When I returned to South Bay, I had already given birth to lunch at home.

The fidel is back to the second floor, and it is planted in bed, and when she is born, she sleeps until the evening.

"Sleeping for an afternoon? Is the body uncomfortable?"

On the dinner table, Gu Wei looked at the fringes still sleepy, and the brows were gently jealous.

"It's a bit when I just came back, I am already fine now." Yue Fi Road.

"Find an idle time to go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination." Gu Wei gave him a chopsticks.

After the fidel stunned, nodded: "Know it."

Gu Wei: "The results of the survey on the school came out in the afternoon, you didn't cheat, but I suggest you go to school after a while."

Fei Fi: "Since I find out, I can't go to class tomorrow?"

"Reporting your student, is the son of your principal. This afternoon, my principal is waiting outside in my office. I have been meeting without time, you have to go back to school tomorrow?"

In this case, you will go back to school, and the principal will definitely find the door.

Fei Fi: "Then I still wait ... Do we really want to tell the Tang?"

Gu Wei: "You are a household, this is not easy to reveal."

"Oh ..." Fei fi, the face of Gu Jia's face and his face, naturally the face of Gu Jia, and he is a person who is a house, and his face is equivalent to hunting, Gu Wei should deal with serious dealing. of.

Gu Wei: "If someone is insulting the house today, it will retreat. Tomorrow will have more people who smell the smell. Although they are not in the eye, I don't like trouble."

"Oh!" "Fi Fi Tools," how to do it, just listen to you. "

He is not very interested in these stakes, and naturally listens to Gu Wei's arrangement.

Gu Wei only got some bowls, said: "Well, eat it."

Fifth bite the meatball: "Oh."


The next day, the fidel has received information sent by the mother.

Mother: Xiaofei, your principal said to do a home visit, a few bags of a gift, I don't know what he is to help the difficult student, are you not reported in the school? How do you have a home visit?

Ferry: ......

Fei Fi: What do you think about, our current teachers are like this, specially polite.

Fi Fi: I am not at home, is our principal? Yue Mom: Oh, he asked where you live now, I will give you the address, send you a message to tell you, it should be coming.

Faches:? ? ? ? ?

Yue Mom: What happened?

Fiya: No ...

Yue Mom: Yes, you are not at school today.

Fei Fei: Yes, I should be in school today, how do you give me an address here?

Yue Mom: I forgot it for a while, I don't want to go home to my home. You should live with Xiao Wei now, you should go to your side.

Ferry: ......

Mother: Is there any inconvenient? Otherwise I will call your principal again?

Fei Fi: No, I am joking with you.

Yue Mom: [Khan]

Just ending and more mom's information, the door ringtones on the first floor are ringing.

At this moment, only Vietnamese, from the study monitoring to see the people outside the door, telling the truth, the fidel does not want to open the door.

Outside the door, the President Tang took his own son, holding a big bag, and pressed the doorbell.

When you don't hear it! Fi Future, headphones, concentrate, look at the movie.

After a while, his mobile phone rang, strange numbers, not connected.

Again, Gu Wei?


"The doorbell at home is no longer picking to Tang Yue, and the property has been left, you don't have to manage."


Just hanging from Gu Wei's phone, the phone shocked.

See call display, fidile stunning.

[Yin Xinchen]

Why do you have Yin Xinchen's number in his mobile phone? !

I am a male, although I probably guess what he is calling is for, but the more fidel is sighed, or it is still connected.




"Hello, I am Yin Xinchen, when I have added my mobile phone number when I have active, I have never been hit, bother you."

"Is there a problem?"

"About reporting your exam cheating, although Tang Wei is impulsive, but in the final end, he is also for me, I will contact you, you can forgive him, private and understand, don't take legal way."

"... we don't seem to talk about it."

Short silence.

"I understand." Yin Xinchen is not entangled, "Thank you for your call."

Fei Fi: "I hope you don't misunderstand, I have no other opinions about you."

As long as you say something to him, please return to the simple things.

"..." Yin Xin Chen suddenly, "I thought you should hate me very much."

Fei Fi: "No." Just say two strangers.

Yin Xinchen smiled: "Thank you."

Hanging up the phone, Yin Xinchen looked at his mobile phone interface, there is a short-lived god.

