Because of the time difference, the two arrived at the island is just the afternoon.

Yue Fei is sleeping because the whole process is sleeping. Before the plane, Gu Wei suddenly took a small box from the pocket.

"What is this?" Yue Fi took it from his hand, see what the box outside the box did not have, and asked Gu Wei.

Gu Wei: "You don't want people to know your Omega's identity? This is on the back neck, you can prevent the informationin."

Wen said, the eyes of the Fi Fi brightly: "This is good."

"I will help you first." Gu Wei opened the box and took out a piece of things like a transparent jelly. After torn off the small packaging, attached to the back neck of the fidel.

Fi Fi only feels that the skin that is often hot, it is cold, so that he can't help it.

"In a few minutes, this piece used to block the legends of the positive leakage will be thin, close to your skin, not to get close to it, you can't see it, you have a stuff." Gu Wei patiently explained.

Fei Fei: "Oh,"

Gu Wei: "Of course, this kind of thing can only work in everyday, like a love period or your pixel is not stable, there is no effect."

"Okay." Fei Fi is clearly clear.

Gu Wei stood in front of him, combined with the box, and asked unreasonably: "I remember that you have an Omega sister, how is the basic common sense of Omega?"

Yue Fi is gudged, but the face is not moving: "Oh, she will find my mother in this kind of thing, didn't look for me, after all, I am just beta."

I agree with his statement, Gu Wei smashed his head: "You don't want to tell you what you differentiate in your family?"

Fei Fi: "Let's talk about it later." He didn't want to say anyway.

Gu Wei: "Well, you can decide this matter."

"How do you know how much about Omega?" Yue Fi suddenly curious.

Gu Wei: "Because the big brother is Omega, we grew up from a child, and the knows is almost the same."

Ferry: "Oh."

In contrast, Yue Fei is really a little bit of doing o.


The company arranged a special person to pick them up.

When the two men, I had a blonde's little handsome guy to say hello.

"Gu always, welcome to Pue, I am called Ge Xi."

Gu Wei saw him and told himself to respond.

Ge Xi's eyes fell on the fidel who stood together.

"Fei Fi." Ferry, self-introduction.

"Hello, Mr. Yue." Ge Xi smiled and exposed eight teeth.

It's a handsome young man with a sun, and the fidel thinks in his heart.

A breeze on the lawn blowing, faint and sweet coconut flavor, let Yue Fi think of cold coconut juice drinking in summer.

Suddenly, Vietnamese heard Gu Wei cold voice opening: "Is the Prosecut only one of you?"

The atmosphere suddenly solidified.

Ge Xihong face, some panic: "Gu is always embarrassed, Lin always washing, come over."

Gu Wei hooked his mouth: "It seems that I am misunderstood."

Ge Xi didn't know how to answer it, and only immediately came to the side and called Lin.

Fi Fei pulled Gu Wei's sleeves: "What happened?"

Gu Wei glanced at him: "Someone seduce your alpha under your eyelids, didn't you feel?"

"Ah?" Fei Fi is exactly the condition.

Gu Wei no longer talk, and lifted the feet so early, waiting for the car not far away.

The fidel looks at Ge Xi, who is calling, keeps with Gu Wei.

This is a call back to the phone, and I only see that Lin always told the guests who have to take a good hospital.

"Back to the hotel."

The driver is a household arrangement, so it is directly stepped on the throttle directly.

Almost at the same time, not far a middle-aged man hurriedly ran over and blocked the front of the car.

"Gu total!" The other party shouted.

"Wait will." Gu Wei let the driver stop.

The window fell, the middle-aged man ran to the side of Gu Wei.

"Gu, I am really sorry, I have come here very much waiting for you, just suddenly my stomach is not very comfortable, I have left for a while, I didn't expect you to arrive, Gexi is the company's interns, just hit you, you are me. I will not be able to pay for you! "

Gu Wei wrinkled and looked at the eyes of Lin Li and the eyes: "Lin Li, we seem to have not seen it for two years."

Lin Li is smiling: "Yes, Gu total, two years, you work busy, I always hope that you can come over the island to rest for a while, this is not, I finally hoped you."

Gu Wei hooked his mouth: "Two years, you have forgotten what kind of person I am."

Lin Li took the smile of his mouth and sweated forehead.

"Go back, I will go to the company tomorrow." Gu Wei moved away, "What should I prepare, I don't need me to teach you."

Lin Li low: "You can rest assured."

The window is slow.

As the car is far away, Lin Li called Ge West.

"What did you just do?" Lin Li's tone was very serious.

Ge West: "Nothing is done, you said that Gu total does not like to take the initiative, I am very embarrassed."

Lin Li: "Why is that calm?"

"I ..." Ge Xi felt that he was very embarrassed, "I just have a little bit no control information ..."

"You are confused!" Lin Li violently jumped, "I don't want you to pay you, and I hate Omega take the initiative to hook him? Especially pixels!"

Ge Xi: "Then he is an Omega, how do I know ..."

Lin Li snulsed unusual: "Gu always brought an Omega?"

Ge West: "Although I didn't smell the pixel on him, I can't bear it wrong with the smell of Gu. He brought an Omega. In addition to Mr. Yue, there is no one."

