I Got Bitten After Transmigrating into a Pseudo-Beta

Chapter 19 is any dissatisfaction with me?

In the dining room, the air is strange.

The Chen Aunt who is from the kitchen side of the kitchen is standing at the door, and it is not retreat.

After taking the two chopsticks, Gu Wei had a light eyebrow and put down the bowl.

After finishing, he also got on the second floor.

Chen Ayi has collected the food that did not have finished, the soup of the just ended, and the ground was returned.

The giants, she is of course, she doesn't know anything, I don't dare to say anything, I don't dare to ask.

Another head, fidel returns to the room, the mood is a depression that I haven't had for a long time.

Gu Wei arranged his business, it seems like arrangements to work normally, calm and efficient.

Standing on the small balcony with the room, the fidel looked at the lights on the road, and the silver dragon swayed away.

The night is like a water, the breeze is slow, and the irritability of the Fi Fi is.

What is he frustrated? They are originally like the relationship between the next level and the partners, and change the assistant is not a big thing. Gu Wei does not necessarily consult his opinion.

Gu Wei did not do something wrong, he wanted to go wrong.

He just actually made a temper for Gu Wei, in fact, there is no need.

"What are you doing?" It's been here for a long time, because some people feel happy to warm, I really regard myself as a book in the book.

Go back to the room, Fei Fei gave Gu Yafeic information to recognize the error.

Fei Fi: Sorry, the mood is not very good today.

Gu Wei may be busy, and did not return to him immediately.

Although the two lives only in the upper and lower buildings, but fidel is completely unlocked directly to go to the building to find Gu Wei.

At the moment, the Gu Yishen was on the second floor, looked at Yuefi, wrinkled the next eyebrow, turned over the list of chatting, and dialogue between the big brother.

Gu Wei is an Omega, and it is already married, and his alpha has been outside overseas.

Gu Wei: What should you do if WeiSley has a temper because of other Omega and you?

Gu Wei: Wei Skin is derailed?

Gu Wei: No.

Gu Wei: Oh, why did you suddenly ask this? Xiai Fei rushes you to lose your temper?

Gu Wei: No, there is a friend.

Gu Wei: What is going on? You are clear.

Gu Wei: Friends did not agree with their partners, they changed his partner.

Gu Wei: Oh, although it is not a big thing, but it should be said. But there is no need to be angry for this matter, unless your friend's partner and assistant ...

Gu Wei:.

Gu Wei: It is not necessarily, it also needs to be combined with the model that is usually getting along us, it may not be because of such a small thing, between the partner, each contradictory outbreak is usually the accumulation of countless dissatisfaction.

Gu Wei: My friend is very good, his partner is impossible to have any dissatisfaction with him.

Gu Wei: Your good friend is really not yourself?

Gu Wei: Not, very late, rest early.


Until the night, the fidel was fell asleep, Gu Wei returned to the information.

Gu Wei: Just busy, the kitchen is eating.

Don't say it, it's okay, I'm thinking, the fidel feels that his stomach began to scream.

Climb up from the bed, the fidel is dragging the steps to open the door to the kitchen.

Just took a soup that didn't move dinner from the refrigerator, and the fidel heard the footsteps of the lower building.

Soon, people who have just sent information appear in the kitchen door.

"Are you also hungry?" The fidel is back to the door and breaks the silence.

Gu Wei's voice is a bit low: "Well, there are some."

"I am hot, wait for a little more, I will drink it." Yuefi said on the side of the soup.

People who have not heard the body in half a day respond, fidel turned back, seeing the familiar golden side glasses, looking at themselves.

Seeing the fidel turned back, Gu Wei will speak: "Okay?"

Yue Fi suddenly, re-turned back to him: "Mong."

Waiting for the soup, the two re-sits on the dining table.

Vietnamese looks at Gu Wei to abstract the glasses, after drinking the gods, there is no intention to ask: "Do you have myopia?"

Gu Wei: "No."

With Alpha's physical fitness, myopia may be extremely small.

"Then why do you wear glasses?" Yue Fi is confused.

In anti-blue light radiation and know that you like two answers, Gu Wei chose the former.

When he wore glasses in front of the fidel, the fidel looked at him is too obvious. Gu Wei wants to install it. I don't know if he has no way to his own mind.