Even if I don't hate it, I will hate it immediately.

Sighted, Yin Xinchen took out the business card in your pocket, allocated the number you have never hired.

"Gu, I am Xiao Yin, Well, the person who has reminded you of the wine in the cruise ship, I am embarrassed to bother ...

Well, I want to discuss with you. "


At night, Gu Wei did not come back to have dinner, thinking that he should be busy, and the fidel is not intended. If you have finished food, you will drill into the book, find a movie.

When I was almost ten o'clock, the first floor came coming, Yue Fi is estimated to come back, just after his movie is finished, you can wash and sleep.

Perhaps it is on the upstairs, I saw the Yue Fei Shunshu, but Gu Wei sounded the door.

Fi Fi is open: "You are back."

Gu Wei: "I haven't slept yet?"

Fei Fi: "Yes."

"If you can't sleep, go to my study house?" Gu Wei invited him.

Vietnamese feels a little strange today, but still agrees.

The furnishings of Gu Wei and the fidel are not different from the last time, the two are still sitting last time.

The liquor poured into the cup, and Gu Wei and he touched him.

"Today's Tang President went to your home?"

Fei Fi: "Yes, my mom and I said, I also mentioned some gifts, I let my mom returned to him."

"The afternoon lawyer talks to me, like him, can meet the criminal standards, if we insist on investigating, the evidence is sufficient, he needs to bear criminal responsibility." Gu Yidao.

Fei Fi: "Is it so serious?" Is actually criminalized? He thought it was enough to ask the other party's compensation.

Gu Wei: "It mainly looks at our attitude."

Fei Fi: "... I think, let him post an apology letter in his own social platform and school forum."

Gu Wei: "Are you sure?"

Ferry: "Well, I didn't give me something substantive loss, forget it."

Gu Wei nod: "Your idea I know, and I will let Qiao follow into advance."

Vietnamese feels a bit weird: "What do you think? Do this ..."

Gu Wei: "I respect your decision."

Yuefi's heart, a row of questions, who said yesterday, who is going to kill the chicken monkey? Yesterday, whose people can't be bullied?

After talking about it, Gu Wei got up, knead his head: "Don't think about it, take a break early."

After that, Gu Wei took the red wine in the cup and left the book to return to the bedroom.

Leave Yip Fei one person in the study, launched a red wine.

Gu Wei is not right, it is really wrong.

After returning to the room, I was lying on the bed, and the fidel combed the transformation of Gu Wei, and the conversation in the study and his paragraph.

Yesterday, I actively took things on my body, let him not use anything, today asked him about his view, but also to respect his decision ...

Does Gu Wei are really not in the routine?

Is it in the routine!

I want to think about it, Yue Fi climbed from the bed.

Give Gu Yala.

Fi Fi: Do you have anything?

Gu Wei: What do you refer?

...... It seems that there is a lot of things.

Fi Fifreen: [Smile]

What is the three brothers, what is it, he shouldn't move with it, then trust.

There must definitely happen what he doesn't know, but Gu Wei said to him.

Gu Wei, this person, it's true and false, the virtuality is real, that is, the old fox. Although occasionally, he can't change his essence.

Bore the head into the quilt, the fidel is on the eyes.


After that information, Yuefi didn't send anything.

Gu Wei was lying in the bed for a while, and when I couldn't find it, I got up and opened my mobile phone and gave Tang Yue called a phone.

Tang Yue quickly picked up: "Gu total?"

"I remember that Wu Cheng said last year to study for a long time, I want to challenge the administrative affairs."

Gu Wei did not have a sentence, let Tang Yue played a spirit: "Well."

"The Yue Fi School is very suitable."

Tang Yue: "Well."

"You have been in good performance in the past few years, I will inform personnel, double your annual salary this year."

Tang Yue: "Thank you!"

"have a rest."

Hanging up the phone, Gu Wei still can't sleep, heard the crisp of the glass bricks, frown, walk out of the room.

At a glance, I saw the lights of my study, he pushed the door.

The Fii is sitting on the sofa that has just been sitting.

Gu Wei stunned: "You haven't slept yet? What are you doing here?"

Not angry with the self-cultivation of Yuefi private self-cultivation.

Fi Fi frowned to see him, eyes slightly lost: "Drinking."