Gu Wei recently liked to smash his face.

Fips frozen: "Do not ignore my face."

"Why?" Gu Wei looked at him.

Actually, I have to answer why? I can't think of a reason at the fidel, I'm going to take a look: "The face is flattened by you."

Gu Yao's eyebrows, hit his chin, let people look up, and have a diagnosis after a moment: "No flat."

"..." Fei Fi bites your teeth, I feel that I have fallen down, why do you want to ask why, "Why do you want to I can't?"

Gu Wei went wrong: "Too round, slampeed."

"Hey." I didn't stand at the driver's seat.

Gu Wei looked in frontally, Tang Yue immediately attacked his nose and nose, and he didn't drive. He was just a driver. He didn't hear anything.

The fidel lips, the brain is hot, pull down the hands of the chin, the bold bag, I want to treat his people, and the hands of Gu Wei stretched away.

The awareness of his move, Gu Wei's eyes were reached on the fidel, and the fidel saw his reflection in the opposite pupil, and the hands extended. The ground took a look at the cheeks of the party.

"..." The fidel looks at your fingers, and you can't wait to get rid of it.

Gu Wei also had some accidents. After stunned, he saw the fringe of the fidel, and he couldn't help but hook his mouth.

Fei Fi has been unable to refute, can only turn it away, and use the back of the back of the back to the bottom, he is not him.


Three days did not study, one go back to South Bay, the fidel is driven by the sense of urgency, and after the shower is taken to the study, prepare to pick the night reading.

Gu Wei also deal with work in his own study.

At 9 o'clock, Gu Wei walked out of the study, see the light of the Fi Fikai, and sounded the door.

"Please come." The sound of the fidel is from the inside.

Gu Wei pushed the door, see him buried in the book, very seriously appeared.

"Do you want to swim?" Gu Wei asked him.

Yue Fi is lifted from the book: "upstairs?"

Gu Wei should be lighter on the door frame, and the point is below.

"No." Think of the things happening in the car, although there is some heart to swim, but the fidel chooses to refuse. He is now a little awkward now ...

I thought he didn't want to go without swimming, and Gu Wei was very intimate: "I teach you."

Listening to him, overcome the fifth: "Okay! You wait for me."

Throw down the pen, Fei Fei to find swimming trunks and swimming in your room, change with the fastest speed, go out of the room.

"I'm ready!"

The young white skin is a bit shaking under the lamp, because wearing a swimming, seeing the expression of opposite people, seeing Gu Wei only looking at himself, not being swayed in front of him. Shake.

"what's happenin?"

I don't know if it is an illusion, and Yue Fi seems to have smell the familiar loosening. Do you want to spray incense in a swim?

The wilderness is soown, and Gu Wei licks the lower lips. I didn't say anything, but I passed the Vietnamese Fii. I entered his room, and took a T-shirt from his wardrobe.

"Cold, wear first."

The white t-shirt is empty, covered on the shoulders of the fidel light.

The open-air swimming pool at night is really cool, barefoot stepping on stone bricks, and the fidel suddenly regrets.

The light blowing slightly in the light, letting him feel a little dizzy.

In the past, Yuefi never known that he actually will also have a halo pool.

"Do it first."

Gu Wei seems to have become a Vietnamese swimming coach, very professional reminding him.

Fei Fi: "Oh, ok."

Simply hot, Gu Wei dropped the T-shirt, very proficient in water, floating in the pool, fidel, "down."

Fi Fi is active before I just came up, I still stand in the pool: "I won't travel, how do you?"

I was observed that he had gone, and Gu Wei wants to think, patiently advised: "Learning to swim is like this, you don't adapt, just do a while in the pool, put your feet into the pool, familiar with the water here. "

Fei Fei: "What about you?"

Gu Wei: "I am a top tour."

So the fidel is sitting down on the pool, and the straight and white legs will be slightly immersed in the water.

Cool. Vietnamese feels that Gu Wei makes it wise to wear T-shirts.

After a while in the water, the fidel is really not so nervous, and it is still interested, and the water is kicked.

Just when he was having fun, the ankle suddenly wrapped in the pool in the bottom of the pool, and the fidel was scared, and it almost called.

Almost at the same time, Gu Wei jumped out from the bottom of the pool in front of him, the watercolor splashed, the more fartic closed eyes, when he opened, only the big hand of Gu Wei was holding his own ankle, Gu Wei's hand is too big It seems that his ankle is weak as if it will be easily broken as long as a force is.

The lights and moonlight are mixed, and Gu Wei-deep five senses are moist and wet, and the superior figure is in the pool. It is like the sea, Junmei is high.

"What are you scared?" Yue Fi did not be confused by his appearance, and wiped his mouth after the face on his face.

It may be because I just swim a round, Gu Wei's breathing is a bit heavy, his hand does not put down the ankle of the fidel, but in contrast, but pulled the fipway with force.

Fei fi has no preparatory place to pull a small truncation, and Gu Wei rely on the pool.

