What is most useful when contemporary young people want to find evidence? Of course, the search record of the browser in the mobile phone!

So, returned to the second bed, closed the door, and the fidel turned his browsing record.

But soon disappointing, he browsing the record is blank.

Subsequently, the fidelity discovered that this phone, even the communication software did not even.

This mobile phone is definitely not what he uses.

Throw the phone open, the fidel is behind, lying down on the soft bed.

I always feel that it is not very right.

Gu Yao said that they had a love at first sight, but they have been married for a few months, but why, the furnishings of the secondary sleeper are like he has always lived in this room.

Good feelings, but sleep in bed?

If this is his room in South Bay, the important thing, it should be placed here.

Yuefi's head is next to the side of the bedside.

Didn't take him up, the door is suddenly opened.

The fidel is surprised to sit up, look at the door, and people who come in are Gu Wei.

In addition to him, it is impossible to have someone else.

"What happened?" Yue Fi asked him.

Gu Wei came to the room, explained: "I have been thinking about you, I can accept it for you, but I just want to sleep again, the housing can be disadvantaged. So, we still Tommatize to sleep together. "

Ferry: "... I still sleep first?"

Gu Wei: "This is not conducive to recovering memory, don't you want to recover your memory?"

"..." The fidel lips, how do you pick up this?

During the speech, Gu Wei had approached the room and took a few sets of pajamas in the fidel wardrobe.

"These clothes have heard that you have to go out, I let the aunt sort out, I have not considered Zhou Quan, I will move some master bedroom, other slowly come." Gu Wei said, while holding Vietnamese Pajamas returned to the master bedroom.

The reason why Vietnamese can't think of rejection, can only follow him into the master bedroom.

"I think some things should be clear in advance." Fame cough.

Gu Wei is sorting the wardrobe: "What?"

Fei Fi: "Before I recover memory, I can't force my travel partner's obligation."

Wen said, Gu Wei put down the clothes on his hand, turned back, and picked up: "The obligation of partner?"

"Just ..." The eyes of the fideways floated into the latter bed behind.

Gu Wei understood: "You can rest assured, I promise that before you recover memory, we are just simply sleeping on that bed."

Although I feel that Gu Wei is strange, but fidel is also picked up.

It is not a loss of ingredients if I haven't had a loss, and the fidel is not too high. I have too much demand for Gu Wei. Listening to him promised, I didn't say much more.

Despite it, too much place.

"Time is not early, you should take a shower, take a break early." Gu Wei deliver a pajamas.

Yue Fi passed: "Okay."

Looking at the people turned into the bathroom, Gu Wei took back to the door, looked up and gently smashed the eyebrow.

Why do you want to Sataki?

Gu Wei looked up and looked at the night scene outside the window.

He worried that the implications that the two people who have no memory know the existing agreement between the two will choose the end agreement and start again.

So that moment, Gu Wei made the most favorable for his choice, saying that the two were in love, tied the feet of the fidile foot with feelings.

The sound of the bathroom came from the scene.

Gu Wei straight to the body, walked to the door, knocked the door.

"What happened?"

Fei Fi: "Ah is nothing, I just shower or not to take stability, one hand is not convenient, you don't worry, there is nothing."

Gu Wei frowned: "Don't touch water, I will come in help you."

"No, no ..." The refusal of the fidel has not been completely spit, and Gu Wei has opened the door of the bathroom and came in.

The fidel is down, looked at the eyes of his eyes, silently back.

Gu Wei: "What is shy, where did you haven't seen it?"

"!" Yue Fi's neck turned back, "That trouble, you will help me, speed up speed."

Under the bathroom light, the white full foam hangs on the body, above the clavicle, the white skin is slightly red.

Gu Wei-Sil's black pupil is a bit, and the scorpion is sound: "Okay."

The bone-sided finger touches the skin of the shoulder, and the Yue Fi can't never shrink it, but it is pressed against the shoulders.

The warm water flows from the shower, and the sound of Alpha is low: "Don't move, hold it, I will help you."

Fi Fi has a little flustered and retreats two steps, which is back to the cold tile, and regret that he has just been fast.

"If you don't, I am here."

Gu Wei: "You will get the wound, oh."

Fei fi is full of heads, fever: "No, no. It's just a bit."

Gu Wei hooked his mouth: "Well."

Prior to this, Yuefi never knew that his body was so sensitive, and he was nothing to wash himself.

"Well," Suddenly, the fidel is separated from Gu Wei's hand, "Wash it."

Gu Wei looked up, leaned over to Yuefi red ear: "I will help you."

The lamp of the head is like a Tri Yang at this moment, roasting his body.

Benevo on the tile, breathing is unstable.

