Fei Fi wakes up again. It is already the next day.

The curtains in the house are pulled, but the sun is still slipping from the gap.

He opened his eyes, his brain was still a paste, and it was slow to completely awake a few minutes, but I feel that it is not right.

On the waist, it is like a trunk. He opened the quilt and found that it is a trunk, distinguishing is a human hand.

After the fidel, I saw that I saw it, I saw Gu Wei nearly magnified handsome.

what happened? Why do Gu Wei sleep here?

Finally, last night's memories slowly returned, Yue Fi looked at the ceiling blink, burn back? His lived?

The aesthetic movement, Gu Wei brows wrinkled, the arm was naturally tightened, Yue Fei, looking back, looking at the eyes of Gu Wei opened.

"Woke up?"

Maybe because I just woke up, Gu Wei's voice has a low hoarse.

Vietyue feels that you have to burn again, you have been twisted with your face to see the ceiling, stiffly: "Last night is you taking care of me? Fortunately, I don't know how you will suddenly have a fever."

Gu Wei: "You don't know why you will this?"

Fi Fi is not in the situation: "What can be eager? I thought I couldn't see the sun today."

The two are very close, and the voice that does not consciously speaks is smaller than usual, as if it is talking quietly.

Vietnamese, I feel that Gu Wei's movement is too intimate, but Gu Wei is natural and natural, let him suspect that it is not too difficult, so endurance is not moving.

"What do you remember?" Gu Wei asked him.

Fei Fei recalls: "I remember very hot, I feel that I have to be burn, then you don't worry, don't take me to see doctors."

The last sentence is light, and there is no observation without a bottom gas.

Gu Wei's eyebrows: "You are not sick, what do you think."

"Well?" Fei Fei twisted back to see him, "Not getting sick?"

"You estrineally." When I said this, Gu Wei's deep scorpion stared at Yuefi and observed his reaction.

The fidel expression has a moment of blank, and the reaction came from the bed from the bed.


His action is too sudden, Gu Wei's arm is originally put on his soft belly, but because of his got up, his arm slipped ...

The air has a moment of solidification.

Gu Wei took back his hand without his incident, followed it.

"I, I am Beta, how can I estrine?" The accident happened to suddenly, the payment of the fidel is in this matter, so only after it takes this, then throw this small episode, emergency Asked.

Gu Wei took the bed from the other side and explained the clothes and explained: "Beta may estrus under certain conditions, just in academic fake estrus, it is temporary."

Seeing him to change clothes, Yue I have passed the head, but I think it is a male, but I have some of them, and there is some of them, so turn back.

"Other Beta will also?" Yue Fi asked him.

Gu Wei: "Theory is the same."

Change the shirt, Gu Wei's hand stays on the waist, put it, look at your own fidel.

I saw that the fidel blinked, and it didn't seem to have a self-satisfaction.

Like a laugh, Gu Wei continued his movements.

After changing the people in bed, I found out that people didn't know when they were already.

Emotion This matter is a stride for the fidel. When you have breakfast, he asked Gu Wei: "Is there anyone yesterday?"

Gu Wei nodded.

"My pixel is O or a? Still not counting? What is the taste?" Yuefi curious.

Thinking of Gu Wei yesterday put himself on the rude attitude of the wall, and the fidel is in the heart. In fact, there is almost the judgment. Just hit the look at the look at him yesterday, eight nine is not left ten is alpha pheromone, but nor Excluded Gu Wei Yesterday's rude is because he hates Omega pheromone.

Let's put down the chopsticks in your hand, Gu Wei to go back to the chair, and the eyes lock him: "Have you ever done a Beta's physiological class?"

Fei Fei: "Should ... forget." He didn't know that he learned.

Gu Wei: "The adrenal body of Beta develops will secrete Omega pheromone in a false estrus. Alpha has no glands."

Fi Fi does not dare to ask how Alpha's information is produced, otherwise it seems to have a common sense of ABO.

