I Got Bitten After Transmigrating into a Pseudo-Beta

Chapter 42 simulating gland markers

The two got a circle on the sea, until the Hua light was back to the hotel.

"Occasionally, this seashore is still relaxing." Yue Fi likes to work.

Gu Wei: "If you like, we can come over and take a break every year."

Fiyu stunned, nod: "Well."

He didn't expect Gu Wei to arrange himself into his future plan.

In the future, each year ... no matter what Gu Wei said, the fidel is full of warmth.

There is a place in the future of others, this is a very fresh thing for Vietnam.

Before you come here, he is always alone. Everyone has a home, there is a family who can care for each other, seems to have only him, sometimes want to find someone, and think about it is convenient to consider others.

I don't want to come to this world. Although there is a parent of my parents, I have never dare to have too much contact. After all, he is not a real franchise, and it will be unsatisfactory.

And Gu Wei was he met after he came here, and the fidel in the minds of the brain should be his look, so the fidel is also relaxed with him.

Previously, Yue Fi often thought about which day, he woke up, and it would find that everything now is just a dream.

I won't feel a pity, but now I hope this dream is a little more ...

Gu Wei went to the bathroom to take a shower, and the fidel sat down on the carpet and packed his baggage.

Originally, specialist packing their luggage, but Vietnamese feels that there is not much baggage, or it is good, so I refuse. Finally, the housekeeper only sorted the baggage of Gu Wei, but also deliberately gave Yue Fei, let him put it itself.

Put your clothes in the wardrobe, and the fidel is found to have some abrupt boxes.



When Gu Wei came out from the bathroom, there was only a bath towel in the waist.

When I returned to the room, I saw the fidel who sat on the carpet to play mobile phones and looked at him in a glance.

I thought he was too uncomfortable because of her wear, Gu Wei entered the clothes room to take pajamas, and they came out later.

However, Fei Fi still looks at him with a strange eyes.

I don't understand the meaning of the fidelity, and Gu Wei sat down on the bed and asked him: "What's wrong?"

Fei Fi: "Nothing."

Gu Wei, of course, did not believe he said, so I reached out, I wanted to kneel his head, but the fidel got it from the ground.

"I went to take a shower." Said, Yue Fi took his pajamas and ran to the bathroom.

Gu Wei's hand was returned, and he frowned, and he took a shower, what happened?

Suddenly, his eyes fell on the bedside to expose a corner of the box.

If you haven't remembered, he didn't see this before entering the bathroom.

Bending from the bottom of the bed and turned out the box, Gu Wei saw a slightly messy product, as well as the above hotel logo.

...... He didn't know how to say the hotel was too intimate or too worried.

"Oh." When I saw the whip, Gu Wei couldn't help but laughed, it is no wonder that Fei Fi has just seen his eyes so strange, it is estimated that it is a special habit.

Rao is interested in reading all products in the box, and Gu Wei took out one of the shoulders and candles, putting other things back.

I have been waiting for an hour, and the fidel has finally come out from the bathroom. Seeing that it has not been resting, it is not helpful.

"Tomorrow is not going to the company, you still don't sleep?" Fei Fi went to the bedside, and his eyes were moving between the sofa between the big bed and the partition, and finally set the candles on the bedside table.

Gu Wei: "Waiting for you."

The fideways are shocked: "What are you doing?"

"Today's ten minutes have not been added." Gu Yidao.

Fei Fei: "I think the information is very stable today, you will sleep early. I am not used to sleep with others, I will sleep outside the sofa, good night."

After that, the fidel turned to the room.

The room and the living room were separated by separation, so when the fidel went to the sofa, it still felt that Gu Wei fell in his own eyes.

At the same time, it has just said that the information is good, and it starts to rebellious.

Almost immediately, the sweet springs come out, the purpose of the aim of clarify the people in the big bed, the calm rins began to act, but Gu Wei did not move like a mountain, as if not notice the fidelity.

Immort the legs to the sofa, fidile red face hugging his knees, back to the big bed, curling in the corner.

The back neck begins to be hot, even faint pain, but the fidel is not asking for help.

I just said that I have to go back and go back to ask for information sources. I feel that my face is a little not open.

The result of the death of the face is that the fidel head is on the sofa, and the thin sweat is soaked in the back of the back.

Does Gu Wei do not feel that his information is unstable? The Fii suddenly wronged.

The sweet taste in the room gradually became rich, Gu Yusheng sighed and got up and came to Yuefi.

"Stupid." Bending the waist, Gu Wei held his back, holding his knees, directly holding people.

The observed approach, the fidel reached, and left his neck.

After the back contact and soft mattress, it was already a bit confused and fidelian awake: "Don't."

Gu Wei did not listen to him, put it behind the bed, leaned over.

"Don't you?"

The fidel looks at the handsome face close at hand, suddenly lost words, and he took the next: "... only do informationols."

