Over high concentration, let the Fi have finally smell the taste of their own pheromones.

Sweet, faint ...

After the neck is in place, if you want to be burned, let him not bear.

No, don't want to think about it, he will be burned.

So thinking, he walked from the bed, holding the wall, walking into the bathroom with soft feet, sitting in the bathtub, opening the shower switch.

Cool water is pouring down, temporarily eased the hot fever on him.

He leaned against the edge of the bathtub, his eyes were half a half, and the brain was paste, and there was no thinking.


There is no hierarchical leakage out of the inclination, and Gu Wei still working in the study.

Such a high concentration, obviously the state of Fei Fei is not right, if not properly handled, no one knows what happens.

After a short Thoughts, Gu Wei dials the phone of Job.

"Drive to Nanwan inquire, I have to go to the hospital."

I took a look, Gu Wei joined: "Multiple preparation inhibitors, and phenomenon cleaning."

"If I don't go, I will pick up directly."

Subsequently, he gave Tang Yue: "The hospital is arranged, and it is necessary to study the research expert in Beta and Omega pheromone. Ferry may need."

I heard the seriousness in Gu Wei dialect on both sides, there is no excess question, and act immediately.

Be a good arrangement, Gu Wei finally got up and came to Fi Fi.

He knocked out the door: "Fei Fi?"

No answer in the door.


The sound of the bottle can in the bottle can in the depths of the room.

No more concern, Gu Wei opened the door directly with the spare key.

There is no one in the bed.

Note that the light in the bathroom turned out, and Gu Wei took close to the door that was not closed.

In the bathroom, the fidet is sitting in the bathtub, sitting in the bathtub, and the lower head is alive in the corner, as if it has lost awareness.

Seeing, Gu Wei frowned, a few steps came to him, turned off the shower: "What happened?"

The flowing cool water disappears, the heat is hot, the skin is painful, and the fidel does not know what it is. If it is a fake estrus, why he didn't look, but in the same kind of rock, I only felt that I was hot. It is painful and can't die again.

"it hurts."

Seeing him, the fi nose is sour, and the words are full of grievances.

Looking at him so uncomfortable, Gu Wei's heart has been gotten, and the loosoy will be wrapped in the people. At the same time, he reached out and took people to his arms, and the big hand was slightly photographed: "Let's go Hospital, wait a moment, it will not hurt. "

Seeing the clear and visible points of the skin after his neck, Gu Wei hopped, knowing this is that he is too painful, and the rich pixel is poured out from that, without condition, sweet but violent.

In the past, a well-behaved pixel is facing the loosol surrounding this moment, but it is no longer supple, but the sharp rebellion attack.

Gu Wei also finally understood that this is not estrus, but differentiates.

The rosin that was excluded and attacked was provoked, and it was twice that it was very strong.

At the same time, the fidel is light, and the brow is, it is obviously not good.

Seeing, Gu Wei immediately grabbed his own pixel. Wrapped by a sweet positivity, but it is necessary to force it to conquer the conquering and not hunting, only Gu Wei knows how difficult it is.

But against your own instinct, it is no stranger to him.

The skin after the neck is too painful, and the fidel is unclearly raises his hand to the way, and you can't wait to tear the skin.

But he just touched the skin behind him, and he didn't have a movement, and his hand was caught.

"do not move."

Ferry struggle, but he is so weak, this struggle is basically directly ignored for Gu Wei.

"It's hurt." I can't open my hand, I can use my head with my head, as if I can block him the body.

Gu Wei wants to help him to relieve pain, but there is no way to do it, only to call Gu Wei.

"Old 3? Do you know how to?"

Gu Wei: "Brother"

Listening to his tone is not too strong, Gu Wei Don: "What's wrong?"

"When you differentiate, do you hurt? How do you pass?"

Although I don't know how he suddenly asked this, Gu Wei is not shy, straightforward: "I was already good at that time, and he helped me."

"How to help?"

"Do you want to be able to derail?"

I can't hear the voice of Gu Wei, and the fidel is fascinating and asked: "The big brother is coming?"

I heard the Fi Fi is also one side, Gu Wei Talent: "We don't understand anything at that time, the yin and the Yang is wrong. Later, I have consulted the doctor, saying that Alpha can use the Omega relieves pain, but prerequisites Omega must have 100% trust in Alpha. "

His hacked, he and Linqi met such a condition.

However, the general Omega differentiation is a life. He can only calculate an example.


After that, Gu Wei did directly happen.

"Do you trust me?" Gu Wei bowed, his lips stuck the ear of the arms and asked.

Vietnamese cannot think about the motivation of this question, and it is impossible to think what he should respond to it. It is only a guarantee that you can use it: "Do not believe."

The two words drilling into Gu Wei ear, let him hold the person's hand tight, and then tick the mouth, but there is no smile: "Very good."

