Vietnamese went to the sofa to stop: "The second brother is looking for me to say that I will say."

When I entered the door early, Gu Wei smelled his messy pixel taste. At this moment, the brow wrinkled more tight: "He is looking for you? Where?"

"Ice Bar." Vietnamese fidel is not a big thing, so the old man replied.

However, listening to him, Gu Wei's look was cold, he stood up, holding the fidel, suppression of the heart of the heart: "During the differentiation, the fishel dragon is mixed, you are too courageous. Big. "

Fi Fi, add: "I posted the gland post."

Gu Wei, no matter what these: "What can I wish to find you? What is he talking about?"

"Nothing, it may be because I think I am Beta like him, there is a topic." Yue Fi is moving.

It seemed that he was obviously lying, Gu Wei Don, let go, turn it out directly to the upper floor: "You don't want to say that I will not force you, but the basic security awareness still hopes that you can have."

"Wash the bath first, wash away your body's mess."

As the differentiation period is random, the fidel conceals splash the oil directly on the Mars of Gu Wei's chest.

I don't have to swear my temper, and Gu Wei will choose to go upstairs, stand alone.

The Fi Fi is ideally, I don't want to take these trivia, let Gu Wei, after all, the things of the Gu's group are more troublesome, but obviously Gu Wei has seen him in poor concealment and is angry.

The brain spoon is scratched, and the fidel has a lower lip, and then take a shower and shower.

Chaosteen odor?

It is the information of the information to dye to the bar.

I took a shower from the room, and the Fifi hair has not yet dried, and I touched the study to find someone.

Sure enough, Gu Wei is in the study. He also washed it with his clothes. He was tapping the keyboard behind the desk.

Notice that the movement of the door, Gu Wei's eyes did not lift, direct opening: "Is there something?"

Lipped the dry lips, the fidel walks into the book, put the door behind and go to the desk.

"I am frank."

Gu Wei tapped the finger of the keyboard stopped: "Well?"

"The friend of the second brother wants to see me, so I will call me in the second brother. The big brother has already jealousy, and later I sent me back."

Fiye explains the reason why you go out today.

"Want to see you?" Gu Wei turned the chair, Chaoyue Fife, let people go to her side, "Who is there?"

Fei Fi shakes his head: "I don't know."

Gu Wei: "Well, it doesn't matter, and those who have been in good time. I will let Qiao will send you a photo tomorrow."

"Ah?" Yue Fi didn't expect Gu Wei to pay so much, "what is the recognition?"

Gu Wei raised his hand, put on his back and neck, and pulled people to leaving the body, said: "My companion, who wants to see it."

The two are extremely close, the fidel is slightly red, and it is clotted.

"Why call the big brother, not call me?" Gu Wei asked very straightforward.

Fei Fi: "You are busy, I don't want to bother you."

The powerful fingers have been caressing on his cheeks, and Gu Wei is qi: "I only say it once, your business will never be disturbed."

Vietnamese feels that his heartbeat is accelerated, and Gu Wei is really a foul.

Originally passively pulled down the neck, suddenly bent over, the hands held on the armrests sitting in Gu Wei, pilot near.

The big hand supports the thin waist, and Gu Wei let him suddenly move, sitting up.

"Why do you want to be so good to me?"

Faches look at Gu Wei's eyes, and he is right.

Do you like me too?

The words are in the mouth, but the throat is sliding up, and the Yue Fi will swallow it back.

I can't ask.

Touching his waist, Gu Wei and his nose tip, the eyelids were seized, and he asked him: "Do you think?"

During the speech, the thin lips is touched, and sometimes in time and the fidel.

Vietnamesis is toned.

The rosin is between the nose, his mouth, bites the lips that do not .

Like a little, just that I had to go quickly, Gu Wei kissed him and took the initiative.

The fidel is affected, but it is also active, hands hook each other's neck, biased with head to bear, respond.

Sliding some distance behind the seat with pulleys, leaning on the table.

Not satisfied ... Because it tastes more intense, the routine information is propagated, and the fidel body faintly issued an unsatisfactory protest.

The fidel is on the shoulders of Gu Wei, not self-movement, almost instant, put on the hand on the waist, and push him later.

"Is it difficult?" Gu Wei asked with his ears.

Fiviles: "Sorry."

This kind of thing is still not arrogant.

"Don't apologize." Gu Wei looked at him, "I want me how to do it, you said, I do."

"No ..." The fidel is thinking about it, but when standing up, she has just kept a posture, and the knee is soft, and I will take it back.

It is more than just some positions, the fidel body is stiff.

"on purpose?"

Vietnamese I heard Gu Wei in a smeared himself, but he said that he did not speak to refute ... he has been completely soul.

"I feel I do, you need to take care of it."

Said, Gu Wei let him feel more.

"..." Fei Fi suspected that his head had smoked because of overheating, the brain was a machine.

Otherwise, how can he say such a sentence.

"... then I will help you." Almost a moment of export, the fidel wants to bite his tongue. What is he saying?

I heard the words, Gu Wei's breathing was hysterested, and he raised his hand, pulled the right hand of Yuefi put it on his shoulders, and it was not to regret it. "Then, thank you first."

Gu Wei migs, the lips get together on your face.

Itch ... Yue Fi wants to retract.

Gu Wei was pulling.

"Hey, maybe for a long time."

The red halo on the cheeks will never fade, the fidel is holding the head, and I don't dare to look at Gu Wei.

After retreat, he rely on the back of the chair, looking slightly, and looked at the Vietnamese.

Too slow, bite the lips, the fidel blink, lift the left hand.

I don't know how long it took, and the Fi was kissed by him, and the urged words were overflow from the corner of the mouth.

"Okay ..."

Gu Wei voice low: "......."


At the end of everything, it has been in the middle of the night, the body's clothes are blurred, and the fidel can only take a shower and change clothes, and finally go to bed in bed.

In the nest of your own long-lost, Fei fidel inevitably remembers the scene of the two people sleeping on the work, and then ... it is a study in this evening ...

He just felt that it was not a non-salope, and he returned to Gu Wei to last "hospitality".

Well, he thinks so, the fidel hypnotes yourself, it is definitely not because of sudden evil.

It may be because today's out of which is too much incrementin, the fidel is once again waken again in the early hours of the morning.

I didn't take him to find someone who can relieve my own information.

Bed behind, the familiar atmosphere is close.

"It is good to stay at home in the recent time."

The skin of the back and neck is touched by ice, and the fidel is closed, and it is tone.

"The differentiation of the differentiation, your state is stable, then go out."

The calm rosin is wrapped in the sweet springs of the deciscies, and they are patiently guided.

Seeing that Fei fidel does not answer yourself, Gu Wei reached out, holding his jaw, letting people turned.


The forehead of the fidel has been sweating, and at this moment, it turns into the arms of Gu Wei.

"I know."

Until at this moment, I have never been so chaos that I have seen in the past half a month. I have never seen so messy this evening, and he has always been waiting to be around Gu Wei, and no one's information is dare to climb, test .

"In the future, you can listen to me, you can, others, don't care."

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