Leave the office, Gu Wei did not let go of Yuefi's hand, and the fidel did not speak, only follow him.

I got down the building, and the three people were blocked by an ALPHA student who was running.

"Xiaofei, you are fine!"

Attention is completely concentrated in the hands that are taken by Gu Wei, suddenly hear the sound of familiar sound, and the fidel is stunned: "Jane?"

Simply look at him ... and Gu Wei ... take the hand.

"I just heard that Tang Yu reports you cheating, you can rest assured, I believe you, I know that you are not this kind of person." Simple work hard to ignore the fact that the fi is positive and an alpha, "said the teacher, I will help you explain it. "

Fei Fei is very surprised. He will come over: "Nothing is not in use, thank you, things are investigating, I don't admit things, the school will give me innocent."

Namely, I niche: "Tang Wei is Yin Xinchen's friend, he is because I have a relationship with you, I will let him apologize to you."

"Apologize." The silence suddenly opened, "What's the matter, you let him find our lawyer, to meet, courts."

Tang Yue thoughtfully, and handed a business card.

"Trouble you will tell him." Gu Wei hooked his mouth.

One sentence, and simply cleave the camp.

Just finished, the driver just opened the car, Gu Wei pulled the fiph hand, stayed at the lips: "We go home."

The warm breathing is sprayed on a slightly cool finger, and the fidel is tightened in his hand: "Well."

Although I know Gu Wei because the outsiders are starting to open again, but this time the fidel has not followed his rhythm, the heartbeat is out of order.

"Who is he?" Just stared at the Yuefi and asked.

Just simply ignored Gu Wei, but obviously, this alpha is not easy to fall into a passive role.

Vietnam feels a little headache.

How do he explain who Gu Wei is? Say that he is your future fake love, is it a big BOSS for you and Yin Xinchen? !

Gu Wei also looked at Yuefi. He also wants to know how to introduce yourself with this person.

It is stared at two alpha, and the fidel pressure suddenly increases.

"He is ... he is ..." Vietnamese looked at Gu Wei, and he saw it again. "What is the relationship with you?"

As soon as this, Gu Wei originally pulled a straight line in an instant.

Simply picked the eyebrows, the fidel answer made him feel that this alpha is just a means of fidel, and the fidel is only unable to forgive himself to marked Yin Xinchen, not really unhappy.

So he went to the front step, I want to pull the wrist of another hand of Fei Fei, but suddenly be stimulated by a powerful pheromone, and the brain acupuncture hurts.

At the same time, the big hand of Yuefi is moving, and the fidel is not stabilized, and it is pulled into Gu Wei,

Wrap the wilderness of the cream.

It's hard to see, but you can't shoot it easily.

Tang Yue did not consciously retreated a few steps, Gu Wei was suppressed in this moment, and it was too unfriendly of the close alpha.

The fidel has not responded yet, Gu Wei has lifted his left hand, let him look up.

"Agab it again, what person is you?"

The sound is still low, even smiles, but with obvious emotions, just Yue Fi's answer makes him unhappy.

I have heard his unfortunateness, and the fidel refreshes himself. Nowadays, he and Gu Wei should be the identity of the agreement partner. He wants to play a good partner, and just answering is really not dedicated.

The whole person leaned by Gu Wei, lifting the eyes, can see Gu Wei to get a very close handsome, under the manner, he tenth, licking his own lips, he said: "You are my alpha. "

When the face of Gu Wei said this sentence is too shameful, and the fidel is originally in the right hand on the chest of Gu Wei. It doesn't consciously caught up, tightened his clothes.

His voice is not big, but the three people present are clear.

Gu Wei was satisfied, put down the hand of the fi-fi chin, and licked the other alpha, Alpha students.

Similar faces are very ugly, Alpha's positives are pressed against resistance, and the fidel response is directly put on the ground.

"Gu total, here is the school." Tang Yue carefully reminded his own boss, in order to avoid young and happy Alpha students, the school does not allow information about information.

Gu Wei is a sound, indicating that it will catch the pheromone.

Fiyi does not know that the dark flow of the information is "only, I only feel that the perfume of Gu Wei spray is extraordinary.

