On the next day, on the dinner table, the two were friendly at the same table, as if she didn't occur last night.

"Our counselor has sent me a message in the morning, saying that the results of the investigation have been announced, I am innocent, ready to return to school." Yue Fi pulled the meal.

Gu Wei nodd: "When do you want to go back?"

Fei Fi: "It's next to the weekend, let's go back to school next week."

"The course follows?" Gu Wei picked up her eyebrows.

"My senior high school entrance examination is a lot, the average division is more than seventy, and the few lessons are not listening. Anyway, the teacher will take PPT." Yue Fi felt that Gu Wei Xiaota, this is his Didn't go through the class, temporarily holding the results of the Buddha.

Gu Wei did not feel that the fraction of about seventy is worth a prize, but it does not look at himself with the expressions who may know that I don't know what I don't know, and I can't help but say: "Well, it does have progress than before. "

Vietnamese hooked the mouth: "I also think that I have improved."

"Since this short-live review can achieve this result, the end of the test will be more advanced, and there is hope to sprint the scholarship." Gu Wei suddenly said.

Vietnamese : "Cough ... this ... look at the situation."

Gu Wei: "Don't confident?"

Is this confident that can do something? Scholarship is a ratio of rankings, and other students in their grades are not good.

Vietnamese feels that Gu Wei is unreasonable.

Seeing that Fei Fi didn't talk, Gu Wei smiled.

The Fi Fi Nerve has a slim, and Gu Wei is looking for his own scholastic physique. P. Yes. "

The result is like a result because he has no effort!

Gu Wei, a sound: "Then I will wait for your good news."

After that, he put down the chopsticks and wiped the mouth with a napkin.

"I went to the company."

Until Gu Wei left, the fidel was only known to react, why should he praise this Haikou? Does he take a scholarship?

Gu Wei must be deliberately, such a obvious general, you really have a light ...

I want to return to this, but I have to get a scholarship. The Fei fidel, I feel that I have to take it once in Gu Wei, it is not a scholarship, and the third-level scholarship is also a scholarship.

So I finished eating breakfast, I will take the bag, and I said with Chen Ayi, I went back to school.

When I arrived in school, several people in the dormitory immediately surrounded him.

Zhao Zhi is most excited: "I went, I only know that you report your stupid is the son of the principal."

Fei Fei: "Who do you listen to?"

"Simply said." Another roommate said, "He is coming to our dormitory every day." Do you say when you come back. "

"I also strange, I didn't see him so active when you talk to love, and it is extraordinary, and I will give us what to eat."

The fidel is screaming: "Don't you accept it?"

Zhao Zhi: "How is it possible, we are here."

Vietnamese laughs: "Thank you, please dinner at noon."

On the occasion of a lively in the classroom, a few people suddenly came from a weak voice.

"Fei Fi."

At first, the fidel did not hear it, or the students next to him pulled him, and someone called himself.

Fei Fei has not seen Tang Dynasty, so when you see this thin and small Omega in front of you, there is no pair.

"Are you looking for me?"

Tang Wei's eyes dodge, slowly point to: "I will apologize to you, I shouldn't maliciously report your cheating, still rumored in the forum, sorry, I hope you can forgive me."

"Are you Tang Wei?" Several roommates stand next to the fidel, and they heard his arms and put on the defensive gesture.

Look at the thin and thin, how to think is very vicious.

Tang Wei did not speak.

Fei Fi also looks at him.

"I have always wanted not to pass, why do you want to do this?" Fei Fi is close to him.

As he went close, Tang Yu did not consciously retreat one step, and the Fei fi stopped.

Tang Hao bite his teeth: "I am a good friend of Xinchen, I can't see it, I am not going to be unable to be paid. I am still marking new teen, but my heart is still you in my eyes."

Vietnamese feels incredible: "I have broken up with him, when will I don't let? You say that he is me in his eyes, is it his question? You don't go to the Jinti, you are running I?"

Tang Wei is going down: "Anyway, now you have the sky, my father said that I will not apologize, I will apologize, I will apologize to you. If you have any dissatisfaction, let me come, don't hurt my father."

Yue Fei is full of question marks.

Zhao Zhi can't see it, asked all the questions about all onlookers: "Do you have a pit?"

The Fi Fi is relieved: "Do you still feel that you are particularly wronged?"

Tang Wei: "Your results are only in the level of the grid line, the average points suddenly rose very much, I doubt it wrong?"

Fei Fi: "You still don't do anyone else to study hard?"

"What do you pay attention to me? Even how many points I have learned? And the score of the grid, it is the matter of the last school? Yin Xinchen and simply don't be unexpected in this semester? You will start this day. Me? "

Tang Wei flashed a panic: "I, I will look back and discover."

