Fi Fi: Qiao Harmony, are you always with Gu?

Job has not responded, and the fidel has played his phone directly.

"Hello." When Qiao came up, the tone was still normal.

Fei Fi: "Qiao Harmony, do you have to be with Gu Wei?"

People who listened to the call were Yue Fi, and the tone of Qiao was a bit: "Mr. Yue, the temple is still busy, I will return to you later."

Just when Qiao She wants to hang up the phone, the rear seat was reached out, and he took away his hand in his hand.

Qiao Sila is looking back.

"Find me?"

The low voice is drilled from the earpiece, and the fidel is hung instantly, and the mind has been forgotten, and Gu Wei is on the cruise ship.

"Where are you? Is it back to South Bay in Night?" Yue Fei asked him.

"On the way back, go late."

"Do you see the information I sent you?" Yue Fei asked. Because he didn't return information, he called Qiao Sil.

"Well, I didn't see it, the phone was lost,"

Some of the breath in the earpiece is heavy.

But at this moment, the fidel's mind is in the news that he can't see the defense. He licked the lower lips and asked directly: "I just saw a news, saying that you marked an Omega, called Churan, is a star."

The handset is quiet.

Fi Fi Supplement: "I am not interference you, just if my family or your family will see the news, I may ask me what is going on, I think it should be unified with you."

"Fake, you don't know if I don't like Omega." Gu Wei suddenly returned to him, and the voice of the speech was more relaxed than the beginning. "I will let Qiao deeds the press release."

Fei Fei: "Okay, I know."

Hanging up the phone, Gu Wei threw the mobile phone back to Qiao, pulling the tie, and the driver said: "Back to South Wanquan."

Qiao does not agree: "But your state ... or I call it to let Mr. You will leave it right?"

Gu Wei: "No need."


"Qiao Sila." Gu Wei interrupted him, "Treat the news about this incident, do not understand, ask Tang Yue."

Qiao's heart is screaming: "Yes."


The vehicle arrived in Nanwan Xiangshi. As Gu Wei came from the car, the wilderness was overflowed.

Qiao Silant sent him into the indoor specialty ladder, took out the phone, and sent it to the Vietnamese, and took the car to leave.

Job: Hello, Mr. Yue, I also received Gu total phone at night, and I knew that Gu total was passed by passive binding heat on the cruise ship, and the inhibitor was slightly slowed in the barrier room for two days. Gu always is not very stable, but I still insist on back to South Bay inquire to rest, these two days of trouble, take care of him.

Seeing the news of Qiao, the fidel wrinkled, and the passive trigger combination heat?

Haven't come back to Qiao Sila, Fei Fi heard the sound of porch, it is estimated that Gu Wei is back.

Let go of your mobile phone, and you will go to the pocket a few steps. Seeing that you only have a little chaotic, you can't see it.

The unfamiliar and familiar wilderness came, and the fidel felt that the body was soft, but it was just a moment.

"You are back, okay?" Yuefi asked Gu Wei.

Gu Wei changed his shoes: "Well, there is nothing."

"Did you eat dinner?" Vietnamese observed his state, "Do you want me to give you something to eat."

Gu Wei: "No, it is a bit tired, I will return to the second floor, you also take a break early."


Seeing that Gu Wei looks often to the stairs, the more I think is that the Qiao Shenu is doing, and Gu Wei does not seem to take care of him.

I think so, I saw the movement of Gu Wei to go upstairs. The Fei Fei quickly followed up, and he didn't stay close. Gu Wei has re-lifted it upstairs.

On the handrail, the sweaty handprint is clearly visible.


Although Gu Wei said that it is nothing, but the fidel is still safe, take the book to stay in his own study on the second floor, open the door, ready to take a quiet room, he will see it.

Alpha passively causes combination hot? Yuefi remembers that Yin Xinchen is because of this.

But Gu Wei did not combine with Omega, can it be smooth enough?

Yuefi is really only known to this information, and the information is searched online.

It turns out that although Alpha has the physical quality of Omega, as long as Omega enters the estrus, Omega can make Alpha passive estrus, Omega is best to spend the binding heat, using drug hard anti-anti-anti-side, Alpha It can be relieved by drugs or other means.

So in this world, some industries are prohibited from Omega from entering.

The number of Omega is much lower than the alpha, in addition to the disadvantages of the natural physical fitness, part is also affected by the unable to control the estrus, they are natural to be prosthetic.

I thought about it, and the Fei Fei searched again.

Beta will be affected by Alpha or Omega pheromones?

The online answer is very clear, no.

Beta can't smell the smell of the information, no estrus, unable to breed the descendants, Alpha and Omega believe that Beta is the third category of defects, and even most of the beta's concept, it is not as good as AO. .

In the study room, only occasionally sounded keyboard knocks, the fidel is in the chair, quietly sways the screen.

When I see Beta will not be influenced by pheromones, the fidel is slightly tone.

In his understanding, the information is ashamed. The combination of medicines and perfumes, no, no, it is not affected, and will not affect others.

Suddenly, the room came from the room came from the sound of the cup, and the fidel was upright, from the chair and went to the entrance of the study.

Gu Wei just came out from the room and saw his little surprises.

"I haven't had a rest? I came out to the glass of water."

The fidel took the cup before I took a cup: "I put water in my study, you will take a break in the room, I will give you."

Take a cup and diamond back to the study.

Gu Wei picked the eyebrows, did not turn around and returned to the house, but following the fidel, entered his study.

Because I have already taken a shower, at this moment, the fidel is wearing loose pajamas, standing on the table, putting the water in the cup to seven points, and trying to try the temperature of the cup wall.

The water temperature is just right, hear the footsteps of Gu Wei, Yue Fi-fi, the cup is just turned, but he is rounded from behind, and then he hits the warm chest.

"Qiao said with you?" Gu Wei's voice was a bit dull.

Surrounded by the wilderness, the fidelity consciousness screens breathing: "Well."

Gu Wei: "Emotional people are land, he is deliberate, but I played inhibitors, didn't touch him."

Vietnamese feels that the head is booming, and it has concentrated on the warmth of the back: "Oh, then you are very sad."

The people who grew up together from a small child have this kind of thing, the grandfather of Lu Lin is still a good elder.

Did you? Gu Wei wants to think, he is not sad, even in some expensive, only anger when it is considered, and now it is calm down.

But he didn't say that it is a fidel, only: "The news you see is fake."

"I know."

"Then you may not know that the combination of medicine is suppressed with drugs, there will be side effects."

This Fei is really don't know: "Are you uncomfortable?"

Gu Wei took a short arm, low below, put the forehead on the shoulders of the fidel: "There will be a short skin hunger." There is no place to put, the incomplete information, let Gu Wei have to produce people in front of you. Great desire. For the gentle and soft feelings of often, it is enlarged into the river of rushing, so that he can't control people who want to be close to the eyes.

The fidel is stiff, and it seems that it seems to be fuddled: "What should I do?"

"Can you borrow me for a while?"

The warm breathing is in the ear, the fidel is hands with the cup of hands.

"Also, you can."

Anyway, he is beta, and it will not be affected.

Feel your heartbeat, and you can see the red ear's tip that you can see it.

Gu Wei smiled, tone is unprecedented: "Thank you."