Although I don't know why Gu Wei suddenly, the fidel cannot deny that she is cool.

When I came back, I saw that the fidel is facing him, her face is buried in the pillow, shy looks.

"Where is it uncomfortable?"

Gu Wei leaned and looked down his collar, and viewed his neck gland.

The finger is more painful, and it seems that it seems to be blotting, which is a gradual maturity.

After determining the temperature and pheromone concentration, Gu Wei pinched the back of the fi, and said: "Sleep."

As he yet, as long as it does not directly stimulate gland, the fidel can withstand his enthusiasm.

Footer, close your eyes.

I don't know if it's just that I am too heart-up, I thought I had to insomnia, but I quickly fell asleep.

The next day does not accident, the fidel is still awake in Gu Wei's arms.

It is such a scene in the past week. Yuefi has accelerated from the beginning, it has been accelerated. It has been over now, it is possible to take the hand on the waist, you will go down the bed.

In the morning, I saw Gu Wei Fei will remember the matter last night, so he is a low head to eat, but I don't dare to look at the eyes of Gu Wei.

Gu Wei, of course, has aware of his incompatibility, but also understands his reaction, so he didn't say anything. The fidel will have such a reaction, and it is still not used to the end of the root. If the two people do more and more intimate things, they will not be like this.

After breakfast, Yue Fi took Gu Yilu took a call, and the original relaxed expression was disappeared, and it was a calm and indifferent.

"Second uncle, the company's business is now my father is hosted, what should I do?"

"I can't solve this kind of saying, if there is, that is your problem."

At the end of the call, Gu Wei just put down the phone, the ringtone sounded again.

The person who calls is He Yinyin.

"Mom." Gu Wei picked up.

"Well, it is eating."

"He is next to me."

"I just heard it."

"If your father thinks he has the ability to solve this, then I don't have to be more and more."

"Mom, I am still honeymoon."


The fidel is listening to it, silently eat breakfast.

This time, the other party said more, Gu Wei Don for a long time.

"We go back tomorrow."

Treat him to hang up the phone, and the fidel is looked at him: "What happened?"

Gu Wei: "A few days ago, the project under the second uncle has an accident. The things are not complicated. The statement is the statement, the thorough investment, the compensation, but my father listened to the second uncle and thought that those claims The people are rogue, and the media is incorrect, and now the victims have been unite to surround the headquarters of Gu Shi, unless my father will openly apologize and take out the solution to all people satisfied, otherwise it will never leave. "

I didn't expect such serious, and the fidel put down the spoon.

"Mom let you go back to deal with?"

Gu Wei: "Things to this point, the influence is not only the reputation of Gu's."

The fierce discussion is fermented on the Internet, and the stock of Gu's stock has begun to fall.

The Fi Fi is nodded, "In fact, we can go back today, this situation can not be dragged."

Gu Wei nodd: "I am going to work so much, do you want to go back with me? Is it going to play more here?"

"Have you returned to me here?" Yue Fi is justified.

This sentence happens to hit the softness of Gu Wei, as if two people are born, and they have to work with the same.

"Well, I will go back to work, go back to study." Gu Wei hooked the mouth.

Yue Fei wants to think: "We are really a hard brother."

Difficult brothers? Gu Wei correct him: "It's hard to embrace."

Ferry: "..."

Say to go back, the private plane on the parking push is immediately ready to go.

In the afternoon, take the aircraft of the backhaul. The same location, the fidel remembacted the phenomenon propagation on the plane.

After last night, the scale fidel on the plane didn't blush, and even felt that it was the level of porridge.

He is really falling, the more the fidel is sighed.

Gu Wei sat around him and heard him sighing, thinking that he is worried about the things of Gu's, so comforting him: "The company doesn't worry."

Fi Fi is looking up and look at him: "I am, I don't worry."

Looking at this person, I said that this kind of man is full of soft, Gu Wei smiled, and his chin, kneaded down.

Soft lips are passed, the more furtured.

This kiss, with lazy temperature of the taste.

Fi Fi raises his hand to hook Gu Wei's neck, and sweet pheromones take the initiative to hook the rosin.

Gu Wei did not leave his lips.

"Eat something first?"

I don't know when, the sky outside is already dark.

Five food tastes dinner, after simple washing, holding the blanket lying in the position.

Gu Wei seems to have all his minds, sitting with a tablet, browsing a document at a glance.

Deliberately put your thigh to the opposite side of the leg, the fidel is hesitant to stop, but Gu Wei's attention is finally attracted by him.

"Wait a minute."

Fei Fei is on the lounge chair. When the warm big hand is slightly plenty, he did not responded at all, until the crumpled, he saw that he was scared, sitting in the body.

After behind, it is faint, and the fidel is red.

If you don't want to be, do you play people ...

Fi Fi is turning over, don't want to take care.

However, at this time, Gu Wei finished the file, after putting the tablet, lie down next to him, a hand rising his waist, and he just took a place to take it.


Gu Wei asked him, but he did not have a whit.

Yue Fei twisted, I wanted to avoid his hand: "Don't hurt."

"Oh, that seems to be my strength." Said, Gu Wei raised his hand and took it behind him.


Yue Fei, is it a fight?

Like a little, Gu Wei bowed with his lips, and his hand stayed in a place just exhausted.

"Has hurt?"

The voice of the temptation, let the fidel body boom.

"Why do you hit me?" It is interested in questioning each other, but the sound of the fidel is light and light, and there is no moment.

Gu Wei said that the sound is sorry, but there is no apology in the tone.

The entanglement on the lips is gradually deepening, and Yue Fi has forgotten what he is asking.

The blanket just hugged in the body was already squeezed into the corner, the warm body is close to each other, lingering and restrained.


Finally, the long kiss is over, the fidel is closed on the arms of Gu Wei, the information is clouded as water, soft hovering, and there is no mile-free manicure.

Gu Wei raised his hand, gently pressed on the gland of his neck, under the top of his top, and the darkness was deep.

Faster, ripe.

Then he can, completely occupied him.

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