Gu Wei's birthday is exactly the last day of this month, and the Fei Fei is still preparing for the time of two weeks.

What is the birthday gift?

The fidel is tangled in one night, and it still can't think of it. You can only sleep, and think about the end of the month.

Early the next morning, Vietnamei and Yue Ling were sent by the driver in the home. The more dad busy company did not have time. Yue Mom was soaring that the private dining is not open, and it is not one.

The two children lived in their own brothers, they were excited.

Vietnamel is still a stable, and the Yue Ling all the way, I will ask, even if I don't want her, I still say anything.

Received the phone call from Yuelo, and the fidel took the door in advance. The brothers and sisters did not see it. The more spiritual and jumped into the Yuefi.


Fei Fi hugs her, after steadying, let her stand well: "How old is still so jumping, lady point."

Yue Ling, a sound, standing straight.

Seeing her so obedient, the Firai smiled and took her head: "Hey."

"Is the big brother is there?" Yuelo has been a little big, and asked the Vietnamese and asked naturally.

Fei Fi: "He is going to travel, let's go in."

After three people entered the door, Yueling followed Yueli in the living room sofa, and fidel went to the kitchen to give them a snacks.

"Brother, have you live here?" Yue Ling took over the water of the fi-fi, and asked it on the side of the design.

Fei Fi: "Not necessarily."

Yuelo looked at him: "Why is it not necessarily? Is it good to you?"

"No." Yue Fi didn't know how to say, I can't say that he and Gu Wei are agreement marriage. "There are so many sets of houses, when you live, if you don't have anything, I will live in Monday to Friday. Houses close to the school. "

Vietnamel: "... Oh." It is much he thinks.

Yue Ling did not have more ideas, she eaten the drones in the plate, asked Vietnamese: "Big Brother, is there a game console here?"

Game machine? There is a study in his study.

"I have my own part, we go to my study on the second floor, there is a game console and projection." Yue Fi commanded their own cup, by the way, the snacks went up.

Come to Yuefi's study, and you can't help but wow.

"This is too cool? Is this a study? This is paradise!" Ferry laughed: "Hu said eight, you are not playing games, the game console is there,"

Yue Ling: "Thank you very brother."

Three brothers and sisters are not well studied, so the more my mother is strict, I don't allow them to play games, so the Yue Ling see that the Fi Fife has both the game console and the projector. It is full of envy.

"It's so good to marry, I also want to get married." The more Lingzhong drums the game.

Vietnamese looked at her shameful appearance, there was no action around the fidel.

Fei Fi: "Don't you play?"

Yuelo: "I grew up, I don't like to play."

After ten minutes, Yue Ling help: "Yue Luo Luo Luo, how do this?"

After half an hour, the two sat on the hair carpet next to the sofa, happily played against the game.

Fi Fi sits down in front of your desk, when they play the sound as the background, and the textbooks from the school are brought back.

He is not unfamiliar with this job with a child.

In the past, the teacher who had part-time ever-lunch Town is only strong than Yue Ling and Yue Luo Xiaoshi, but he has long practiced that Ren Ren is crying and playing, and I am self-reliant.

During the period, Vietnamel got up and said that the Fifi was changing the problem, and the head was looking for himself. When Gu Wei did not live at home, his study was locked, and Yuefi did not think much.

Going to the bathroom back to the study, Yuelo did not continue to play games together, but sitting on a sofa, I don't know what I think, and the more spirit is also ignored.

At first, Yuefi did not find an abnormality until he wrote a roll, and the Zhang Louu came to him, and he said to talk about it, he realized that it was not right.

Yue Ling is playing games to be extraordinarily investment, completely not paying attention to the movement of the two, or noticed, but the game is more important than the mood of my brother.

The fidel is got up, takes Yuelo to the door of the study, put the door.

"What's wrong?" Fei Fei swept it to the door that he did not close, and he was so much, and it was almost understood that Yuelo was asking, but he asked.

Yuelo: "You don't lie to me again, you and Gu Jia's alpha are sleeping, big brother, are you doing? Don't worry about yourself, self-ending After that, you have always been very strange, promise to marry is also because Dad said that the business is a problem. Can you compromise? I am the alpha, my family should make me come out, this thing I am in my heart. I have been a long time. Brother, if you are not happy, I support you leave him. "

Fi Fi has a moment of disturbance, he is too big, remember to prevent people, but forget people who want to hide.

"You don't think too much, I am ... quarrel, yes, quarrel, the partner is like this, mix with noisy noisy, the mixed noise is noisy, in fact, we are already good, it is these two days Gu Wei's business trip, I didn't move back to the master bedroom. "Fei Fi explained.

Yuelo is not trustworthy, looked at him suspicious: "Really?"

