Today, Gu Wei came back early, finished the dinner prepared for the Fiform, seeing the sky, and went out of the door.

"In order to thank you prepared dinner, take you out of the sea today."

The fidel is coming to the sea, sitting on the cruise, and going to the deep sea.

Seeing that the shore is getting farther and farther, the fidel believes that Gu Wei is really going to take him to the sea.

"Where are we going?" On the deck, Fei Fi and Gu Wei stood together, greeted the sea breeze, and looked at the head, and asked the small face, and asked Gu Wei.

He appeared infected with Gu Wei: "Don't say it, you will know later."

Actually, I still have a mysterious, Yue Fei moved away, feel the pain of riding wind and savvy, all the depths of the heart because of this sea sky and magnificent scenery.

The cruise ship stopped in the place where the coast did not live, and the fidel looked at the tangantu light at the sea-day communication.

If there is a goddess, how do he want to wish, so that he lives in this dreamy world, happiness and happiness.

"What are you thinking?" Gu Wei bowed and the voice was gentle.

The Yue Fei's mouth is laughing, lifting the eye to his eyes: "I thought, I don't know if there is god in the sea."

Gu Wei: "If you want to wish?"

Ferry: "Well."

Gu Wei: "Do you wish?"

Fei Fi: "Can't say, it is not good."

Gu Wei fooled him: "You can write it on the paper, throw it into the sea, and the sea will see."

"Drift bottle? Pollution environment?" Asked inferently.

Gu Wei: "..." Don't throw it in the sea, throw it to me. "

Fei Fi: "What is you doing?"

"I am your god, help you realize my wish." Gu Wei took the body side, took a hand on the ship, inserted a pocket, said this time is light, and the eyes are serious.

The fidel is blinked, and the heart is dramatically jumped. I am embarrassed to remove: "That, then ... I think so, I want to say it."

The desire of white, the fidel is not beautiful, and the chance to catch is still firm.

Gu Wei smiled: "Okay, I am waiting for you."

The sunset falls, the moon rises, the sea is calm, and people will be awe.

Sitting on the lounge chair, eat the fruit prepared by Gu Wei, asking him: "Has still started?"

Gu Wei looked at the captain who said hello to him, and hooked the corner of the mouth: "Immediately."

Waiting for so long, Yue Fi is a bit tired, he will ring it: "Where?"

Gu Wei, he reached out: "Come with me."

Fiyu stunned, put your hand on his hand.

The two walked from the bow to the stern, and the light tail was dark, but it did not hinder walking.

After the Fi Fi, after Gu Yizhen, he was brought to the edge of the stern.


Gu Wei let the body and let the fi look at the sea.

This dark sea, floating a bit of blue and white, or other colors flash, as if the stars fall into the sea, it is like a diamond shop to the canvas, which is amazing.

Fame back, look at Gu Wei: "This is ... Water Mother?"

Gu Wei: "Well."

"It's so beautiful." The fidel walked two steps, stood the most edge of the place, looked at the scenery of this dream.

Gu Wei stands in his body, and the mouth is lightly evoked.

The romantic scene always wants to do a romantic thing, the fidel turns, and the back is on the railing, and Gu Wei.

"My god? I want to wish."

Gu Wei looked at him, and his eyes reflected in the light, because the person in front of him flashed.

"I'm here."

Fii raises hands, hosing his neck, so that high high alpha is low.

"Today's information, is it good here?"

Gu Wei held on the railings behind the fidel, and he went around his waist and he was ignorant: "Letful service."

The lip is touched by the lips, and the fidel suddenly sprouts the dangerous idea.

This powerful, overbearing, gentle, romantic man.

Do you want to die?

The sea breeze at night is strolling, but the arpha is full of warmth.

Yue Fikou, withstanding Alpha gentle invasion, trust yourself wholeheartedly.

He decided, he wants to pursue, he wants to confess, he wants this alpha only belong to himself, he wants to like him like him like him.

Even if it may fail, I also want to burn warmly.

The author has something to say: Who is a hunter, who is a prey, not necessarily ~