In the real world, Fei Fei has also hugged a long-lost friend, and he has been hugged by a colleague he experienced, but all the hugs from the past, all this one, not very the same.

No longer he needs someone, but others need him.

The familiar wilderness is gradually rich, and the breathing of the ear is light.

The warm water in your hand has become cold, but the two seem to have a passage of time.

I don't know if it is an illusion, the night's clear sweet springs are faint, between Gu Wei, he doesn't consciously look down and look for the smell of odor.

The cool nose touches the skin behind the neck, and the Yue Fi can't help but make a tremble.


If you don't export, the cheerful mobile phone ringtone breaks the quietness of the study, and the fidel is so awakened.

Gu Wei also went back to God, released the embrace, and took the water cup from the fidel.

"your phone."

Yue Fei took out the phone from the pocket, see Is the call of Dad, looked up and looked at Gu Wei.

So late, I must see the news.

"Hello." Yue Fi.

Yue Dad: "Xiaofei, I haven't slept yet."

"Yes, there is something dad."

"Do you now, have you be with Gu Wei?"

The more dad seems to be in consideration of words, hesitating how to ask.

Under the eyes of Gu Wei, the fidel is full of eyes: "Dad, you see news?"

Yue Dad: "You also saw it?"

Ferry: "Well. Don't worry, news is fake, Gu Wei is now at home."

Yue Dad: "Oh, fake news, fake is good, your mother doesn't let me call you, so late, you will sleep, Dad doesn't bother you."

Ferry: "Well, Dad, good night."

End the call, the fidel will hold the phone in your hand.

"My dad, ask your news."

Gu Wei: "Well, you can explain like this, I will let Qiao deed, there will be no next time."


Short silence.

Vietnamese opens the phone screen point and turn off: "Are you better?"

"Okay." Gu Wei drunk the water in the cup. "I went back to the room, you also rest early."

Ferry: "Well."

Gu Wei turned to leave the Yuefi's study. When I went to the door, I seem to have suddenly remembered what. I turned back to Yue Fei: "You use the shower gel taste very good."

Fei Fi: "?" He used as if it was a flavorless shower gel.

I have been waiting for a while, and I haven't had any problems on the side of Gu Wei.

Because I slept too late the day, Yue Fei went to get up until ten o'clock in the next day, she still sweaty when she got up, and the lower body temperature did not have a fever, and the fidel was sighed into the bathroom.

Recently, I often have night sweat, he feels that he may need to go to the hospital to check.

After the fidel is packed, he walked out of the room, seeing Gu Wei did not go to work but sat on the living room sofa reading a book, a little unexpected.

"Don't go to work today?" Yue Fi asked him to go to the kitchen.

Gu Wei's gaze chased him into the kitchen: "Today, take a break."

"Did you eat breakfast?"

The sound of the fidel is passed from the kitchen.

Gu Wei: "I have eaten, my morning porridge let Chen Sister keep it, you don't eat too much, you will have lunch."


Sometimes I have been dissipated by a little bit of embarrassment in the hug yesterday. At this moment, for Vietnamese, you can use a word to be summarized, helping others.

Gu Wei looked at the fidel to hold the bowl and sat next to the table, and didn't see yourself, the eyebrows were picked up, some accidents.

Shy. Hook your mouth, Gu Wei bowed, pay attention to the book in his hand.

Two people, a porridge on the dinner table, one is idle in the sofa, despite the different things, but unexpected harmony.

However, this harmony did not last until the rushing doorbell broke the peace of the two people.

"Is Chen Ayi came?"

Vietnamese is to get up to open the door.

Gu Wei: "Chen Jie has a key, it should not be her, you should drink porridge first, let me go."

Ferry: "Oh."

Before opening the door, Gu Wei first looked at the eye monitoring, saw the familiar face, gently wrinkled, but still opened the door.

"Three brothers, you open the door!"

The coming is Gu Yutang, Gu Qiao.