Why do things develop into this now, he doesn't know.

The injured hand lifted gently, put on Alpha wide shoulders.

The fidel is closed, and I don't dare to the eyes of the person in front.

The nose is loosen, and the fidel is not close to the source of the taste, and the forehead arrived between the shoulder and neck of Gu Wei.

I don't know how long it takes, Alpha low, bit the fidel micro-lips.

The light of the bathroom is gradually blurred in the fidel eye ...

When he returned to God, the two had returned to the bedroom, and his body has been deployed on clean pajamas.

"Sleep." Gu Wei fell kissed his forehead, "Happy birthday."

Flying red face, ok, back to him, lying down in bed, eyes look at the window, thoughts are messy.

Scorpio, he and Gu Wei, Gu Wei and him, they in the bathroom, their bathrooms ...

Gu Wei will take himself as a lover who suffered from the loss, how can you ...

However, in this moment, in addition to desire, he was blank in his mind.

Hey ... excuse, is excuse!

With strong embarrassment and uneasiness, the eyelids of the fidel are gradually heavy, falling into sleep.

In the dark, the rosin is once again filled.

The sweet springs slowly flow, surrounding the rosin, the stream is not going.

On the soft bed of the master bedroom, the sleeping Omega turned over and drilled into Alpha arms waiting for a long time.

Looking at the fidelity of the fidelity, Gu Wei sat down his cheek.

He used his most demolished pherosion, but he gave him the strongest sense of security at this time.

Because this is the Omega who attached each other, it is his lover.

"Do you really misborne? But why do you forget everything now, still attach to my information?"

And another misseu, exclusive to me?

Gu Wei's eyes, falling in void, even if he, I can't help but want to doubt, this world is really a soul, and the fidel of it before, is not a real fidel.

Now I am a fidel in my arms, that is the one who makes him feel your heart.

"Don't be lost again." Gu Wei bowed, with him forehead, closed his eyes, letting all the tired of this time, flooding himself.

Next day,

The sun climbed from the gap of the curtains, and the fi has already woke up, but the nest is in Gu Wei, I don't dare to move, afraid to awaken the sleeping alpha.

He didn't know when he rolled into Gu Wei, now this intimate posture, it is really not dare to act rash.

Otherwise, he still sleeps for a while, letting Gu Wei get up, will not be embarrassed.

So the fidel closing eyes and continues to brew sleep.

This feeling, the fidel has been waking up, but if he is willing, when he wakes up, Gu Wei has left, and he will leave him for a whole bed.

Stretched a lazy waist, Yue Fi touched the mobile phone next to his pillow, dot, brush up the news gossip in the hospital.

"The Contradiction of the Guys Group."

"The partner of the orthodox Alpha heirs, is Beta or Omega?"


The Fi Fi stunned, Gu's group heirs, isn't it just Gu Wei?

If I am really married to Gu Wei, I should be able to inherit the house, how is it still the identity of the successor?

The heirs of the partner is what him? He is Beta, what Omega, where to come into a chaotic entertainment news.

Brush the news gossip to yourself, the fidel is unpleasant to put down the phone, touch the stomach to the protest, get up and put on the slippers, go to the wardrobe, want to change the pajamas.

I am free to take a dress and throw it into the bed. The Fi is just going to take off her clothes, and two people suddenly emerged in bed.

"Pain, don't ..."

"Delo, now I can't stand it, what do I do if you go in?"


The fidel is put in a mouthful of cold, and the hand of the clothes is put down.

Why, there is always these messy fragments in his mind? !

Is it so hungry? Is it true that these are true?

"Gu Wei! You are almost a little!"

Yue Fei seems to hear his voice.

"This can be faster."

Answer him, is a familiar voice that last night is soiled in his ear ...

Suddenly, the familiar voice came from behind.

"Woke up?"

I didn't know when I was opened, and I just in my mind and myself didn't say anything, I was like this, leaning against the door, looking at myself.

Fi Fi's face is now red: "You, you go out."

Gu Wei's eyebrows.

"I want to change clothes!" Fei Fi was inexplicably launched.

Gu Wei took a light smile, retreated out, handle him to turn the door to close the door.

In the room, the Fifi landed in the clothes, and she came out later.

"I am hungry, have something to eat?"

Yan Yue asked Gu Wei outside the door.

Gu Wei: "I just want to ask you to eat. I thought you had to sleep."

Yuei is embarrassed to grasp your hair: "Are you eating?"

"Oh, wait for you."

Fii suspect that Gu Wei is deliberate to make him sin.

"You can eat yourself first." Defi Fi said, following the upstairs of Gu Wei.

Gu Wei: "You are not in my appetite."

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