Gently kiss on the fidel hair, Gu Wei put people in the blanket, got up alone, took the computer to the side of the bar to sit down and continued to handle the two assistants sent.

Compensation, condolence, apology, laboratory progress, Gu's attitude ...

Above the clouds, Gu Wei gives returning to the subordinates of Gu Shi to pick up the subsidiary.

Next day, Gu's Group meeting room.

"Don't die, Beta."

Gu T Ten's arrogant spoke has been spread online, and Gu's contempt of Beta rights, let the Beta Human Rights Committee speak, say that all industries will be boycotted if there is no satisfactory response.

If this is not exposed before the public, just a moment, but now exposed, Gu's response will determine the reputation in Beta in the next few years.

Schematic Assistant Close the video, He Yin Yinxing: "This is the simplest solution, which is the identity of the public."

"He is Beta, and you as a member of the next owner, and Beta is a partner, the most reflects that our households do not discriminate against Beta."

The people of the board of directors have basically known Yuefi's existence. At this moment, he listens to He Yin Yin, and it feels an excellent solution.

Just like Gu Wei, use pure rational analysis, and feel that He Yinyin is really the most effective and labor-saving solution.

At the beginning, he also thought about this method, but ...

"I disagree."

For the first time, in the process of dealing with the company, Gu Wei gave up pure ingredients.

He doesn't want the Vietnamese to involve such a thing, let alone him know the fact that the fidel delayed differentiation. In this case, it is open to the outside world, and the BETA identity of the Fi Fi is not a good thing.

This is his battlefield, and the fidel only needs to stand behind him.

"At the beginning, the saying is the father, I apologize, I will also cooperate with the board of directors of the group, other, no necessary."

"Compared with my partner's identity, I think it is a more urgent thing to check the cause of the accident, calibrate, to give the public, is a more urgent thing, are you thinking?"

In the board of directors, a hammer sounding is always Gu Wei.

"We have no opinion."

"Solving this thing as soon as possible is the key."

"The big brother has never been showed after the accident, and he does need to come out and re-express, big, you have to persuade him."

"No, we need to see a big brother in the afternoon, you can't give him a lot of money every time, we have to pack it, and the third year is how much we have in the eyes."


He Yinyin looked at the eyes, and smiled comfortably: "You can rest assured that there is an old three, this is certainly solved."

After the meeting was dissolved, He Yincin, who sat next to Gu Wei, did not leave, and Gu Wei also sat in place and knew that she had something to say.

There are only two people left in the meeting, He Yin Yin only opens: "I know that you and Xiao Fei feel good, but I didn't expect to handle the company's business, you will also feel emotionally, the current public opinion Instead, Gu's attitude towards Beta, I don't believe that you can't even see it. "

Gu Wei frim: "Mom, you haven't come to the group for a long time, maybe it may be quite used to, in the group, I do a good decision, it will not change again."

"I don't want to interfere. I just hope that you will be cautious." He Yin is faint, "" This time, your father will make such a disaster, it is not because you must drop the group's things, what honeymoon, how to degrade. "

Gu Wei smiled: "Mom, I know what I am doing."

"Compared with me, I think you may need to see the situation of the second brother."


"Maybe my dad always thinks that I don't care if I die."

In the bar, please wake up the wine, next to a friend who is playing together.

"From small to big, I am transparent in his eyes, no matter what I do, he never worry."

I just got a person who took care of the things surrounded by the people, this moment is very embarrassing.

"Hey, don't say this, come to the bar, just play, think about what you do. We didn't inherit."

If you can wake up with the call, it is a person who has no inheritance in this man.

"What is good for the owner, every day is a working day, it is tired to die, I am still a rich idle person." The trades smiled.

"Yes, no one is rare, I don't want to give me."

"Hahaha, let them work hard to make money, we will spend money enough."

Looking up to drink the wine in the cup, please wake up at the distance light, and the light is indifferent.

Even if your parents are the most important Alpha son, Gu Wei's partner is not only a beta.

"Hey, I heard that your old three and a beta make a partner, really fake? Your parents can agree?"

Suddenly, someone in the card holder gossip.

"Really fake? Gu Wei and Beta?"

"I am actually less unexpected, I will really don't think about what Omega is getting along with Omega."

"It's a bit curious about what is the beta."

"Two brother, you should have seen it, you told him to play with us, all are beta, satisfy our curiosity."

"Yes, two brothers, here you can call him out, you told him to come out, let us look."

Take a wake up without a sound.

"Do you not be a difficulty of being too old? His hand may not have the contact information of Beta, and it can be understood that although it is Beta, but he can get the things you can get, you don't have to have many people. Hahaha. "

"It is also said that after all, he is a gongshou, or not."

Several people are afraid of the world, and they will turn the way to wake up, and they wake up their minds, but they remembered that because Gu Wei can only stay in exotic land, the heart is a road: " Isn't it told him, a small thing. "

When you receive a strange phone, the Fi is being used at home.

"Two brother?"

Listening to the other's voice, the fidel is very unexpected, and she woke up against him and did not count more friendly.

"Xiaofei, can you come over the Glacial Bar now?"

"Is there a problem?"

"Amount ... I am a little drunk, come over and pick me up."

This reason? They are not very familiar ... Fips frown: "Then I will let the driver pick you up, can you?"

