The exercise book is pushed on the tea, and Gu Wei put the cup next to the book, and the legs sat down.

After sitting, Gu Wei did not look around, he was very small after adulthood, although the blanket was matched under the bottom.

"How is this question?"

The Fi Fi is to him, pointing at the topic on the child asking him.

Gu Wei, open his hand on the table.

Working with the fidel, give him the pen.

Gu Wei immediately wrote a number next to it.

Seeing that he wrote a pen after writing, Yuefi waited for a while and asked: "Is this?"

Gu Wei: "Answer."

The answer to the back of the book is given to him: "The answer is here, I want to ask the problem process."

Gu Wei: "Can this be seen in your eyes?"

I drank saliva, and the fidel is really said: "I can't."

I think of the impressive 58 points, Gu Wei re-takes the pen: "The step is like this."

After an hour ...

"Is this a few questions?" Gu Wei asked with the temperament.

Fei Fi: "... Probably understand." I feel that I don't understand the sun in tomorrow, I don't understand.

Gu Wei: "OK, then next question."

Given the time is not early, the Fi Fi suggests: "It's too late, you must rest first, change the Tang Tang Assistant, please ask him."

When I heard the first half, I was ready to put down the pen, pick up the pen after listening to the fin saying: "No, you must talk about you."

The Fei Fei has seen the next time, it has been ten o'clock: "You have to go to work tomorrow."

Gu Wei: "I am the boss."

Some regrets have been regretted, and they can only hold a yawn, and the eyes include tears: "... I am sleepy."

Tell the night.

Seeing him is really pitiful, Gu Wei, this is a big compassion: "That will talk about it tomorrow."

The fidel chicken is nod, and I haven't payable at the deep meaning of Gu Wei.

So I returned here next day, I saw Gu Wei sitting in front of the dinner table, and the fidel was extremely unexpected.

"Are you resting here later?" Asked Gu Wei.

Gu Wei: "The aunt cooking is here, it is inconvenient to return, and the South Bayiang County can go back again."

The fidel's eyes fell to Chen Ayi, not that Gu always never eats her meals?

I don't know if I was as an excuse, Chen Ayi thought that Gu Wei was to start himself, and he said: "If you need it, you can make a good meal in advance."

Gu Wei Don took behind her back to her: "No."

After dinner, it is planning to return to the room to write the homework by Gu Wei.

"Go to the study."

The study of this is relatively small, only one table, Gu Wei let the fidel sit on the side of the table.

"You wrote here, you can ask me directly."


Footeworthy seeing the computer should be a matter of work, it is very good to ask: "I will not bother you here? Otherwise I will go to the living room, I don't understand, I don't understand. you."

Gu Wei took out a golden silk eye from the drawer, and the slows were migrated and migrated, as if he didn't want to learn, I didn't want to learn, I didn't want to learn: "I won't bother to me."

Fei Fei is the first time to see Gu Ying with glasses. The stereo five senses are out of the flyer frame. The beautiful line is out of the brilliance. The beautiful face looks more than a silk book. , Just slap the aesthetics of the fidel, the heart seems to leak a shot.

After short-lived, the fidel hanging down the head to avoid the eyes of Gu Wei, and it seems that it finally gave up struggle.

"Well, then I started writing."

In a quiet study, one person reviewed the contract in the computer, and one person went to brush the title, and even unexpected harmony.

If you encounter a problem, the fi will look at the answer first. If you understand, you can jump, you can't understand it.

Seeing more and more tagged topics, the fidel's eyes are moved from the book to the side face of Gu Wei.

Gu Wei, who is watching the contract, has a good look, stopping the action in his hand, holds the chin, standing together to the fi, the palm is booting: "Do not understand?"

For the eyes of him, the fidel has dodgeted his eyes and pushed the book in the past: "Do these questions of markers."

Gu Wei took it.

And yesterday, because of the careless and correct answer, it is seen that there are several questions in Vietnamese Queu, see the knowledge blind spot in Fi Fi.

"Do you have a textbook?" Gu Wei asked him.

Vietnam takes out the book: "Yes."