In the original book, Tang Wei is only a few times in Yin Xinchen Zhong many friends, and the virtual mind is not impressed in the mind, but at this moment, I suddenly disabled, every time Tang, the occasion, They are all when Yin Xinchen and Just n't I have twisted.

"You won't like it." Yue Fi is shocked, and the students who are watching this side are quietly quiet.

Tang Yan lives, the look is complicated, first is poked in the painfulness and uneasiness, but soon, it turns into a resentment. He shouted Fika: "You speak alone! I want to tell you, you are old man If you have a good thing, no one knows it, let me stand in it, I don't apologize, I don't want to tell me. "

After saying, Tang Wei turned and wanted to leave, but when he saw the people standing at the door of the classroom, he was only a moment, he reacted, ran out.

At the door, I listened to Yin Xinchen, who said that this is moving and rushing.

Others have also found Yin Xinchen's arrival, and they did not know how to remove their eyes.

The fidet is still in the shocking thing that he is born by the old man in the Tang Dynasty, and it seems that the reaction from Yin Xinchen is plain.

In the eyes of others, he showed disdain and indifferent to Yin Xinchen.

Yin Xinchen did not chase Tang Yan, but to Yue Fei: "I just said that he is not his intention, I apologize to you, I will let him post, sorry."

After that, Yin Xinchen turned and left the classroom.

Zhao Zhiyi face, smashed the Fiji arm: "I didn't expect Yin Xinchen ... so ..."

He wanted to express any word for a while.

The roommate next to the room is supplemented: "Father."

Zhao Zhi: "Yes! I am, suddenly I can't think of it."

"If Tang Wei really likes to be simple, then I really have a little sympathetic Yin Xin Chen."

"It was very miserable, and the unexpected estrus was simply marked, and it didn't like him."

"I am going, don't say, he is green, our Fi Fei."

Fei Fi: "The pot is not on Yin Xin Chen, I don't blame him."

Zhao Zhiyu said: "Why do you start to distribute Shengguang?"


Seeing that the parties are almost a lot, and the crowds of the gourns slowly spread.

"Right, what is the packet of Tang Yan?" Zhao Zhi asked Vietnamese.

Fiyu: "Do you think?"

Zhao Zhi: "Is it a dad to be your golden master? I remember that your home is very rich."

"How do I know that an empty mouth can say that I can say my cheating, I have to think about why I was covered?" Fei Fei turned a white eye.

"Isn't the guy not being poked in the poke? Zhao Zhi, you still think about him seriously?"


"Hey, I am not worried that someone will borrow the question to make our fipway!"

"The guy is now saying, the person who believes is a fool."


Yuefi stood on the side and laughed to watch them for a while, turned to look at the door of the classroom, but the bottom is a bitter feeling.

It turned out that Tang Hao actually likes to be simple. He is not from the maintenance of Yin Xinchen, but for his selfishness, and Yin Xinchen is also convinced with Gu Wei.


In the evening, Gu Wei returned to Nanwan Xiangshi County, and the house was dark. After the light was opened, I met a clean and tidy, obviously no one was at home.

"Really back to school?" Gu Wei laughed.

Open the lights of the living room, and Gu Wei sat down in the living room, loose tie, opened the phone, no information.

Well, more than going back, I haven't reported him yet.

After all, people have been leaving themselves, Gu Wei actively gives Yuefi information.

Gu Wei: Where is it?

In the time waiting for the reply, Gu Wei took back on the couch and closed his eyes.

Soon, the phone reminder sound, someone replied to him.

Ferry: School, Library, Self-study Room

Gu Wei smiled and replied: Come on.

Fei Fi: [Goodbye]

Seeing people obviously buried themselves, Gu Wei sells: I will return to Nanwan inquire, no food.

Fei Fi: Oh, Chen Ayi came to cook me.

Gu Wei: ......

Ferry: You let Tang Yue send you.

Gu Wei: It is not good to disturb people at get off work.

If Tang Yue sees this passage, it must be the expression of the subway old man watching the phone.

Fei Fi: Then you will eat it yourself.

See someone is a little bit of a sense, Gu Wei knows that it is useless: Know, you study it.

Fei Fi: [Smile] will.

End the conversation, Gu Wei did not really enter the kitchen to eat, but directly back to the second floor book, continue to deal with work.

After about half an hour, his mobile phone suddenly sounded, it was a strange number.

"Hello, takeaway."

"..." Gu Wei stunned, "You have missed, I didn't take some takeaway."

Hang up the phone, the phone quickly re-shocked.

"I haven't played wrong, that is, this number, Yue Mr., is wrong?"

"..." Which one can you, Gu Wei understand, "Shot."

Get takeaway, take a photo to the Vietnamese.

Gu Wei: Your takeaway.

Fei Fei: Ah, when I want to point, I want to choose the wrong address. You eat, I have already reinvented.