"Oh." Yue Fi is like it to understand, that means is his pixel Is Omega?

"I really worked hard yesterday." He remember Gu Wei said that he didn't like Omega.

Gu Wei took the hand of chopsticks and replied: "Don't worry."

After eating breakfast, the fidel received a phone call and let them talk.

When I left the yard, I found that Yue Fi found that there were two security guards at the door. He felt some strange. In the impression, he did not see the people who had standing on this side.

"How suddenly arrange people in the post?" Asked Gu Wei.

Gu Wei: "There are too many mosquitoes here."

Fei Fi: "?" ......

When I arrived in the main hall, Gu Wei and Lin Qi have accompanyed tea next to He Yin Yin, and the fidel is greeted to sit next to He Yin Yin.

"Mom, Big Brother, Lin Ge, early." Fei Fei said very politely.

Gu Wei sat down on the fidel, and naturally took the tea cup of Gu Wei, put it in the fidet.

Suddenly, Gu Wei took a nose of the nose: "What is the taste? Xiaofei, have you sprayed in the water?"

The fidel is lowered to smell himself: "Did not taste it?"

Gu Wei frowned, I was thinking that when I gotten my fidel and then confirmed it, I was reached back to the seat.

"Smell your husband." Gu Wei took the chair sitting on the fidet and showed extremely desirable.

Vietnamese looked at him, knowing that he is a business condition, and his face is also a shy expression.

Seeing, Gu Wei smiled in Lin Qi Huai: "The old three, you are too exaggerated, anti-my Omega is like anti-alpha, I am so terrible? Mom, you see him."

Top of Gu Wei's dissatisfaction, Lin Qi headackedly caressing the hair of omgya: "Okay, what do you make him? Be careful."

Gu Wei knows that Lin Qi is not really jealous, but it also cooperates with straight: "Yes, don't play, from small, the third thought, no one can grab it."

Said, Gu Wei rushed to blinking.

He Yin Yin: "Boss, old three small two or newly married, you pay attention to your words and deeds, usually at home crazy, don't scare Xiao Fei."

Fei Fi is awkward: "Will not, the big brother is very good, I really like the big brother."

Gu Wei is proudly lifted the bar, and the beauty of He Yin Yin squinted: "Have you heard it, Xiao Fei is like my big brother."

Gu Zi Zi ignored him, put the empty tea cup to Gu Wei, "My Tea."

Gu Wei gave him a cup: "Drink, drop the fire."

Several people are chatting, and the sound of a medium is coming from outside the door.

"It's hard to be so unhappy."

The fidel turned back, the people who met, they saw Gu Timusheng, and he remembered that Gu Timusheng and Gu Wei's relationship were not very good, so the consciousness looked at Gu Wei.

Gu Wei didn't look back, if you don't have anything, you will drink the tea.

He Yin Yin is just sitting, smiling is constant: "It's coming back."

"Dad." Lin Qi got up and let the servants brought the new chair to reappear.

Gu Wei gave him a cup of tea: "Dad, I thought you would come back tomorrow."

Defi Fi, I feel that I have no eye-catching, but Gu Wei's attitude made him dilently.

Sure enough, Gu T Ten's eyes fell to Gu Wei and Fei Fi, and the eyes were picky: "How many weeks have not seen, will not be called?" Is Beta so rude? "

He seems to have forgotten that there is a beta son.

The fidel is stiff, it is about to open a weak calculation, and the hand under the table is held down by Gu Wei.

Gu Wei: "There is always a politeness that is always a courtesy of Omega, who dares to be married."

This is, and the hall is quietly quiet.

He Yin Yin looks to Gu Wei, Wrinkled with you: "I don't know what I am talking about?"

Gu Wei smiled, "Nothing, I suddenly remembered, I and Xiao Fei did not expect honeymoon, I think it is very suitable next month, just need to go back to the group to sit in the town. After all, my father is a house. Palm. "

I heard the words, Gu Tian Sheng is a joy that is not hidden, He Yin Yin and Gu Wei have changed his face.

