Not busy ...

Gu Wei's work mad property Lin Li is deeply appreciated, so he is listening to it at the moment, and he is not good for his ear. It will make this sentence when he works, and the feelings of Mr. Gu, the feelings of Mr. Gu, must excellent.

Fortunately, Ge Xi did not do more, or in the eyes of others, I was taking the alpha alpha, I remembered it was really eye-shaped, and Mr. Yue didn't have a conversation.

Seeing Gu Wei at the end of the time, Lin Li sent a message to Ge West.

Lin Li: You guess, and the Omega, who has come over, is a partner of Gu total.

Ge West: I just say it!

Lin Li: So you study well, don't think about marriage, you don't have to work.

Ge West: I am calling investment, your old man does not understand.

Lin Li snorted, the salt he had eaten was much better than the dinner, and he did not understand anything.

Ge Xi is a son of Lin Li, because it is good to be a good Omega, and it is worse than being homes in the family. All day will find a rich alpha, the food and clothing is worry-free, and can help the family, It's better to be better.

The most important question is that Lin Li brother is just a general fisherman, Ge Xi can meet with money and single alpha?

The only thing in my family is Lin Li, so I gave a total of a total of Great Brother, I sent Ge West to the Yusong Island, and the name of the United States is accompanied by grandparents. In fact, I want to let Lin Li to find a rich alpha. .

Big Brother has fully supported him to study, and Lin Li can't refuse the request of the big brother, so I promised.

Just encounter this time, Gu Wei wants to come to the Song Island holiday. Lin Li thinks that Gu Wei is not a single and rich alpha, and the character is very good, so I think that wearing needle leads, but I don't expect, Gu Wei. already married.

In the evening, he had to apologize for his husband, and it is really Tang Ji.

Thinking for a moment, Lin Li sent a message to Ge West.

Lin Li: At night, Mr. Gu Chi and Mr. Quee, you will come together, come over, and pay attention to others.

Ge West: Good uncle.


It may be because I just got up, the sound of Yuefi sounded in the phone, and Gu Wei spent some time to tease him. After confirming that his body did not have any discomfort, he hangs.

Obviously leaving for a long time, Gu Wei actually thought of fidel. This feeling is very fresh, but I don't hate it.

People who have remembered in my heart, Gu Wei seemed to have a lot of speeds.

After a few projects have roughly have their own judgment, Gu Wei looked up to Lin Li.

"Let's talk about your thoughts."

Lin Li: "In fact, I ..."

In a small meeting room, the two discussed the development direction of the prison in the next few years, and she would not remember the friendship that was just creating in the work. Later, Gu Wei returned to Gu, and the Pixin left. Lin Li was helm.

However, Lin Li knows that his position is high, but he can represent the claim to make a decision, but he is only a working person. Many things must be invited to make a decision after Gu Wei. Where is it not good? Gu Wei can replace himself at any time.

For so many years, the daily conscientious render is limited, and Lin Li also feels tired. Taking advantage of this opportunity to Gu Yilai, Lin Li is also a bit thought of a bit breaking the boat, so it will bring Ge Xi to Gu Wei to look forward to the front.

Try to do it, if there is still no breakthrough, he may have to make a job.

Although Lin Li did not speak, but in conversation, Gu Wei did not know his thoughts. He never had a boss of reward and punishment. After discussion, Lin Yili's views of these projects were almost different, and they knew what they should do. What is determined.

"... I agree with you. You have worked hard in these years. You can develop to the current scale. You pay me in the eyes." Gu Wei Don, hooked the mouth, "Print" 5% of the equity is you deserved. "

Wen said, Lin Li Xin is excited, put it on the table, and asked uncertainly: "Gu total, I didn't understand wrong?"

"The same words, I don't say the second time." Gu Yao got up, walked outside the meeting, "time is almost, I will go back to the hotel first, and you send my mobile phone."

Lin Li: "Good Gu"! "


Go back to the hotel, responsible for the manager of Gu Wei immediately pressing the elevator before, and Gu Wei looked at her. Q: "Is he ate after waking up?"

The manager is very good: "Mr. Yue did not have a single order, but after receiving Gu total, we sent a meal, and Mr. Yue took a little, it seems that the appetite is not very good."

God knows when they go to the meal, I almost didn't be retired by the overbearing Alpha phenomenon in the room, or a Beta colleague entered in the air system, they slowed over.

So rich pixels, everyone knows what both do two people last night.

The next day, Alpha went out for a day, let Omega alone vacate, how can I be good.

Sure enough, it is difficult to make an alpha, which is a matter of care, it is difficult to do with omega.

Gu Wei didn't know the belly of the people, and he heard the words only: "Well."

Sitting in front of the floor, look at the scenery of the outside, and the mood is uncontrolled.

I woke up from the morning, I don't know the reason, I couldn't help but plan to play today, but I can't afford it.

The door was opened from the outside, heard the sound, fidel, see is Gu Wei, I only feel that the air in the body is shining.

"How did you come back?"

When you take the tie, Gu Wei went to Yuefu: "Let's take you to pick up the feast, what do you sit here?"

Fei Fei: "... Didn't do anything."

The disorder of the fidel pages were perceived, and Gu Wei sat down behind him, pulled people to his arms: "What happened?"

"Well?" Yue Fi didn't know what he was.

After soft kiss, Gu Wei tasted the negative emotions in the fidel pixel, and couldn't help but aggravate the lips.

