I Got Bitten After Transmigrating into a Pseudo-Beta

Chapter 22 moves to the second floor

Fi Fif is of course not credible, let others know that they do not affect the overall situation.

All the golden gold, destroyed the sublet.

Even if Gu Wei, if you question his people enough, you can't take success. Gu Wei is so strong enough to be strong enough, so Gu Jia has no more questioning for him even with a Beta as a partner, corresponding, Gu Wei must do a good job.

So just like to tease him. Fiji mouth.

Didn't stay in the room how long, the door is ringing.

"Don't you read it after the test is."

Outside the door, someone who is being subjected to the belly of the fidel.

Flying on the front door: "Do you always relax after the test."

Gu Wei standing at the door: "How do you relax in the bedroom?"

Fei Fei: "Don't you work today?"

Actually, I left to take it.

I haven't seen it for a long time, and I specially empty a day to get a word at home, and said: "Maybe because I am a boss."

"Oh." You are the boss's biggest.

"The study is on the second floor, and your bedroom seems to be less convenient in the first floor." Gu Wei suddenly said.

Ferry: "Fortunately."

In fact, there are some inconvenients, before the fidel is finished back to the first floor, or sometimes things in the bedroom, but also to run a few stairs.

"In the afternoon, Chen Sister made Chen Jie picked up the second floor side, you moved to the second floor." Gu Wei granounced.

Fei Fi: "Second Floor? Will it be inconvenient?"

He has always felt that the second floor is Gu Wei's private space. When he met Chen Sister, he did not let her went up. Later, he arranged his own study on the second floor to break the Vietnamese cognition. Directly let the more I left the second floor, I don't want to feel unexpectedly.

Gu Wei: "There is nothing is inconvenient, so many rooms I have lived alone."

The Yue Fi Brain is pumping: "In case you are sometimes bringing back ..."

"Well? It turned out that you think about me in your heart?" Gu Yao laughed, tapped his head with his book in his hand, "I don't want to make it."

As seen from the time of Yuefi, Gu Wei's life is like the work and entertainment, it seems to be his sudden agreement partner.

The reaction came to himself as if the empty mouth is filled with each other, and the fidel is a bit ashamed: "No, I am very willing."

Gu Wei glanced at him, seeing his calm expression, hidden, his heart felt interesting, but did not express it.

"I won't take other people back to this side."

I thought about it, I feel that there is a vulnerability in this expression, and Gu Wei adds: "Except for you."

Fiji looks up, connect with him.

"Of course, you can't."

Gu Wei again.

Fei Fei: "... I won't."

"You haven't contacted the alpha boyfriend before," Gu Wei asked again.

Fei Fi: "No." It is not enough to contact him.

"In addition to the alpha, is there anyone else?"


Fiyi didn't know why the development direction of things turned into a history of being asked by Gu Wei, but Gu Wei's serious expression made him feel that if he did not answer, it was a very serious thing.

"Well, we are now a partner, and the situation of each other cannot be intentionally concealed, otherwise it is commercial fraud, do you agree?" Gu Wei took a book, one hand held a book, but the idle gesture said, how to warn the words.

Fi Fi is bombed by his consecutive, a little passive: "Agree."

Gu Wei: "Do you have anyone you like now?"

Vietnamese looks at him, the brain is blank: "People who like people?"


"No, no."

Gu Wei's deep eyes reflected in the fidel figure, listened to his answer, suddenly silent.

The fidel blinks, and looks at the eyes of Gu Wei with uncertain, he replied wrong?

"What's wrong?" Yue Fi was inexplicably nervous by him.

After a moment, Gu Wei imitated what I wanted, and the lips smiled: "Yes, I know."

Ferry: "?"


After lunch, Chen Jie packed up the side of the second floor, and the fidel began to move the room.

He is mostly prepared by Tang Yue before, and there are several sets often wear, so it will not toss.

When Qiao sent a new mobile phone, Yue Fi was moving in the second floor.

"Mr. Mr. Good afternoon, what is this?"

Fei Fi: "Qiao helped you come, I move the second floor side to sleep, is packing the clothes."

After Qiao, he listened to Tang Yue and said, Yue Fei lived on the first floor, Gu Wei lived on the second floor.

Gu Wei's control of his space, Qiao Si's heart is a number, even if he went to Nanwan Xiangxiang County, he has never been allowed to be allowed on the second floor.

"How I suddenly moved?" Qiao said and asked.

Fei Fi: "Oh, my study is on the second floor, you have said that I will move on the trouble, let me move."

Job is shocked, but it is calm on the face: "It turns out."

See Yue Fi to go to the second floor, Job gives him the bag in front of the hand: "Mr. Yue, this is a new mobile phone, please give him."

Yue Fi passed: "Okay."

Qiao raised him to him: "There is a slow place before, I will pay you first."

Fi Fi is stunful: "There is no negligence, don't like this."

Job: "That troublesome, I will go back to the company."

Fei Fi: "Okay."

Leaving Nanwan Xiangshi, Qiao Sila is talling Tang Yue: "Drinking together at night, I invite."

On the other hand, the fidel is put on the second floor of the clothes and puts it in the bag to ring the door of Gu Weishu.

"Come in." Gu Wei's voice came out.

The fidel screws the door and explored his head in: "Qiao helped you send you mobile phone, I will give you here."

Said to put the bag on the door, and people wanted out.

"Come in." Gu Wei was sitting at the desk and said again.

Facial fi can only put into the bag.

"Give you." The fidel turned out the phone from the bag.

I don't know if I see Yue Fi, I understand why this bag will have some weight, this is not a mobile phone, it is three.

"Are you lost three mobile phones?" Ferrey was surprised.

Gu Wei: "Well, I have been touched, I lost it."

The hand of the Fi Fi took the mobile phone suddenly was not too stable: "Don't I take it?"

I realized that he misunderstood, Gu Wei laughed: "You have no relationship."

The mobile phone is turned on, a series of prompt sounds, obviously there are many people who call Gu Wei during this time.

Gu Wei looked at the eyes, and didn't pick it up in it.

Facial fidel is still demolished packaging of the other two mobile phones.


Fi Fi stops the action, look at Gu Wei, I don't know if I will leave immediately.

However, Gu Wei rushed him to lift the bar, indicating that he continued to remove the phone.

Ferry: "..." makes people still have fun.

Next to Gu Wei Zheng and Lu Zhenye dialogue.

"Well, yesterday, the mobile phone lost, just new."

"I heard about Xiaolin, this is his fault, too unpleasant, of course, my old man is also wrong, I can't promise him with your marriage, my old man can't help you."

"Don't say this."

"I know that you take into account my old face, but this is not covered, I have already given him abroad, and I will not come back."

"... Since you have already handled, I have no objection."

"Then this matter will be here."


"At the end of the month, I am not juggling. At the end of the group shareholder meeting, Lu Jia must be standing on this side, I look forward to your laughter."

"I thought that I thought this is already the tacit understanding of me and you."

The opposite is silent, said: "Of course."

Seeing that Gu Wei looks down and gradually, the speed of the fidel, the speed of the phone is slow.

"But I still thank my grandfather." Gu Wei pulled his mouth and showed a smileless smile.

call ended.

The new mobile phone is also revised in an instant.