The intimate, the people around the two are obvious.

Gu Jia took office to take Gu Wei, and married a beta. This news spreads in the family.

Going back to Huizhai, He Yin Yin and Gu Tian will surrounded by the group.

"How can I get married with a beta?"

"Is this really fraud?"

"Big Brother, how can you watch this confused thing?"

"A Beta, Scorpio, I can't imagine."

"Beta is almost impossible, don't you know?"

"I have always think that Xiao Wei is mature, but today he does this, let me start to worry about Gu Jiazhen, he will not make more people who fell below the glasses."

"Big Brother, for the face of Gu Jia, how can we agree."

"Yes, we don't admit that Gu Wei's pro, will make this decision to explain that he is actually too young, he is not eligible to inherit the house."


In the fierce discussion of the seven mouths, Gu Tianzheng has a red, and He Yinyin is close to the eye, as always, the gentleness.

When everyone said, the mouth was dry, and found that the parents did not send, and the emotions slowly calmed down.

"Is it finished?" He Yin Yin hooked his mouth, the beautiful people swept this group of people in front of him, and they were very clear about their mouths. They actually have their own abacus.

Listening to her such as question, I originally wanted to say that two sentences closed their mouths.

"What happened to Beta?" He Yinni laughed, "" Gu Wen " The big son cut the father and son relationship, how? "

Alpha, who was named by He Yin Yin, suddenly rose red face.

In an instant, people in the field think of it, He Yin Yin 2 son praises is also a beta, but they have just degraded the value of Beta in front of her.

Gu Tiansheng thought she was too difficult to talk, and if I wanted to remind everyone that I was a family, but He Yin Yin seems to see him, gently and cold, cold and cold, cold, return, return to China "

"Nothing." Gu Tian Yusheng took the eyes, if there was no need to turn his head outside the door, just saw Gu Wei and Yuefi who came to the future.

"Who inherited, how to inherit," He Yin Yin looked to the two people who did not agree with Gu Wei inherited Gu Jia. "It is a word that you can do? It is too small to read two, or two What is too self-righteous? "

"As for the child," He Yin Yin moved, and fell to the person who mentioned this topic. Do you still have children? "

The face of the face, a young white, they don't want to be pregnant, it is not!

"Our Xiaifu is still a child, and the child is not a hurry."

After the last sentence, He Yin Yin slowly picked up the tea cup on the table, and drunk a small mouth of water, said so much, she is thirsty.

Her feelings, Gu Wei and Fei Fi, who are all entered in the main hall.

Fi Fi is shocked by He Yin Yin, and Omega can have a child. He knows, but he didn't expect Beta to be born!

Gu Wei hooked the mouth of the mouth to get close to the group, took the initiative: "So lively?"

Gu Tianzheng saw them, and I didn't want to stay here. This simple tongue dispute, he is not interested.

"I just got a rain, I really had a cold, I went back to the room."

Everyone cares for two sentences, and there is no more to say that he will go back and rest, He Yin Yin is not lifted, only as he didn't hear.

Gu Wei landed in Gu Timusheng, and the fidel was sitting here.

A group of elders present, the two were as a late generation, but they did not have a good courtesy.

But these people have just been defeated by He Yin, and those who come up with them are Gu Wei rather than Gu Wei or a wake up, so there is nothing to have a long history.

"These new maids are getting more and more indigenous, and the chairs don't want to take a few more, or there is no good to the previous maid."

Some people have not judged a sentence.

Dark stamp poked the mulberry, but unfortunately, Yuefi didn't understand, He Yin Yin and Gu Wei were understanded.

He Yin Yin is planning to open, but Gu Wei first asked: "I heard a few uncle and foreigners seem to have some opinions on me inherited."

Gu Wei hosted the Gu's Group for many years, saying that one of the relatives who only rely on the group of shares in front of the group, will think that they are enough to put inheritance.

At the moment, I just seemed that I can't finish the incompetence, but I became dumb, but I had just complained that people complaining about chair problems.

"Maybe you have forgotten the group stocks fell sharply, the company's market value of huge shrinkage." Gu Wei hooked the mouth, "I have a very understanding, the comfortable days are too long, and occasionally love yourself to find yourself. "

A few ambulance of the turmoil was deeply harmful, and the snowflakes, the notice of the Snowflakes and the dividends were not their nightmare. If it is not a Gu Wei standing out, Gu's group may have been sold at a low price of foreign groups in the original Tiger, and they can't continue to be a rich man.

