Fei Fei is the first time you receive He Yin Yin. Gu Wei didn't say that he said that Gu's family. The book is not much ink, the only clear, only Gu Wei is a leader of Gu Jia, so how to deal with He Yinyin, and a little fidel quasi.

"Is it busy?" He Yincin is very polite.

Fei Fi: "Not busy, do you have anything?"

"Yes, this is the day of the ancestors of the ancestors, the matter of the ancestors has always been our home, and Gu Wei wants to work hard, so I want to ask if there is no time next weekend, come back to help me, only Take up your weekend, it does not affect normal school. "

He Yinn is gentle and gentle, so that Yuefi really can't open the mouth.

"Of course, there is no problem, look at ... Today, I waited for him to come back, I told him, let him take me back next weekend." Yue Fi is polite.

He Yin Yin: "Good. See you next week, Xiao Fei."

"See you next week." Yue Fei Road.

He Yinyin let him recourse home? Listening to her means, only ask him next weekend, Gu Wei wants to "busy work", do not have to be enforced.

His and Gu Wei married were also a period of time. He Yinyin may want to meet more with him, but there is no chance before, it is just that there is a chance to have a ancestor this time.

How to do? Fiber is a bit distressed, saying that when the mother is the most, he is worried about He Yinyin to wear his false marriage between him and Gu Wei.

However, everything is anxiety, can only wait for the evening Gu Wei to come back to be with him, the more the fidel is sighed, and the mobile phone will be lost, pick up the book will continue.

I have to review my home next weekend, then he will study for two days, now I am still going to see more.

When I came back at night, the Fei Fei was still in the study, until he personally called someone to eat.

"Is this hard work today?" Gu Wei hit him.

Fei Fi: "Because there is no time to read next week."

Gu Wei: "Why?"

Fei Fi: "Your mother called, let me review the home next week, help her to prepare the ancestor."

Gu Wei's hand is a hand: "You don't have to manage, I will call her later."

"But I have promised." Fi Fi blinked.

Gu Wei: "Nothing."

"... I also said that you sent me back next weekend." Yue Fi is honest, "her call is sudden, I am not ready."

"In fact, it should be, just afraid that you should pay for it." Gu Wei suddenly seriously seriously, "Although my mother appearance, although I looked gentle, but you also know that you can sit in the position of the wife of Gu Jia. It is definitely not casual. "

The fidel is somewhat nervous: "Then, your work is still stopped first, go back with me? Or you have to find an excuse to tell you that I don't have passed."

See him hook, Gu Yonghao hook: "But you don't have to worry, my mother is support for me to inherit the house as soon as possible."

Fei Fi: "..." So the previous paragraph is just teasing him?

"This time I look back, it is estimated to be a person who is bored. I want to cultivate my feelings with you. I have no big event. I will take you back in the weekend. The ancestor time is Monday. You'd better ask for a holiday in advance, we It may be necessary to wait for three days in Guardian. "Gu Wei is simply arranged.

"... Suddenly I feel that I still have a better time." Fei Fi bites your teeth.

Gu Wei took the phone: "Then I said that you can't get sick, let her visit you here."

Fei Fi quickly stopped him to take a mobile phone: "I haven't been to Gu Jia, occasionally, I feel like it is good, I will visit."

Gu Wei's eyesbanded, said: "Gu family is really aware of value."

As a traditional building, the historical value and humanistic value of Gujia is a large number in China.

The fidel is returned to the hand, and the mouth puts the meat with the front of Gu Wei to the bowl, not truthfully, "then I can look forward to it."


Going to the school on Monday, Fei Fi received a link from Yin Xinchen, and Tang Yu delivered an apology letter on the open social platform.

Fei Fi: [OK]

Yin Xinchen: There will be no more next time.

Yue Yue wants to talk to him, but his finger moves, and finally has no reply.

Without his toss, Yin Xinchen needs to go on himself.

Just like him, in the corner of the protagonist, you still have to live your life seriously.