I have just noticed it in the office.

Standing straight, farten and pulling Gu Wei's hand: "Let's go back."

He suddenly felt a bit hot, there was a cold in the bones, or went home to rest early, this morning, I have todious.


Thinking of similarities, Yue Yi, he also ran over because his own effort is said: "You will go back to class early, I have to go home, my business is working,"

Until the three people got off, it was still standing in the same place, and did not leave.

Yin Xinchen came out from the shadow next to the exit staircase and stationed to him.

"The alpha is the president of Gu Wei, Gu's Group. No matter what you can accept, he is now very good."

Without you, fidel is still very good, even better.

Simply red eyes, he turned back, staring at Yin Xinchen, dead: "If you are not you ..."

If he is not him, he and the fidel will not go to this point.

Yin Xinchen laughed: "Yes, it is my fault."

Blame him is an Omega, blames him uncontrolled positives, blame him to fight the inhibitor to fail to fail ...

On the car, open the window, blow the wind, Yue fi is better, just the pine incense is not smelling, the fidel is even suspected that he just rely on Gu Wei, is not accidentally crushed his perfume bottle, taste It will suddenly be so rich.

But Gu Wei did not say anything, he can't always ask Gu Wei, he is not crushed his perfume packaging.

What if you make him pay ...

Although he is not lost now ...

"Do you think about your ex-boyfriend?" Gu Wei, who has been silent after getting on the bus. "

I am looking at the fidet outside the window, telling the truth: "I miss you."

After getting on the bus, I didn't have a little unpleasant Gu Wei: "..." then do you continue? "

Ferry: "Oh."

After a while, change the fidet suddenly open: "Beta is not the right thing to smell the information?"

Gu Wei: "I am alpha."

The fidel is ignored him, and the eyes fell to Tang Yue: "Tang Assistant, just greeted you, I haven't seen you for a long time."

Tang Yue: "Haha, no a long time. Yue Mr. Beta does not smell the information, I have a sister is beta."

"Understand, thank you." Get a sure answer, the fidel is headed down, thank you to Tang Yue.

Gu Wei: "Tang Yue, you know very much."

Tang Yue counsed: "... haha, Gu total is praised."

"How I suddenly asked this?" Gu Wei asked Vietnamese.

Fei Fi shakes his head: "No, just ask, something is a little curious about what smell."

Wearing into an ABO world, not smelling the smell of the pheromone, feeling not impacting the influence of the information, suddenly there is a feeling of being worn.

Gu Wei: "If you have a pixel, what do you want to have?"

Fei Fi: "I, the tomato taste is good."

Gu Wei black face, he didn't like to eat tomatoes.


Ferry: "Tobacco?" There is a man taste.

Gu Wei: "For one." He doesn't like it.


"Change one." He hit him.

" ?"


"Isn't it saying that I like the taste? Don't express your opinion."

"Yue Xiao Fei, isn't you have a little big late recently?"

"I know, I respect it."

Gu Wei, who is six years older than the Fei Fei: "..."

The fidel is smirked outside the window.

Before a few weeks, he didn't dare to imagine that he had to open this kind of childish joke. When he got married, he thought that the two were only formulated to show the outsider to see their companion, but the day Getting along with him to find that Gu Wei is not a matter of writing.

Gu Wei saw his smile on the window of the window, and if you want to teach people, the words are in the mouth, and finally only make a lighter.

"The old name is brother."

"Three brothers?" Yue Fi is as good as a stream.

I used to say that other people call him, but only fidel, let Gu Wei are stringed.

He raised his hand and looked with the fidile hair, and slowly.

Yue Fi did not have a brother, but he and Gu Wei have now the same relationship, saying that partners seem too embarrassing, saying that friends are not very in line with reality, saying that family is too close, and if they are in the same circles, Put Gu Wei as a three brother, it seems to be more likely.

In this way, Gu Wei got all of him, it took a closer to him.

In order to use a social session, it is a little bit of the hostel.

Gu Wei is also thinking about it.

"Three brothers." I consciously thought about it, and the Firai smiled and called him.

Gu Wei only felt that he was spoiled: "Well." Don't call, honest.

Fei Fi is still laughing, not called.