What is familiar, how is it familiar?

I feel that I have a pit in Gu Wei, and the Fuerham has taken it off: "It is not a hurry, wait until my differentiation is said."

I have no way to refuse, Gu Wei picks up the eyebrows, I want to say something, the fi is good at night, but I simply close the door.

Staring at the closed door, Gu Wei wiped the wet, whispered: "It seems to be more and more bad."

In the room, the fidel sat down in front of the window, and after watching the night scene outside the window, he opened the phone to search for the information about AO tag.

"Glandular bite", "reproductive cavity", "pheromone blend" ......

Fei Fei is searching with a scientific awareness. After reading it, it has retired the interface.

Although he knew and marking the protocol of Gu Wei, it was almost equivalent to determining the identity of the two people, but he did not expect that the marks between Omega and Alpha, the same sex, sex, love, and difference in his cognition. Not general.

This, too, too, beast, sex,, let's!

Just wanted to turn off the mobile phone, and the fidel saw the browser suddenly sent it.

"Shocked, estrophily alpha actually did this!"

"Omega's half-year estrus, what did he have experienced ..."

... Fei Fi directly unresses the browser.

In order to forget the content you just saw, the fidel began to pack your luggage in the middle of the night.

When Gu Wei came out from the study, he saw that his room light was still bright, and he couldn't help but knock down the door.

In the house, the action of Yuefi clothes: "What's wrong?"

Gu Wei leaned against the door, reminded him: "A little more, go to bed early."

Wen said that Fi Fi is derived back to him: "Know it."

"Staying up late memory will drop ..." Gu Wei said half, the room of the room was off.

The sound of the Fi Fif is as stuffy in the quilt: "I slept, good night."

Inside the house, Gu Wei smiled and said that the sound is late, and I don't know if I hear the fidel. I then turned back to the master bedroom.

In the room, the mess of the place failed to clean up, the fidel is lying on the bed, close your eyes, you have to sprite the scholarship, you can't remember the memory.

I thought that when he was just wearing, he also made a healthy student, and the results are now more and more often staying up late.

Oh ... sigh, sleep, and the fidel gradually sinks into the dream.

In the dream, he sat alone on the sea rock, watching the waves, smelling the sea breeze, sometimes there is a seagull near, flying, he is calm, and when you look at the watch, wait for the watch.

With the solar west, some people finally come, they were born from behind, and they smiled happy.

"You have been a bit naive recently."

On the side of it, he pulled down his own eyes and looked back to people behind him.

The people sit down next to him, proficiently put the Yuefi's head on his shoulders.

"What are you thinking?"

Fei Fi: "I miss you."

There is a kiss on the lips.

"I miss you, I am not coming to me? Wait for I found it?"

The fidel reached out to his waist, kissed back: "Um ..."

The other side smiled and held him kiss.


When I woke up the next day, the Yue Fi's mouth did not know the smile, and the mood was relaxed.

He lifted his arm comfortably and stretched a lazy waist, rolling two laps in the nest, remembered.

Yes, who is the person in my dream? He didn't see the face of the person, but he clearly remembered that the other side of the messenger.

Dialogue last night, plus inexplicable dreams, and the dream of Qi Wei, all over the day, Yuefi, I didn't dare to see Gu Wei.

In the evening, the driver came to Nanwanxiang County to pick up the two.

Sitting on the car to the airway, Gu Wei took his abnormality and asked him: "What are you thinking?"

This question came out, and the fidel I thought of last night.

"thinking of you……"

Gu Wei's eyes fell on him, and the eyebrows were picked.

"... I have to take me."

Yue Fi suddenly, completed the second half.

Uncertain Yue Fei is intentionally or unintentional, Gu Wei thought about it: "Go to my heart ..."

The fidel is surprised to look at him: "Ah?"

"... I feel very suitable for a small island for vacation." Seeing the fidet earthquake, Gu Wei is slowly complementing the following sentence.

Ferry: "... Oh."


Until the plane with Gu Yizhen, the fidel was later known: "We are sitting in a private plane?"

Gu Wei arrived in the cabin and heard the answer: "Well, this is a private mint."

Ferry: "..."

"Oh, right, we will go right away, my grandfather sent my adult gift." Gu Wei took the seat next to him, indicating that the fidel is sitting, "I let people operate until now, have become A famous tourist island at home and abroad, the annual profit is quite considerable, this time, it is a break and travel, and it is also inspeining the operation of the agent. "

Fei Fife is sitting next to him: "I found you very mad."