"Xiao Wei, at home."

And Gu Wei Second Uncle, II.

"Why didn't you say hello?" Gu Wei looks cold.

Gu Qi: "The big brother didn't have you with you, you don't have the phone yesterday, you can only give your dad yesterday."

Gu Wei: "My mobile phone is lost."

"It turns out that three brothers I thought you deliberately didn't pick up my dad, now the mobile phone is so important, why don't you buy a new one right, more inconvenient." Gu Qiao did not have a lung road.

I heard the words, Gu Wei Ben became the mouth of the straight line: "Also, the mobile phone is so important, you now help me buy new, money is going to you."

Gu Qiao: "..."

Gu Erqi glanced at Qiao: "Your brother doesn't let you buy it? Go."

Gu Qiao: "... I know."

Gu Wei, this is only: "Second uncle will come in sitting."

The door is so lively, obviously, the guest, the fidel is quickly drinking porridge, and the bowl will be recovered back to the kitchen before leaving it.

"Gu Wei?"

See him, take Gu Wei, take his hand.

"Second uncle, this is Xiao Fei, you should see it for the first time."

The Fiye received the signal, immediately raised the business smile: "Second uncle, you are good."

"This is Xiao Fei, Xiao Fei is really handsome, the skin is also good." Gu Erqi shouted the Vietnamese two sentences, "Xiaoyu, your mother bought you some clothes, Too to take me, you The room was still on the second floor, I helped you take it. "

Fei Fei: "How can this trouble you, give me."

Gu Qi: "What is the hemp, Xiaowei is what I grew up, this is a little thing."

I said, Gu Qi looked at the second floor.

Yue Fei is amazed in her enthusiasm, I have never reacted it, Gu Er has already got a few steps.

Worse, he and Gu Wei were tailored to bed, this matter cannot be known.

The Fi Fi is watching Gu Wei, Gu Wei looked at Gu Erzhen's eyes.

Just a few more people at the door, I also hear it, obviously, Gu Wei and their family are not more harmonious.

In front of Gu Wei, he stopped Gu Er, from going to the second floor. Before the second floor, the fidel stepped first.

"You still give it to me, I will get in it." Fii fidel is raised.

Gu Erli looked at the young people who were in front of him, smiled: "Oh, it is to take things. How is your child? Is there anything that is not a person in the second floor?"

Fei Fei: "Oh, we just got up, the room has not come to pack, you also know, young people, the tricks of playing, you mean to see what we are not contemplated."

Gu Qi: "..."

Gu Second: "..."

Gu Wei: "..."

"Ha, Ha, I am too lost." Gu Erqi handed a few bags in his hand to Vietnamese, "Xiaofei, clothes for you."

Gu Wei: "Second uncle two, there is nothing, you will come back first, the ancestral house will gather again, I have a big trip in the past few days, and I haven't seen it for a week, you forgive me."

After half of the semi-soft semi-hard, the fidel turned around and turned into his room, but he was held by Gu Wei.

"How much is it playing?" Gu Yu said, "You still know very much."

Yue Fei He: "I am not to help you. If she goes to the master bedroom, I will only guess the life supplies of you, and I will definitely guess our fake marriage, then how do you inherit the house?"

"Fake marriage?" Gu Wei's previous step, "Yue classmate, remind you, we register, marriage is true, there is no false marriage."

The Fiyu stunned: "... well, there is no way to explain our housing."

He just didn't know.

Gu Wei: "You can say quarrels, you can also say that this is our habit, this is our private affairs, they do not interfere with the position."

Ferry: "..."

OK, just he is more than one.

"But these answers," Gu Wei looked at him, obviously unhappy, and hooked the mouth and said, "No you just explained it."

"..." Vietnamese was in a few words in the three words for a while, "I am sleepy."

Go back to the room, the fidel is on the head of the door, and the ear is gradually added to the red, the bottom is more annoyed.

Gu Wei seems to be more and more like to tease him.