Injured? Brake failure?

Gu Wei shouted instantaneously, the feet just didn't get a clean, heard the accidental news, and the heart was only a small uneasiness gradually expanded.

He got up and left, and he called the assistant and told the follow-up everything.

This accident is not simple, but now more important is the security of fidel.

When Gu Wei arrived, Yuefi has been sent to the operating room. Unlike the Alpha, Omega is delicate, and therefore the same accident, the driver has also saved the Fii, but the fidel lost their consciousness before the shore.

From the operating room, the fidel is still not awake, this is a dilut, until the next evening, talents woken away.

Gu Wei has moved the work to the ward and is on the table that is temporarily prepared.

I found that the difference in the bed, Gu Wei got up, went to Yuefi, see him blink, and finally tones.

From yesterday to now, although the doctor has another three guarantees, but the fidel has not been awake, Gu Wei has not been able to rest assured.

Ok, finally ...

However, very soon, Gu Wei was observed, because he opened his eyes and looked at his own fidel, and his eyes were very unfamiliar.

"Who are you? Where is I now?"

Gu Wei frowned and pressed the pole bell in bed.

Almost immediately, there is a footsteps outside the door, and the four five doctors will be with three or four nurses and pushed the door.

"Gu total? Mr. Yue woke up!"

The fidel looks in the people who come in, and the light is light.

Gu Wei observed the expression of the Fi Fi, frown wrinkled, turned to the doctor: "He missed."

In this way, the atmosphere in the ward suddenly died.

"Trouble attention, we will give you a check."

During the speech, all the information on the Fi Fif is placed on the temporary office desk of Gu Wei, apparently, these doctors are ready to meet on the spot.

Gu Wei got down, and his eyes paused for a few seconds in the fidel, and finally did not say, and went out.

Fei Fi and his eyes are too strange. Unfamiliar with all the comforts of all the plans to export, all in the throat.

I don't know how long, the doctor finally agreed from the ward.

Among them, there were previously diagnosed and delayed pheromine expert Bai Xi. .

"Gu total, we have made some tests for Mr. Yue, confirm that he is now in addition to some of the trauma, all other normal, only lost all memories of August."

Saddays in August? It is just that he and he knows this time, how can you forget this?

Gu Wei's lips, the rosin of overbearing, exudes strong unsatisfactory: "Cause."

"... can't find it out."

"Oh." Gu Wei was dangerous, "" You are telling me, "Gu's top experts, the experts on the international number, I can't find a car accident, why is it?"

This sentence is an expert, just like a slap in their face.

There is a bit embarrassed on the Bai Xi surface, but it is still a pressure: "We have to be responsible for Gu total, but also to the patient, and the more, in addition to the loss of memory, other respects do not have too big, of course, not excluded It is because of the shortness of dissemination caused by excessive scared, further inferior needs to stay in hospital to observe it for a while. "

"Three days, reasons and solutions, I have to see." Gu Wei's voice was cold, "Don't tell me you can't do it."

Bai Xi: "We try to."

Different in the depression atmosphere outside the ward, in the ward, the fidel, unlocked the phone on the bedside table with fingerprints, and turned out.

When Gu Wei came in, Fei Fei has already finished reading the phone, silent, sitting in bed.

Seeing him, Fei Fi lifted his face, looking directly: "I have to go home."

Gu Wei: "Which home is?"

"Yuejia." Fei Fei is like.

Gu Wei: "Do you know that you are almost?"

Ferry: "..."

"We are married." Gu Wei looked at him and did not let him change his one-stop expression.

When he said that two people got married, the frown of the fidel was light.

"Your current home, in Nanwan Xiangshi." Gu Wei was one sentence.

"I don't know what you are talking, I don't know you at all, and I have a boyfriend." Yue Fi is not flustered because of unknown situations, "You recognize the wrong person."

Gu Wei was silent. After reading the fidet, he finally turned, leaving the ward: "These days, you will take it in the hospital."

The man's words are orders, not comment on.

After Gu Wei left, Yue Fi wanted to leave, but the bodyguards held outside the door, the mobile phone originally placed in the bed, I didn't know when I didn't see the trace.

"Gu Wei? It is an arrogant alpha like the news that I have seen."

In the ward, Fei Fi is standing next to the window, looking at the night scene, look indifferent.

"Sure enough, I still don't like this information about this informationin."

White forehead is on the cold glass, the window refers to how many emotions of the fidel.

When I just got a mobile phone, he knew that it was also marked an Omega thing, then he heard that the two were married, and the mood was not too big. Although it is only less than three months, this world has become a look he doesn't know.

These three months, as if a dream, he or him?


On the way back to South Bay, Gu Wei's cold pixel is frozen to the Tang Yue's body on the co-drive.