The other party heard the words, I took a moment, I opened it again, and the voice of the call took a few more unsatisfactory.

"Oh, just come to pick me up, it is refused to be? Or you also think that I am just a beta, there is no words in Gu Jia, don't pay attention to it?"

Fifi has a sigh of his tone, and Lenovo's news in the day, if Gu Tian Sheng is such a view on Beta, please wake up in his eyes, it will definitely can't ask you, will call yourself, It is because I think I am Beta, there may be a common language.

Think about it, the fidel is unable to reject the heart: "You misunderstood, you will send me the position, I have passed."

Because of the busy company, Gu Wei has already hit it in advance to come back tonight, so there is no greetings when I go out when I go out, and I call the driver to go out.

The Glacier Bar is about half an hour from the South Bay inquire, and Yue Fei has come to the place.

Because the fidel will also work part-time in the bar, so the environment of the bar is calm, and it is occasionally slammed in the process of waking a call, and it can be hide smoothly.

Soon, Yuefi saw the privilege in the deep card, and there were many strange faces with the princes.

"Two brother?"

The Fii is close, and it is called after the appointment.

When I woke up, I saw him, the corner of his mouth, but there was no smile.

"Is this Beta?"

"Wow, it is really called you."

"It's not so good, the third is this eye?"

"It's still not over the land, how do I think?"


The discussion of completely did not suppress sound made the more frown: "Don't you say that it is drunk, let me come and receive people? Er brother, I think you are quite awake."

I heard that some people got up and cheated: "I have to take care of it, I can drink these two cups."

"Come here, make a friend, sit down everything."

In the strict sense, Fei Fi is not very good at awakening, let alone the call is now sitting on a lively look, it looks so good.

There is no saying that the fidel turned around, and the garbage demonstrates his precious study time. He can do a few topics.

However, he just turned, and someone immediately stopped him.

Fi Fiying eyebrows: "Do you want to do with me?"

Everyone knows that he is Gu Wei, he is doing him, isn't it to die?

People who stopped him have not touched him, just raise a glass of wine to play before he followed: "Come on the ice river, there is no taste, isn't it a bit unfortunate?"

Fei Fi: "Gu Wei said, don't let me drink anything outside."

"Oh, you still have to call him unconsciously?" Lu Cheng is the brother of Lu Lin, not a day two days, he really can't understand why Gu Wei can't see yours so good. Brother, but looks like this, there is no Beta, no background, no ability, no value.

Wen Yuefi blinks: "You said it makes sense."

Said, Yue Fi pick up the phone and dialed the phone.

I didn't expect that the fidel will be such a non-faced look, and there is no such thing as the student era.

"Don't you say goodbye, no one will not let you go ..."

Lu Cheng is afraid of Gu Wei, he thought that Fei Fei did not have courage to tell Gu Wei's happening here, but now the progress is not the same as he imagined.

"Hey, big brother." I originally rumored the movement of the action because of the move of the Fi Fi, listened to his call, and suddenly the heart was a loose, only a good time, and looked at Vietnamese.

"The second brother said that he was drunk, let me pick him up. As a result, he didn't get drunk at all, nor did it back with me, and people stopped me not let me go back."

"Well, I will give him a call."

Ferry wakes up.

"The big brother is going to talk to you."

The expression on the face has a moment of distortion, but it did not refuse.


I don't know what Gu Weihe and Zuo wake up, and the fidel looks at the call to wake up and turns green and turned green. It seems that the color palette is general. I quickly moved away, and then I was afraid that I still smiled. Come out.


Hanging up the phone, the call got up from the card, walked to Yuefu, and also gave him the mobile phone.

"Let's go, I will send you back." The tone is somewhat bittering.

The people saw it, and the old two: "You are too small, the boss is not Gu Wei, an Omega you are afraid of this."

I heard the words, and the call wakened back and looked back, and directly took the sofa card sitting on the speaker and kick the seat.

"Did you die?"

Everyone screamed.

If you don't touch the bottom line, everyone is too much, but once the bottom line is touched, the Gu Jia behind the advice is the bottom gas of all his behavior. Today, everyone dared to come out to see the monkeys, in fact, because of the reason for advisory here.

Now that the attitude of the call has changed, others certainly don't dare to entangle.

Silence, leave the bar after the appointment, two people waiting together outside the door.

"Hey, the big brother is still hurting you."

On the car, please wake up the yin and yang strange.

Fei Fi: "Maybe because I will not pit your family."

The call wakes up with his face to see him: "Who is a family with you?"

"I and Gu Wei are a family, you and Gu Wei are a family, we are not a family." Vietnamese reasoning.

From the beginning, it is full of lively convictions: "... Don't think I don't know if you have two kinds of cat, he even Omega is not interested, will you have a beeta?"

"..." This, this is, I don't know how to pick up, saying that interest and no interest is very strange, "I didn't expect Xiaoxu, my little brother, I'm interested in my brother room."

The driver ear of the front moves gently.

Take a wake up, no longer open.

Fi Fi headwear window.

The two people return to the way all the way.

When you go back to South Bay in the Meijun, the driver will only send wake up.

The Fi Fa is open home, but it finds that the lights in the home are clear ... It is Gu Wei back.

The tie was placed at the side of the sofa, and the suit on the sofa was not changed. He was sitting on the living room sofa. He saw Yue Fei came in and asked from porch. "

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