Because of the long very minute, Yuefi sleeps very sweet, even dreams.

The next day he came to the restaurant to go to the restaurant, and he saw Gu Wei to sit next to the table.

"Early." Fei Fi is called with him.

Gu Wei did headed down: "Not too early."

The fidel is looking at time, 8:30, okay!

Sit down at the dinner table, the fidel hasn't come to pick up the bowl of chopsticks, and Gu Wei suddenly reached a bowl of porridge for him.

"Thank you." Fei Fi is very unexpected, and only his part of him.

Put the bowl in the fidel, Gu Wei is asked insecure: "Do you forget what?"

Fei Fi: "Well?" What did you forget?

Gu Wei stretched out a hand and opened his hand in front of him.

Ferry is not solving: "What?"

Gu Wei looked at him, did not expect him to hint this extent, and Fei Fei didn't understand.

"Gifts." Two words are extruded from his tooth.

Fi Fi blinks, and coughs a saying: "Yesterday I was prepared." The balloon also put it, the cake is also done, the candle also blows, not a gift ...?

I heard the words, Gu Wei stunned, did not expect actually no gift, he recovered: "Eat it."

Although Gu Wei did not say, Vietnamese is a few unscrupulous disappointments from the other person's pixel.

I watched the lower lips, and the fidel silently drank porridge.

He is because I can't think of what a gift is ready to do. I thought that there would be some people to give Party last night, so I specially selected my little dress in South Bay, I got some small dress, I didn't expect it. Gu Wei is so late, it is obviously not preparing to celebrate the class, so Fei Fi is more intimate.

But now ... obviously Gu Wei is not the same as his idea.

Feel the loss of Gu Wei, although it is very light, but I don't know why, the fidel is still uncomfortable.

Gift gift gift ... such a short time, where do he have to change a gift?

After dinner, Fei Fi is rushing to return to the second floor.

Gu Wei picked the eyebrows, did not say anything, although he was some disappointed, but he would not take Yue Fei. After all, Yuefi's preparation last night made him surprise.

After the matter is temporarily put down, Gu Wei is a rare recess.

Since I went to work, he didn't have a so-called holiday. After so many years, it has been accustomed to handling your work every day.

For him, work and life does not have a clear boundary.

This is a rare holiday, although he has made a plan in advance, but now there is two days from the schedule. He could only don't worry these two days.

Yue Fei has no sound after the building, thinking that he learned from work, Gu Wei did not bother him, I found a book, sitting on the living room sofa.

After a while, the footsteps of the stairs came, and Gu Qi looked up, see being fidel.

"Uncomfortable?" I thought he was unstable, and Gu Wei asked.

Yuei is embarrassed to laugh: "No, come to give you birthday gifts."

I heard that Gu Wei immediately attracted interest.

"Isn't it said that those are those?"

Yue Fi did not answer him, but directly put a stacked paper on his hand on a coffee table.

"This is a gift card, you can let me do these things written in the note, each paper can only be used once, the deadline is one month, used for void, overdue."

I can think of this gift, and the fidel wants to admire my smart mage.

Gu Yao's eyebrows and took two.

"Ten minutes of pinch shoulders"

"Cook a bowl"

"Pour water once"

"Human Alarm Clock"


Gu Wei finished, review: "It's a bit naive."

"..." The fidel is reached, "Don't forget it."

Gu Wei stopped him: "This, send me ten blank, I will fill it myself, this is a gift."

Fei Fei hesitated, ten is too much: "... three?"

"Also." Gu Wei promised.

"If it is a difficult person, I can refuse."

"no problem."

So Fei Fei gave him three blank sheets, and the paper wrote a fidel.

"Call the ticket." After that, the fidel added another sentence, "lost."

Because these three blank paper tickets, the fidel is around the day.

Seeing him in the living room, it seems that I have to take anything, and I will ask him attentively: "What should I take? I can help you."

Gu Wei knows his mind, deliberately tease him: "Is it a free help?"

Wen Yan, the Fei Fi is indifferent: "Then you will take it."


In the evening, Gu Wei returned to the book to organize the documents on his desk. After a while, the door of the study was sounded.

I can knock on his door at this time, no other person.

"Come in." Gu Yidao.

The door was opened from outside, and the fidel came in.

Almost he walked in, the sweet pixel immediately rushed to the calm rosin.

"That ... is busy?" Fei Fei is a bit awkward.

When he smelled his pixel, Gu Wei understood what he was looking for.

The movement of the finishing file is unchanged, Gu Wei said: "Not busy, what happened?"

