What is the taste of pure sweetness, a fidel?

"White sugar taste?"

Gu Wei also never met the situation of beta fake estrus, no matter how Alpha or Omega, I can smell my own pixel: "Why don't you know the taste of your pixel? Are you not smelling yesterday?"

Fei Fi: "I don't know, I didn't seem to smell a lot of very ang odor yesterday. There is a very strong loosening, and I don't know what the flowers are fragrant ... I remember that rosin is the taste of your perfume you have been spraying. Do I am a flower? But are you not a sweet taste? "

"The perfume I spray?" I found different ordinary things, and Gu Wei sat down. "You often smell it in me before?"

Fei Fi: "Yes, I always want to ask your perfume brand, but also very good."

Listening to him, Gu Wei wrinkled. Rosin is his pixel, and it is reasonable that Vietnamese should be smelling, but he can not only smell, but also misunderstand it is a perfume.

"What happened?" Yueichi realized that his reaction was not very right.

Gu Wei sorted out the information that already known, I got two paradoxes, I, Fei Fei is Beta, but he can smell your own pixel in normal state, II, Fei Fei is Omega to install Beta, but he thought Your own information is perfume.

According to known conditions, unless Vietnamese is an Omega that is Beta, it is not explained. Or, the fidel is a medical special case ...

It seems that I should find some time to bring people to the hospital to do an individual inspection.

"Nothing, just think that honeymoon may delay your study." Gu Wei got up, "I will let Tang Yue again later."

Yue Fii is just thinking about it, he said it is, but he is actually more honeymoon than the permutation, no, travel will delay learning.

"Otherwise you go, I am sneaking at the school?" Vietnamese proposes.

Gu Wei looked out two words: "No."

If the opinion is not unified, the specific arrangement of the honeymoon is temporarily put on hold.

He Yin Yin is a day, and it is called the past.

The ancestors have always been dedicated to the dedicated housekeeper, and He Yin Yin is actually just after the household is ready, it looks at it.

Just as Gu Wei said before, He Yinni called the fidel back, just want to get along with him more time.

Standing behind He Yin, Yuefi took the dishes from the housekeeper, and tasted the past one by one.

"This year's fish looks better than last year." He Yinyin commented.

Butler: "This time we found another supplier, said it is the unique taste."

He Yin Yin smiled: "Yes."

The Fi Fi listened to the blink of blinking, and I tasted it.

It is said that it is a ancestor, but in fact, it can be said to be a family gathering at a year. When the New Year is not now, the preparation is not less, and I can't say that this forgets that, otherwise it must be Behind it is not discussed for a few years.

Fei Fi listened to He Yin Yin, said that this family is not, the dinner is best to be far away, this family is the same as the boy, you can eat at the same table ...

Although He Yinyin seems to be weak, it is actually arranged to have a wrist, and the man who is full of hands is listening to it at the moment, remember that these zerozies but critical taboo.

"You have to look more, after the shareholders' meeting, next year, the ancestors of next year are you to do."

He Yin Yin's wicked chair under the shadow of the tree, and the non-heavy words fall in the fidel ear as if it exploded.

"I? How do I do?" Fei Fei sat down on her, giving her a cup of tea, "I still have to be a mother."

He Yin Yin: "Don't be nervous, I will naturally help you, just the tradition of Gu Jia, you and the third are legal companions, the right to enjoy, the obligation is still to do."

Some of the fidel can't pick up the words, can only be well-behaved: "I know."

"How long have you graduated?" He Yinyin asked.

Fei Fi: "A year and a half."

He Yin Yin: "That is very fast, the wedding is almost ready to prepare. I originally think that you have a hurry, the wedding may have no way, but the third said that you want to wait for you to graduate, just prepare more time, after all It is a life in my life. "

The Fi Fei feels that this is still a long time, and it will reply: "Listen to you."

At the initial agreement, Fei Fi and Gu Wei appointed the time of termination of the agreement - Party A believes that it is necessary to terminate or believe it is necessary to terminate and agree.