Simply coming to the dormitory, I found a few times, but the fidel has let Zhao Zhi blocked back. After two, the fidel has lived directly from the school. He felt that he had been clear and clear, the two of the breakup did not see it again.

Do you still have to persuade him, cherish Yin Xinchen? He is not crazy.

For these trivial matters, the gradually approaching weekend is the main anxiety source of fidel.

On Friday, a low-key Maibach entered the school. The Fi Fi is connected to the driver under the teaching building, and the mobile phone is low, until it sounds familiar with the ear of familiarity.

He has an impression on the car who is in front of him. It is in Gu Wei's garage. It is often not often opened.

When the driver shouted Yue Fi, did not deliberately increase the volume, but still attracted the attention of the students around the students.

The window is lowered, and Gu Wei on the rear seat will fall on the fidel: "What is it? Don't get on the bus?"

Four, a sound, pull the door, sit down in the back seat.

"Far? Gu Jia." Asked Gu Wei.

Gu Wei: "For an hour and a half hours."

Ferry: "That is still a bit distance."

After saying this, Yuefi looks outside the window, the car is instantly quiet.

After a while, Gu Wei stood in the lower Baba: "Nense?"

Yue Fei's mouth hard: "No."

Gu Wei did not poke him: "It is not nervous, there is nothing, mainly if there is anyone asking you, you, you just have to say that I have never discussed with you."

Fei Fei: "You can't discuss it with me."

"Well, so you can answer if you answer." Gu Wei got out, "Now I am discussing you with you, you can't understand, wait for your big four to practice, you can come to the headquarters."

Yue Yue thought about the degree and ability of those people around me: "Do I have been to assistant?"

It seems that when the assistant is not enough.

Gu Wei: "Well, if you want to be a bodyguard, it is not."

"I think." Fei Fi knows that he is teasing himself, then heading, "Just afraid that you will have no face, one Alpha is also protected."

Gu Wei: "Now Alpha commission is expensive, Beta is more economical than,"

I didn't expect to explain this, smile: "It is a capitalist."

I have two sentences, and the fidel has a matter of work.

"What should I pay attention to after going back? For example, if your parents are taboo." Yue Fi asked him.

Gu Wei: "My father will not be at home, my mother will not be difficult for you, you will be as nervous as the elders with home."

His words did not make the fidel easily, but the fidel can only take it: "Okay."

"But the other people, you don't want too much." Gu Wei fell in front of the front, showing the fidel to the Fei Fei, "My father is the grandchildren of Alpha, the ability is not interactive, the ability to inherit the family Half a decision of Grandpa looking in my face, so the grandfather will leave the will, don't wait until my father is a hundred years, as long as I get married, I can completely pick up the house from my father. "

"And therefore, with my father's alpha, such as my second uncle, five uncle, sitting on my father is not very good, even with my men, I have a few points to see my joke. What I do. Now I know that I am married to Beta, and the secret poker is a lot of people who are patching our father and son. Of course, there are many people who support me. "

"The interest relationship between this is complicated and complicated, but it is simple, it is also very simple."

"As long as I don't accidentally, the position of the households can only go to my hand."

In the last sentence, Gu Wei said to be confident.

Defi Fi is a moment of touch, and only can only see Gu Wei high from the text, and feel that the book written is too exaggerated, but this fresh person is around him, Yue Fei can I don't consciously embarrassed the gas field and charm of Gu Wei.

Perhaps there is really such a person, you should stand on the status of the controller.

Is this the so-called top alpha?

It is not the childishness of the campus, nor is Tang Yue's face, but the king gas field engraved in the bones.

This is the charm of the mature man, the amount of money is bonus, the appearance experience is, even if the sameness is also inevitable.

There is a bright flash in the fidel, and look at the eyes of Gu Wei, but he also wants to be alpha, like Gu Wei.

But he is just a beta ...

He looked too much from the eyes of Gu Wei, Gu Wei couldn't see it without anything. After waiting for a while, he saw him completely did not converge, and he couldn't help to raise his hand and cover his eyes. past.