"Why is it bad?"

It is already familiar with each other, and the fidel is covered with him, and the soft wrapped in the soft wrapped in the sweet springs. In this case, the clearing information should be joyful, but today, the information of Fi Fi Su is unprecedented.

"Is there any uncomfortable?" I found that he was inadvertently, and Gu Wei was worried about touching his face, and the heat was normal and there should be no fever.

The fidel is closed, and it is lowered on his shoulder.

"The back neck is a bit painful."

I heard the words, Gu Wei stretched his collar, seeing his neck, his neck, his place, flushing.

The cold finger touches, and it is shocked by the above heat.

"I asked the doctor."

The doctor who knows the delayed differentiation of the Fi Fifer is at this moment, and Gu Yizhang calls. If you are serious, people will pick up the doctor directly.

After listening to Gu Wei's description, asked him a few questions, the doctor fell into a short silence.

Gu Wei is a bit anxious: "What is this situation?"

I know that they are a partner, the doctor coughed, said: "This is not big, saying that the little is not small, the more you think about it, just that he is still in the differentiation, my advice is two It is best to restrain this month, even if it is marginal | behavior, it can no longer happen again, otherwise it may affect the differentiation of Mr. Yue. "

"I know." Hang up the phone, look down on the Yuefi, I saw people buried on my shoulders, showing a pair of red ears.

The two are extremely close. If the doctor has just said, the fidel should also hear it.

"Have you heard it? We want to restrain this month." Gu Wei deliberately teased him.

Fei Fi is angry and looks up: "Not you ..."

The behind, Yue Fei said.

Gu Wei, gave him, "Sorry."

It is not a somewhere, and Gu Wei does not include anything else. It only means that the kiss of relatives makes the Fei's somewhat hard to rest the face to each other.

"Take a break at the hotel at night, you will not go, I will not go." Gu Wei held him, leaned over, put it over, put the chin on his shoulder, softly said.

Fei Fi: "Still go, people are ready, I am actually not a big problem, that is, there is no spirit when you are not there, now you have come back, it is much better."

"Is it your medicine?" Gu Wei smiled.

Fiformally shrinking in his arms, thinking about him really needing his information, so he abandoned himself: "Almost."

The gall of the sunset is sprinkled in front of the floor, and the two sitting on the floor, embracing with the closest posture, as if the loveless couple is general.


When the feast is arranged in the seaside, Gu Wei took Yuefi to the time, people who found that they found were double-knitted. Obviously, Lin Li let the company bring their own half.

In this case, he and the fidel, it will not look too much, and the fidel will not feel awkward.

Gu Wei is still satisfied with the arrangement of Lin Li.

At the main table, Gu Wei did not cover it. It is very directly introduced to the company's executives. Everyone has known it from Lin Li, and it is a cup toast, bless two people.

It is said to be a feast, but in fact it is a party. So after drinking a round, everyone walked casually, some people went to the grill to play the barbecue, some people pick up the guitar to show talents, some people went to Gu Wei and Fei Fi, and the atmosphere was warm and harmonious.

Gu Wei didn't want to let the fidel drink, raise his hand to be toast, but stopped the fidel bowed down on his eyelids to secretly sneak.

"Do you want to drink alcohol?" Gu Wei snapped his cup, somewhat crying.

The fidel licked the lower lips: "Try it." This atmosphere, drinking some wine is meaningful.

No, I didn't stay, I'm not far away from Ge West.

Seeing people, Fi Fi blinked and gave up the intention of grabbing the cup from Gu Wei.

In the public, it is still a little bit of shackles.

"Gu total, Yue, this is Ge Xi, my nephew, small fishing village grows big, just 19 years old, don't understand, yesterday's airport, I took him to two, I've been sublet, I hope you two I can forgive him. "Lin Li said, from three cups, apologic sincerity is full.

Gu Wei also did not intend to be difficult, and he took place: "It has passed, and they are roasting, playing together."

Ge Xi Chong is so embarrassed to laugh, say thank you, thank you, Mr. You, run to side.

Ge Xi is very energetic. Every time, the Yue Fi can't help but look at it. He also hopes that he can have such a sunshine temperament, but the experience has made him, and the fidel knows that his idea is just a luxury.

Note that he stayed in Ge Xixi, Gu Wei looked up his back, waiting for Yue Fei back to complained to look at himself: "He is an Omega."

Don't think about it.

Yue Fi did not understand, heard of his interest: "Oh, do you have an idea?"

Gu Wei, who has built a hat, "I have an idea, what do you do?"

Yue Fi is a bit, and it is obvious to refute: "Don't you accept Omega?"

Gu Wei's heart-minded: "That is before."

I started to say that I would like to say that I will hear the answer to Gu Wei, thinking that he is really attracted by Ge Xi, and the Fi Fei feels that his blood is instantly cold. He hangs down the head, throws the spoon of the hand. In the bowl, the sound is not big, but the words are clear: "You can stop the agreement at any time. I am a bit uncomfortable, I want to go back first."

After that, the fidel is not waiting for Gu Wei to send it, and he leaves himself.

Gu Wei looked at his back, but his mouth has evoke a pleasant curvature.

Seeing Yue Fi's heads, Gu Wei can only get up with Lin Li, and after a distance, follow the fidile fidile farther in the opposite direction of the hotel.

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