Yue Fi is close, watching him next to the table, but why can't stand a little, staying for a while, then raising your hand with him more than ten gestures: "Today's ten minutes ..."

"Oh." Gu Wei seems to just think of it, he turned the chair under his body, retreats later, leaving the gap in the middle of the table, "Come over."

He sat and the fidel is standing.

Wen said that Fei Fi can only take the initiative to take the way, and go to Gu Wei and the desk.

Seeing Gu Wei, the fidel is somewhat: "You ... you stand up ..."

What makes him?

So, Gu Wei stood up.

I haven't feeling yet when I sit, but I stood up, and Yue Fi found that two people had to stick together.

Plus Gu Wei is more than the fidel, which is Alpha and long-standing high, and it is easy to give people to compress.

Fi Fi wants to look at him, and then refunds half a step, the body is just on the desk.

Almost at the same time, Gu Wei bent over, supported on the table on his body, and bit his lower lip.

The Fi Fi is kissed and then she will take behind, and can only raise his hand to catch Gu Wei collar.

I don't know why, today, Gu Wei kissed is not very concentrated, and the sweet information is not enough to pay attention to it.

Fi Fi pushed Gu Wei, asked him: "What happened?"

Gu Wei looks at him: "The location is not very good."

Also pay attention to? This fidel did not expect.

"Where do you want to go?"

Gu Wei smiled: "Don't go, you are sitting in the table, otherwise I have to be bent over, a little laborious."

The incubation of the information makes Yue Fei also follows the irritability and unpaid, and he is very fitted with the foot. Sitting on the table, holding the hand behind it.

"Faster." Fei Fei reminded him.

Wen said, Gu Wei was amused, and he did not lick a light smile.

The fidel at this moment has not been spotless.

Until the hot lips fall.

At the same moment, the fidel right knee was held by a big hand, and he pushed next to it. The opponent's robust body is close, and the back waist is also a powerful arm. Let him slip straight to the front. The front person is attached to it.


Almost immediately, the fidel is returned, but the lip is more aggressive than the previous few times, and he can only temporarily be forced to bear several times the rosin intrusion.

The sweet pixel just burned and uneasy was surrounded by loosening, gradually sorghum.

Soon, it is handed on the table.

This time, people who don't concentrate becomes Vietnamese.

Too close, such a posture, the two are nearby.


Alpha and Omega's pheromones and sex | want to hook, friday is known.

Because the differentiation is not over, he is not strong in the reaction of Alpha phenomenon.

But Gu Wei is different, he is a robust adult alpha, the body is a moment, and the fidel is a bit wanted to retreat, regarding the agreement, on the mark.

" ..."

At the time of the lips and teeth, the fidel mobile phone shakes.

"Ten ... 10 minutes ... arrived."

Gu Wei did not retreat: "Not yet."

Fei Fi dodge his kiss, just buried his face in his neck: "arrived ... I ... I set a alarm clock."

At this moment, he has no consciousness, such a posture is to expose the gland in which you have not developed mature is exposed to Alpha.

This is really too indulgence, Gu Wei deeply sucks tone, frowning, bowing mouth, and screaming in the opponent's hot skin.

I want to bite, but I can't do it.

It is clear that it is just a touch of water, but the fidel is not controlled low.

"do not……"

I will go back, and Gu Wei turned, and did not dare to look at someone who still breathed, and came out of the study.

The more the farten is sitting for a long time, until the breathing is flat, only from the table, but the foot is a soft, almost falling, and he is not allowed to use his hand in time, not to lose face.

It seems that it is still necessary.

He didn't dare to imagine if the phone didn't ring, the two will happen next.

I don't know where Gu Wei went, Yue Fi helped him put the door of the study, back to the next door.

Waiting for the crystal heart to review the content of our plan from the study, it is cleverly hitting the tour from the third floor.

The water droplets slip from the opponent's red | naked chest.

The fidel is somewhat moving: "I will go to sleep first."

"Well." Gu Wei looked at him and should be.

But when Yue Fei returned to its own room, when he would close the door, Gu Wei opened again.

"Catch your luggage tomorrow."

Ferry: "Well?"

"We will go out later, play."

The Fi Fifreen is bright: "Okay."

"Today is my out of control." Gu Wei topic turned.

Fei Fi: "It doesn't matter ..." You can't talk about it, just if you happen?

Unfortunately, it is different from what he wants to escape, and Gu Wei is very frank, even overdue.

"But given us that we have signed an agreement on markers, I think it is familiar with it in advance, it should, what do you think?"

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