In the office of the building, the mobile phone that was thrown at the table was smashed, and it was a message tone.

On the black leather sofa, the man silently sat down and did not get up to see the meaning of mobile phone information.

Gu Wei never thought that he would spend a valuable time in his thinking about the feelings of the emotional problem.

There is no delay in the work in the hand, but the person under the past few days, he didn't know much more than ever, he didn't know, he didn't care, he knew that he was not in the state.

If one is a person, I will laugh when you see you, I will take the initiative to ask you to eat, occasionally sneak see you, will give you a noodles in the middle of the night, can tease you, will fight with you, occasionally give you. Qi, but soon will talk to you and good, no mouth, but it is full of dependence, not like, what is it?

Gu Wei met such a problem for the first time. He didn't accept someone who would not like himself. He just couldn't accept the fidel.

Why don't you like him? What does he have nothing? Except for him, Fei Fei wants to choose other alpha? Also said that other Alpha protocol markers can be found?

When I think of this, Gu Wei feel that the heart seems to have a gunfire in the burning, seeing anything is not pleasing.

The door of the office was ringed, Tang Yue came in to report work, and he didn't want to look up and see the coldness of the old boss's face.

I heard his pause, and Gu Wei's eyes were on his body.

Tang Yue took a cold sweat in an instant. These days, Gu Wei lived in the company, and the information on the body was full of violent and aggressive, which made the company's ups and down, he didn't know what happened, but it was vague guessed should be and the South Wanquan County The gentleman is related, after all, Gu Wei came back from the hospital, no longer returned.

"That ... Gu Chi, Chen Aunt, Nanwanxiang County, just called me, saying that Mr. Yue made her from tomorrow, she came to ask for himself to be dismissed."

Gu Wei frowned: "He said, then let people go back."

Tang Yue: "Okay." It seems that the two is really a big problem, I don't know if I will terminate the agreement.

He turned to leave, but he was cheered by Gu Wei.

"Change a new past." Gu Yidao.

Tang Yue stunned, should be said: "Okay."

Things seem more to be more complicated, Tang Yue decided to find the next day.

The office door was closed, Gu Wei got up and took the mobile phone, ready to see if Vietnamese did not explain his aunt, but once opened, he saw a long information from each other before the other party.

Sorry, move out, have a good cooperation, thank you ...

After reading, the nerve of the tight of Gu Wei was instantly fractured.

Pick up the desktop has put a folder for a period of time, and Gu Wei looked at the office.

After chaotic, I thought about it, I wanted to be beautiful.


Fei Fi has already slept early, and it will pick up your luggage the next day.

Although there is a period of time in Nanwan Xiangshi, it really belongs to his own things, and there is only books and a few daily change clothes.

When he saw the wardrobe, he saw the pair of cufflinks and brooch hidden by himself. This is the set of Shi Mountain that Gu Wei took him to participate in the Lujia Banquet.

I thought about it, Yue Fi is still left in the cabinet, and it is not something that is not his.

In the baggage box brought over, Yue Fi slowly walked down from the stairs.

He yelled his head, so he didn't see the people who had already been sitting on the living room on the sofa until they came down from the stairs, and put the suitcase in the ground, and the Fi was noticeable.

On a few days, Alpha is holding hands sitting on the sofa, looking at yourself coldly.

"You, you are back." Fei Fei is a little awkward.

Gu Wei looked at him, clearly, only a few days, but people seem to be thin: "Where are you going?"

The fidel grabs the hair of his back: "Have you seen the information I gave you?"

Gu Wei coldly said: "Look."

Then you still ask, the fidel belly, Gu Wei's attitude makes him uncomfortable, but his tone is still trying to stay and good: "Do you want to come back and I say an agreement?"

Said that the Firai took the trunk to go to the sofa, see a folder on the table, understand that he thinks, put the box aside, sitting on the sofa opposite Gu Wei.

But he sat down for a while, Gu Wei did not speak again, and the fidel took a breath and only took the initiative to reach out to the folder on the table.

"what is this?"

Seeing that you didn't stop him. Obviously this thing is to give yourself, fidel is not polite directly.

"Supplementary Agreement on Vietnamese Voluntary Accept Gu Wei Markers"

"About Gu Wei volunteers to help the fick-fi-degree differentiation period"

Fi Fi blinks, determine that you have no list of objects.

"Do you agree?" Fei Fi is very unexpected, clear Gu Wei because this is not willing to return to Nanwan Xiangshi, now why suddenly agreed?

Is it to see him to move out, thinking that he will not continue to fulfill the marriage agreement, so the two agreements have been prepared to stabilize themselves?