"I will go to Gujia immediately, don't look at me like this."

Although I didn't understand the meaning of Gu Wei, it did not hinder the fidet suddenly called the bloody blood. Now in his idea, the return home is like playing a game into the next level. Gu family is like a small monster in the game, he wants one by one, give them solve it!

"I will definitely help you become a householder." The fidel is determined.

I heard it, Gu Wei smiled and saw the blood: "You first take the final scholarship again."


The cold water poured down to let the fidel are calm, forget it, he continues the salty fish, and wait for Gu Wei inherited Gu family to defeat him.

The fidel is turned to the window, and it is ignored.


As the car is far from the downtown, the surrounding forest is gradually getting more, and the fidel looks at the scenery of the window.

It may be that there is too quiet in the car. If you don't have a while, you will take the initiative to ask him: "What are you thinking? Is it still nervous?"

Fei Fi: "No, it is daze."

The youth is slightly thinned on the door, and the eyes are dumping the end of the sky, the face is faint, as if everything here is nothing to do, as long as you can, he will leave here without stay.

Gu Qi quietly, and said: "There are a lot of people who have a ancestor to do a small action. You should be more important."


Fei fi came back to see him.

"I received some news." Gu Wei seems to be hesitant to say, and it is silent.

The attention of the Fi Fif is already attracted to him, see him to stop, can't help but urge: "What news?"

Gu Wei migrates to him: "Some people plan to derail you to derailrate, to destroy our marriage, obstruct me inheritance."

Ferry: "Ha?"

"If you are Omega, it is estimated that this person has taken a few drugs who have sent you a few letters to make inhibitors, but you can't use the weakness of your estrus, you can only find ways to start from other places." Gu Wei Zhen Zhen has a word.

Yue Fi is shocked, it is doubt: "How do you marry you for so long?"

Gu Wei: "Because I have not officially announced your identity, this ancestor is officially announced, and the temptation you will encounter will only have a lot in the future."

"Oh, or not, don't you go?" Yue Fi is very troublesome.

Gu Wei: "If you don't go, there is an excuse to admit you."

Fifeworthry: "It seems to be a bit hard."

"Reassured, I am." Gu Wei comforted him again.

Although I feel a bit weird, the fidel should still be: "Well."

After a while, the fidel reacted: "Are you scared me?"

Gu Wei picked her eyebrows and smiled: "How can I think so?"

This tone, fidel can not hear him, he is teasing yourself, biting his teeth: "I really look forward to anyone who can come to seduce me, must send a handsome, the body is definitely good ... "

Gu Wei: "Oh."


It's not a short distance, and the car drove into the iron gate, but I didn't stop.

Yue Fi is going out on the window. "Is it a villa in your home?"

Gu Wei also looked at the window: "No, we have arrived home."

Fame looked back to him, pair of doubts: "Well?"

"Mr. Yue, starting from the iron gate, this piece is a house." The driver suddenly broke out.

Suddenly explained that the fidel smiled a bit: "It turns out."

Gu Wei's eyes were recovered from the window, and they saw the fidel and said: "He is a Gufang, yourself."

"Oh." Fei is none.

In fact, Fei Fei is noticed, just in the car, although he analyzed the situation of Gu Jia, a sentence did not mention their agreement marriage. He is because there is a third person to be cautious, and Gu Wei should not think that the Certificate of "own people" is not as good as his mouth, or said that the Gu Fang is not as good as Tang Yue. ".

The car quickly stopped in front of ancient house.

Get off the car, it is on the spot.

I know that I am looking back at home, I don't know what kind of tourist attractions he only belong to him.

"Your parents?" Fiyu didn't know how to describe it, "How do this building feel ..."

Gu Wei: "This house has been a hundred years of history. Gu family rules can only be repaired. So there is quite a lot of places where it is inconvenient here, most people have moved, my mother should be because of this The ancestors will come back. "

"Right, I have to live for two days, I forgot to bring clothes!" After the fidel, I saw it.

