I Got Bitten After Transmigrating into a Pseudo-Beta

The first lesson has not finished yet, the counselor shouted him out.

In the office, Lai Li looked at the calm Beta, the bottom of the heart was angry.

"Fei Fi, I know that you always want to fight, but you never fake in the grade, what is going on this time?"

This sentence seems to have identified the facts of fidel cheating.

Fei Fi: "Teacher, I have no cheating."

Lan Li: "The examination room is monitored."

"That goes to check the monitoring." I have not done, I will not recognize.

Lan Li: "Do you really have cheating?"

Fei Fi: "No."

The cold attitude of the fidel makes Lan Li, I don't want to have a lot of tongue: "I remember that you are the city, based on this, the current impact is large, the school decided to stop the class, wait for the results of the investigation. Besides, now you call your parents to bring you back. "

"I can go back myself."

"No." Lan Li, I didn't think about things on the road, and the school did not have such an example.

I thought about it, and the fidel took out the mobile phone: "I let my partner come over, can I pick me?"

Lan Li Li stunned: "Is your partner?" Not a boyfriend, but a companion, that means that the fidel is married.

Ferry: "Well."

Lan Li Li wanted to think: "You can."

The fidel is down, licked the dried lips, gave Gu Wei to the phone.

When he hit it, Gu Wei was meeting.

Viet only a little will call Gu Ya, see the call display, and Gu Wei raises his hand to suspend the speech.


The familiar low sink is from the handset, and the fidelity thought that he didn't feel the sudden contraction, even the extraordinary feelings outside the business, I feel that I am just walking, but I heard the voice of Gu Wei, but did not come I feel wronged.

"Can you come to my school now? It doesn't matter if you are not available."

After listening to the depression in his voice, Gu Wei stunned, and made a gesture of an dissolution meeting, got up and left the meeting room.

"Immediately, what happened?"

"Just ..." Yue Fi suddenly said something not to export, although he knew that he didn't do it, but he uncertain Gu Wei would think, "Some people reported my exam cheating, the school made me suspension, I have to pick up."

After knowing, this kind of thing does not seem to involve Gu Wei come in. If Gu Wei is coming, it is not to lose face to Gu Wei!

In fact, you can also let the more dad come over, but just the first choice of Yue Fei is Gu Wei, now regret it.

"You don't have to come over, let the assistant come over, they should also have the ability to handle it."

Gu Wei did not ask, only said: "You take a break over there, I will come right away."

Hanging up the phone, the fidel only thinks that the cheeks are hot, because this kind of thing is called the family, it is very strange to him.

Waiting for the time of the family, Lan Li Li is drying the Fei Fei, and he does his own business.

The fidel before wearing a book is also a well-behaved, although it will hit the teacher in order to win the course. At this moment, although the attitude of Lan Li is very embarrassed, but still endured, silent is standing next to the table, waiting for Gu Wei.

I don't know how long it takes, when I have a fat, the door is suddenly coming, and there are still many people who are approaching.

The office door is opened.


Seeing the people, the teacher in the office immediately stood up, and he asked the bald man who came in.

Fi Fi, I saw Gu Wei at a glance, Tang Yue stood behind Gu Yizhen, and finally the principal of the teacher's mouth.

"Blue teacher, what is the things of the Vietnamese classmate?" The principal opened and asked directly.

Lan Li Li did not expect him to come for the sake of the fidel: "The principal is like this. Some people in the weekend report. In the case of this period of the exam, it has caused extremely bad influence on the Internet. I have a meeting, decided to let Yue Fei stop classes, and wait for the results to find out how to deal with it. "

Principal: "The results of the survey have not yet been able to let students suspend classes. This is not to delay students 'learning, but also affect students' life? Let the more students go back to class, investigate, I came and the inspection team, today, the results. "

After that, the principal turned to the man behind him: "Gu, how do you deal with you?"

"Tang President." The Gu Wei, which has been silent.

The principal nodded: "Of course."

"Come over." Gu Wei reached out to Fei Fi.

The fidel has a lower lip, and the head is walking around him, and it is gently holding his hand.

No longer looked at others, Gu Wei pulled the Fei Fei left the office.

The emergence of Gu Wei gave the Vietnamese great security.

When the counselor made him call the parents, in fact, he also thought about called Yue Dad and even the mother called, but he was afraid that the more dad hit the mother, and the first sentence will ask him, you have no cheating.

Only Gu Wei knows that his efforts, Yue Fei believes that Gu Wei should believe in his own, so thinking so, but he still has great uncertainty.

When Gu Wei really asked, he did not ask him to be embarrassing. He defeated his dignity in front of others, and he called him to see himself, and Yuefi heartbeat accelerated.

Tang Yuelou is behind, facing the smiling principal and the hard-looking instructor, laughing: "We have entrusted the lawyer to follow up this matter, the real-name reporting classmate, please ask the teacher to inform him, smear Others need to bear legal responsibility. "

Waiting Tang Yue leaves, a fragrant office in a quiet office, witnessing the whole process, can't help but talk about it.

Blue Riches, the scorpion asked: "Principal, Gu always a fidel partner?"

Gu Wei who does not know, noble single A, daily appear in financial journals, all the most ideal in the heart of Omega.

President Tang: "What is the relationship between your family, anyway, it is not our relationship."

Every year, the NG Group gives the school, enough to buy several teaching buildings. If Gu's stop donation, many of the projects that the school is working will face financial difficulties, and his evaluation this year is dangerous.

Compared with the funds worth several buildings, if a student really cheating, he doesn't care.

But immediately, Lan Li Li said that the face of the President Tang was green.

"That, principal, real name Report Vietnamese, is your son."