Looking at the name of the last page, the more I breathed the tone, and I took out my own one, and the folder was reheated.

If you sign it, you will not regret it, and you are grinding, not a man!

He didn't have any appetite in the past few days, and he couldn't afford it. However, after ten minutes of information, he has long been a long time, and he also remembered that there is still a struggle. The final exam.

In the bedroom group, the roommates are poking him, how can I haven't going to class.

Fei Fei Taoist: If the body is uncomfortable, please ask for a month.

Zhao Zhi: You are so weak than Omega.

Fei Fi: ...... It's good to send.

Other roommates: Then you take care of yourself.

Ferry: Well.

The next building cooked the bowl of noodles. After simple and sat, the fidel returned to his own study.

Although I can't go to school, I am also a way at home. Although the final exam is two months, but with his foundation, I want to take a scholarship, so I can't relax from now.

At night, Gu Wei came back, and glanced at the folder on the living room.

Go to the table, pick up the folder, see only the one left, Gu Wei's eyes fell to the stairway to the second floor, tick the mouth.


The next day, the more frowned, after the washing is finished, I will get out of the door, ready to go to the first floor.

Chen Ayi still came over as usual, and it should be that Gu Wei is later told. On the edge of the fidel, I think about the book content you've seen last night. After packing up the tableware, I have known that I have forgotten what I have forgotten.

What about Gu Wei?

Invisible information about the rebellion, so that the fidel is a bit anxious, he directly dialed the mobile phone of Gu Wei.

The familiar ringtone sounded, and the fidel stunned, Gu Wei was still at home.

Soon, he saw Gu Wei from the first floor of the room that was transformed into the gym, holding a mobile phone still singing with songs in his hand.

There is no extraction of sweating, Gu Yuezhu Yue Fei shakes the phone: "Looking for me?"

Fei Fi is running, said: "Well, have you eaten?"

Gu Wei: "Eat, you get late today."

Fiber is a bit awkward: "a little bit."

"Come over." Gu Wei stretched him.

Know what will happen, the fidel is approaching.

Maybe because of the movement, Gu Wei's lips are very hot, and the fidel has suffered the intrusion of the other party's pixel, and I thought.

The noticed did not concentrate, and Gu Wei bites his lips.

The fidel is eating, snorting.

Suddenly, the warm touch of the lip is frightened.

Fei Fei can't stand, raise his hand to support the neck side, but touched the hot sweat of one hand, can not help to tremble, and the body will retreat one step.

Alpha did not pause because of his back, but followed the trajectory of his retreat, raised his hand in the cabinet, blocked people before the cabinet.

After the fidel is backed by the cabinet, put it on the other's neck and unconsciously insert the opposite to the brain, and the other hand is lifted, almost hangs himself on each other.

"Hey ... Sorry, I am sorry."

Chen Ayi came from Chen Ayi, but fidel has completely lost the reaction of the outside world, only a taste of the Alpha pheromone.

However, Gu Wei is still awake, he looked at the clock hung on the wall, and then wanted to withdraw it. The lower lip was smirked by the fidel, not smirked, not refunded, open the opposite side of the lips, After relaxing and retreat.

The other party left, the fidel is fascinating, and I want to catch up.

But I was reached with Gu Wei to cover his mouth.

"ten minutes."

Yue Fi is awake, release the hand on the neck of the opponent's neck.

Let's put down the hand of Yuefi's mouth, and Gu Wei raised his thumbs to wipe it in your mouth.

Footfelt red face: "... Sorry."

Until Gu Wei packed up to go to the company, Yue Fi recalled that it is clear that Gu Wei himself.


Today, Gu Wei handed over the work on his hand to Gu Timusheng, Gu Tian Sheng came to the company, waiting for Gu Wei.

I finally waited for Gu Wei to come out from the elevator, sitting in the VIP room waiting for Gu Tianzheng: "Your working attitude is getting lazy."

Gu Wei passed from the door, and he heard the words and he heard him: "Dad? How do you think of the company?"

"..." Gu Tianzheng is getting angry and walk, but still endures, "You don't want to go honeymoon? Who is it coming to your hand?"

Gu Wei fake modelsaw: "I almost forgot me, Dad, come over, my office, I have worked hard."

Gu Tianqiu got up and followed him into the office.

Sit down on the sofa, wait for the gap between the assistant tea, Gu Wei called Tiangheng: "Sit here."

Gu Tian Sheng gave birth to the office dress, he had not been coming for a long time, but Gu Wei did not change the decoration here. The dissatisfaction of my heart is slightly more calm, Gu Tian Sheng has passed behind Gu Wei, intended to drop in the sofa opposite him.

Inadvertently saw the traces left behind his neck.

