I Got Bitten After Transmigrating into a Pseudo-Beta

Chapter 53 is not as good as the day

Listening to the explanation of the public is that Gu Tianzheng will change the speech telling the media, and the fidel scared a bit embarrassing.

"I understand, in fact, open our relationship, there is no impact on me."

Just if Gu Wei decided to make a crisis public relations to the group, he would have some disappointment.

"Now this is good, I have seen the online public opinion for Gu's public opinion, indicating that this method is indeed valid, I don't matter."

Gu Wei looked at him, waiting for him to finish his head: "I will solve it as soon as possible, but I suddenly think about the company to find me? Check the company?"

Check what kind of job ... Yue Fi is removed: "It's a moment."

It seems that every time he takes the initiative to find Gu Wei, will always encounter something less pleasant. For example, when he went to work, he met Ge Xi's things, this time I almost misunderstand.

"Oh." Gu Wei smiled, "Then you have to rise more."

Fei Fei: "Do you want me to go to the company? Why?"

"I am working alone, too boring." Gu Yidao.

Everyone is a super invincible work madness, and it is actually boring?

Flying red ears a sound: "Then I have time to give you some past."

"Thank you." Gu Wei smashed his cheek.

Yue Fi, I'm angry: "I've been my face."

"Okay, don't you." Said, Gu Wei bowed and dropped a kiss in his cheek.

No □□, there is no pixel, just a simple lip and face.

"When I want to you, I will kiss you, kiss once, change your face."

What traares? Four Hong face: "If you still use it ..."


Gu Wei likes him?

Go back to the study, the more the fidel is on the desk, the chest seems to have someone in the drum, the heart is jumping.

Gu Wei likes him?

Don't like him, why do you have to relatives him.

Those who are more intimate contact, there is no trip to Vietnamese fi today.

Flavor desire, but also want to get close, in addition to like, what is the reason?

The more I want to go, the fidel is opened, and I have a set of topics calm.

It is better to choose the day, it is better to show it today!

In this way, the fidel is got up, throws the exercise book, and the majestic is walking towards the study of Gu Wei.

Knocking on the door, pushing, and the fidel sucks tones, close your eyes.

"Gu Wei, I like you!"

The voice falls, lasting, the air is quiet.

The fidel is cold, half of the eyes, opens the eyes, but see the room in the room.

... What about Gu Wei?

I don't know what I have missed what I am swimming in the swimming pool at the moment.

Yuefi's slow-swallowing progress made him feel a little irritated, and even began to think that it was not as good as it directly took the window paper.

In the past, it was more difficult, the front of the front was long, and he was not so irritating.

Get up from the pool, pick up the bath towel, enter the bathroom, just want to press the button to pull the curtain, but see the reflection of the glass, the fidel figure appears from the stairway, getting closer.

I thought that Fei Fei also wanted to swim. Gu Wei is trying to give up rinsing, accompany him for a while, but seeing Yue Fi does not enter the pool, but straight straight to him.

The glass push door that is not set to be opened, and the fidel is seen from the death.

Gu Wei frowned, I just wanted to ask him what is going on, I will see the fidile go to the eye, and the lips are hoop.

"Gu Wei, I, I seem to ... I like you. Do you like me too?"

The voice falls, lasting, the surrounding air is still as quiet as just that empty book.

Yue Fijiji, the nail is falling into the palm.


The big brain is blank, and the fidel suddenly doesn't know how to retain.

Too impulsive, remorse.

Bite the lower lips, the fidel is down, the eyelid is severity, and I don't dare to look at the look of Gu Wei.

At this time, the Fi Fi-Ten Harness hates this book is not a modern fantasy, and gives yourself with the ability to withdraw the above sentence.

"That ..." Yue Fi is going to say that he has just confession is just a big adventure, but he saw Gu Hui barefoot in the brick in his vision.

The chin was pinched and lifted, and the fidelity drifted, and retracted his shoulders, thinking that Gu Wei is to warn himself.

But I didn't expect the bones, and the back of the bones was pushed on his shoulder. The fidel back directly rely on the cold glass door. At the same time, there was still water droplets near the whose chest.

Gu Wei did not answer him, but he leaned, slightly with cool, lip, and donated lip pets, moist, gradually hot kiss, as if the rain point was smashed by small and large, and the storm is coming.

There is still a wet palm, hold the Omega soft waist, and slowly take the elongated neck.

The more fidelved it, raise your hand on his shoulder, lightly.

Originally clean clothes were wet by the water beads on the other side, but the fidel still maintained a clear awake.

A little bit slightly bit slightly in the lips of Alpha, and the other party is sprinkled, and the fidel breathing is confusing, and there is a answer.

"do you like me?"

Gu Wei looked at him, and there was a lot of hard a lot of kiss. Now there is a lot of more privileges: "How can I not like it."

Get a sure answer, Yue Fei is not happy, but red eyelids.


Gu Wei's forehead with his: "Really."

Fei Fi: "What do you like?"

Gu Wei Don: "Do you really want to know?"

"It's hard to say?" Fei Fiyu lip.

Gu Wei nodded and kissed his forehead.

"Well, it's hard to say."

Then it is the nose,



"Too much,"


"... can't finish."

The light-moving lips, including the odd lips of Omega.

Turning down, it is a tight shirt button.

□ □ □ □ In small shower, the more you burn ...

The white shirt dropped on the ground, and the fidel was short-lived and hid into Gu Wei's arms.

"I can see it outside."

The shades of the transparent bathroom have not been pulled.

Gu Wei Don, speaking, holding the button on the wall, holding the fidel arm in the hands, letting people turn over, back on the curtain leaves in the same.

"I can't see it."

Lips and teeth, loose fragrances are also present in every corner of the shower, and the sweet positives are invaded, integrated with no porcelation.

At that moment, I couldn't help but lift a hand, and the slender fingers were supported on the glass and grabbed the leaves.

On the other hand, press after the brain in Alpha, but only loosen, powerless.

It is not a stranger, such as a stack of in the sea, after accumulating to the ultimate, it is almost fascinating.

"Call ..." The familiar rosin is surrounded, even if it is a strange bathroom, it also causes fidel to have a bit safe.

Standing up, looking down at Omega red eyes plus moist eyes, Gu Wei smoother.

The big palm falls on the shoulders, and the fidel is pushed forward and facing the floor glass with the conjunction.

After the body, the body is close.

Outside, the evening wind wrinkled the calm pool surface, the dark clouds in the distance, the wind sounds, mixed with finely broken rain, and a drop in the pool water.

The water beads played on the ground glass, the sound is crisp, the original works, and suddenly squeezed with a glass, then falling, the speed is fast.

The rain is getting bigger, the bean beads are on the pool, slamming, soon, the pool surface has a layer of water vapor, foggy, as if dreams.

In the shower, the fidel has twisted his head and bite it on the lips.

"Direct access ..."

Gu Wei lived, and the curtain of the hand was returned to calm.

"Don't recruit me, you are still in differentiation."

What else, I still want to say something, the big hand buckled on his shoulder, holding his mouth.

At the same time, the curtain leaves again intensely.

The slender finger pulls the big hand covering his mouth, the fidel is closed, crying in the throat.

Until the night, the curtain before landing glass was re-opened, under the light, there was only a mess in the shower.

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