"I have been drinking so late." Gu Wei walked into the book, sitting down, picking up the wine bottle on the table, only one quarter left.

Fei Fi: "You can't sleep? Drink together?"

Gu Wei picked up the cup and poured the rest of the wine bottle to his cup.

Fiye looks at him: "What do you grab me?"

Gu Wei: "You drink too much."

Xu is because there is wine in your wine glass, friday, didn't grab him, and the little mouth is drinking red wine in his cup.

The study has a moment of quiet.

"Why can't you sleep?" Gu Wei rely on the sofa back, relax, and asked him.

"Do you feel very annoying?" Fei Fei didn't answer him directly, but asked.

"Why do you say this?" Wen Yan, Gu Wei sat slightly straight.

Fei Fi: "This is actually my own business, but I still have to go to school to help me deal with it. Later, I still have to help me solve it. I reflect, as an agreement, I should not give You add this trouble, with white to increase your obligation burden, this is unfair to you. "

Gu Wei took the time: "I don't think it is burden."

"You said that I respect my decision is right, before I will lose this matter all, I am very irresponsible, and I will deal with it yourself, and I don't have to take up the time of Qiao." He said, raised the cup, and gain himself in the past, "these two days of trouble, thank you."

Gu Wei saw that he looked up his back, but he didn't have a drink in his own cup, but gradually frowned.

"There will be no such thing in the future." Yue Fei is then a sentence.

"I will go back to the house first."

After finishing, Yuefi put the empty wine cup on the table and got up and plan to return to your room.

But I haven't waited for him to stand firm, I was taken back from behind him.

Fei Fei has no wire preparation, falling behind the sofa. Gu Wei sat, and the fidel was sitting back and happened to half his body in him.

"What are you talking? Who says you burden, who said you trouble?" Gu Wei felt very incredible for the Brain circuit of the Fi Fi.

Fifi holds the sofa and supports your body: "You."

Gu Wei: "When will I ... You are trying to handle this business, I said to respect your opinion, is it wrong?" "" No, it's because you are right, I said in the future I will deal with myself. "Yue Tongli straight," Where are you dissatisfied? "

Wherever you are satisfied, Gu Wei pinched his eyebrows: "You are drunk."

Fei Fei: "I am not drunk. You suddenly change my idea, isn't it just that this matter causes you trouble?"

Gu Yizhao Zhang Zhang, I was hung once, he thought that after the talk at night, this matter has passed, but it did not expect to make such an idea to make such an idea.

"You will be wrong." Gu Wei looked lick.

Fei Fi: "Where is wrong?"

Gu Wei: "I owe a person because of Lu Lin's work, the other party called me, I hope we can reconcile with Tang Yu, don't take the legal way. So I identified your thoughts again, if You don't want to take a legal way, this person is still almost, if you want to take a legal way, then I have already rejected him to prepare for him. "

"This matter, I am standing here."

"Tang family, I already have another processing method."

After drinking, drinking the lotus, the fidel has heard the explanation of Gu Wei, frown: "You can talk directly to me."

Gu Wei: "This thing is what I thought."

"Who is that person?" Yue Fei asked.

Gu Wei hesitated, but it was frank: "Yin Xinchen." The words are all said, and there is no meaning in one name.

According to his survey, Yin Xinchen is the direct cause of fidel and his former boyfriend. This is also why he doesn't want to put Yin Xinchen's things at first. He believes that Yin Xinchen's name will become an inexperience factor for fidel considered things.

Fi Fi is actually faintly guessed, as a role of male and drama in the book, two people will have a convergence in the morning and evening: "How do you know him?"

"It's not aware of it, just because of the last cruise incident, he is part-time, reminding me that Lu Lin put something in the wine, owing him a human condition." Gu Wei explained.

"Understand." Fei Fei nodded, sitting straight, "then I will go back to rest first."

This time, Gu Wei did not stop the fidel.

Going back to the room, Yuei original lost eyes disappeared, replaced, it is a bright eyes that flashes.

"Hey, you will set up." Fei Fi is not drunk at all, at this moment, the mood is very exciting, and successfully appears from Gu Weikou, let him have a sense of accomplishment.

Just he didn't realize that he can ride the real reasons for successful Gu Wei.

After the study, the Fei Fei left, Gu Wei sat alone on the couch, and the half of the body fell into the shadow.

Fi Fi is not there, Gu Wei's attention is finally attracted to the vague wine in the side potted plant, and it is clear that the color in the potted plants.

Memorting the dialogue just and the Fi Fi, I want to pass the key, Gu Wei frowned, and laughed.

It seems that it is a set.

But it is good, there is always a thing that is always worried, and Gu Wei also felt tired, put down the wine glass, got up and went back to sleep.

After the Fifi room, he saw that the lamp was still on, and Gu Wei returned to the house, and raised his hand knocked his door.

Yue Fei is behind the door, open the door.

"what is the matter?"

Gu Wei: "Don't sleep?"

"Ah, it is very sleepy."

Gu Wei: "That will sleep early."


Gu Wei: "The next time the time is used to study, it will not be so hard before the exam."


A slam, Fei Hong face closed the door.