I don't know if I am used to Gu Wei's explanation, or because there is beautiful blessing, Vietnamese feels that today's Gu Wei's explanation is not like yesterday, and a few topics have made the fidel. a feeling of.

Looking at the topic, Fei Fi will return to your room.

I thought about it, and the fidel took out the phone to Tang Yuefa.

Fei Fi: Tang Assistant, is it busy today?

Tang Yue is very fast: not busy.

Fei Fi: How didn't come over? You always look very busy, I asked him that he feels a little guilty.

After a while, Tang Yue replied: You said, Gu total, give you, tell the title?

Tang Yue is hard to say.

Ferry: Well.

Fei Fi: I know that you will always be a doctor in TOP1.

Tang Yue: ... no ... is not us.


Tang Yue: It is yours.


Tang Yue: Haha, nothing, open a little joke.

Tang Yue: Is it not a laugh?

Fei Fi: Where is the laugh point?

Tang Yue: Well, it is really not very funny.

Fi Fi: You have time to give me a lesson.

Tang Yue: I ... I will be very busy next stage ... I don't understand anything, you still have a good test.

Fiyu: Ok.

Tang Yue: Test and refuel [Holding Box]

Fei Fi: [Struggle]


End the conversation, in the other corner of the city, Tang Yue opened the refrigerator and took out a can of beer.

The Testament will give people questions?

Once-handed, he witnessed a departmental supervisor because of the missing data in the reporting plan, the dismissal was dismissed on the spot. How did Tang Yue believe that Gu Wei has that patience gives people a high number, especially a high number of mathematics.

Can let him do this level, in addition to true love, can there be other explanations?

Consciously discovered the big events, Tang Yue gave his colleague Qiao Silk to the information.

Tang Yue: Don't blame me, I didn't remind you, I will have a welcome point to Vietnamese.

Job: Yue Mr. Yue is not your responsibility?

Tang Yue: I think it may soon be no.

Job: Why?

Tang Yue: Gender Disadvantages.

Job with Beta: roll.

On the following day, Qiao She and Tang Yue were called to the president office.

As Tang Yue said, the person who has always been responsible for all affairs related to all affairs is replaced by Qiao.

"Not a big event, you are the most important thing to do your company's work." Gu Yidao.

Only Tang Yue pays attention to a material in the corner of Gu Wei, is all the information on the fidel he organizes. Among them, the front boyfriend of the fidel is an alpha.

Qiao Si listened to see him, it should naturally naturally, in his concept, the company's things are ranked before, and it will be reasonable.

Leave the president office, Tang Yue looked at Jos, and smiled hinted him: "You won't really do it in accordance with just take care of it?"

Qiao Silla frowned: "Otherwise? We take Gu total of wages, of course, is the instructions of Gu total, that is, it is a partner who is looking for inheriting rights, as long as it does not breach, there is nothing needed. I look It is because you went wrong with your attention, and Gu total will give me this work, which is also a warning for you. "

Tang Yue is surprised: "I? The end is invert it? You don't say that I didn't remind you."

Since the work has been handed over, Tang Yue pushed the Fi Fifer's social ID to Qiao, and sent it to the Yuefei, let him delete his friend.

Yue Fei back him a question mark.

Tang Yue: Work habits, in order not to affect the work of both parties, we will do this after handover, and you will contact Job.

Fi Fi: Can I ask why I suddenly change people?

Tang Yu wants to think, do not dare to have a lot: I will arrange me to advance a project, may have frequent travel, Job is more suitable.

Fei Fi: Well, not there is a mistake, thank you for your care.

Tang Yue: Cooperative Happy and Yue, Goodbye [Handshake]

Fei Fi: [Handshake]

Back to South Bay in the weekend.

At the dinner table, Fei Fei hesitated over the meal, finally asked: "Why do you change to Tang help?"

Gu Wei stopped the chopsticks: "Don't like Job?"

Fei Fi: "No."

Since I changed the Tang Yue, Fei Fi and Qiao Silong did not say a greeting through the friend, there was no other conversation.

Gu Wei: "Tang Yue has other work."

Ferry: "Oh."

Under the eyes, the fidelity: "After the changes I have related, I hope you can tell me first."

"I am full." Let go down the tableware, fidel back to the room.