They are almost lovers.

Inxunochun in the kiss of the cruise ship late at night, Fei Fi even thinking that they are already in love with each other.

But he also knows that everything is just his illusion.

He never believes that there is an extremely bright advantage that it is worthy of others.

For Gu Wei, he only grasped Gu Wei and did not hate him, but did not grasp Gu Wei like him, if you like?

But the place is located, he is impossible to come to a romantic place with a good night.

"How do you find it here?" Yue Fei asked him in his arms.

Gu Wei recalled, said: "This place is the first to know when I was young, then he was originally wanted to sneak over the land, but I was found by the big brother. The big brother took me with me. You come over, When I was in the day, I was still suggested that I also took place to take a look, I remembered that there was such a place. "

I heard the words, and the Feri silently stood straight: "Oh, thank you for gratitude, or I may not see such a beautiful scenery."

The vague spot is not right, but Gu Wei has not been able to think about it. Yue Fi has crossed him into the cabin.

"It seems to be a bit big, we are sitting in it."

Back to Gu Wei, Yuefi quietly touched, but fortunately there is no impulsive explanation, otherwise it will be turned into. It turns out that he has come here, Gu Wei does not have extra idea, just a simple tour guide, really can't overcome your brain, he just thought that Gu Wei also liked him.

In order to conceal the embarrassment, the fidel visited in the cabin for a while, and returned to the deck.

"Is going back?"

Seeing Gu Wei talking to the captain, and the fidel is asked.

Gu Wei: "It's almost the same, there is still a distance from it, and if you are tired, you can go to the cabin."

Fei Fi: "Okay."

Short night tour ended this, returned to the hotel, Yue Fi wants to see if the book is cold and quiet, but the phone beside it shocked.

He looked up and saw the information from Gu Wei.

Gu Wei: Xiaofei, do you now in Pixin now?

Fame back to him: Yes, big brother.

Gu Wei: Do you have fun?

Fei Fi: Gu Yisheng is busy for two days, and has not started formal play.

Gu Wei: [Khan] I have to marry him, what work is treated with honeymoon.

Fei Fi: Haha, in fact, he took me out of the sea today, the big brother should not blame him.

Gu Wei: Calculate him to know.

Fei Fi: [Laugh]

After waiting for a while, I thought that Gu Wei just suddenly remembered their honeymoon life, and the Fi was going to turn off the mobile phone, and I saw new information.

Gu Wei: Do you have two normal?

Ferry is not to solve: Well? Both normal.

Gu Wei: I heard that the old three took an Omega to the island?

Fiyu stun: no.

Gu Wei: That's good, listen to you, I feel that this is certainly don't know who passed the rumor.

Fi Fi: The big brother is relieved, it is indeed a rumor.

In fact, it is not a rumor ... Fei fi has a little guilty, and Gu Wei brought an Omega in the Islands. Isn't it him?

Gu Wei: The old three is bullying you, you must tell me, I am married him.

Fei Fi: Thank you big brother.

Gu Wei: Hey.

End and Gu Wei 's dialogue, the more the fifth is a smile.

The feeling of concern is always full of bullish, as if the warm sun shrouded, although the awareness is not long, but Gu Wei is really good to him.

Gu Wei, who was working on the other side, taking the official dutong, told him that he and people chatted, and asked after championship: "Who is chatting with?"

Fi Fi is interested in teasing him, so trying to reply: "A person who cares about me."

See you don't eat vinegar.

Gu Wei nodd: "Oh, big brother is it."

"How do you know?" Fei Fi frustrated.

Gu Wei smiled and turned the computer screen in front of Yuefi: "He also sent me."

Vietnamese eyes, gout thinking.

"Big Brother thought you were governed to me." Yue Fi said.

"I don't know if I have this image in his eyes." Gu Wei said, he replied to Gu Wei, while he and Yue Fei Road, "How do you talk to him?"

Fei Fi: "I said that we are very good."

"Well, you are the best thing for Omega or not to open to Gujia here. What do you think?" Gu Wei grouped his opinion.

Erii is a sound: "I know."

When I had a ancestor, I just said that I planned to find an inheritor in the family. I found myself Omega, and I was also worried about Gu Wei. Although he did not have a child's plan from his head to his tail, it was also very suspected that he could not be born, but he also thought it was still not open to it.

After several days, Gu Yisheng was busy after the company, the two came next to the days of Puerto, and it can be said that it is the most midded life of Vietnam.

Wake up every day, eat, have finished playing, play tired to sleep.