Gu Wei smiled: "Otherwise, what do you want to do?"

Fi Fi Lips, the eyes do not consciously fall on the candles of the bedside table.

Gu Wei noticed that he deliberately tease him: "Do you want to try it ... New pattern?"

"I don't like candles." Fei Fei responded and firm.

Gu Wei used a slight way to say a little sorrowful. "You don't like us."

I don't know if the informationin is born, or what is the reason, Vietnamese feels inexplicably burn on his face.

In order to hide the sudden shame, the fidel raised his hand to hook the neck of Gu Wei, and lifted the chin biting the other side of the lips.

"You first pay the ten minutes today."

Other, it is another price ...

Gu Wei hangs down and no longer converges the pixel.

Overbearing rosin, hurts the Omega pheromone of the projection, gentle and firm intrusion, integration, and soothing.

Candlelight and soft bed are easy to make a lost atmosphere.

Finally, the finger holds the skin on the back neck of Alpha, the fidel is slight.

Gu Wei looked up and looked at him, and his eyes were gentle: "I will go to the company tomorrow."

Fame came back to God, recovered his fingers: "Sorry. Is it ten minutes?"

"Ten minutes." Gu Wei replied him, but did not get up.

The fidel eye is red, and the moist eye flow is revealed.

"Alpha will also be affected by Omega's information." Gu Wei held in bed, and the other hand lifted, gently wiped it in his eyes. "Hello, I am a bit uncomfortable."

The Fi Fif is stunful: "What should I do? Is it necessary to suppress the inhibitor?"

"So ruthless?" It was originally hit by the fingers in his eyes, and he crocked the white cheek, and Gu Wei asked him.

"..." Fi Fi kicked his hand, and his face had to be flat.

He consciously changed his mouth: "Is it what I do?"

I saw Gu Wei to laugh at him, reached out to spend a black plastic product on the top of the fidelhead, take a black plastic product.

"What?" Yue Fi is immersed.

Gu Wei explained: "Shoulder buckle, simulating gland mark. MEGA buckle on shoulders, can wrap the place where the gland is wrapped, Alpha does not need clockwork, when biting, it will not really cause short-term to Omega gland Mark, while also a pressure sensitive to Omega's gland, let Omega and Alpha can get ... Appropriate dissertation. "

Yue Fei recalls that Gu Wei feels the feeling of the neck skin in the cabin ... If you use your shoulder, you can solve Gu Wei's problem without the real skin contact. Is this not a stable sale?

"That ... we try?" Fiformally shrinking the leggings, light naked ankles have passed on silky lines, and different cold touch of the skin makes him feel comfortable, can't help but wear shoulders. Time, sit up, move it next to the position.

The place just lying in two people is too hot.

Gu Wei sat up and looked at him to open the pajamas collar, put the shoulder buckle, and the bottom is unconscious.

After wearing it, the Fi is sitting in the bed, looking back at Gu Wei, eyes clean: "Yes."

Another Omega is what kind of Gu Wei don't know, but it is possible to let him stick to the breath, only one of the fidel.

It is clear by so many Omega, which once encountered so many omnipotent methods, but the people in front of them will not do anything, and let him slide the end of the out of control.

Gu Wei's heart was jumped, and he couldn't help but licked his dry lips.

The big hand has a support in the bed, and half of the fidel.

"Well, don't move."

Gu Wei is reminded in the fidel ear.

Since fidel, I just wanted to ask why, I used it to check the neck.

With the protection of the shoulder, this time Gu Wei no longer converges, and the dissemination of the information of the pixel is exclusively biting.


The neck of the neck is strange and strong, so that the Yuefi eye is moist again, can't help but think about it, and give yourself a different source.

But almost his body just moved, the alpha behind him immediately tightened the steel arm, and left his waist and did not let him escape.

"Don't move." Alpha's sound with a restrained warning.

Vietnamese fidel is not coming, the place where the neck is bitten is itchy, it is hard to drill the blesses, and it is slightly nothing.

Sweet omega phenomenon flows out of excessive flow, and then captured and swallowed.

"Enough ... Enough ..." The slender finger grabs the bed, intends to escape the heat source behind, the fidel hand is on the arm of the waist, and I want to make a restraint.

The analog gland marks give great satisfaction, in addition to the source of pheromones, and Omega's conidentiality posture.

So at this time Omega's struggle is undoubtedly the challenge of Alpha absolute power.

One hand ring, one hand raised the shoulders of the arms, Gu Wei straight together, pushing people forward, pressing the bed.

Mixing ast ast ast ast ast ast ast ast ast ast asthon is not much sincerity.

The moist soft soft is slippery on the neck, and Gu Wei once again opened his mouth, and he took the shoulder and biting the back and neck of Yuefi.

"Hey, I will bear it again."

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