He hasn't seen his own boss for a long time.

Revelling, seems to have appeared since the marriage of the Agreement with the Fi Fi, will have some smiles on their faces.

In the past, even if it was tens of hundreds of billions of projects, Gu Wei's eyes did not knead, but later, Fei Fei can make his emotions many popular.

Now, those popularity seem to have disappeared with the disappearance of Yuefi.

This is too sudden, and it is clear that everything is fine yesterday.

Even if Tang Yue also feels sudden, let alone Gu Wei.

A few days ago, I still sleep in my side. I woke up today, I suddenly said that I didn't know myself, there were another boyfriend, and asked him if it was.

If it is not Gu Zi Zhiku, it may have been to help the boyfriend in this fiph to him again.

Alpha possession of Omega, who identifies Omega, can be unspeakable.

Going back to Nanwan Xiangshi, just stepped into the second floor, Gu Wei is a one.

Although the two did not come back last night, the air still exudes the taste of the information of the two people.

Silence returning to the study, there is so many things waiting for him, but Gu Wei is rare.

Misborne? Just lose the memory of these three months after he knows, how accurate, how coincidental, coincidental, let Gu Wei feel that Fei Fei is lie to him.

However, what is the reason for Vietnamese to lie to him?

No matter what thought, Gu Wei also wants to understand.

After all possible, no matter how ridiculous, Gu Wei can only accept ... Vietnam really lost the memory of these three months.

The current fidel is completely unpaked to fidel.

Leaving your own study, Gu Wei opened the book of the next door, put the computer on the verge desk, and calm down.

Here, all of the omeli of Omega.

The faint clear spring is slowly moving in the loose, so that Gu Wei's danger is in the pheromone.


The next day, Gu Wei wakes up in the fidel, and the mobile phone next to the pillow is not only, he frowned, pick up, the voice came from the earpiece made him instantly awake.

"Gu's general, Yue Mr. Yue can't open, cut the wrist and commit suicide!"

From the bed, Gu Wei is blanking: "How do you see people? Let the doctor pick up the phone!"

After changing the phone, Gu Wei did not ask, only said: "People can't have anything. As long as people are fine, the research funds in each studio will be guaranteed in the future, I will guarantee."

Bai Xi's voice took a clear panic: "Gu total, it is my fault, I didn't expect Mr. Yue, you know that he is Omega after you know that you will react."

He just wants to remind Vietnamese, if you don't let Gu Wei come over, it is necessary to inject the drug to relieve the informationin.

Where did Yue Fi know that he is Omega, immediately rush it out, and made such a thing.

Although some people can't accept the reality of their delayed differentiation, it may be that the previously contacted fidel makes Bai Xi's judgment mistakes, and there is no reasonably considering the experience of unbelievable.

In the ward of the moment, a soldier is still hob.

The ignorant Omega pheromone is in the ward, there is no ridicule, even if it is hitting the needle, there is still no halftake.

"No, he is too confronted."

"What should I do? Do you use the positives needle?"

"No, his current pheromone is only rejected by the summary information."

"Yue Mr. Yue Fi! You insist on your family."

... However, the fidel can't hear anything. In the mind, the doctor said that he said to him, he delayed differentiation, in fact, is an Omega fact.

Oh, Omega? Can only be marked by the alpha, otherwise it is difficult to spend an emotional Omega?

He can't accept it!

He wants to return, the world who has no pheromones.

If it is because of the fidel who is here, he will come back from the world who has no pixel. If he dies, will he return to the world without positives?

Only when you have been, I know how beautiful the world, I am clear that he has already got rid of everything here, why do you want him to come back?

The light of the head begins to blur, and the fidel has gradually lost their consciousness.

One of him disappeared is three months but no one has a different world, not worthy of his whit.


In the dark, some people don't know how long, suddenly, have a crisp bird called from afar, follow the sound, and people who are sleepy in the dark find the direction of the forward.

Finally, the sun breaks into the eye.

After the fidel opened his eyes, he did not respond for a long time.

Until the person in the bed notice that he woke up, he leaned over and looked at him, and his eyes, dark eyes were slightly vibrated.

"Fei Fi, what are you awake?"

Yue Fi's heart, handsome guy, who?

Seeing his eyes, the gods are serious and faintly embarrassed to embleaking the man: "I am gone?" I am Gu Wei. "

Gu Wei? The fury slowly blinking, is it not a novel that his colleague is watching, punish the Gerver Male of the Cannon Audi Adee?

He called him fidel?

Then he is not the cannon deaf in the book? !

The Yue Fiki is pumping: "Ah, yes, I am gone."

Look at his reaction, with almost unable to cover up the tired Gu Wei, gently divide his eyes.

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