First of all, he can't let more people know this.

This is the first reaction of the Fi Fi, and it is necessary to conceal this matter and need Gu Wei's cooperation.

Second, take the doctor just said that he wants to pass the degree in peace, and it needs Alpha's information.

This matter also needs to cooperate with Gu Wei.

Furthermore, although he differentiates into an anatrical event, this matter will affect the plan of the Gu Wei, whether the agreement between the two will have a change.

And this, also communicate with Gu Wei.

Finally, the two kisses yesterday ...

The ficka machine originally calm analysis status is.

The kiss in front can be said to be Gu Wei thought that he was provoking him, and the kiss behind him was not that Gu Wei was doing humanitarian rescue.

Well, this is said.

To be honest, he really doesn't know how to face Gu Wei.

Gu Wei once said to him, I don't like Omega pheromone, I don't like Omega's picture, but now, Beta will become Omega.

He suspected that after waiting for it, Gu Wei would not throw him a paper agreement, saying that two cooperation will end.

When Omega is really trouble, is there a love period? What should he do when he arrive?

Even if it is differentiated into Alpha, why is Omega ... Vietnamese feels that all the better future they have thought about, they have ended this.

What is the end and the Gu Wei's agreement marriage, come and take the travel, halfway, is there?

What should I do if I have learned from struggle? I have to do this.

At this moment, the Fi Fei feels that this world is really malicious to Omega.

If you must be marked, he would rather be marked by Gu Wei.

Suddenly, the fideli is moving.

Wait, if the AO marked with each other will not have a desire to other people's pixels, why can't he let Gu Wei marke him?

Just like Gu Wei to find someone to get married, why can't he find someone to be a protocol Alpha?

Anyway, Gu Wei doesn't like Omega. After tagging him, he will no longer have other Omega's seduce, and he doesn't have to worry about being marked by strangers. This is a win-win choice.

But if Gu Wei is not willing ... then he can also consider looking for someone else.

After the protocol mark, he can continue to do what you want to do.

For this reason, the Fi Fi is a little relaxed.

As for the process of marking ... fidelity is not very understanding, but he comforts himself, when the light is closed, it is a bit by the dog.


I know that Fei is calm, Gu Wei is very considerately left to him. After leaving the ward, I went to find a doctor, and I asked Fei Fei now need to pay attention to this situation.

The team of Tang Yue came to the top of the world, and the doctor who did this doctor will pass through the case.

"Mental health is a part that needs additional attention." Doctor reminds Gu Wei.

"The parties I took over, he had an Omega companion, and he could not accept the fact that he differentiated into an Omega at the beginning, even almost made a wrong choice."

"Wrong choice?"

"Self | kill."

Wen said, Gu Wei smashed his hand: "What about it?"

"His Omega boyfriend insisted that he was with him and saved him with love."

"They are still together? If you can, I want to visit them."

The doctor shook his head: "They finally separated."

Gu Wei was silent.

"You and your partner are no longer lucky. He differentiates into Omega instead of alpha, which is much smaller for you, but you can't ignore his mental health. Who is this change, Not a small thing. "The doctor was very patiently to let Gu Wei, but still don't forget to remind him of the state of the fidel.

Gu Wei: "I know, thank you."


I took the meal sent by Qiao, Gu Wei pushed away the door of the ward, and lies in the bed in the bed. I looked at him. I didn't say anything.

It is estimated that he is cold and calm, and Gu Wei is approaching, putting the lunch box at the table.

"Eat a meal, wait for this bottle and go home."

Efi is a sound.

Open the desktop on the bed, and Gu Wei sat on the bed, and sat on the fidel and dinner together.

Eat the fi, sneaked with Gu Wei.

Gu Wei, but did not say anything.

After eating quietly, Qiao came in to take the tableware, and Gu Wei will re-fold the bed of the bed.

Take care of the small sofa on the side and sit down, and the eyes of the fidel are still unconpectedly striing him.

Gu Wei: "What do you want to say?"

He took the initiative to talk, and the fi immediately turned his head to return.


Yue Fi does not export, ask you to mark me, it is too shameful.

Seeing him, Gu Wei was hanging up, got up from the small sofa, and retake the bed back.

"What do you want to say?"

Fi Fif is silent for a moment, seeing Gu Wei, I have been sitting, I finally open: "I don't want more people to know that I am Omega."

Gu Wei: "I know, in addition to me and doctor, no one knows."

"Doctor seems to say, there is still a month in my differentiation." The mouth opened, the following words seem to say that it is easy, the fidel is eye-catching, I really don't dare to see Gu Wei.

