The master bed in the morning, the Yue Fi side is lying, and half face is buried in the pillow, it is already asleep.

After his body, Gu Wei held his body and looked at him.

I don't know if it is cold, or the inside of the legs is really grinding, can't stand the stimulation, even in sleep, the fidel brow is gently.

Note that his movement Alpha leaned over, kissed in his eyebrow, very fast, frown frown rebunts.


Overbearing the rosin as if it is softened, wrap the Omega on the bed without a slit slit.

The tough arm lived in front of the person, Gu Wei bowed, thin lips sticker behind the ear of the people, and closed his eyes.

Grab your. Alpha's mouth, slightly lifted.

In the book, it seems that after the night, it is a happy life that is happy and happy.

But in the reality, when the Fi Fife opens, there is still a moment of unreasonable feelings.

He yesterday, the confession ... also uses legs to help ......

Revelling the touch and heat yesterday, the fidel can not help but use it on his face.

He is over, he has fallen.

Gradually, Fi Fi finally found it wrong, he is not in his own room, but in the room of Gu Wei.

Gu Wei is not there.

From the nest, Fei Fei is looking at the bed, did not find his slippers, ready to slip back to his room.

However, he just took the door, and the door was opened.

Gu Wei's hand is a white water, see him in a hurry, and pick it up: "Where?"

Fi Fi is stunful: "No, where is it going."

Said, he turned and walked back, but he was hugged from behind him.

"Urgent? The shoes are not wear."

Bare feet on the soft slippers wearing the soft slippers, Yue Fi is like this, and is put down to the bed.

Gu Wei squatted, from the bottom of the bed, took Yue Fi's slippers, holding his ankle, let people put on the shoes.

Yue Feihong face: "I am coming yourself."

Gu Wei smiled: "What did you just don't worry, isn't you hope that I will help you?"

Can you still smear? Fi Fi immediately plan to pick up the feet, but Gu Wei did not let go, but the fingers were gently smashed on the ankle.

It's a bit itchy, the fidel shrinks, but I have not earned it again.

"Stay." Said, Gu Wei picked up another slippers and helped him.

Fiyi does not know what is the mood after the white success, he is now extreme untrue, and slightly don't touch.

Gu Wei also likes him, they are now true lovers?

When he was still trying to adjust the status, Gu Wei got up in naturally, bent over, kissed him.

The Fi Fi stunned, just to kiss, Gu Wei had left his body.

"Go out to eat."

"..." The fidel licked the lower lips and stood up from the bed.

However, he didn't obey his voice, but the front, looked up his hands, hosted Alpha's neck, looked up, kissed.

I have been there.

Gu Wei picked the next eyebrows, some surprised, then the reaction came over, and the lips and teeth were tied.

But didn't wait for him to taste, Yuefei returned.

"Let's go eat."

After that, the fidel walks toward the door and sleeps now, he is really hungry.

Gu Wei maintained a just posture and felt the familiar childish retaliation, and it would be not easy to laugh, it is not good to wait.

When I went to the stairway, Yue Fei just saw Chen Ayi came down from the third floor, holding a very familiar clothes in his hand, is a crime that he was blended in the shower of the shower last night.

"..." Yue Fi did not see anything, turned to the first floor.

Today is normal working day, according to us, Gu Wei should go to the company, but today, it is more than ten o'clock, but he still sits opposite the restaurant, the fidel, and looks at him with a leisurely.

"Don't you go to the company today?" Yue Fi asked him.

Gu Wei: "Go, don't hurry."

Under the eyes of Gu Wei, Fifei is not aware of breakfast.

Waiting for him to put down the tableware, Gu Wei only speak: "Do you want to go to the company with me?"

Fei Fi: "Is it now?"

"Well." Gu Yidao.

Fei Fi: "I have to self-study ..."

"We can bring your books." Gu Wei did not think this is a problem.

It is clear that it is my active confession, but Fei Fei is now that Gu Wei seems to be much more than him, it does not need to be excessive, and it will enter the state directly.

"Ok ... ok." Fei fi promised.

In fact, he also wanted to stick to Gu Wei, just worried about the impact of Gu Wei, Gu Wei took the initiative to make himself accompany him, and fidel is very happy.

Gu's group,

Tang Yue took the underlying department to ask Gu Wei's signature, sounded the door of the president's office.

For a long time, Gu Wei cold voice came from the office.

"Come in."

Tang Yue pushed the door, I saw that the work on the desk was originally spoiled. It seems to be a bit messy, and rarely followed the fidet of Gu Wei to the company.