For more than a week, Yuefi followed Gu Wei to all over the Yusong Island, listening to the place where he was young when he was a child. He likes this feeling, knowing that Gu Wei's book is not ink, let Yue Fei recognize that he can no longer treat this person as a sheet of paper with himself.

He wants to know more about Gu Wei, he wants to know him more.

These two days, under the turn of Gu Wei and professional coaches, Fei Fi has even learned to swim, which is an extremely incredible thing for him.

The days, the surcomment of the fidel, almost, I have to forget what I have to talk to Gu Wei.

Every day, there are ten minutes of positives every day, and I don't know if there is this treatment after confession.

Of course, the negativeness of the fidel is just the negative strategy. Emotionally, with his birthday, his heart should not start to move.

I took a shower this evening, and the fidel is brushing on the bedside and seeing an advertisement that makes him.

"Love him, send him exclusive stars"

Fei Fei is in, found that it is not garbage advertising, but the news related to the asteroid name.

He moves in his heart, it seems to be used in this way.


Romantic by your own ideas, Fei Fi immediately start to search for the purchase method of asteroid name.

Feel the jump of his pixel, I was looking at Gu Wei with glasses against another side of bed reading a book.

"Do you have a happy thing?"

Pickling in Fi Fi: "Looking at a funny joke."

Gu Wei: "Listen."

The fidel case, look up and look at Gu Wei, the tone innocent: "I forgot."

"I will forget it after reading it?" Gu Wei hooked his mouth. "It seems that I have a little arduous in the next month's subscription tasks."

I heard that he was losing himself, and the fidel was: "Anyway, you have not retired."

The holiday is over half.

Gu Wei: "Temporarily gives you a teacher, you should also be feasible."

"Are you sure?" Yue Fi suddenly didn't want to buy a planet.

Gu Wei: "Of course, it is generally not the teacher of my level, so I still have to suffer."

Fei Fi: "You don't have to be so difficult, I can let Tang Yue teach me, Tang Yue is very good."

"Tang Yue is not there." Gu Wei put down the textbooks in his hand.

Fi Fi: "You can videody, you have to make up the class, there are many ways."

"I think I still teach it, and the replenishment results are still the level of the teacher." Gu Wei took off the glasses.

"I think your teacher is not awarded." Fei Fi hesitated to give Gu Wei one chance.

Gu Wei: "Why don't you compete?"

Fei Fi: "Teacher can't fight students, my learning enthusiasm is hit by you."

"The enthusiasm of your learning is still to be improved." Gu Wei hooked the mouth.

Let's go, I can't talk.

The fidel is in the lips, and the half of the sea is covered with Gu Wei: "If you don't go to sleep at night."

What stars have been bought, give people to the window to see the stars.

Gu Wei leaned over him: "Teasing you."

Yue Fei refers to his face: "What did I write on my face?"



Gu Wei was cute with him, reached out and pulled back the quilt, and the body under the quilt was also close to Vietnamese.

"The teacher will pay for you?"

His voice took a silk, and the heat on the fidel is inexplicably.

"How to pay for?"

"Today's information is propagated, change the way." Gu Wei's hand puts the Yuefi's waist under the quilt, pulling people from half-sitting posture, lying down in bed.

Fiyu blinks, the face is curious.

What else is there?

Gu Wei looked at him and leaned over his soft lips, then followed, the whole person was buried into the quilt.

Awareness What is going to do, the Fi Fif is instant red, and he is going to hide, but the knee is held by the big hand, and the strength of the body seems to be taken off.


The phone dropped from the bed, and the thin fingers grabbed the edge of the quilt. The Yuefi bite the lips, the eye angle is flourished, but I don't dare to make a sound.

Too much ...

Today's rosin is extravagant, Songzhi is moving on the soft soil, and it will change the flow direction of the Qing Dynasty, the flow rate is slow. It is an experimenter, a player, and is also nourished by his own results, and it is moved by the music written by himself.

Sweet positives have gradually become rich, tempting, being touched, controlled, hid, can't escape.

I don't know how long it took, Omega stressed in the room, and the pleats on the quilt were tight, and the passive enjoyment was finally ended.

Alpha explored the head from the quilt, I wanted to kiss Yuefi before I went to the eye, but I was overjoyed by the fidel.

"Don't, dirty."

The low laughter is shocked in the chest, and the dislike is disappeared.

Fii is lying in the bed, watching the ceiling, still don't trust everything just happening.

Gu Wei, this alpha, it is terrible.

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