"Well, I am giving birth to the next month, I have given my father. We have went out honeymoon. I have thought about where, I will not bother us." Gu Wei Don, "I will help you." "

Fei Fi: "I will become Omega, will I affect what you have to do? Our agreement ..."

Gu Wei: "Does not affect me, but our previous agreement does need to make some changes, but it will not change."

For example, privately do not perform meat | body contact, it is obviously not suitable.

Both of their own concerns know and have arrangements, which makes Yue Fi feel relieved, and also alleviates a little bit of tension to continue the topics below.

"Or, what do you think of the agreement?" Notice that the Vietnamese referred to the agreement, the eyes did not consciously floating, and Gu Wei explained, so he asked him.

The eyes of the Fi Fi fell back and see Gu Wei: "It is a little bit."

Gu Wei also looked at him and waited for him.

The fidel hand is sneading under the quilt.

"You said that you don't like Omega, then you should haven't thought about marking Omega?" Fi Fi.

Gu Wei stunned, he said before, but now ... his idea seems to be no so firm.

I didn't take him explain, and the Fi Fei continued to say: "You don't plan to mark omega because you don't want to be controlled by the informationin, but if you just mark, don't talk about your feelings, can you accept a marker an Omega? Just like the agreement is married, can we order a protocol mark? "

Gu Wei did not understand the meaning of Yue Fi, he gently wrinkled: "Agreement mark?"

"Just don't talk about emotional tags, I will never use the information, let you do anything you don't want to do, you will not be affected by other Omega packets, I don't have to worry about my estrus, we Mutual benefit, cooperation and win-win, how? "

This time, Gu Wei understood, but he just wants to open the Yuefi's mind to see how much water is installed.

"Do you want to sign this agreement?"

Fipi nose.

Gu Wei was laughed, I would like to ask if the two of them are who they have no feelings? But I haven't come yet, and I have already told him the answer.

"If you don't want to do it, wait until the agreement is now expired, I can find another Alpha protocol mark." I am afraid that he is difficult, and the fidel is quickly added.

This is, and the air in the ward has a moment of stagnation.

"Oh." Gu Wei was extremely laughed. He completely understands that Yue Fi is the feelings other than him.

So before everything, is he thinking wrong?

He always thought that they were two feelings. It's a ridiculous!

For a moment, he looked extremely terrible to the verge of the Fi Fi, suspected that he was fooled, notice that he would have a mistake, and the things of things lost control, the shame of self-respect, countless emotions, let him quickly Get up, leaving the ward.

No longer leave, he is afraid of making anything uncontrolled under his anger.

Fi Fi glanced at him and left, he was a little lost, but it was unexpected, Gu Wei did not find Omega alpha, how could promise him, after all marked, to relieve it seems impossible.

Don't he really want to find someone else? But I think that people who have to be marked outside Gu Wei, he feels unbearable.

Since Gu Wei does not agree, he needs to think about other methods, how to deal with Omega will estrus this problem.

Until the doctor came over and unplugged the needles in his hand, the fidel did not see Gu Wei's figure.

Asked Qiao, who came back, Job said that the company had an urgent matter, and Gu Wei has passed.

Because of the differentiation period, the next few days did not go to school, but they did not see Gu Wei in Nanwan inquire.

I thought it was an annoyed thing that I had to mark the other party, and I thought about it, I sent him a message.

Fei Fi: Gu, I know what I suddenly become Omega, I am sorry. I said before I stayed in Nanwan, I can move back, in fact, the time has arrived, but I didn't think of it, I am very sorry to cause trouble, I will move tomorrow morning. If you want to terminate, let Qiao Sila or Tang Yue talk to me, I will strictly abide by the confidential provisions. During this time, you cooperate very happy, thank you.

The last one of this text is that Yuefi sent to Gu Wei, asked him that he would return to South Wanquan in the evening, and he cooked a side.

Gu Wei did not reply.

Send up new edited SMS, the fidel puts the phone against the table and looks at the two bowls of the two bowls of yourself on the table.

It seems that Gu Wei, it really hates Omega.

He thought that he had such a little like yours ...

Also thought that he may not agree with yourself ...

It turns out that he thinks more. The two kisses really have no meaning.

The fidel is in the lips, presses the sour mouth, no appetite to eat, he got up and poured a glass of water and swallowed the medicine opened by the doctor.

Fortunately, I didn't appear before discharged, he and the doctor took the medicine to relieve the pain of the differentiation period, otherwise another month, how he passed.

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