Because it is still in the differentiation period, although the honeymoon travel ends in advance, the fidel does not go to school, and the remaining holiday is ready to spend a house in South Bay.

But the days of the houses are not leisure, except for heavy learning tasks, Yuejia parents also call to care about his house, just being fidilized by Fi Fi.

Although occasionally brushed on the mobile phone, it was for the trust of Gu Wei, and the Fi Fei felt that this matter did not cause anything that could not be recoverable, so there was no concern.

Gu Wei confessed that the fidel is too bored at home, you can go to the company to accompany him, but it is refused by the fidel.

Because if you are around Gu Wei, Fei Fi will definitely not focus on learning, in order to learn from the end of the scholarship, he must resist temptation.

As usually, I sent a goal to the company, and the Fei Fei was ready to return to the second floor to continue his own learning task, but when I criticized the TV, I heard my name.

"My son Gu Wei's partner is a beta, named Yuefi, or is reading a student. I will agree with them, don't prove that I have not biased with Beta? I was just a moment of speeches, my intention I want to understand the subordinates, regardless of the accident that Alpha, Omega is also beta, we all pay attention to ... "

Suddenly, the TV screen display signal is interrupted, and it has passed a moment, and the signal returns to normal, but it is no longer a picture of the reporter meeting.

Fi Fi blinks, I don't know where to do it, he and Gu Wei are on TV ... is it public?

The ringtone of the table is ringing, and Yue Fi did not seem to have it.

"Don't watch TV first ..."

If Gu Wei, I didn't finish it, and the fidel interrupted him: "I saw it, your dad said on TV, and I made a partner with me."

"..." Gu Wei Don said, "Nothing, I will deal with this thing, you will study at home at home."


Hanging up the phone, the fidel is holding the phone back to the second floor.

After about half an hour, his mobile phone was bombed and information.

I hang up all unknown calls, and the fidel hesitated and opened the school class.

"Sure enough, I said that Vietnamese and an alpha big, it's not a fake message!"

"I drop, GW, this gossip is very powerful."

"Are you fidel? Is it you?"

"It should be, the Omega of the past fiph cheating is not to say that there is a background in the fidel. Everyone doesn't believe it, the result ... huh, ..."

"GW ah ah, ah, my dream is a !!!"

"Other classes I have heard that we have a class of Yuefi, ready to come to the class tomorrow."

"What are you counting, I have heard that the Vietnom dormitory has been visited by several waves."

"There is a sneaky person in the door of the classroom ..."

"It is terrible ..."

"Everyone is a bit strange, A and B become a partner, b is really not green into a green grassland?"

"It is also possible to wait for graduation to divorce ..."

"That, everyone is troublesome to discuss the content, here is a class, all students are there."


The last time was regarded as a gossip protagonist, or it was a matter of green.

After more than two months, he actually became an entertainment topic of others.

In this regard, Fei Fei chooses to turn off the phone and open the textbook.

Reading reading reading ...

After a while, the fidel pushed the textbook.

... can't read it.

He and Gu Wei's marriage are open, so can't be defeated.

In fact, Yue Fi can also deny in the class, saying that only the same name is, not himself.

He did not deny that he didn't want to deny it.

Let everyone know that Gu Wei belongs to him, it seems not a bad thing.

The right hand is posing, the left hand turns the sign pen, and the fidel is embarrassed.

It is also published, so, everyone knows that Gu Wei has a companion, everyone knows Gu Wei is him.

Sad sigh, fidel, the mouth is a straight line, and he is more and more intense to Gu Wei's desire.

Fei Fi suddenly wants to see Gu Wei, even if nothing is, it is good to be by him.

Before going out, I made a call to Qiao and determined that Gu Wei was in the company, and the fidel made the driver to send himself.

The group under the group is not known when it has already been dispersed. When Vietnamese passes, the company is not ever.

Sitting from the parking lot to the elevator of the president of the president, the Fei Fei did not know Gu Wei in advance, just told Qiao.

And because the things of today's focus are too much, Job is very big, forgetting to report the things that Yue Fi is coming over.

Tang Yue saw Yuefi in the aisle, it took a look.

"Yue Mr., how come you?"

Fei Fi raises the food box in your hand, laughs: "Give you a pretty afternoon tea."

Tang Yue also smiled: "Gu will be happy, others are in the office, I will take you."

Yue Fei is busy, refers to a big stack in Tang Yue's hand: "No, I have passed, you go to you."

Tang Yuezhu apologized: "Just in the most inside office, then you can."