Almost got it, the fipway is moving, I don't dare to let Gu Wei pull themselves: "You let go."

Gu Wei did not put: "Don't you want to learn swim? How do you learn to sit on the pool?"

Fei Fei: "Come slowly, you have not teaching everything, let me go, drown, what?"

I heard it, Gu Wei is itchy, just temporarily don't want to let go, so he guarantees: "I am here, I will not let you drown."

The protest is invalid, and the fidel has sucks your mouth and lifts the right foot: "You let me go first."

Toned, Gu Wei Song.

After all, I really want to learn to swim, and I am too serious, and the fidel holds the pool with elbows, so I slowly slide into the water.

The pool water differs through the body's feeling. When you take a bath, the water pressure of all sides is hit, let the Fi feel that his body seems to be in a soft pudding, each small action seems to have countless resistance.

"Down!" Yuefi stepped on the tall brick of the pool, said to Gu Wei.

Gu Wei looks next to it, seeing the mouth: "Great."

In the water, the T-shirt has not been used, and the fidel is thrown into the shore and suddenly full of unlimited energy.

"Come on, what do you do next?"

Gu Wei was amused by his universal movement, but it was still teaching: "Sucking mouth, blaming, squatting, can't stand it again."

It seems that it is not very difficult, and the fidel will take a deep breath and close it.

But it may not be in a second, and the people just squatted up and closed their eyes violent cough.

The first time I didn't have a psychological preparation. I just buried into the water, I was relieved, and I drank a lot of water.

The soft hair is wet, and the fidel is a little wolf, leaning against the pool.

I saw it, Gu Wei did not move around him, and his palm lifted, I wanted to take his back, but he took it back before falling.

In the field of view, the crystal water droplets start from the neck, along the back microphone sliding, and finally drown in the pool. Gu Wei moved to the eyes, and the opening comfort: "Learn the swimming process is inevitable to drink a few pool water, the first time is normal."

The fidel cough is coming out: "Cough, cough, cough, really?"

"Really." The perception of the Yue Fi's shoulders slightly vibrated, Gu Wei comforted him and proposed it, "Today, you will come here, you are still a bit cold, change you again."

Facial fidel did not move: "I will try again."

Gu Wei frowned.

The cough is almost equal, and the fidel turns back to Gu Wei, repeating it again: "I will try again."

Water-running eyes look at him in this way, reflecting his figure, and Gu Wei cannot refuse.


This will try again until the Vietnamese can be tailored to two minutes after the end of the pool.

Climbing the uphousing, the fidel is lying on the pool to temporarily rest, and Gu Wei looked at him and took a bathroom in the bathroom.

Snow-white bathrobes have fallen, and the fidel is conspired.

"Go to take a shower, you can rest."

The sound of the fidel is sulked from bottom: "Okay."

Seeing him should be sound, people don't move, Gu Wei tempted his eyebrows: "Don't wash now, want to wait for a while to wash?"

Wen said, the fidel is sitting in an instant.

"I am going to wash."

But the fidel's eyes are short-lived on a transparent bathroom in the glass and removed.

"How can you think of this bathroom here?" Vietnamese asked Gu Yidao.

Gu Wei: "What?"

"... transparent." Fi Fife has a tape.

Gu Wei explained as well as: "Of course because the scenery here is good."

Vietnamese tried to understand him: "Well, let you want to be a scenery?"

"..." Gu Wei finally responded to him, what did he mind, can not help but laugh, "What? Is it afraid to be a scenery?"

If you can't answer your fidet, he doesn't have to be sneaked, and you will only be a person. What is he afraid?

Gu Wei teased him, raised his hand, his face: "Then you may be disappointed, in the bathroom, there is a curtain, don't want to be a scenery, you can blow the curtain."

I didn't expect it to be like this, the fidel is red, and the finger is tightly in the corner of the bathrobe. I can't help but curl up: "... well."

Gu Wei didn't like to do anything that did not have, so before the inherited dust, he will continue to add code for himself, and anniry all uncertain factors in the cradle.

Just like when Yue Fi's Beta is a weakness, Gu Wei does not mind the point of mind to change this weakness into his own chips.

Also as now, look at the white and thin ankle in front of your eyes, he just pinched his hand, restraining the gang to tie the bathrobe strap.

I don't know when, the wilderness is everywhere, and the fidel is inexplicably feels that the heartbeat is accelerated. This perfume is a chemical reaction in the water, how it seems to become more.

"I am going back to the room."

Pumped back from Gu Wei to the bathrobe tie, this sentence, the fidel turned, and he sat down at the foot, which is quite a kind of falling and escape.

Perhaps it is an illusion, he feels that he has seen appetite from Gu Wei.

When Gu Wei packed yourself upstairs, he heard Yuefi called himself on the first floor.

"I cook, eat it down."

I looked up at the building, and Gu Wei saw two bowls of two bowls on the dinner table.

I was looking at him from the kitchen out of the kitchen, and raised my face: "Hungry, I am here."

Gu Wei, the eyebrows, the tuition he wants, but it is not this.

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