Watching him, blinking.

I don't know why, Yesterday, the fidel, which made Gu Wei, can't afford to get close, really like strangers, but he has no way, so it is irritating.

But today's fidel, although he doesn't remember him, but it is inexplicably, let his pixel are stable.

Overbearing rosin is filled in the air, comforting the other fungus, Gu Wei, looking at him, slowly approaching.

Until the lips were touched, the fidel reacted, and the eyes were all, what is this?

"We are married, I am your partner."

Gu Wei re-strained, licked the lower lips, looked at the fidelity of the fidel, suddenly revealing the first smile in the past few days.

"Nothing, think slowly, always think of."

Ferry: "..."

This plot, did he have seen it? !

The touch on the lips seems to be present, and the fidel raises his hand wants to rub it, but just to move, the pain will come from the wrist.

Seeing that it is wrapped in a strict wrist, and the fidel is stunned.

"I cut my wrist?"

It is mentioned that Gu Wei flashed a haze.

"I hope that you don't want to do this, even if you don't think about my mood, I also think about your family."

Fei Fi: "..." His family, his family doesn't care about his life.

Although I don't know why the original master chooses such an extreme method, it is impossible to do so. In the real world, you will still struggle with you alone, it will not give up your life.

So the fidet answered Gu Wei said: "You can rest assured, I will not do this again."

It is said that he said this time, and Gu Wei sat down on the bedside chair and asked him: "How much do you remember?"

It is best not to let him hear what the ex-boyfriend is.

"Well ..." Fei Fi has a lower lip, acknowledges, "Sorry, in addition to remember that my name is Vietnamese, the other seems to have forgotten."

I forgot? Gu Wei examined him for a while.

"Then you take a good rest first, raise your body, I will take you home, others are not airs."

Fei Fei nose: "Okay."

The fidel that claims to not remember anything is very well-behaved, and the mood of Gu Wei is slightly relaxed.

"That, you said that we are married, is it true?" Fei Fei hesitated again.

Does he recognize it wrong? I don't worry into the ABO novel.

Gu Wei: "Really, I am your alpha." "... Oh." Fi Fif is silent, it seems that there is no mistake, but how is this story so unfamiliar?

Then, Gu Wei told him that the Yuejia and Gu Jia's things, and the two people married because the blind date was loved at first sight, and the feelings were very good after marriage.

Vietnamese is listening carefully, the bottom is silent, and the feelings have never found that their partner has changed a core?

"What do you mean by me, I mean?" Yue Fi is a good question.

Gu Wei Don said: "Because of the accident a few days ago, he woke up once after waking up."

"Then why ..." Fi Fi uses a good hand, refers to the wrist you have wrapped.

Walking along the fidel fingers, look at the scarred wrist, Gu Wei's eyes flashed a pain.

"I do not know."

Gu Wei chose to hide, even if there is only one dock, if the fidel can't accept itself, it is an Omega, then he will hit him.

It seems that the original owner suicide, let Gu Wei feel painful, and the heart of the fidel is following.

Strange, why do you have to be sad?

Or is this the mood of the original Lord?

Press the heart, and the fidel comfort Gu Wei said: "Don't be sad, I am nothing now."

But the words are exported, and the fidel is suddenly very guilty. Now he is not the person who really likes.

However, the situation is embarrassed, and the fidel is also hard to hold down. If you ask, I don't know, forget it, and then ask the headache needs to be rest.

In order to help him recover memory, these days in the hospital, Gu Wei turned to make him and Yue family and Gu Jia people videos, the middle Yue family interrupted when I went to the hospital to visit people, Gu Wei Yue Fi It is necessary to rejection.

On this day, the Fi Fi's mobile phone suddenly sounded, and Gu Wei was also next to him, and the fidel made Gu Wei to help him.

Gu Wei passed the phone he handed from good luck.

"Mr. Gu, here is the Asteroid Exploration Association, you have already made the relevant procedures of the asteroid name rights of our bids in our month, according to your previous meaning, the document will be delivered today, please Pay attention to check. "

Mr. Gu? Asteroid name rights?

Gu Wei did not know when the fidel got this thing, sounded, it was purchased in his name.

Gu Wei opened hands-free, Fei Fi naturally heard.

After he hangs up the phone, Yuefi asked: "Is it to play my mobile phone to find you?"

Fortunately, he didn't pick it up.

Gu Wei looked at him, did not speak for a while.

The slender fingers rose on his cheeks, and the fidel looked looked at him, and the chin was suddenly caught.

Subsequently, the rude kiss falls.


Too suddenly.

Holding hands with your own chin, compared with Gu Wei, the strength of the fidel can hardly ignore it.

