Great families like Gu Jia, Gu Wei have been accustomed to the interests between people and people. In Lu Zhenye, he often said that he is looking like himself, but Gu Wei knows that if he is not the Alpha grandchildren of Gu Jia, Gu Yapao does not value him, Lu Zhenye will not see him.

Despite the awareness of these, when the true conflict occurs, the interest □ □ naked is spread, the surname or surname, the grace, the fruit, the difference, Gu Wei still feels extremely unpleasant.

"That ... I will go back first."

Yuefi puts the new phone on the table, carefully wing.

I thought that Gu Hai will nod to take the head, but I didn't expect that Gu Wei, who was in her own thoughts, suddenly looked at himself, then in an instant, the fidel felt the dangerous feeling of predator.

Gu Wei thought that the fidel and talking about the conditions for the time when they met, they were so strong that they were so excited.

"I am still not good." Gu Wei opened.

Ferry: "Well?"

"Side Effect." Gu Wei's eyes were locked with him, and he stretched his hand, "Come over."

Fei Fi is a step back: "I haven't moved it yet, if you are uncomfortable, I let Chen Jie call the doctor."

Gu Wei put his hand.

The fidel pushes the door of the study and walks out.

When the door will be reheated, the Fi Fi is looking up, seeing Gu Wei's eyes are looking at the wall of the corner, half of the face is in the shadow, as if we abandoned by the world, lonely is lost.

The footsteps of this stay are getting closer and closer, and Gu Wei looks back, and people who have just been scared to flee from themselves.

Fi Fi raised his hand, took people sitting on the chair to his arms, smashed: "That ... just a while."

I am thinking about how the land is suddenly stunned by Gu Wei.

...... OK, you will want to think about the things of Lujia.

Move from the first floor to the second floor, in addition to the increasing number of people in the room, there is no change in the number of people.

It is very fast in the past two days.

Back to school on Monday, Yue Fi entered the big classroom, he was pulled by his roommate Zhao Zhi.

"Is there a class group and a forum on weekend?"

Fei Fi: "No."

"No wonder you still laugh. Now tell you a bad news and a good news, which one do you want to listen to?"

"good news?"

"The results of the middle school entrance examination last week, the class committee put the achievements in the class, you have a good test."

"Wow!" There are no white fees in a few worships, the more the fiki is raised.

"Don't be too happy. There is a bad news." Zhao Zhiyi faces serious.

Ferry: "What?"

Zhao Zhi: "There is a stupid and a test room, and in the forum said that real name reports you, etc.

Fei Fi: "Cheating, I?"

"He passed the test results of your previous semester, and then compared with you this achievement, many people believe in him, now the post is exploding in the school forum, and the counselor will come to you later."

Another roommate inserted: "I let my friends check it, report you is an Omega of the next door, I heard that Yin Xinchen is a good friend, and there is a background in the home."

Fei Fi: "..." This plot is a bit strange, but he is not unexpected.

The protagonist has not appeared for a long time, he has forgotten that he is in a book.