Who will not hide the mind at all.

I don't know if I am a little sentence that I am in the "beauty meter". "This is."

In this way, I am unpleasant at dinner, I have revealed softly by the two.

The fidel is adjusted to the next voice, and then ask him: "I can ask why you change Tang Yue? Reason."

Gu Wei stopped the action of drinking soup, and his gaze.

"Of course, you don't answer it." The fidel is slight, and the tone is flat.

"Because he is alpha." Gu Yidao.

Ferry: "Well?"

Gu Wei semi-half holiday: "Although we are just agreementary, you know that Alpha's nature, can not endure a one-stop provocation, he is by your side, my information may be out of control to attack him, for his safety, can only Arrange him to do other work. "

For ABO's physiological knowledge, the fidel is very knowledgeable, listening to this moment, thinking that it is a winning power in the alpha bones, and nodded: "This, I understand."

Gu Wei is uncertain, ask him: "Do you really understand?"

Fei Fei: "The problem of pheromone, I understand." It should be a truth with endocrine disorders.

Gu Wei is still uncertain, he really understands or understands, only nod: "You can understand it."

After the soup, the fidel should take the tableware to the kitchen, and a pair of bones have suddenly extended his empty bowl.

"I am coming well." The fortune got up.

Gu Wei ignored him, putting the downs of the two people into the kitchen, put it in the dishwasher, and then retreated.

Some embarrassment of the fidet is sorry to touch the neck.

"Do you have anything else to me?" Gu Wei suddenly opened.

Fideways look up: "Well?"

Gu Wei: "There is something to say." He didn't say, he didn't know.

"Not dissatisfaction." Fei Fi is surprised, I don't know how he thinks.

Gu Wei's lower lips, the corner of his mouth, "I think too."

Ferry: "?"


The next week is a full test.

Facilities have been tortured in a variety of topics for five days.

In order to save time, he told Gu Wei to live in the house in this week, but stayed in the dormitory.

Gu Wei gave him an expression of [OK], and the two did not contact it for five days.

Fei Fei is really no time, Gu Wei's words, the fidel is not known.

On the way back to South Bay, the Fei Fei gave Gu Xiaofa information, saying that he was finally tested, and we wanted to return to South Wanquan.

Gu Wei may be busy, have not returned him.

Yue Yue wants to think, give Qiao Silk information.

Fi Fi: Qiao Gui, have you been busy recently?

Until the fidel returned to Nanwan Xiangshi, he received a reply from Qiao.

Job: Is Mr. Yue? What is the urgent matter to find Gu? Gu total was invited to participate in the cruise travel for three days and two nights, there is no time to temporarily, and it will be free to come tomorrow afternoon.

Fei Fi: No, thank you, no urgent affairs.

Job: [Smile]

It turned out to play. The fidel grabs the hair and turns off the phone.

Go back to Nanwanquan County, Yue Fi is eating dinner, he lies in the living room sofa looks like a movie.

Only his house in the evening, it seems to be empty.

In fact, when I started, I often only stay here, Gu Wei often will come back very late.

Later, I didn't know when I started. Gu Wei, who didn't eat here, and I have dinked with him in the same time. Although Gu Wei will be busy at the second floor book, it is occasionally in the bed of sleep. I heard the sound of the chair on the upstairs, but there is still a feeling of another person in this house, I can always give people inexplicable peace of mind.

Therefore, the fidel at this moment feels that this night is a bit difficult.

I knew that Gu Wei didn't return, he stayed in this week.

The fi fi, the movie called the same time, see the plot of the protagonist shared period to find the new house moved out, the Fii suddenly remembered, he and Gu Wei received the same time two months, soon To expire.

I don't know what is going on there.

Thinking of this, Fei Fei suddenly feels that the movie can't see it.

He opened his mobile phone. He wanted to talk to roommates, but he saw the screen bounced an entertainment news that was written as if social news.

[Today, the Bermine deep Yang cruise ship, the star is unique, and the president of the group is marked.

At the beginning, Fei Fei did not react to the protagonist of the news, but the ghost gods went in, until I saw Gu Wei accounted for half of the layout photos, and later, he might be derailed.