Welcome to the sea breeze forward, the fidelity can't be wiped out, and I don't care if I am walking.

Unfamiliar emotions oscillate in the chest, let him not work for a while.

Yue Fi has never thought about Gu Wei would like to like it, because there is no emotional line in the original, so he will think about it, and Gu Wei's eyes have only his career.

But just Gu Wei's reaction reminded him that this is not the case.

Just like him, although it is not written in the book, it is an Omega, but he is now inexplicably turned into an Omega.

Between thoughts, Fei Fi has come to the end of the wooden root road, the front is the waves in the night, and he is so small.

"There is no road in front." Alpha's voice came from behind.

In the familiar embrace, Yue Fei has a self-sublet of nasal acid, even he doesn't know, from when, lose Gu Wei, it has become like that, it has become like it.

Turning, holding Gu Wei, fidel closing eyes, and not saying anything.

Gu Wei stunned, the palm patted it on his back: "Where is it uncomfortable?"

Flying buried in his arms, did not answer, just nodded.

"Let's go back first." Gu Wei's voice is more gentle than night wind.

Yue Fei left his embrace: "Well."

The ear is the sound of the waves, and Gu Wei walks behind the fidel, which is blocked by him, but the fidel walking in front does not experience his intentions, but thinking, why not walk around him, why Don't take your own hand.

Going back on the way, after the two people just left, I saw the Employees of the Puezen company looked at the two, and the fidel was full of eyes, slowed down, and pulled the hand on the side.

Gu Wei and exubebrow.

Yue Fi did not look at him, just pressing the voice and relieved: "Your colleague looks at it."

"Oh." Gu Wei hooked his mouth and tied to bring his hand into his own hand.

Ge Xi is also looking at them, secretly, these two feelings are really good.

Just like Yue Fi's eyes, Ge Xi rushed him with a smile, and the fidel stunned. He looked back to Gu Wei. If you don't see Gu Wei, look at Ge West.

"Let's go." Fairi took Gu Wei's hand turned.

After the head of Gu Wei, Gu Wei hit a greeting, he went back to the car with Yue Fi.

See Yue Fi, I am a little agriculture, I am a bit, I am standing on my own side: "Uncle, I seem to hate it by Mr. Yue."

Lin Li is very calm: "Recall what you have done, and the more you hate you not normal?"

Ge West: "..." is also reasonable.

Go back to the hotel, Gu Wei let the Fei first go to the bathroom to wash, rest early, and the fi said that he wants to sit and take a break, Gu Wei can only go first.

In fact, there is an open-air bathtub on the balcony, but the two are tacit understanding only.

Sitting on the sofa alone, I took out the textbooks that I brought, and the fidel's mind is all on the class.

He didn't want to lose Gu Wei, thinking that Gu Wei likes to like other people, he feels very uncomfortable, this kind of situation, did he like Gu Wei?

The heart is dramatically jumping, and Yue Fi has never liked who, I don't know if I want to like it. He didn't share privacy friends, suddenly encountered such a prominent issue, the first time I thought that the schoolmate in the school was in the school.

So he looked at the lips and sent a message in the dormitory group.

Fei Fi: I have a friend, because some reasons, and an alpha facilitated Alpha as partners, but an accidental opportunity found that they can't accept alpha like other people, this situation, I am this Is a friend like this alpha?

Soon, Zhao Zhi replied.

Zhao Zhi: Your friend is Beta?

Ferry: Omega.

This answer, and the other two roommates also bubble.

Roommate one: It must be like it. Is there an Omega in Alpha? If you don't have, let your friends don't have it, directly!

Roommate 2: It's still asking for this, do you have a single child?

Zhao Zhi: You said that Omega, I am relieved, I thought it was a friend, I am.

Roommate 1: Deliang, partners ...

Roommate 2: I feel that your friend has a play.

Zhao Zhi: o Chasing A is the easiest, same home, near the water building first month, let your friends can directly!

Roommate one: Yes, directly!

Roommate 2: Yes, directly!

Fi Fi: I am very serious asking you!

Zhao Zhi: We are also very serious to answer you.

Roommate one: Shang!

Roommate 2: Shang!

Fei Fi: Then I said that I said with my friend ... Don't this take a step?

Zhao Zhi: What is it thinking, of course, is a step-by-step.

Roommy one: one step,

Roommate 2: Two steps,

Zhao Zhi: Three steps four steps ~

Fei Fi: [Holding Box]

What do they refer to the legendary life?

Four fideways closed the phone, the ear heard the sound of the bathroom door opened, and quickly raised the textbook to block himself, pretend to read it carefully.

Gu Wei took a shower and saw it was the appearance of the fidel bury.