Subsequently, Gu Wei kissed the mouth of the mouth.


Fiyi does not know why things will develop to this step, but when gentle rosin is overbearing into their body, he found that the temperature on his body seems to drop, and the original powerful hands and feet have also restored some power.

It seems to catch life-saving rice, and the fidel is raised to climb the shoulders of Gu Wei, take the initiative to open the mouth, and ask the other rosin to the other side.

With the deepening of the lips and teeth, the bathroom originally dismissed, and the pages are slowly quiet, and the rosin is blended.

The rushing sweet springs come to the broad pine, from the rolling waves, it is trickle, flowing from the pine, and the disc is reciprocated.

"Gu total?"

Job's voice came from the first floor, I would like to let Gu Wei should stop, but his arms are close to him, as if they are inseparable from him a second, let him stop.

"Gu total!"

Think of Gu Yao command, worry about the accident on the second floor, and noticed the abnormal role of the Vietnamese room.

Beta can't smell the information, this is the reason for Gu Wei called Qiao, but the same, Qiao Si who can't smell the pheromone did not know what happened here.

The footsteps are close, and Gu Wei hugs the Fi Fif, and the fidel is unable to move. I can only watch Gu Wei to evacuate.

"Waiting outside."

Gu Wei opened, the sound took a few inexpensive low asthma.

I heard the instructions, Qiao Silhou step: "Okay."

"Clean clothes in the wardrobe."

"Throw in, don't come in."

Qiao is an action.

In the bathroom, there was a soft whisper, but Qiao She did not listen to the truth, and consciously reached the place near the door, away from the bathroom.

Finally, the bathroom door opened, and Job saw Gu Wei, holding a person, although she covered with a coat, but he knew that person is Vietnamese.

"Go to the hospital."

Tang Yue in the hospital has already arranged properly, and Qiao came from the special channel from the special passage. Some medical staff had taken the Vietnamese.

And until at this time, Qiao Shenoted a wolf of his own boss, hairdressing, and the clothes were also wet.

Gu Wei did not look at him, told me: "Inhibitors give me, you will give me a suit."

Qiao Shi should go to the nearby shopping mall.

At this moment, the sky has been slightly bright.


Until the evening, the Fi Fif will recover awareness. When he opened his eyes, he saw the back of Gu Wei standing in front of the window.

The memory last night broke into the mind, and the fidel was desperately closed. He still didn't wake up.

However, Gu Wei took the sudden fluctuation of his pixel, so he walked to the bed and found that he was sleeping, picked his eyebrows, said: "Wake up? I let the doctor come over."

I thought he was going to call a doctor, and the Fei Fei waited for a while, he immediately opened his eyes, but he saw Gu Wei to stand in the bed, and smiled and smiled.

"Hey." Fei Fei hit a sound of the soul, holding himself from the bed, "What is going on?"

Gu Wei sat down on the bedside chair: "Delayed differentiation."

This word is somewhat familiar, and Yue Fi wants to see the movie you have seen.

"Will it be what I think?"

Gu Wei: "Yes, you are an Omega."

Vietnamese can't believe that this drama is not written.

"Don't lie to me." Some of the calm faces of the Fi Fi can't hung.

Gu Wei knows that Beta, who has been twenty years, suddenly turned to Omega to the Fi Fif, can't accept it, normal: "The doctor will come over to let him talk to you."

The door is open, and a person wearing a white coat came in.

Fi Fi stares at this person Zhang Zhanghe mouth, but it is completely not in anything in the ear.

Is he Omega? What joke is open?

"The situation of delayed differentiation is very small, and the cases in the world have only one digit."

"Your partner gives you a successful information for you yesterday, otherwise, it is an Omega that differentiates this age, it may be self-harmful, causing irreversible damage to himself."

"You have actually entered the differentiation period for a while, but you are too big to be too big, it's all right, or it is ready to be so dangerous earlier."

"The pheromone gap is currently the most effective means of Help Omega's differentiation period, but most Omega differentiates can not find people who can give them some pixels, you are very fortunate. Like you now, information Summit is at least one month, but since you are already a companion, this should have no obstacle. "

"You can discharge the two bottles, you can discharge, you will take a break at home, just the family needs to accompany the care."

"Others are nothing, differentiation is not a big event, just because you differentiate too much to differentiate too much. Don't be nervous, relax, and make differentifications after a month, it is not different from normal Omega."

Until the doctor leaving, the fidel is still a face.

Seeing him, Gu Wei reached out to make people feel back, but the hand did not touch the fidel, and the fidel's consciousness was avoided.

The two stunned.

Gu Wei's hand is half empty.

But the fidel has a head and does not look at him.

"I want to wait for a while." Vietnamese said.

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