Fipi nose.

Listening to Tang Yue and Fei Fi's dialogue, I know that the legend of the legendary and her boss will become a partner of the Beta, and the secretary-run green light is a green light.

"Send afternoon tea, Beta is so careful? Gu will be happy."

In the Secretariat, several secretaries bite their ears.

"Fortunately, don't know, but it is possible to □"


"Fool, alpha and beta, can I have Alpha and Omega?"

"Don't you want this job at work, do you want this job?"

The secretarial director glanced over, and a person immediately closed his mouth.

On the other hand, the fidel pushes the door to the office, but it is found that no one before the desk.

Put the food box on the coffee table, and the fidel looks at both sides, and I found that there is still a small office next to it.

I caught the voice of Gu Wei from the inside, and the fidel has gone.

The hand just placed on the door, but heard his name.

"Old three, you really agree with the most beginning."

"I can understand, standing on the company's position, using Yue Fi's Beta identity is to solve the fastest way to solve the company's difficulties, do you have not seen those people in the afternoon?"

"Effectively transferred public attention, it is undeniable that is an excellent crisis public relations."

"You are doing in these years, we all look in the eyes."

"We prepared joint proposal to hold an shareholder meeting in advance, and determine that you are fully taken over."

"Gu is in your hands to develop better."


Even the voice of the current is mixed in these unfamiliar sounds, is a video conference, Yue Fi.

Let the hands on the door, the fidel is quietly turned, and left the president office.

Still don't bother Gu Wei work.

In the office, Gu Wei took the headset and opened the video while listening to the report of the other project. Although the footsteps of the outside were noticeed, because he was too subtle, he was ignored by him as an assistant.

Several directors in the picture kept some self-righteous words, let Gu Wei frowned.

Soon, he didn't breathably interrupted a few people.

"You are not what is wrong?"

"The topic of this emergency video will discuss, Gu T Tyasheng reporter will deal with measures."

"I think that he has not had any representative of the qualifications of Gu's group to express his speech in public," What do you think? "


The short video conference ended, Gu Wei leaving the small room, returned to the office, fell to the table, licking the eyebrow finger a meal.

Cooking box? Who brought?

When I left Gu, Yuefi sat up and went back to Nanwan Xiangshi.

Along the way, the net in the mind is the broken sentence in the small office in the circle.

Use Beta identity, transfer public attention, crisis public relations, for the company ...

It turned out to be open, but he didn't know.

Is this kind of matter to Gu Wei, just the value of the public attention?

For the company's things, you can not listen to his opinions without listening to his opinion, and disclose the two people.

Perhaps, Gu Wei just thinks simplely, did he not express his opinion?

Vietnamese is not what kind of mood you are now, he heard the panic at the time of the public, to the stealing, and then it is ...

Today's emotion is really too big.

For Gu Wei, put these things, it is right, is it right?

For example, get married, such as unobtrusive things, more differentiated protocols and protocols on tags.

If it is not your own proposal, he did not intend to sign an agreement on the tag.

In other words, when I know that I am Omega, he didn't think about marking his own things.

I will promise the sign mark agreement, is it worried that I destroyed? Is it bad?

.... Yes, how do you think that there is only this reason.

But why do you do more intimate things that are more intimate than the agreement? Why is it good to be far more than the agreement?

It is also because ... Are they partners?

Go back to the second floor, Yue Fi Guan gone, pull the curtain, throw himself on the small sofa.

Watching a movie to relax, then I want to go, he has to start a headache.

I don't know how long it took, I knocked on the door outside the book, and the fidel wokeled from my sleep. I found that the movie on the curtain has been more than half, and he even the movie name did not see.


"Ferry, open the door."

It is the voice of Gu Wei.

Yuefi got up from the sofa, opened the door, the sound took the hoarse with just wake: "How come you come back today?"

Seeing a few sleeps on his cheeks, Gu Wei's eyes become soft.

"Is it asleep in the study?"

Fei Fi: "Ah, playing will nap."

Gu Wei: "Do you go to the company today?"

"Well, I didn't see you, I went back to the food box."

This sentence, the fidel is so fast, as if practicing in the bottom of the heart is general.

But he always hit the eye, did not see Gu Wei.

Gu Wei, who is still uncertain, seeing his reaction, immediately understand.

"Is it angry with me?"

"Then I will understand, it seems that I have listened to half of it."

I heard the words, the Fi Fi stunned, looked at it, and saw Gu Wei were looking down at him, and his mouth hanged helpless.

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