Lips and teeth, unfamiliar touch ... Feifei thought that he would be very excluded, but the consciousness was passively and as if ... did not hate it.

For a while, Gu Wei opened his hand, and the fidel was plagged, and the body was relying on the pillow.

"Do you know what you are doing?" Fi Fi raised his hand, and his back was wiped on the red lips.

Gu Wei took light, the look on the face was unclear, but the sound was as calm.

"I know who I kiss is that you have forgotten it, but it is obvious that you don't disheart, the body doesn't lie to you, isn't it?"

Fei Fiwear: "..." Well ... This kind of feeling is a little terrible.

"I will pick you up today, the doctor said that your injury is already going home."

Didn't give the Fei Fei half-point buffer, Gu Wei directly announced that the Fei officially ended the day of hospitalization.

Come back home?

Some fidels are somewhat nervous, but he is calm on his face: "Okay."

Before discharge, Gu Wei pulled the Yuefi collar. After his neck, he posted a transparent sheet, and the fidel is unclear, asking him what, Gu Wei is just a doctor's foreign injury, posted back and neck The acupuncture points are valid.

It seems that it seems that it is very scientifically, so I'm don't ask more than one more.

Taking them is Tang Yue, I heard about the things of the fidile messenger, I don't have much to say more when I meet.

Fei Fi stands in front of the black car, but stops.

"Mr. Yue?"

Tang Yue took him on the door, seeing his face and pale, doubt the opening.

Gu Wei Ben has been sitting in the car, seeing it, walking to him.

"what's happenin?"

After fidel, I almost hit Gu Wei, and then he said: "You said that I am a hospital that is going to have a car accident, it may be a little psychological shadow."

When he was in a car accident, he had not passed it yet. Why did you feel fear on the sealed space in the car?

Yue Fi is not true, Gu Wei immediately immediately said to Tang Yue: "Change the hood."

Tang Yue: "Okay." It is not thoughtful enough.

Go back to South Bay Xiangshi, Yuefi followed by Gu Wei, all the way.

Living room tea, a big envelope is placed, and Gu Wei walked over, pick up.

It is a certificate and related documentation of the asteroid name.

Asteroid named "Wen Wen".

Hold people Gu Wei.

Gu Wei took a moment, and the letter was sealed to Yuefi.

Yue Fi took over, a small letter dropped from the bag.

Gu Wei picked up.

"Dear Mr. Gu,

Today is my birthday, in order to celebrate my birthday, I will give you the asteroid named "Wen Wen". Wen Wen is my little name. I didn't tell others. You are the first to know. Originally wanted to take your name, but I think you will send you a small star named after your name, it seems that it is not suitable, and finally decided to name my name, you must like it, because this is my birthday gift.

Today is the last deadline I set it yourself - the deadline to you. I like you, I hope that when you receive this letter, you already know.


Fei Fei is standing next to Gu Wei, and I also saw the content on the letter, I don't know why, his eyes suddenly wet.

He seems to be able to understand the mood of the other party to write these words.

Gu Wei reached out and took the envelope that was originally handed to Yuefi.

"By mistaken, it turned out to give me a gift."

"Second, the second floor is your room, you are a little tired, first go back to the house."

Said, Gu Wei took the big envelope and the small letter, and I got on the second floor alone.

Although Gu Wei's expression as always, the fidel is still a vibration of his mood from the other side.

Even the parties did not expect to receive such a gift.

Give someone who loves yourself, as your own birthday gift.

The fidel is sitting down on the sofa, holding a pillow on the side, and the heart is sour.

Scorpio, this is a beautiful love.

Why do you let him pass through, is this not a living to disassemble people?

Do you have this plot in the book? Fei Fei and Gu Wei, isn't it a hatred? How do you suddenly become a lovely lovers?

And, this little name is this? Not his? November 23, isn't it his birthday?

While feeling the beautiful love of others, the fidel is ruthless, and there is a paralysis.

That is, I don't know if it is because of the reason, the fidel and Gu Wei are together, and he is wearing it in this situation ... However, the fidel here and his day birthday, and has His little name ...

Too clever.

I don't understand, Yue Fi got up from the sofa, I was going to the building, but when I saw the cabinet door in the restaurant, I suddenly took a foot.

There are two people in front of you, with two people overlap, leaning on the cabinet, intimate kissing, the wheezing and sound of the ear are similar to far ...

Ten minutes from ... he heard the man who said tall.

Soon, the fidel saw the face of a high man, Gu Wei.

And another person ...

Distinguished his face!

And Gu Wei is tangled here, people who are kissing here are him!

The heart of the fidet unconsciously accelerated, he went back, no longer looked at that place, walk alone on the second floor.

Is it really nothing wrong with him? !

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