When the atmosphere is sudden, I have a long life. At this moment, I can only listen to the teachings of the younger generation. I can't even refute. I have just felt that I've been reliantly sturdy, and I was so rounded by a round of rolling strikes.

Gu Qiang: "Don't think too much, we also think about you."

Others followed: "Yes, we are just worried about you."

"This is Xiao Fei, watching people are true, Xiao Wei's choice is really right."

"You are born."

"Faster and beautiful in the future."

Ferry: "..."

Gu Wei: "Then I will thank you for your blessing."

It is said that everyone thinks that this is thoroughly turned away, but Gu Wei seems to suddenly think of what, open.

"Right, just mentioned the child, or I have forgotten the same uncle, I have forgotten."

"Because Xiaofei is Beta, we did not have children's plans, so after the shareholders in the end of the year, I plan to cultivate my heir from the family's choice of capabilities."

It's almost his words, and there is a lot of conjunction in the field.

"Are you really planning?"

"Xiaowei's idea is reasonable, Xiaofei is Beta can't be born, the heirs can be selected from the next generation of Gujia."

"I still think about it."

"Xiaowei's ability to come to all in the years, we can't support him."

"Yes, it is impossible to support."

"When I just said, I didn't feel very strong. We just want the old age to be happy, how can I get inheritance?"

"I think so too, I just didn't dare to say."

For a time, a few faces of the birds were white.

I heard that I don't have to have a child, and I have a fidile tone, but I also see what I call the face is faster than the book.

The reaction to the child has the opportunity to be selected to become a heir, who is still able to work, can not be born.

Suddenly, in the eyes of these Guas, Yue Fi has become the most suitable partner of Gu Wei from the most outrageous partner.

Life is falling, but it is.


The fiph of the fipway, his fingers were suddenly hot, and his whole person was shocked, twisted his head.

It turned out that Gu Wei took a cup of hot tea to give him, see him has never reacted, and then touched him.

"Scared?" Gu Wei picked up her eyebrows.

Yue Fi took a tea cup: "Why don't you call me."

He Yin Yin looked at: "He called you two, see you didn't respond, I thought you were dramatically."

I don't know when, I have just got it to get out of this, some have to go to other yards, some to the corridor blow, the main hall is quiet.

Listening to He Yin Yin, the fidel put the cup in his hand, and some embarrassedly licked the lips. You can't say that you have just got to go. If you think about it, you can really see the wind, so your brain is smoke, said: "Gu Wei is here, how can I lose soul."

Fi Fi means that you have not gone.

But He Yin Yin, but he said: "Oh, the third thing is not there, is your soul lost?"


"Oh." Gu Wei smiled.

Yue Fi is anxious: "No, my mother, I don't mean this!"

See him is shy, He Yin Yin laughs: "Well, not that means, I don't say it."

"Don't laugh, my mother knows that I don't mean that." Fi Fi is calm. "

Gu Wei hook his mouth: "I am not laughing."

"... I am not bother!" Yue Fi was shocked by Gu Wei's eyes lie.

"Ha ha ha ..." Listening to their mouths, He Yin Yin smiled a bit of a little gentle image, Xiaifu is really cute.

I heard this exaggerated laughter, the fidel is looking at He Yin Yin: "... Mom?"

After eating in the evening, the ancestors of the remediation of the house have completed the ancestors, and the Fi Fi followed Gu Wei to South Bayxiang County.

This time is Tang Yue to pick them.

On the car, Yuefi asked Gu Wei: "Do you really choose your own heirs from the young generation of Gujia people?"

I didn't expect that he would ask this, Gu Wei's eyebrows: "Do you think?"

Fei Fi: "I think you just throw a bait to them."

I heard the words, I replied that I was unhappy, and I looked down my eyes.

The fidel migraine looks at him, and I saw the answer you want from his reaction.

"I guess it." Yue Fi is the mouth.

Seeing his face, the expression is not hidden, and Gu Wei raises his hand to pinch his cheeks, Zao: "Not stupid."