent matter."

Yue Fi is close, hand it to him.

"Well, then I will read it myself."

Gu Wei took a cup, but did not immediately go back to the study.

Fei Fei sat down on the carpet, waited for a while, found that there was no movement behind it. He looked back to see Gu Wei and standed, did not understand: "What happened?"

"Next month, the international TOP1 Bern University Alumni will invite me to return to school." Gu Wei suddenly opened.


"Because I am Bern's youngest doctoral and excellent alumni."

Fiyu stunned, this is really not known!

"Do I want to go together?"

Gu Wei: "You want to go together."

Suddenly, the fidel reaction has been reacted, and that Gu Wei is not a powerful than Tang Yue?

Suddenly, the fidel looks into Gu Wei's eyes: "Do you have time now? I will not tell me a few questions."

Gu Wei played, drinking saliva, looks calm: "Well."