The wilderness of the wilderness is over.

Yue Fi is handed over to the hand of Gu Wei chopsticks, wrinkled with the nose: "Do you want to spray incense at home?"

Gu Wei took the chopsticks in his hand, did not understand what he meant in the time: "What?"

Fi Fi is not afraid to die in front of him, the nose sniffed on the shoulder neck side: "Strong, you spray incense."

Gu Yuzheng.

I have never seen Alpha suckhandon in Omega, and he has not seen someone will sniff in Alpha.

Yue Fei said that he did not heard the wrong, he wanted to return, but he was pressed from behind the neck.

"Do you know what this action does this action for Alpha?" Gu Wei's voice appeared.

If you don't have to, you will look at him in the fidelity. "What?"

Simple and clean, confused, and unhealthy one pair of eyes, let Gu Wei have a slap in the heart.


At the same time, the two words landed, Gu Wei bowed, and the lips were passed.

Yue Fii quickly ran around, the head to the back contraction, but was stopped in the hard hand.

He is too obvious to dodge, let Gu Wei have cryed the eyebrows, the lips and teeth open, and they will bite it all.


The fidel is painful, and the reflective raising hand is on Gu Wei, I want to push it open, and I have reached a hand after the cold waist, and I will take him to let him pour him.

At the same time, the clamp on the lip is loose, but does not wait for him to breathe, the familiar and strange breath is overbearing the invasion, the breath between the lips and teeth collide, let him say a word.

Fei fi did not pick up a kiss, he didn't know if all kiss was like this, from the fingertips to the hair, every cell on the body could not hurt.

Due to the surprise, the eyes of the round finally couldn't help them, the nose is full of rich rostrum, as if he also sprayed incense.

The spring eyes are loose, and the sweet springs are leaked, but they can't come back to the attention of their owners, they have been swallowed by the rosin of the overbearing.

I was noticeable that I couldn't control myself. I couldn't stand my feet. I wanted to post it to the other side. The fidel was awake, including the opponent's upper lip, and biting it.

He did not email, suddenly, bloody flavor spreads between the two lips.

Gu Wei deeply looked at him and finally retired slowly.

The fidel is in hand, wants to push him, this time Gu Wei has stopped.

After another step, the fidel is rubbed on the lips, and the blood is left on the back of the hand. It is the blood of Gu Yipu lips.

"Are you crazy?"

It is a bit mad. Gu Wei raised his hand and wipe the blood on his lips, and then said: "Isn't you let me kiss?"

The Fi Fif is shocked: "When did I let you kiss me!"

"Just got it, when I smell me." Gu Qi Li Zhuang Zhuang.

The heartbeat is controlled, and the fidel has been angry with Gu Wei. "Is it my fault? I will not smell your perfume? I didn't let you kiss me. Even if I let you Kiss me, how can you really kiss me? You can't kiss me, what is our relationship? You don't know, how can you kiss me? "

Gu Wei did not have a heart: "You are right, I have a mistake, didn't live temptation."

within Temptation? Who is tempting?

"..." The fidel took a deep breath, "I don't tell you!"

After saying this, the fidel turned and wanted to go upstairs.

Gu Wei called him behind him: "You haven't eaten it."

Yue fi is not back: "Not hungry!"


Back to your own room, the fidel is on the door panel, and the whole person is in the state of the soul.

He kissed him with Gu Wei.

He and a male kissing,

And still feel!

Crazy is not Gu Wei, he is right.

The annoyance is low, and the fidel is sitting on the floor, and the red face opens the phone and posts online.

The landlord: What does the taste of ALPHA mean?

He wants to know that Gu Wei is .

Soon, this problem was topped up tall buildings.

1st floor: A smell a, provocative fight, B smell a, crazy, o Wen A, ask for love.

2nd floor: Comment on the 1st floor.

3rd floor: Does the landlord smell alpha? Bened by the day |

4th floor: Is it still smelled?

5th floor: Answers, definitely not being smell, or have long-lasting days | people went.

6th floor: Is the landlord a or still o?

7th floor: Ask, ask questions, do not add gender, rogue.

So the fidel has made a patch, a friend, is beta, he smelled the fragrance flavor on Alpha, Alpha strongly kissed Beta, but also said that Beta seduce him.

9th floor: ......

10th floor:……

11th floor: This year is popular in killing the dog in this year?

12th floor: Bless the landlord's Beta friends and his alpha.

13th floor: Hey, kiss, it is alpha.

14th floor: I want to ask, why do you have Beta to smell in Alpha? Alpha is not because of five senses, don't you smell industrial flavors? Actually spray incense?

15th floor: ALPHA of spraying perfume? The landlord is edited.

16th floor: There is that taste. That Beta deliberately seduce alpha?

17th floor: Is the landlord without ABO physiological knowledge? Why is this kind of mentally hilarity?


Yuefi buried his face in the arm, a post of a reply, the heat on the face did not retreat, the pine flavor on the body was still lost, but the people in the building said that Alpha cannot spray the water, but also It is said that Beta deliberately seduce and gets more fidel.

I can't think of it, and the fidel throws away the phone and changed the pajamas drilled into the nest.

Sleep, sleep, tomorrow, it will happen.

Isn't it a kiss!

Say that I want to sleep, the fidel is really asleep.

But I only slept less than two hours, and the fidel was a familiar armpit awakening.

Feel the familiarity of the body, realize what, some fidel collapsed.

What Beta fake sex is too frequent?

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