Gu Wei: "I have already packed you, and Gu Fang will put the baggage in our room."

"Let's, the room?" Yue Fi glanced at him.

Gu Wei: "Otherwise?"

I,, room, room ...

Fi Fi is completely forgotten, in the house, they must not sleep.

This week is used to be nervous. It is not ready to prepare in advance ...

"I started nervous again." Yue Fi took a tone.

Gu Wei looked at him suddenly panic, and hooked his hand into his hand: "Ok, I am there."

The two took the hand to enter the door, sometimes the maid passed and asked two people, and the Fi Fi followed Gu Wei, smiling, and the surrounding environment was observed.

Suddenly, a long-haired man across the opposite front of it floated.

The footsteps of the Fi Fif, and the awareness of his strange Gu Wei stopped.

"what's happenin?"

Fei fi came back, his face was somewhat dull, his fingers went to the opposite corridor, did not dare to speak loudly: "Just, someone floated from the opposite side."

Really, floating over!

Gu Wei smashed it, seeing in the direction of Yuefi.

There is no one, there is an inexplicable person.

"Do you have a mistake?" Gu Wei went back to see the fidel.

The Yue Fi's eyes have crossed him, straight straight to the opposite: "He is back! He is watching us!"

Gu Wei lifted his head, on the corridor across the face, Gu Wei Zhengchong smiled and waved.

"Hey ~"


Looking at the long-haired man stepped on the balanced car, the fidel is unable to manage the expression on his face, too shameful!

Gu Wei like a laughing eye is simply letting him die on the spot.

"Big Brother, when is it come back?" Gu Wei asked.

Gu Wei from the balanced car: "Just arrived yesterday, this is Xiao Fei, really cute."

Fiyu smiled: "Big Brother is good."

Close to see, Gu Wei left a long hair, five senses three-dimensional, eyebrows, the body is slightly thin but not thin, is a standard beauty.

Failure to be alleviated from the embarrassment of the ghost just, Gu Wei suddenly approached the Vietnamese, raised his hand to give him a hug.

The fragrance of the rose comes with the nose, the fidel is stiff, and the soft body will surround him.

"There will be a lot of care, Xiao Fei."

The face of the fidel is instantaping.

"A lot of ... a lot of care, big brother."

I hug and hug, Gu Wei straight to the body, pay attention to his shy, and hooked the lips to tease people, and the waist is round by a powerful arm, and it is a familiar arms.

"You are naughty."

The serious voice sounded in the ear, and Gu Wei did not catch people's minds. He looked back to his own alpha: "You come back."


"Lin Ge" greeted the man.

Lin Qi niche: "Mom is waiting for you in the South Hall."

After finishing, take Gu Wei to leave.

Fi Fi is looking at it, and the heart has guess Gu Wei and this man who is called Lin Ge is a partner's relationship. The man is also called He Yin, should be married to Gu Wei.

Thinking that He Yin Yin is already waiting for them, and the Fi Feilai's hand wants to go forward, but I found Gu Wei to do.

"what's happenin?"

He turned back and wanted to ask Gu Wei, but he was squeezed two steps next to it, and closed against the column of the corridor.

It was shrouded in the shadow of Alpha, Yue Fi, "Do you?"

Gu Wei looked at him: "What is your red face?"

Fei Fi: "..." "He is Omega, and there is already alpha." Gu Wei said a word.

"Oh." Fei fi bowed, there is no idea, is it a very normal reaction by the beauty of the beauty!

Gu Wei fell: "You have just responded enough, my big brother doubts us."


"No ..." The fidel is a bit guilty.

"Don't you like Alpha? Can you see him is Omega?" Gu Wei faces don't look good.

Fei Fi: "Well, I am not so shy, and Alpha is still omga."

Gu Wei was silent, and Zhang opened his arm to take the front of the people into his arms.

The fidel head hits the other side of the shoulders, which is slightly cold, but unexpectedly, the nose is a familiar wilderness.