Gu Wei can be said to be the most striking president in his novel. Don't talk about it in love with the two days. Every day, the time dating is longer than working, just a day of cool king, people must I am busy with the rooftop. Only Gu Wei, in the ABO text, while thinking about the President, it is also intertwinding to promote ABO information reduction ...

He dared to think, dare to do, fidel is really very admired.

Gu Wei seems to be: "Maybe because no one is hurting."

Seeing some people, I thought that Gu Wei was draped and stroked. I knew what the answer he wanted, and the fidel replied very much: "I feel bad."

Gu Wei's hand on his shoulder, the low laughter with pleasure and it: "Little liar."

Although I don't know how I have a little liar, but the fidel is not refuted, leaning on the back of the chair, it is going to see it.


Ferry: "It is a bit."

"This can be pushed into a lounge chair." Run your hand to fight the fidet, the chair, Gu Wei put soft voice, "Sleep."

The lights in the cabin are dimmed, and Gu Wei took the blanket and covered himself and the fidel. Seeing that the fidel is lying in the face, he wants to take a break.

A blanket, two people, but more than enough, feel the body temperature of another person, , my heart is a warm and quiet.

The plane started to slide, the tiny bumps opened the fidel with their arms opened their eyes, and in front of him, he was a quiet side of Gu Wei. He closed his eyes, obviously did not have affected.

I don't consciously get close to the other side, until the forehead is on the side of the side, the fidel has closed his eyes.

Close to the other side, it seems to be more comfortable.

The wing rolled over the blue sky and carrying two people who gradually approached each other, leaving the earth under the foot, and the island wrapped in sea wrapped in the far away.


When the fidel woke up again, no one was around.

He is sitting in a chaos, sleeping too long, just waking up, there is still some situation, I can't think of it now.

Until Gu Wei came in from the aisle, the consciousness of the fidel gradually returned.

"Wake up?" Gu Wei came closer, after he sat down, raised his eyes.

I don't know if he wants to do it, and the fidel reaches his palm.

"I opened the light."

As his voice falls, the lights in the cabin are on.

The eyes under the hand are pulled, slowly adapted to changes in the surrounding brightness.

After waiting for a while, I feel almost the same, Gu Wei moved away, put it on his head, knead his hair.

"Are you hungry?"

Fipi nose.

"What do you want to eat?" Gu Wei asked him.

Vietnamese fi moved some, close to him: "... 10 minutes."

There is no pixel propagation today.

Gu Wei bowed: "I almost forgot."

The fidel moves up and welcomes his kiss.

The posture of the body is not too convenient, and Gu Wei's hand is pressed down on the other side of Yue Fei, and the body is lowered down.

Hook the neck of Gu Wei, the other hand is supported on the soft pad under the body, the fidel is gradually hand, and the body is behind, lying down on the place just asleep.

Gu Wei's hand held his side, and he looked at him.

Since there is no need to support it again, the fidel simplicity has hook the neck of Gu Wei.

"There is still five minutes."

I heard that ALPHA, who was still there was a scruple, immediately leaned, re-kissed his arms.

In the corner of the fidel, his mobile phone was opened by a person, and the set ten minutes of setting up ten minutes.

... I don't know how long it took, I have just wake up, I still have a confused fidel more confused. This ten minutes, it seems to be too long.

The lips seem to have faint numbness, but the alarm has not yet sounded, and the fidel bit bites Gu Wei: "I tongue."

The sorrow is issued from the very close chest, and the fidel feels that he seems to feel.

"Then I am tight?"

"I think it seems to be almost."

"Your alarm is still nothing."

"But it seems long time."

"What is your feeling? Is there anything uncomfortable?"

"The neck is behind, it is still hot." Vietnamese is old and old, as if it is in a general condition with the doctor.

Gu Wei: "That is not good."

"But I hurt." I won't kiss the mouth at all.

Gu Wei: "You are getting more and more beautiful, then we have changed."

Fei Fi: "What method?"

"You got up, turned over." Gu Wei supported his body.

I don't know what he has to do, the Vietnamese obeyed the past, and back to Gu Wei.

Soon, Fei Fei knows yourself.

The warm lip is posted on the skin behind the neck, and the fidel is shameful, and the finger grabs the blanket.

Familiar with unfamiliar soft softened skin, and again.

Fi Fi is buried in the blanket, toes | tighten.

After a while, he couldn't stand the back of his back, and he pulled Gu Wei's hair.

"I am fine, don't get it." With a few indiscriminate crying cars, the fidel has ridiculous.

Seeing people to bully too much, and Gu Wei is hard to have a bull, and they can't get a painful scalp. He makes it up, and he is a shocked Omega.

"Don't be afraid, I don't get it."

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