Yue Fi, the folder: "You don't have to do this, I moved out, I didn't want to threaten what you mean, according to the status of the initial sign, this marriage is unless you agree, otherwise I have no right to terminate." I will not breach. "

Seeing him misunderstanding, Gu Wei snorted: "There are not many people who can threaten me, you don't have to look at yourself. I have taken out these two agreements, I feel that this is a pen-oriented sale, just like you said , I didn't marke Other Omega's intend, in this way, mark you is a win-win thing for us, why not promise? "

How do I know why you don't agree? Fiy is spit in your heart.

When he raised, Gu Wei was very angry. Now, it has been holding a contract and saying that this is a win-win situation. Why does he not promise ...

"That case, sign it?" Yuefi handed the contract to Gu Wei.

Gu Wei: "You don't regret it."

Fei Fi: "There is nothing to regret."

During two, the two have signed a copy of the interchange file, soon signing the name.

After signing, the fidel is turned on to the agreement related to the differentiation.

"Party A is a X-minute positivity for Party B." Yue Fi pointed to this question, "Why are you empty here?"

Gu Wei: "Because it is not sure how many minutes of information, it is enough, so it is empty."

Fei Fi: "In fact, this a few minutes can not fill it, anyway, it is ok."

Gu Wei: "Sorry, rigorous habit."

"..." Fi Fifold, "How do you calculate this a few minutes?"

Gu Wei put down the agreement and raised his hand.

The reaction came to him, let himself pass by his side, the fidel is blinked, from the sofa, and asking: "Do you?"

When he is approaching, Gu Wei took his wrist and let people sleep in the position next to himself.

Gu Wei side over the body, reach out of the right hand, put on the sofa armrest on the fidet, will be circled in his arms.

"Are you taking medicine today?"

The Fi Fi stunned, and the reaction came over to ask the doctor to give the doctor.

"How do you know?" Yuefi asked out to regret it, definitely what Qiao said still needs to ask, so I will answer him. "I have eaten last night, I haven't eaten today."

Well, Gu Wei leaned over him: "Close your eyes, open your mouth."

Vietnamese, feel that the familiar rosin will be shrouded, and the movements on the lips are not gentle, but with a bit of rude, the rude is always calm, soothing him, after all the night, restart. Pheromones.

Unlike the drug-composed empty emblem, Alpha's information makes him full, strategically, and comfortable.

Yuefi can't help but catch the alpha clothing, you want to close yourself, hug yourself, but Gu Wei's hand is always on the side of the fidel, no movement.

I don't know how long, the deep kiss is over.

The fidel is light and glanced, and I saw the shallowness of Gu Yao's lips, he just bite.

"ten minutes."

Working with the lip clips of the dental printed, the fidel is temporarily unable to think.

"Don't bite next time."

Gu Wei sat down and saw a low-end head and didn't know what to think about it. He raised his hand to fill in the number on the column.

"Two copies, it will take effect from today."

"Your information is loose." Vietnamese suddenly opened.

Gu Wei: "What?"

Fei Fi: "You also lie to me before, and the scent is perfume."

Gu Wei: "Isn't you think so?"

"..." Yue Fiki, "You know that I want to be wrong why not correct me?"

"Do you want to be with me now?" Gu Wei picked up her eyebrows.

"No." Fei Fi reached out, took the two agreements from Gu Wei to the head, "I took a look at the two agreements."

The agreement really wants to determine and fulfill it, and the fidel is a bit awkward.

Gu Wei Town is fixed, and there is more attitude towards him, let him not know why it is a little flustered.

Get up from the sofa, the Fi Fi will come to the stairway to go back to the second floor.

Although he didn't speak, Gu Wei saw his shake at a glance.

"Time time." Gu Wei opened behind him.

"If you regret it, you can tear the two protocols directly."

"When I came back at night, I hope to see your answer."

After that, Gu Wei left.

Fei Fi also returned to the second floor bedroom.

Throw the suitcase open, the fidel is sitting on the floor along the bed, and the thoughts are messy.

He intuitively paved him a trap, but he couldn't see the appearance of this trap, so there was no bottom to bargain with Gu Wei.

Ferry opens the folder, a word, a sentence, and the content of the agreement is really rigorous, and it is fair to allocate the rights and obligations of the two.

For example, how long is the information reduction of information per day, how long is the short-term marker, a short-term marker lasts, what is completely marked ... Gu Wei wrote clear.

At least the current fidel does not see the agreement is obvious.

...... Is this trap that he wants to jump?

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