Suddenly, the warm palm of the palm of the palm of the warm palm, the fidel is poured forward, and the other party has no slit.

The brain is a short blank, and the fidel is completely lost.

I don't know how long it took, Gu Wei Song opened, looking down to see Yuefi's expression, seeing the opponent's cheek floating, standing straight to the body.

Just say something, I will see Gu Wei is smiling in the opposite corridor.

"Don't worry, Mom is still waiting."

Gu Wei was applied to: "Know it."

The eyes were reappeared on Yuefi.

Going back the gods, I understand that Gu Wei just said that he was only to see his blush, and he couldn't help but raise his face.

Alpha does not distinguish the victory, sometimes, sometimes a headache!


Following Gu Wei to the South Hall, I saw He Yin Yin standing on the table in a glance. Since the last time two people met, he didn't see her again, because she suddenly called, the fidel appeared here, she is the first active touch yours in Gu Wei's loved ones.

"You are coming." See them, He Yinyin put down the pen in his hand, "Xiaofei, come over."

Vietnamese approaches, and saw the words on the table.

"How? I wrote your name and the third name, so I saw it, I found that you have two even names." He Yinyin said with a smile.

The Fi Fi can not see where it is, but it can only cooperate with: "You write too well."

He Yin Yin's beauty looks back to Vietnamese.

The fidel is blinked: "Mom."

He Yin Yin: "Hey, Xiao Fei's mouth is really sweet. Eat a melon to explain the thirst."

The fidel has taken the fruit plate of He Yin Yin, and it has a deliciously ate.

Gu Wei went to the fidel: "Mom, the Fi Fif, you don't scare him."

See him, He Yin Yin smiled: "It seems that I will eat people, OK, you will take Xiao Epis to take a break, wait until the old two, go to the Zhenghua to have dinner."

Leaving the South Hall, Yuefi follows Gu Wei through the winding of the corridor, and parked in front of a hospital.

"Here is my childhood accommodation." Gu Wei pushed the door and took a fidel.

I entered the hospital door, there was a small garden who had a well-known well, and even a live water flowed from the hospital, and the stone bridge was really sleeping.

After entering the living room, the Fif is said to the first sentence: "I feel that the mosquito is very much in the evening?"

Gu Wei wondered his head: "Reassured, there are special people to deal with these things."

Soon, the maid gave the two people to tea, and the fidel sat down on the sofa. I didn't want to get it. From the door to the South Hall, he felt that she had at least half an hour. .

"The balance car of the big brother, is there still the home?" Yue Fi drank water and tried to ask.

Gu Wei: "Do you want to play?"

Is a very good teaching tool! Thinking in Yue Fi, only on your mouth: "Look very fun."

Gu Wei, can I know what he is thinking, and I will tell the servants who have a snack.

The maid is very coming soon, obviously in this house, the balanced car is not less used.

"Will you play?" Gu Wei saw that he kneelted on the ground, but he did not try to ride.

Fame returning to him smile: "No."

Gu Wei looked at him like a laugh.

"You have no things anyway, teach me." Fi Fife got up, pointing at the balanced car and said.

Gu Wei did not move: "Do you want to be sincere?"

Sincere? Vietnamese feels that Gu Wei began to tease himself, childish.

"Don't teach, I am self-study." Said, the Fei Fei picked up the babarian car, and came to the open space at the door, and opened the mobile phone and search the balanced car teaching video.

But there is no teaching video, everyone said it is very simple, look down, try it.

So the fidel stepped directly, then fell.

When the maid in the garden was scared, I was going to look forward to the situation, I saw the leisurely people in the house quickly got up and rushed out.

The first time I played no one, I was really not very good to control the body, and the Fii wants to climb up from the ground, but the wrist stinging, almost rushed back.

Gu Wei wrinkled on the eyebrows to support people: "Nothing?"

Yue Fii thought that he had just made Gu Wei to teach Gu Wei to knew himself, it is inevitable to be a bit angry.

"Nothing." Fi Fi pushed Gu Wei with his elbow, stood up.