Notice that the office reservoir system was opened, Tang Yue put it on the table, and the eyes took note of his own boss usually buckled the tight shirt, the upper two buckles were unconventional.

"These files need you have a signature." Tang Yue did not stay in place for Gu Wei signature, but, "I will take it later."

Gu Wei: "Well, wait for the Job to come over."

Job is Beta, Tang Yueming.


About Yue Fi Delayed differentiation, although Gu Wei did not speak, but as the most contact, the assistant, Tang Yue and Qiao, who were busy as the time, and when the EFE differentiated.

When Tang Yue left, Gu Wei did not flush the document, but went to the door of the lounge, opened the door, saw that the fidel was sitting on the bed, and he was still not calm.

Seeing him, the fidel is low, I feel that my decision to keep the company is wrong.

Just, he wanted to ask Gu Wei, but he was pushed on the work desk by Gu Wei, and the office door was ringing, his heart was almost jumped out.

Before Tang Yue coming in, avoiding this lounge, Fei Fei has already thought about waiting for you to return to Nanwan Xiangshi.

However, I haven't waited for him to open, I stand on the door, I am sitting in the bed, my eyes, my eyes, my eyes, I don't consciously have a bit, and when I take a lounge, my hand is behind, turn it behind. The door of the lounge.


Gu Wei is close to Vietnamese, one side.

Yue Fi is a sound, silently raising his hand to swollen into the shirt that has just been smoke, but it is approached by Gu Wei to hold hands.

"Are you seduce me?"

Ferry: "?"

The enthusiasm of unfull extinguishing is re-ignited, and when it is pushed down, it flashes a decision in the Yuefi Braise, and can not follow Gu Wei to company.

There is no way to learn at all!

It seems to be aware of his points, and the lips were bitten by Alpha, and the fidel snorted, and the self-violent reached the hand to the other shoulders.

Yesterday's intimines let Yue Fei know that he is in the differentiation period, Gu Wei can only thunder the heavy rain, so there is no scruple, there is no scruple, the lips and teeth, the fidel reaches your hand, the waist , Want to adjust the position of the two people.

Gu Wei did not refuse, follow his strength to the side, let Yue Fi lie on himself.

Looking at Gu Wei lying on himself, Vietnamese breathing has some chaos.

The hand of the Omega waist is slid out, and it takes a little bit slightly on the softness.

Gu Wei asked him: "What is it?"

"Look at you."

Two words fall, the fidel leaned over, re-kissed.

I can't stop, I want to get close to the other's desires |


In the president's office, I have been spending an afternoon. The Fei Fi has a topic of the exercise, sitting on the car in South Bayxiang County.

It turns out that two people are now waiting together, they can't work hard.

They are all in love, but they have just confess, and the two are inevitable.

Gu Wei left in the office overtime, and the fidel took the car to pick up Gu Wei's car. On the way, the mobile phone also received information from Gu Wei from time to time.

Gu Wei: I have already treated it, if you wait for me, we can go back together.

Fei Fi hooks his mouth back: I am in the county of South Bay ...

"Waiting for you to come back" The four words have not yet finished, and the fidel suddenly heard the driver of the front, and the sound is strict in the sound.

"Mr. Yue, the brakes of this car failed."


No reactions were made to make a react, in order to avoid the speed of the speed of the speed, the driver's steering wheel turned, and the fidel did not prevent the seat.

"Be careful!"


The car is like drunk wine, deviating from the correct road, rushing out of the motor vehicle sidewalk, hits the fence next to the road, and plant it into the river.

The body is hit on the car, and the Yuefi has lost awareness in an instant.

Jiang Water poured into the car, and the Fi Fi strived to open his eyes, his arm slept, and people were pulled out of the back seat by the driver.

The driver who drives Gu Wei passes through professional training. It is also a bodyguard while the driver is also a bodyguard. Even in this case, it still takes the shore with Yuefi.

The shore has gathered many onlookers. Not far, the emergency vehicles are gradually close to the whistle, and the fidel is closed, and it is placed on the grass on the shore.

The bright red blood leaves from the 1st angle, and the pixel cannot be depressed.

Almost immediately, the crowd of the onlookers sent excitement.

"The injured is an Omega!"

Brought the bodyguards on the shore of Fei Fei, I pushed the people who didn't want to look close to the person, and opened the call of Gu Wei.

"Gu total, the car is out of brakes in Chengjiang Road, the more you hurt."

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