Yue Fi has never pursued people's experience.

Compared to the pursuit, it seems that he will make some misunderstandings.

Although I think so in my heart, the fidel is still open browser and searches for how to pursue what they like.

When Gu Wei came out of the bathroom, it was the messenger who saw the fidel bury in the bed, staying up late to brush mobile phone.

"Don't sleep?" Gu Wei picked her eyebrows and approached two steps.

Smell, Fei Fi immediately turned off the phone, closed his eyes: "Sleep."

Like a laugh, Gu Wei turned light, but did not take a break like the living room on the living room yesterday, but lie next to the fidel.

I feel that the mattress under the body is shock, and the fidel is suddenly stiff.

"Don't you divide me?"

Gu Wei's voice is small, but it is particularly clear in the night.

Ferracy silently pushed the quilt in some.

I don't know when I have a rain, and the water is touched on the floor.


The calm rosin brings great security to the fidel. If you don't do anything, I feel that the extraordinary day has finally come to an end, and the breathing of the fidel is gradually sleepless and falls into sleep.

Instead, I advised someone to sleep, and I looked at Omega's back in the night.

Outside the window is suddenly pouring heavy rain, the fidet in the house dreams of the deep forest that I am in the fire.

It's all hot flames, only if you have a good fortune, it is his only escape direction.

He hurriedly turned and went to his life, finally, after jumping into the cold water, Yuefi got a short breath.

Satisfied with people who drilling into their arms, smelling Omega Sweet positives, the people who have no sleepleness are relaxed, gradually sleepy.

In the second day, Fei Fei woke up in Gu Wei's arms, he blinked, uncertain, was nothing to do so, drilled into the other party, very embarrassed, rolled back, I slept last night. Previous posture.

It is said that it is a vacation, but Gu Wei is still going to the company, he wants to deal with the matters here as soon as possible, and then play with fidel.

Fi Fi is not mindful, and even hopes that he is still more in the company during this time, because he needs a space to develop his pursuit plan.

It's almost a door to Gu Wei, and Yue Fi opened his search page last night and continued to do your homework.

Pursue people you like: 1, send small gifts. 2, cook for him / her. 3, transfer him / her. 4, accompany him when he / she is sad,. 5. Cultivate common hobbies. 6, learn to tease him / her happy way ...

The fidel is holding a black pen in one hand, turning on the phone in one hand, and remembers notes on his own book.

Things have been sent ... The face has been done ...

Haven't passed the top get off work yet!

It's not too late, make it up today.

When I suddenly appeared in the company, when I came to get off work, I would like to have a surprised expression on the face, and the fidel couldn't help but raise the mouth.

Continue to turn over the phone, and the fidel has seen the final page.

... of course, the most indispensable is a grand confession ceremony.

Desperate ... Fiye does not consciously turn up the pen in his hand.

There are two results in confession.

One is success, all happy.

One is a failure, Gu Wei will definitely terminate the agreement and may even see him again.

Vietnam is hesitating.

He has two choices, one is to pursue Gu Wei, regardless of the results, one is to give up pursuit, waiting for Gu Wei to meet the real favorite people, and then relieve the protocol.

But if Gu Wei is in tagging itself, what should I do?

If you encounter bottlenecks like a solution, the Fiye feels that he has fallen into a logical strange circle.

If Gu Wei still likes other Omega, why do he sign a tag agreement with himself? Since he signed a tag agreement with himself, how do he like other Omega?

After the AO mark, no matter how the feelings are emotion, will it be inseparable from the influence of positives?

Wait, in this case, why should he work hard to pursue Gu Wei? As long as the tag is completed, don't Gu Wei have no longer like others?

Although this idea is a little despicable, it is still a little bit of a little bit.

The failure rate of the confession is still quite high ... Why do you want more?

As long as Gu Wei does not like other people before completing the tag, then he can only be him ...

So thinking, the fidel throws a pen on his hand, lying down on the couch.

It has been analyzed for a long time, and it actually got itself as long as it is wretched to develop, and it will become a winner.

So why did Gu Wei have to sign an agreement with him?

Why is he why is it possible to mark the face and Gu Wei agreement?

The unrealistic feelings of late make the fidel, Gu Wei definitely does not hate him, but how much good, it is uncertain.

... and he, in fact, I have already liked Gu Wei, but I realized it now. Prosecutor,

And the company's backbone discussed the development framework for several years, refused to escort, and Gu Wei took the elevator of the upper and lower parking lot. He remembered the fidel alone in the hotel. When I walked out of the elevator, Gu Wei couldn't help the step. Large.

