In the endless boom, Yue Yue Yang brought down, as if he can hear his heartbeat, just simulating the gland mark, he has almost unbearable, if you really bite, what will it?

I'm thinking that I'm still in the differentiation period, Gu Wei did not dare to toss him. After launching the teeth, I saw the shoulder, and I saw sweating next to the people of the arms. After smilling, I raised my hand and sweating. Wipe it.

The hair of the horns has been sweat, the Yue Fi is in the bed, and it will breathe his emotions.

Intid it and Inthered, I really didn't hold back, pushed Gu Wei, evil: "You, sleep at night."

He is very bad, but it is actually that physical strength has not recovered, and if the words, the words are floating as if they are spoiled.

I know that I am too much today, Gu Wei is very good to talk, "Okay, then you will rest early."

Then I got up and went to the living room sofa. Pressed the button, the sofa slowed down, became a small bed. Gu Wei lied down and covered the thin blanket that had just been Yue Fi, and his face, looked at Yuefi's back, as if the lion of the fidel, as if he was satisfied, and he was satisfied with his prey.

Fei Fi is al lying on a soft and comfortable mattress, just that the simulation mark is overdrison, so it quickly fell asleep.

On the following day, Gu Wei woke up, Yuefi is still sleeping, don't want to wake him, Gu Wei has changed the room directly after replacing clothes.

Lin Li waited at the hotel door to wait in the morning.

Gu Wei came out to see him, but did not say anything, just sat on his car.

"I know that you have to come back, the company is very happy, do you have other arrangements at noon? I have been getting a lunch in the company." In fact, Lin Li was going to take the wind last night, but did not expect Ge West. The things are annoyed, and the things that will be taken will only press first. Today, Gu Wei wants to go to the company, and it will mention it in a timely manner.

Gu Wei: "Good evening."

I don't know if I woke up at noon, I will let him come to the hotel at night.

"Is there any characteristic show?" Open the mobile phone by Gu Wei and asked Lin Ze.

I didn't expect the most impat resistance of these formalism in the past, and Lin Li immediately found a chance of performance.

"You can rest assured that pack it on me."

Gu Wei faintly reminded him: "Because I haven't done a wedding, you may not know that this time is my companion, he is Yuefi, he will go in the evening."

Lin Li stunned, Ge Xixi is actually right, Gu Zheng is still Omega!

Although Gu Wei did not say that his partner is Omega, but in the concept of Lin Li, the person who is like Qi Wei is likely to be Omega, so I don't want to directly use the fidel as Omega.

"No problem, I will be able to arrange Mr. Yue, I am very satisfied." Lin Li cheered the chest.

Gu Wei nodded, he is still still in the trust of Lin Li, otherwise it will not give him the entire prison.

Lin Li is the poor boy from the small fishing village, but with his own efforts, academic qualifications and wrists have been recognized by Gu Wei. It's just that the honesty in the sex has never changed. Finally, after you can self-sufficient, the first thing to do, Lin Li's first thing is to pick up his home's parents, this is also from so many talents. Lin Li is the most important reason for the manager of the Constoison.

After the plane landed, I found that I didn't see Lin Li in two years and began to move my brains. Gu Wei was unhappy, and even withdrew the idea of ​​removing Lin Li. But he did a decision that would never be only a mood, so today, today, he is the second chance of he gives Lin Li.

Next to Qinquan, Puerto, today, now, the design innovation of the design innovation has become an essential card attractions that Puertoji is essential.

Since the development of Primar Island these years, Gu Wei is recognized by the work ability of Lin Li, which is the reason why he is willing to give a lot of opportunities.

The company has already got the big boss to come over, everywhere, everyone is taking the string, walking.

Gu Wei took out the elevator, and the employee of the office was busy in the office, and he went to brush: "Good morning!"

Gu Wei is not a slanting, straight to the meeting room.

The tone is cold: "It is time for work, not military training time."

One sentence, let the staff standing instantly into the cave.

Lin Li followed behind Gu Wei, the staff worker pressed the handle: "Sit down, what to do, to do the supervisor of work, come over."

A group entered the meeting room, and Gu Wei was sitting in a hand, and looked at the people who were rowing outside his eyes. For Lin Zidao: "Do not waste time, you can start."


This report did not end until three o'clock in the afternoon.

So fortunate, the work ability is really do not need Gu Wei, after listening to all reports, Gu Wei's face finally has a smile.

"Everyone has worked hard." The people who were originally leaned in the chair were sitting straight, and the hands were put on the meeting table. "I have a very recognized achievement of everyone in the past year. I hope that everyone can make persistent efforts. "

Applause in the meeting room.

"So, I will here today."

Lin Li got up: "Everyone has worked hard today, Gu has already booked a takeaway for everyone in advance. It is the hotel directly, it is eating, take a break, and there is a spirit to continue."

I thought that overtime hungry is hiding, but I didn't expect Gu Wei to give them a meal, everyone is very surprised.

"Thank you for your total." ......

When I walked, Gu Wei was to Lin Zidao: "I also packaged in the afternoon tea in the company's employees, inform the hotel, the fee is from my private account."

Lin Li grabbed the brain spoon: "Gu's summary, it is not too bad for a month, and a week is almost."

Gu Wei smiled, after a just inspection, after the plane, the dissolution of Lin Li's performance has been done: "For so many years, you have not changed the nature of this door."

Lin Li: "Although the money is from your pocket, I can't help but feel distressed, this is the same here, some projects I look very well, but I think that the previous investment is too big, the return cycle After too long, I don't dare to mention with you. I know that you will definitely agree, but I am a distressed money, I understand that the same amount of money, it is certain that I can double the return, but Song Song, investment risk is high ... "

Knowing that he is a borrowing question, Gu Wei is crying: "Okay, what projects say directly, I can vote, I don't think, I don't think there is nothing wrong with me."

Lin Li immediately got up: "There are a few projects, and he always wanted to return to China. When you look for your interview, he said that you came over this time, I went back to the office to bring you over."

Gu Wei: "Well, go."


When I woke up, I have already lunch time. He wrinkled from the bed. I saw the information suggestion on my mobile phone, I opened my mobile phone.

[You have three missed calls from Gu Wei.

Gu Wei: There is a feast in the evening. When I arrive, I will let the driver go back to pick you up.

Gu Wei: I haven't started yet?

Gu Wei: Where is it uncomfortable?

Gu Wei: Woke up and replied me.


Fei Fei choose directly to the mobile phone number of Gu Wei.

The prompt sound only sounded, and it has been connected opposite.

Gu Wei deliberately lowered the sound from the earpiece into the ear: "Wake up?"

Ferry: "Well."

"Where is it uncomfortable?"


"Then let's send the hotel to our room, are you hungry?"

"is a little."

"Well, I said with the hotel."

"You are busy with you, I will give you the front desk."

"I am not busy."


At the same time, in the conference room, Lin Li looked at Gu Wei to see half of the documents, and got up to the floor to the floor.

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