Of course, Party A is Gu Wei, and Party B is Fei Fei.

For this world, the attitude of the fidel is negative. Compared to find a partner, it makes a family, so it is more important to eat and enjoy life.

Therefore, the conditions ended with this protocol, Yue Fei is not going to bargain with Gu Wei.

In his idea, wait for Gu Wei to take the position of the households, don't use him, Gu Wei will take the initiative to return the agreement. After all, in this agreement, all the fidel is a paid service.

When he became an item that could not be created, normal people will not choose to continue to throw money.

"My biggest hope is that you are good, the old three is temper, you are too embarrassing, if he is bullying you, you must not be wronged, talk to me or talk to the boss." He Yin Yincan The hand said.

Yuefi heard the concern of Gu Wei from her words, so I laughed: "Yes, Gu Wei is very good to me, you don't have to worry."

He Yin Yin: "Okay, you are a child."


In the evening, the Fi Fi came to the main hall, and the inquiry hall has come to a lot of people, and they are chatting together, and the atmosphere is warm.

Yue Fi knows the limited people, I recognize the second uncle, who has previously been to Nanwanxiang County.

Seeing Gu Wei, Gu Ji has walked to them in front of them.

"Xiaoyu is coming back, everyone is coming soon this year." Gu Second, he smiled and talking to Gu Wei.

"Second Uncle," Gu Wei called him, returned to him, "This year, Xiao Fei came back to help my mother to prepare a ancestor, I will go back."

Gu Second: "Haha, it turned out ... Yes, is the group busy?"

"OK." Gu Wei was flat.

Gu Erchou looked back at the eyes: "Don't you always study at home? How do you see people dumb?"

Gu Qi: "Three brothers."

Gu Wei got down and greeted.

"Your brother is already graduated this year, but I haven't thought about the right direction of work. I hope he can go to the group to help you. After all, it is a family." Gu Second, finally said, "others still Computer Spirit, you just find a space to throw him, let him go to sharpen it. "

I heard the words, Gu Wei looked at Gu Qi, Gu Qi and he regarded it, some embarrassed.

Gu Wei: "This matter may still have to ask my dad, I will prepare and Xiaifu to go out honeymoon after one month, and the group is from my father."

I heard that Gu Wei is willing to make Gu Tian Sheng, and Gu Yixiao has flashed a touch: "OK." This is just a sentence, and Gu Wei said that he is not necessarily, he is willing to be more happy and Gu Tiansheng. Deal.

The Fi Fi is quietly acting as a background board. After others leave it, they will go to Gu Wei ear: "Do you want to tell so many people?

Gu Wei: "What is wrong, is it shy?"

It is shy, and the fidel language grints: "... my final test."

Too much people know that he can't play it when he arrived.

Gu Wei: "Reassured, play for half a month, I will give you a half a month."

Thinking on feasibility, the fidel has no bone to compromise: "...."

I have a good time to tease him, Yue Fiki claims: "You have to be able to take care of me, you can't take the standard for your famous school, the undergraduate."

Gu Wei's eyebrows: "OK."

"I can't say this, I know this sentence." Yue Fi is inch. "

Gu Wei is good to look at: "Okay."

Fei Fi is another foot: "The speed is slower when you do the questions." Otherwise it will be too hitting him.

"..." Gu Wei raised his hand and pressed his head, touched his thin hair like a small animal, "Otherwise, the final exam will take it for you."

The fidel can have principles: "This is not used, the exam pays attention to integrity."

"Oh." Gu Wei smiled.

The two said this here, and Gu Wei came in and saw it.


Fi Fi: "Big Brother, Gu Wei is saying that the final exam will help me test, I refuse him, this is the principle problem."

As soon as this is, I was originally slipped on the fidet, pinching the cheeks of the fi, I can't laugh: "will it be told?"

Seeing, Gu Wei is huge: "Xiao Fei brother supports you, you are doing it."