Cold, a movie, from the side, stopped him.

"Gu total!"

Gu Wei stopped his footsteps and recognized the people in front of him, Ge West.

Ge Xi's mouth has a simple laugh, and hand in your hand to Gu Wei.

Gu Wei frowned, it is going to refuse, but listened to Ge West: "Gu, this is a gift that I have prepared by Mr. Yue, can you trouble you?"

Gu Yao blinked: "No."

I didn't expect Gu Wei to refuse directly. Ge Xi had a blush: "I just want to make friends with Mr. Yue."

Gu Wei: "I don't limit his dating, but I will not suggest him to be friends with you."

Wen said, Ge Xi's eyes were red.

"No need to pit with the front. I don't comment on the ambition you dream of day, but I want to put the fidel to the board, do you be a dead?" Gu Wei hooked his mouth, warned him, "Don't do extra extra Things, I will respond to you today, just Gu Nie your uncle's face, but children, some things can be can't be two, you never want to affect your uncle's future. "

Ge Xi's face is awkward, no blood color.

No more mouth tongue, Gu Wei lifts the foot, and you should take it with him.

"It's a little far away from Vietnamese."

The little voice is directly hit by Ge West, Ge Xi touched his ear and retracted his hand holding a gift.

"Don't help, don't help, why do you swear?"


Seeing Gu Wei, the driver opened the door early, and Gu Wei went to see the fidile sitting in the head.

"How are you here?" Gu Wei was very unexpected.

Yuefi explored his head from the car: "I will pick you up. What did you just say?"

I don't want to let Yue Fi know that these things, Gu Wei sat into the car, perfunctory: "Nothing, Lin Li let him send me something, I let him take it back."

Ferry: "Oh."

Subsequently, the car was short-lived.

Yue Fi is coming, it is excited, but in the car looked at Gu Wei and Ge Xi for so long, there is a little bit. In addition, Gu Wei just explained that his enthusiasm was dissipated in a lot of enthusiasm.

Gu Wei's lower lips and took the initiative: "How do you suddenly think of company looking for me?"

Fei Fei: "Ah, you are a bit boring in the hotel, you will come over."

"Sorry, take you out tomorrow." Gu Wei smashed his head.

Fei Fi: "Nothing, you are busy with you, I can."

Although the Fiyi did not say anything, Gu Wei is still a keen to detect that Fei Fi is trying to suppress his unhappy.

Go back to the hotel, Gu Wei walks into the room, and saw a table apparently not a meal from the hotel's chef.

Fi Fi is behind him, smashing the head: "I do, try?"

Previously, the fidel gave him a bowl of noodles, which was the first time to be so rich.

Gu Wei sat down next to the table, and picked up the chopsticks in the table and tasted a few mouthfuls: "Yes, what special days are today?"

Sitting in his side, I heard a smile: "Not a special day, my heart is coming."

After eating two porters, Gu Wei put down the chopsticks and looked at the fidel with his eyes.

"What do you want to say?"

Starting from the parking lot, the emotions of the fidel are not right, and Gu Wei feels, but I don't know why.

A slap, the fidel put down the tableware, and looked up straight to Gu Wei.

"What are you talking about when you are in the parking lot?"

I didn't expect him because this problem is not fast, Gu Wei smiled, only to repeat it again and Ge Xi's dialogue in the parking lot.

The Fi Fi has not been happy: "Why is you talking to me when you start with me, Lin Li gives Ge Xi to give you something?"

Gu Wei Don, sitting in this position, and rarely being asked in such a question, but he did not feel the feeling of fidelity, but carefully explained: "I just think this is not a It takes time to get entangled questions. "

Yue Fei did not think so, he remembered that there was a matter of lasting Yin Xinchen before, Gu Wei also chose to conceal him.

"These things clearly you can talk directly to me ..." Fei Fi Lips, I don't know how to continue. He feels that Gu Wei is not honest, but the same, he is not frank with Gu Wei. .

For example, he did not tell Gu Wei. He did not really tell Gu Wei. He didn't know if he would suddenly disappear. He didn't dare to tell Gu Wei, he had long liked him. I don't dare to ask for it directly, and he doesn't like him ...

"Forget it." Fei Fei suddenly discounted.

Although I don't understand why he suddenly came out and suddenly gave up, Gu Wei was still a good temper: "How can I know, I will change."

His gentle tolerance makes Vietnamese feel that he just seems too much: "Why are you so good?"

Gu Wei: "Of course because ... I was so good." Fool, naturally in order to make you in this gentle-woven trap, the deeper, you can't pull. "

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