"What are you doing recently? Are you still going to school?" On the sofa, I asked Chang Tianzheng.

Gu Wei didn't know why he suddenly cared for Vietnamese, but he replied: "His name is Yuefi, Xiaofei is at home today, the body is uncomfortable, please leave."

Gu Tianzheng snorted: "Young people still have to know some."

Gu Wei didn't understand what he meant, but it didn't care: "He is very embarrassed."

"I know he is awkward." I took the tea and the tea sent from the Secretary, Gu Tiansheng continued, "I will make you moderate."


Gu Wei: "?"

Seeing that he is hard to face, Gu T Than finally felt the majesty of his life: "The traces of the neck still have to cover it, and what is the company's company."

Gu Wei thinks the kiss in the morning, actually leaving a trace on the neck ... In addition to biting, he will be able to grasp, with the wild cat.

Like a laugh, Gu Wei rumored Tian Sheng Road: "People are tempered, forgive me."

After the content of the work was completed, Gu Wei decided to return to South Bayiang County.

Looking at Gu Tian Sheng took another person to take over the president office, Gu Wei gave his secretary and assistant a month.

"Dad, I have worked hard next month."

Gu Tsheng: "You go to play."


Arrange everything that is out of the two days, when Gu Wei returned to Nanwanxiang County, it was close to the evening. When he opened the door, he saw the fidile fidel that was stuck on the wall.

"what are you doing?"

See him back, fidelity appearance: "How come you are so early today?"

Gu Wei: "Today, I have finished working with Dad, and I will take a holiday next month."

Fiye understands, but still a little collapse, he intends to give people a surprise, now ... amazed may have, it is not there.

"What are you doing?" Seeing he did not answer his own problems, Gu Wei asked again.

Fei Fei: "... ... isn't today your birthday ..."

Gu Wei stunned, he all forgot himself.

"Happy birthday?" Gu Wei pointed to the flourish balloon in the hand.

Fi Fi: "Yeah, I am not convenient to go out, I have to find a running leg to buy back."

So there is room for color and content. There is a lot of rigid ...

Looking at his distressed expression, Gu Wei suddenly laughed. Fi Fi lifted his head and found him, found that his face laughed, not the most often appeared in the past, not a shortness of laughing, but the truly pleasant laugh.

"Is this the birthday gift you prepared to me?"

Fei Fi: "Of course not, this is just a atmosphere."

Gu Wei: "Since I have come back, I will post with you."

"How is it, you are Shouxing." Fei Fi does not agree.

Gu Wei: "When you have to post it, I am hungry."

Fei Fei: "... well."

So the president of Tang, just sitting directly on the ground to blow the balloon.

With Gu Wei's joins, the fidel is really a lot, and all arrangements have been completed less than half an hour.

Let Gu Wei sit down in the living room, fidel to the kitchen to take out the cake you prepare, put it on the coffee table, take a candle, get up and turn off the light.

Gu Wei sat on the sofa and looked at him and ran, and didn't say anything, but his eyes have been chasing him.

"Okay." The living room was closed, Yue Fi sang two sentences, "I wish you a happy birthday, I wish you a happy birthday ..."

"You can wish it."

Before the candlelight, Gu Wei looked at Yuefi, and the light was deep, and finally closed his eyes, and the first birthday wishes since birth.

Waiting for him to open his eyes, Vietnamese reminds him: "Blow candle."

"You can help me." Gu Yidao.

Yuefi thought that he was afraid that he had a breathing that his breathing was not destroyed.

Gu Wei looked at him, the laughter of his mouth has not fallen, and it is blown with him.

The fire is off, and the eyes are dark, and the Fei Fei stands up to go to the living room, but suddenly hugged from behind.

"Your pixel seems to be a bit unstable."

"Ah? Is there?" Fei Fei looked back.

The warm kiss is falling, not like yesterday, it is not like this early, but gentle, long, so that the fidel is so comfortable from the fingertips, it is almost trembling ...

I don't know how long it takes.

"Is it ten minutes?"

The lips and teeth are entangled, and the Yuefi whispered.

Gu Wei Don, but did not stop.

"not yet."

Qing Yan Sweet Springs flowing between pine forest, disc, nourishing.

The lips are soft and mutually entangled, and the fidel is behind, and the slender neck seems to have to bear the force on the lips. If it is not the hand on the back, he can't stand up.

The hit of the fidel is on the neck of Gu Wei, but she hasn't moved yet, I was pulled down and put on the other side.

"Change a place to catch."

The fidel seizes the gap and ask: "... oh, ten, a minute?"

Seeing that he still has a question, and Gu Wei's strength on the lips.

"Still early."

God knows why his brain will set the number of minutes.

The author has something to say: Yue classmates sign the agreement - sell yourself

Total contract - unrealistic


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