"Isn't it uncomfortable? Take a shower, look at it tomorrow." Gu Wei took a photo of the book on the fidel hand.

Ferry: "Oh."

In the bathroom, I made my psychological construction, and I took a shower and saw that Gu Wei was sitting in the location of her, turned her textbook.

"What do you see about my textbook?" Fei Fi walked toward the sofa.

Gu Wei nose, she raised very little glasses, and heard him: "Familiar with it is good for you."

The fidel is bent over, learn what he just looks, and took away the book on his hand.

"This is not a hurry."

Seeing, Gu Wei, leaning against the sofa, the deep scorpion locks the people who don't have a thoughtful thing.

"about to rest?"

The fidel is slightly smashed, there is a bit of : "First, complete today's ten minutes ..."

In fact, when Gu Wei came back in the evening, I have made Yuefi once, but the fidel is directly ignored, and it is not enough for ten minutes. Not count.

Gu Wei is from good fortune, just thinking about reaching the fidel to the sofa, but did not expect people who stood in the past, suddenly leaned over, single knee, very fast, another leg also lifted Start, kneel on the sofa on the other side.

Suddenly, the two are sitting down, and the sofa behind the brain is sitting down.

The tall body is instantly tight, and Gu Wei is slightly head, watching the fidel who is sitting on his body, rolling up and rolling over the throat, I don't know how to move in a time.

This time, the rhythm is in the fidel hand.


Flying eyes look at him, thin lips, after the voice, the thin finger is in the nose of Gu Wei, from the bottom, put his glasses, put it on the side, then bow, label Close up of a lips at hand.

The nose is in touch with the nose, and the lips are lifted.

Alpha calm response, as if everything happened, only the knocked fists on the side have leaked his true emotions.

The doctor's words are constantly echoing in Gu Wei, to restrain, restrain, restraint ...

In this active kiss, Gu Wei, although the response is also obvious.

The body is like a fire-like hot man, and the first time I arrived in the other side of the way. The fidel is covered with a layer of thin sweat. The red face is slightly opened, and the eyes have been confused. Dum-moving voice asked him: "Don't you like this?"

dislike? How can I not like it, simply like crazy.

I think so, Gu Wei did not dare to touch him, afraid that he lostly, so it was just a relief of the rest, and the voice of the voice with strong suppression: "You think more."

The fidel is ignorant.

"Ten minutes, you are sure ..."

Gu Wei said yet, the fidel has a lower lip, and he kisses him again.

And the same thoughts on the same breath, let Yue Fei have no concept to the time of time, only know that the lingering will ask the other party, and respond to him more ...

Yue Fi has never been so active, Gu Wei felt that he was so crazy.

Finally, he couldn't control his hand and buckled the Yuefi's head. After the dissatisfaction, he began to vent the other side.

The rosin is hovering, but it is only a careful care of the Qingquan, and it is not afraid to invade it, fuse.

" ... ..."

It is a mobile phone alarm of Gu Wei, ten minutes.

Gently pinched the neck under the palm, and after taking the Yuefi's lower lips, he took the Yuefi's head to his shoulders. He was afraid that the Fi Fi continued to ask himself. He did not dare to determine yourself. how long.

"Ten minutes." The sound of ast asthma leaked Alpha just moving |

Frafici focuses on his arms, and it will not come out.

Soon, Gu Wei picked people, put it in bed, and then went to the bathroom and reopened the shower head and fooled the water.

The cool water is flowing with the amount of moisture, alpha hooks his mouth, the first taste is so uncomfortable, the first time I can't wait to enjoy my own trophy in advance, the blood on his body is simply boiling.

But he can't be anxious ... this hunting, he does not accept any possibility of failing.

Listening to the sound of the bathroom, Yue Fi touched his lips, refused to have just kiss, when Gu Wei did still gram, but finally can't resist his hook, or hegemony fierce, but unfortunately The ringtone is ringing.

Think about it before, Gu Wei licks his neck gland, his hands and feet have soft, and it is impossible to resist, and the fidel feels unfair. Alpha is nothing such as an organ in an Omega colony gland, allowing Omega to control Alpha's desire |

Sighted, Yue Fi touched his mobile phone, opened the dormitory group. Fei Fi: My friend is gone, but I have encountered some technical problems.

Zhao Zhi:?

Fi Fi: How to Alpha? If Alpha does not cooperate, Omega how Alpha?

This news came out, the dormitory group was short, after a while, Zhao Zhicai sent a new news.

Zhao Zhi: Fei, we said, refers to the pursuit, what do you understand?

Fei Fi:! ! !

Roommate:? ? ?


[Your friend, the fidel has been quit group chat]

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