"This is simple, I will return to the group next week."

Seeing, Gu Wei bowed to play mobile phones, playing two lines, putting mobile phone into Linqi hand.

"Go back to the housework project to interrupted in the hand, wait for the old three troubles or thoroughly put it once after the shareholders will be held."

He Yin Yin: "Don't use the moon, the group's things don't have people under the bottom, where you need to be so trouble, wait for you to come back and return to the company to work, your dad is not easy to put down the company's burden, how do you still Toss your dad. "

Gu Wei was listening to the heartbeat, and when He Yin Yin was abolished, it made Gu Tianzhong half retired. Now, Gu Wei is a statement, she can't sit down.

Gu Tsheng: "It's not a big thing for a month."

He Yin Yin looked at Gu Wei.

Gu Wei: "That's hard dad."

A family tea will not be happy.

Leaving the main hall, Gu Wei to follow Gu Wei to persuade him: "The third three, you really have to let go for a month? Not afraid that Dad is tossing, you still have to pack his spots."

Gu Wei is walking: "Some people don't taste the price, they will never know how to know. Grandpa, Mom, and you are very used to him. Which decisions behind these years are not me? I am not tired? However, he will only think that I am grabbing his credit. He never treated me when he was his son, and I don't have to throw filial piety on the ground to giving people. "

Gu Wei slow down.

"If he thrown a strange alpha in your room when you estrus, what do you think?" Gu Wei said.

Lin Qi, who has been silent, has changed his face, and finally can't help but open, and the warning: "Gu Wei."

Gu Wei left the last sentence: "I have bored his despicable tricks, even if he is my father."

This sentence falls, and Gu Wei completely gives up the continuing persuasion.

Fi Fi is tightly followed by his back, and his expression is secretly observed along the way.

He has never seen Gu Wei, so angry, angry ... it is sad.

He thought that Gu Wei came strong and slammed.

However, he will also quarrel with his family and will not control his emotions.


There are flowers and flows outside the floor, and Gu Wei is sitting on the couch. It seems to be appreciated by the scenery, and it seems to be simply in the god.

Sitting in the water side of the water side, look at Gu Wei quietly.

After returning, Gu Wei was sitting there, sitting on a sitting now.

Biting the bite, the fidel felt that it could not go so, so I fell the glass, and I went to Gu Wei.

"Drink the water."

Gu Wei's eyes were recovered from the window, fell on the fidel, asked him: "Do you think I am wrong?"

The Fi Fi stunned, even busy, showing the position: "I am standing here!"

Seeing him, he pointed to the sky, and Gu Wei suddenly raised his mouth and loudly.

Ferry: "?"

"I was scared by me?" Gu Wei picked up the water he fell, and drunk a bite, he continued to ask. "I thought I was really sad to collapse?"

The fidel is slowly rounded: "... false?"

Going outside the door, the figure of the garden has just disappeared.

"You can't go on, you can't go on, you can go to the entertainment circle to mix a shadow." Fifi reacted, with thumbs up with his hands, gave him the highest praise.

Gu Wei: "Only in this way, I will not move my idea again. Don't let my dad realize that there is much incompetence, he will always feel that I owe him."

Fei Fei is not worried that Gu Wei will fight the battle: "You decide it."

Looking at the backlight of the people in front of himself, there is no one to question my decision, as if it is exactly, as long as he wants him to win. Gu Wei is in the heart, and the fortress is extended to: "Come over."

Fi Fif is walked in two steps forward: "What?"

It's unfair, and the fidel is pulled down on the couch, and then the sofa armrest.

Gu Wei, left the hand to take the armrest, trapped Yue Fi: "Do you want to know what you have?"

"Well?" Although it feels that the two people are slightly quirky, but he heard Gu Wei said, the fi immediately raised his ear.

Gu Wei looked at him and gently pinched his ears: "It is a pure sweetness."

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