Gu Wei: Is Chen Ayi not cooking for you?

Ferry: I have some nightteen.

Gu Wei looked at the things in the eye bag. He didn't necessarily finish it, and the Fiyou said that it would be obviously excuse to be pulled.

But did not poke each other, Gu Wei only replied to the Fifer: line.

He didn't eat take-out habits, and occasionally, it was indeed inconvenient, and he also had an assistant to pack the hotel's meals for him.

Rao is interested to open the packaging, and Gu Wei took a photo to take a photo and sent it to a circle of friends.

"Dinner [picture]"

Gu Wei rarely sent a relaxed friend circle, people in the circle suddenly brushed to this, and some doubt their eyes.

Someone will reply very quickly.

Gu Wei: Does Gu's are bankrupt?

Gu Qiao: Will not let it be, 3 brothers, why do you eat this?

Tang Yue: The boss actually lets poison late in the middle of the night, this dish is gone, and it makes people's appetite.

He Yin Yin: Xiao Feichang?

Onlookers 1: I look carefully, I am sure that this is the cooking in the roadside shop.

Onlookers 2: Is this a meaning that is going to rise tomorrow?

Onlookers 3: Gu's investment direction in the next quarter?


Didn't look at the message, I have been working for a while, and Gu Wei swims to the three floors.

The stars in the night sky tonight are extraordinary, and Gu Wei took a picture of the night swimming pool to Vietnamese.

Gu Wei: [Picture]

Fei fi is not immediately replied.

After waiting for Gu Wei to go back, he received new information from Yuefi.

Fi Fi: I am seriously studying, what do you send me this picture?

Gu Wei: Satchart, you are carefully studying or playing mobile phones.

Yue Fi wants to beat people: ... goodbye.

Fortunate, Gu Wei went to the second floor, and continued to do it forever.

This sinking work is busy late, waiting until he is going to rest, then discovering that it will come to Fifi and send a text message.

Fi Fi: Take a shower on the third floor?

After two hours, Gu Wei didn't know what he meant, but he replied him.

Gu Wei: Well. something wrong?

Fei Fei replies very fast: no.

Gu Wei: You can swim from this side later.

Feiyu: I won't swim.

Gu Wei recalls the information you have seen: Forgot, don't you sleep?

Fei Fi: Fall asleep is awakened by your information.

Gu Wei: Then I don't return you, sleep.

Ferry: ......

Sure enough, Gu Wei will no longer reply.

In the dormitory, Yue Fi curled in the bed, turned the photo of the front pool, just asked the glass bathroom he had visited, and I couldn't help but think about it in the picture.

Emmm ... Why should he imagine this kind of thing?

The weekend fidel returns to Nanwan Xiangshi, Gu Wei is not there. Although no one is watching, but fidel thinks that he has to take a scholarship, I feel that it is not practical, I can only force my home in the study and study hard.

In fact, I'm asking, in addition to the stimulation of Gu Wei, do you not want to test a good grade? He also thinks, so it will take the time to find a deficiencies.

He hasn't returned to Yuejia for a long time, and Vietnamei and Yue Ling are quite right. I heard that he is seriously studying, there is a noisy to come onlookers.

The Fei Fei is very helpless. After seeking Gu Wei's consent, he promised to let them come to Nanwanxiang County to play for a long time.

On Saturday evening, Chen Ayi made some snacks in the kitchen, reminding Gu Wei to entertain her brother sister next day.

Facial fidel is touched by her, and I will give Chen Ayi to the wages.

Fi Fi: She is mainly giving me a meal, and the money rises from me.

Gu Wei: I know, I will talk to Tang Yue, you don't have to manage.

Once upon a time, the Fei Fei had a matter of asking Gu Wei, the answer to the answer often allowed him to find Tang Yue, but now it is huge. Fi Fi is a bit doubting that Tang Yue can't continue to be responsible for yourself. Is it imposing, otherwise it cannot be explained.

Tang Yue likes him, Gu Wei knows that I am worried about destroying the two-person agreement marriage, so putting Tang Yue tunes, the perfect logic chain, if it is not a franchise, there is a bit of self-knowledge, I can't help but ask Gu Wei. The reasoning is not correct.

Fei Fi: Don't I do this?

Gu Wei: No, there are many money, my birthday is coming.

Ferry: ......

Can you still so red, naked, naked?

The gift is still, and the Fei Fei replying to him: I know. My birthday is actually ...

Gu Wei: November 23.

Fiber is a bit surprised: Do you know?

Gu Wei: I have seen your ID card.

Fei Fi: Oh!

It is very coincidental, the fidel in the book and his birthday are the same day.

On November 23, this is also the first time Vietnamese for his birthday.

In the past birthday, he is not part-time, just on part-time road, often after several days, I will think of it is one year old.

And this year, everything will be different.