Gu Wei Don, seeing the Fei Fi, I want to enter the house, I will follow the step, look back to the person in the yard: "Let Dr. Zheng come over."

After finishing, I have entered the hood after the fidet.

Before the family doctor came over, Gu Wei took the first aid box of the maid, and founded the disinfection of the drug from inside, sat around the fidel.

"Hand give me."

Fi Fi is a brush of the mobile phone, don't have a body: "No, you will be scarred for a while."

Gu Wei is directly grabbed his hand: "What is the child?"

Still training him?

"..." The fidel is got up and gets off, "said it is not."

Gu Wei looked up at him, and the lower jaw is tight, obviously the resistance and refusal of the three times of the fidel three times.

Zheng doctor will come over.

For him, it is not awkward, and people check it. After confirming that the bones were not hurt, Dr. Zheng quickly handled his wound, then got up.

There are only two people left in the living room, and the atmosphere is naturally solidified.

Just joining He Yin Yin asking them to have dinner in the past.

Fi Fi is walking with the road to the road, and Gu Wei is silent to follow him.

In the hall, He Yin, Gu Wei, Lin Qi, and the privileges have arrived, see them, He Yin Yin opens the 10/1: "Xiaofei, sit next to me."

The proficiency laughed and agreed.

I was sitting down by myself, and He Yinn did not pay attention to the wound on his hand: "What happened?"

Fiber is a bit embarrassed: "Playing the balance car fell."

I heard the words, Gu Wei looked at Gu Wei, seeing Gu Wei Shen's indifference, obviously a bad mood, hooking the corner of the fight: "It is very simple, I will teach you."

Ferry: "Thank you big brother."

Gu Wei looked up: "You don't need you, I will teach yourself."

Gu Wei looks to He Yinyin: "Mom ..."

He Yin Yin Gu Wei: "How is the old three talking."

When I wake up, I won the eyebrows, and a meal may only have the most.

On the way to the hospital, the fidel is still not talking to Gu Wei, and Gu Wei is deep, obviously not good.

In order to make such a small thing, this is an impossible thing for the previous Vietnamese, but now, he is angry, he can't explain his emotions, anyway, it is temporarily not talking to Gu Wei.

Similarly, Gu Wei also felt that he was too emotional tonight, he wanted to find a chance and fidel, but he watched the fiki's cold face, he couldn't open the mouth.

In the eyes, the yue of Yuefi is getting farther and farther away from the yard.

The inexplicable two people are caught in the cold war, or the fidel will continue to be cold war, continue all the way. After returning to your small yard, a standing is blowing out, a back room took a dress and took a shower, and all things.

Until the night, the two walked into the same room, finally finally goddened.

Fei Fi: "I have slept outside, anyway, I know that we are in good mood today, and I am very sleeping."

Gu Wei did not comment: "With you."

So the fidel took the pillow and walked out of the room, and also hit the door to bring the door.

The living room sofa is big enough, and the Fi is just about lie down, the door is opened from the way, and Gu Wei came out.

"You go to sleep inside, I will sleep outside." Gu Wei went around Yuefi, lying directly to the couch, pillow the pillow that Yuefi took it.

Ferry: "..."

Seeing him, Gu Wei closed again: "Or do you want to sleep with me?"

I walked in the fidet, and I slammed the door.

In the dark living room, Gu Wei quietly after a while, suddenly hooked his mouth, self-speaking: "The temper is getting bigger and bigger."

The ancient wall clock swayed, the whole home is gradually quiet, the lights are turned off, the night is deep, the retreat of the mountains is like the behemoth, which is sleeping.

Gu Wei smelled the pixel of the , I broke a whole bottle of perfume.

In the dark, loosening, Gu Wei opened his eyes, and his eyes fell on the door closed.

Fei Fei is craving, the throat seems to be burned, the frown is frightened to put on the cup of the bedside table, but then find the water in the cup is empty.

It was drunk before going to bed.

It's so thirsty, he turned over from the bed and took the cup out of the door.