Lin Li: "You have a bad mouth, say that you are not Omega at all, you are indulging."

He thought that by the long phase of Ge West, if he can be seen in Gu Wei, bring a look back, it is a good future for Ge Xi, and even the long face of Gu Wei, which is the fans of this silly child. First death, I will make yourself a blacklist of Gu Wei for the first time.

Relax is far from the headquarters, and Lin Li did not know what Gu Wei married. This time I just thought that Gu Wei came over to vacation, and Gu Wei did not explain the companion.

Ge West: "Uncle ..."

"You go home first." Lin Li put his hand. He has to go back to the company overtime.

Sure enough, the shortcut is not everyone can go. He is only suitable for only diligent old yellow cattle.

On the car, after the fidel, the taste of just smelling himself on the lawn may be Gexi's positives.

"Is he omega?"

I didn't have a sentence, but Gu Wei understood the meaning of Fi Fi and told it.

I thought that Gu Wei was harassing again, but she didn't know, Yue Fei suddenly somewhat blame: "Just I didn't protect you."

Gu Wei wondered the eyebrows: "How do you protect me?"

"Holding a speaker announcement, you have always taken a partner to come up with honeymoon, don't engage in someone else to destroy others' feelings." The fidel is full of scorpion.

Seeing him, the mood of Gu Wei finally turned some, smiled: "Silly."

Yue Fi, there is a mason: "It is also, in fact, it is simpler, you will hang the brand on your neck, write on the main bus."

Gu Wei reached out to take his face: "Yue Xiao Fei, the nearest courage is getting bigger and bigger."

Dare to make him more than the dog.

The fidet shrinks his hand hiding his hand, laughing: "It is good to support it."

The hotel is coming soon.

"We said that it is a honeymoon this time, so you can only understand it, can you understand?"

After getting off the bus, Gu Wei walked around Yuefi and looked down in his ear.

I didn't think of this, I just nodded after I heard it: "Understand."

I don't know why, I suddenly emerged on the bag on the blanket soon, and the fidel ear faintly hot.

The luggage is sent by a special person, and the Fi Fi follows the best in the hotel's optimal suite.

Looking out from a huge floor window, it is a beautiful sea, and the beautiful sea view makes Vietnamese temporarily forgetting others.

"It's too beautiful." Fei Fei went to the floor-to-ceiling window and looked at the scenery outside the window.

Gu Wei sat down on the sofa, looked at him, and didn't consciously bring a smile: "Eat some things, we went to the sea."

Fei Fi: "Okay."

To the island, of course, you must have to eat seafood.

Wait until the dishes are there, and the fidel has found a lot of shells.

However, whether lobster or goose butter cavity, Gu Wei is very natural to deal with the shell, put the delicious meat and put it in the fidain bowl.

"Slow down."

The fidel biting his chopsticks, it is a bit embarrassed: "Thank you."

Outside the suite, the service student with gloves is uncertain, and the manager standing on the side: "Don't you enter the two valve service?"

The manager glared at him: "It is not a bit eye to see, and Gu always starts, want you to stay there, when the light bulb?"

The service sighed, some conscience is uneasy: "I didn't expect this money so good." I thought that guests living in this suit must be unwilling to wait.

Manager: "You will steal the music. When I was a small leader five years ago, I met Gu total, but I didn't live so much."

When I stayed in five years, I was when I was in the case. He listened to the gossip of the colleague. I knew that Gu Wei is the big boss of the master. When I saw the other side, I thought it was only a rich second generation, except for the small feet, it should Do not understand management. Because of this idea, plus the limited business level at the time, he made a lot of low-level mistakes with colleagues. At the last day, he was pointed out in the spot, and a group of people almost ashamed to take it into the sea.

But after Gu Wei criticized them, they did not reply directly, but invited the internationally famous hotel service team to give them a month training.

I heard that the training fee is an astronomical figure.

Since then, although Gu Wei has been high in the high emperor in the past few years, no one dares to make it casually, all the borsys have to earn back training fees for a few years, and the image of Gu Wei is almost half of their heart. It is a boss and half a belief, everyone is afraid of him.

This time I heard that Gu Wei had to come over, they didn't rest, and the whole from the top, from the bottom to self-rectify a few rounds, and they were waiting.

It seems that they should not let Gu Wei are disappointed.

Service students don't understand the mood of their own manager, Gossip: "Is Mr. Tie Gu total companion? Just listening to them, it seems that it seems to be honeymoon."

I heard the words, the manager was bright: "You remind me, I will go out for a walk, you follow me, take a set of things in the couple's suites."

Service students: "Do you need to ask for a summary?"

Manager holds his arm: "... young people know how can it become a management?"

Service students: "Well? '

Manager: "The leadership will be done well, and the leadership does not explain what they have to understand and do it. The leaders did not expect to think and do it, understand?"

Young service is hilarious, don't understand: "Oh."

Manager: "You slowly let go."

... After an hour, the young waiter follows the manager, holding a box of props from the special suites, using the language of praise: "Manager, mouth, rope, candle ... I also get ready."

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