"Big Brother, save me." Fei Fi pushed Gu Wei, I would like to let him let him let go, but Gu Wei is not loose.

Gu Wei's support for Fei Fei is only orally: "Mom told me, I have to look at it, you have to stick to it, this is the principle problem."

Seeing Gu Wei, I don't leave, and the Fi Fi played in the body: "Mom also tells me that you can bullivate me, you can talk to the big brother, now, the big brother is still in you, I am there. Cabbageless cabbage. "

Seeing him more and more, Gu Wei helplessly, but seeing the fi fi's face, it can be seen, and he is not exhausted.

If the finger is scratched on the other cheek, seeing red printing and deep, Gu Wei looks at the fidile franchise, seeing him seems to be very entangled in the game, knowing that there is no success, knowing should It is not painful, let's go down: "You can tell me."

Fiji looks up: "Well?"

"Who is bullying you, you can tell me."

Gu Wei's voice is not big, but the Fuey has heard his seriousness.

For a time, the topic that was just a random joke became a weight, and the fidel was re-emerged, and the little voice: "You bully the most."

Gu Wei did not listen to what he said, he lowered: "Well?"

When the two will pretend to be intimate, it is generally close to the usual distance. At this moment, Gu Wei bowed, from the distance and the fidel overlap, as if it is in a hottest.

Gu Jia people saw it, but they had silently removed their eyes.

Fi Fi thought that he was heard by Gu Wei. He looked up and wanted to put it over. I wanted to make a sentence. I didn't pay attention to the distance. The thin lips were cut off from the other. I immediately retired one step back, and I took the distance.

Gu Wei did not move, still inserted in the country, as if he had just happened.

"I am ... Sorry, I don't want to deliberately." The Fifi's face is full of loss and embarrassing, as if he accounts for a big cheap.

Gu Wei is very authentic: "Nothing."

Seeing him so calm appearance, the fidel is also calm, and it is standing back to Gu Wei, but the speed of heartbeat can't wait for a time.

I don't know if it is an illusion, and the fidel feels that the nose has smells the familiar wilderness.

He didn't see Gu Wei spray incense.

Soon, more and more people discover Gu Wei, then pick one, come over, the two are no longer chat, and the fi also cooperates with the business smile, and dedication acts as a background board.


On Monday, Yin Tian, ​​the rain started from the early morning and turned down.

Gu Timusheng is now the households of Gu Jia, so he took him with Gu Jiazi, who came from all over the mountain, arrived at the depths of the mountains, and Fengxiang sacrificed the ancestors.

This address is selected for a hundred years ago, and the post-generations of generations have dare to move. Therefore, the last year continued, and Shangshan Festival worshiped into a fixed process.

After worship, a line of talents turned, and three years have been returning to the house.

Fi Fi is behind the relationship, because the relationship of raining, walking is slow, Gu Yong legs long, if you don't pay attention to the speed, you will quickly put the fidel behind.

After the second time, Fei Fi didn't rush to catch up, and the shoes wearing today slipped, he could only go slowly.

Anyway, so many people, the position of the house is also conspicuous, and it will not be lost. Gu Wei is also anxious to go back to help to prepare the meal party, did not pay attention to him is not normal.

I thought about it in my heart, and the fidel has been walking in front of the black umbrella, and it is very serious about a step.

Suddenly, a pair of black leather shoes splashing in front of him face themselves, fidel stopped, at the same time, a pair of bones were disturbed to him, and the palm was expanded up.

"Pull me, don't lit again."

It is Gu Wei.

Some of the fidel is surprised, slowly blinking, oh, put your hand in the other side. Still holding your hand is not easy to fall.

"Look at the road, don't go."

The rain is cold, and the palm touched in the hand is warm.

Not far behind, Gu Wei looked at the two people to hold an umbrella, and the hands that were taken along with the umbrella slipped away, but no one thought of letting it, could not help but walk behind himself Lin Qi sighed: "Young people are love, it is good."

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