The door has just opened it. If there is a lot of loose flavor, the door is surrounded by him, and the body's discomfort is not intended, just support the wall to place the kettle.

Is it a fever? The fidel is unknown, reached out, touch your forehead, just touched the sweat of one hand.

There is a footsteps behind you, here, in addition to Gu Wei, there should be no other person.

Fame returning to let Gu Wei call his doctor.

But I didn't wait for him to turn the body, I was taken from the back to the wall.

The glass in the hand rolled down.

"You, what is this?"

The low voice sounded in the ear, and the fidel was pressed against the body behind him. It could only rely on the fragile neck, and the migraine looked at Gu Wei.

"You, what, mad?"

It is said that it is a thoughts, and the fidel is suspected that he is not a terminal illness, how suddenly it is so uncomfortable.

But listening to his teeth, the lips sticks to his auricle, the sound is in the shares: "Not a madness, it is hair, love. You, send, love,!"

Fi Fi does not understand Gu Wei, what kind of estrus, what is sent, who is estrus?

However, Gu Wei did not realize that the pixels excited on the fidel are rich, but there is no slight hook, but it is the other person, just like seeing any delicious delicious, unable to control Go to capture, swallow.

Just when the two confronted, the door of the living room was light, and a thin figure slipped in the door.

Gu Wei heard the voice turned, the god nerve could be evident, and it was an estrous Omega. I haven't seen others yet, I have begun to try to use aroma pungent and poor positives to seduce him.

Suddenly intrusive Omega pheromone, the fidel only felt that the body of the body did not drop, and couldn't help but put the cheek on the wall. The cold wall made him finally have a short relaxation, and it is comfortable. Sighed.

Sighing in Gu Yur, but the door is more interested in taking a strong desire than the door.

"Wait for me." Gu Wei's voice has already brought hoarse.

Press your body leave, the two legs of the fidel are soft, and they can't help but sit on the ground.

A scream of screaming in the ear, then the sound of the gate was re-entered, the fidel is really hot, and it is impossible to judge that the door is closed or the door of the room.

It seems that there are other people come in, why do Gu Wei do? Also entertain guests this time? Why don't you help him call a doctor? Do you want him to burn into a fool?

The more I want to be wronged, I only feel that the partner of Gu Wei is unqualified.

Just as he thought of waiting for him, he would return to the agreement with Gu Wei, Gu Wei came back.

The rosin that is no longer suppressed is completely covered with sweet springs, and Gu Wei tightened the arm and picked it from the ground.

"You can give me a reasonable explanation tomorrow."

After returning to the room, after the body just came into contact with the soft bed, the fidel felt the fire on the body was gradually extinguished.

He is half angry, seeing Gu Wei sitting on the bed and is giving himself to himself, and is also full of face sweat.

Can a fever are also infected?

With such a question, the fidel is re-caught in a dream.

After you finish the inhibitor, Gu Wei did not immediately left the room, but looked at the fidel, and the light was complex.

It has just been solely that the Omega pheromone of his out of control has disappeared in a very short period of time.

Because I was worried about side effects, he only gave himself inhibitor, and didn't think about how to deal with Vietnamese, but now obviously does not need him to handle it.

Gu Wei even began to doubt that he did not have an unaptuous failure, but the sweet taste of the room and the Yuefi red face and sweat were told him, he did not hear it.

After thinking, Gu Wei bowed, from the mobile phone out of the mobile phone, a doctoral student specializing in the three physiology, giving people a message.

[Beta can estrus?

The other party is obviously a night cat, the response speed is extremely fast.

[Your group has new projects? The cutting-edge research has now discovered that even Beta is also estrus, because Beta is not a glandular body, but the gland development is incomplete, so Beta may fake estrus.

[The reason why the fake estrus is because even if there is no inhibitor without marking, Beta can also spend a love period.

I am still very interesting.

After reading the other party's reply, Gu Wei tongue tongue the tongue, and after a sound, he moved his finger to reply to each other.