Ferrey: "Of course, it is true, you read the book, it is for me to design the decoration. Those snacks games are also he is afraid that I have been prepared. He often eats in the company, but I have been specially invited. Auntie cooking, he doesn't like others into his study, but I am completely fine, but I can steal him to drink. He is really good for me, he loves me. "

If it is not a party, Fei Fei is estimated to be touched by himself.

Yuelo really convincularly in the heart of the intimate, the intimate side mentioned by the fidel: "That seems that he is really good for you, maybe I have more, but my big brother, I still want to say, no matter what, You still have this alpha younger brother, you must be happy, if someone is bullying you, you have to tell me, don't always feel that I am still a child. "

Listening to him, the fidel is a bit touched, raising his hand and messing his hair, smiling: "I know, thank you."

Thank you for your heart.

The door suddenly clicked, and the Brenhen's head drilled out from the study, and looked at the two people.

"What are you talking about?"

Vietnamei was beyond her silly, and the Fi was smiled and took her with some baby fat face: "Say you bad."

The more got angry: "Big brother! If you sweep more, you don't want to have my face!"

"Okay, don't pinch the next time." Fi Fi is no loose, and it is very natural to naturally.

After lunch, the two returned home.

The noisy room returned quiet, and the fidel relaxed on the desk and looked at the scenery outside the window.

The Yue family carefully cares about him, but also feels tired while it seems to be he stolen. Every time the family appears, he will make him feel that the time in the book in these months is not true. So he didn't like to return to Yuejia. After moving it, more is to stay in Nanwanxiang County and school, he walks with the original fidel and absolutely not walking, lives his own life, Only in this way can he seize the real feeling of such a short.

Whether it is still now, Fei Fei always feels that he is like the dust in the sun, but the feeling is not practical, so it is drifting, waiting for the sun, returning to the dark, or the rain drops down, sink into the water depression.

Suddenly, it was shrouded in the fidel, and the book was pressed under the arm. When a person was alone, it was always easy to fall into the mood.


The news prompt tuning to return to Fii's attention, he took a mobile phone. Seeing that Gu Wei sent him new news.

Gu Wei: I am at night.

Some of the fideways: Isn't it to say tomorrow?

Gu Wei: The work is over in advance.

The Yue Fi Pouting Corner: Then I let Chen Aunt cook more.

Gu Wei: Well, your brother sister went back?

Fi Fi: Go back, come here to play games.

Gu Wei: If I like it, I will go back to buy a set.

Fei Fi: ... My mom will kill me.

Gu Wei:?

Fei Fi: The results are not good, my mother is strict.

Gu Wei: Ok, then I let the team to design a game that combines them now, I am teaching them to be happy.

Ferry: ... Why don't you send me a set?

Gu Wei: You are not a child.

Ferry is not face: I am.

Gu Wei: ... conscious point.

Faches: [Fork]

Gu Wei: Go back to teach you.

Fei Fi: Thank you, no, I can have it.

Gu Wei: Do you have any opinions about me?

Fiyu: No! smile

A short chat spreads the haze that suddenly enveloped the fidel, but there is no nutritious fighting mouth, but the fu fu is got to cure.

Fi Fi: That, do you want to have a birthday gift?

Gu Wei: Do you want to cheat?

Fei Fi: No, then I have to send you like it is not, if I send it, don't like it, isn't the resource waste?

Gu Wei: I think, I am busy.

Ferry: ......

From last night, I didn't want to send any birthday gifts, I mentioned it at this moment.

[Excuse me, what birthday gift is sent to Alpha?

Answer the five-flowers under the bottom.

[Send Omega.

[Lying in the trough, the first floor is beautiful.

[Everyone is not the same, this problem is too general.

[Alpha], if you are a couple, it is recommended to send yourself.

[Can be sent to the tie.

[Send tie? Bundle?


Send a pure franchise, how can I not understand why my questioning is ignorant?

Turn off the page without saying, and Yue Fi is turned out from the communication record.

After hesitating, I still gave up, and I have turned out the group of my dormitory.

Fei Fei: There is a problem ...

Zhao Zhi: Say.

Fei Fi: What should Alpha birthday gift should you send?

Zhao Zhi: ......

The other two roommates also bubble, but unified sent: ...


Zhao Zhi: Who are you going?

Fi Fi: Friends.

Zhao Zhi: Oh! Yes, see what your friends like.

Faches: I like to work.

Zhao Zhi: ......

The group is completely cold.

Fei Fi has sent a few question marks, no one cares, he can only have no choice but to exit the interface.

Gu Wei, what can he send?

It is tangled, his mobile phone suddenly sounded, calling unfamiliar numbers, thinking is the advertising sales, the Fei fi is unpacking, is preparing to be indifferent, thank you, but I've been unfamiliar with the other party. The line was shocked.

"Xiaofei? Remember me?"

Vietnamese Remember, this gentleness of the sound is Gu Wei's mother - He Yin Yin.

"Hello." The fidel is sitting in the fidel, and the sound of the greetings is well-polite.