The dinner table is too quiet, Yue Fi wants to find a topic, suddenly remembered the news that he saw in the morning, asked Gu Wei, "I see my related news on the Internet, is it tight? What is it?"

I didn't expect that he would ask this, and Gu Wei took the chopsticks and said: "Not a big thing, don't worry."

The surplus of the fidel is actually in understanding, because Gu Wei and Beta form a partner to reverse the public opinion situation, so hate the parties of the people go extreme. They can't find Gu T Ten, and they will take the dissatisfaction between Gu T Ten, spend all the compensation for Gu's, and buy a group of security, and he wants him to look at Gu Wei.

However, the security guards that Gu's can be purchased, the hand feet can be made, and the illegal items do not enter, and can only play brains in Gu Wei.

Although the person has deleted all monitored records, the Group's security itself has two layers of protection. The peripheral staff do not know, even if the evidence of this layer is deleted, the darkness still has eyes.

Therefore, shortly after the accident, the truth is already chained, but Gu Wei did not announce.

Under the double security, the security guard can be succumbed, but it is also a hacker.

His means too crude, if the person who took the car is Gu Wei, this means will not have any effect on him, but the person who can't take the car will be Vietnamese.

Too much care, yin boss is hurting Gu Wei's most intention.

The complete report on this matter has long been placed in Gu Wei's case. After taking it, he locked it into his drawer.

Because he still doubts ... Maybe the goal of accidents is not him from the beginning, but Yuefi.

These messy things, Gu Wei wants to let Fei know, now I don't need to know.

"Originally, you plan to give you a birthday party when you have yesterday, but I didn't expect that the accident happened first. In addition, you can discharge it yesterday, I will cancel the party first, waiting for you to be sick, I will give you another more." Gu Wei gave Yue Fii with a chopsticks and side.

Of course, the party is more important reason, because there is a period of the fidelity differentiation, and Gu Wei does not want to take risks.

I know that I am an Omega's proficiency can grasp the degree of other alpha or Omega, but Gu Wei can not guarantee that I have forgotten that I am an Omega's fidel.

Fei Fi: "Oh, oh, I can." Don't remember anyone now, what party is? Of course, it is the best.

A meal, although the two have their own mind, but because the food is done than the two people usually do, there is nothing to eat.

After the meal, Yue Fi came to the place where he is a personal study, seeing the study information on the table, can not help but hear.

The desk is posted on the desk, and the fidel sees one of them - to the scholarship!

He remembers the fidel written in the book, it seems that I don't think about it. What is the way to struggle?

"Remember? You said that the end of the test will take a scholarship, but also let me tailor, but I didn't expect this accident." Gu Wei also saw the note on the desk, and when speaking, the eyes were gentle and smile.

Vietnamese looks at him, silence, I don't know what to say.

"This is your space, you will look at it, see what I can think of, I will go back to the study." Tong, Gu Wei raised his hair, turned and left the room.

Fei Fei is standing at the table, somewhat embarrassing, but if Gu Wei is expected, at this moment, it is flashing a frame that is flashing on this desk.

"Although I have been studying in the middle, I still have to catch up with a little effort."

"Ah, this is what people do? Is it doing people?"

"Suddenly, I haven't stop working in the past, and I have worked hard than physical labor than physical labor."


The other sentence is still a fresh complaint, let the Yue Fi's chicken skin go straight from the scalp.

Take a study, work ... this is not all his real experiences?

! ! !

So, he really missed.

Yuefi grabbed his head and bowed his head and sighed.


Now, he not only wears a book, but also loves to get married with Gu Wei in the book, and then disappeared thinking that he just worn over?

One support, the plot needs such a twist?


In the evening, Gu Wei ended his work, sounded the door of the Fi Fi, and saw it after entering the door is the flying salty fish on the small sofa.

The curtain is being placed on the movie.

I am still quite pleasant.

"Don't learn?" Gu Wei picked her eyebrows.

Seeing him, the fidel is sitting up, inexplicably wronged: "Do not understand."

Since certainment of yourself is unparalleled, the feeling of Vietnamese Gu Wei is different.

Is this a person I like? Still married? Is it a legitimate partner?

The keen Alpha spotted the weird transformation in the fidel attitude, although I don't know why, he wisely did not ask. "Do you want to swim? The top floor." Gu Wei asked him.

Vietnamese is very unexpected: "Swim? I will not swim." Isn't a partner? I don't know if he won't swim.

Seeing this reaction, Gu Wei smiled: "I almost forgot, you have forgotten that you will teach you this thing."

Although Gu Wei said, but the fidel's heart is inexplicably smiling, as if he is inherited, he got up from the small sofa, went to Gu Wei: "Let's go, go swimming, maybe I have the body. memory."

Gu Wei took a sound, turned around, with someone on the third floor of the open air pool.

See the swimming pool on the third floor, the fidel is amazed, it's cool here!

Subsequently, the fidel's eyes fell to a shower room enclosed in a transparent glass, and the bathroom curtain semi-opened semi-closed, suddenly, high-definition. The code of the code is reproduced in front of him.


Seeing he didn't follow, Gu Wei came out: "What happened?"

Fame came back to God: "Ah, there is nothing wrong with it."

"Do you want to go to water? Still look at me?" Gu Wei took off the bathrobe and exposed the tough body, and walked on the pool and went to Yue Fi.

Yue Fei stopped the foot on the pool, watching the clear pool and regret: "I still look at your tour."

So, the fidel is lying on the lounge chair next to it.

Gu Wei did not barely, seeing he is looking for a good place, turned to the water.

Alpha strong long arm draws the water, and speeds up a round and does not stop.

Soon, three rounds have been played.

Yue Fei looked at the pool, and his face was slowly red.

That healthy body, I used to be behind him ...

Cough and cough cough! ! !

The fidel is smashed by his own saliva.

I woke up, in the past, he was originally a trail of the white paper, and he didn't blame him to respond so big ... inexplicably, the fidel feels that the temperature is gradually rising, the wind blows Over, take a smeared sweet incense to his nose.

When the fi is embarrassed, the alpha action in the pool has a few steps from the pool and come to him.

"Well? Are you over? Want to go to the building?" The fidel is sitting straight on the lounge chair, asking him, with a smell.

Take a slide on the throat, sit down on the space next to his thigh.

Before the body, foreheads on Omega's shoulders: "I am a bit uncomfortable."

Vietnamese: "... What happened?"

"Alpha's sensitive period." Gu Yizhang did not change color, uncertain Yue Fei could not accept it, he didn't want to tell Yue Fei him is an Omega, and it is in a differentiated period.

Fei Fi: "Is going to the hospital?"

"No." Gu Wei looked up and reflected the fidelish face, "Can I pro, can I pro?"

Fei Fei: "I am beta, is it useful?"

"Yes." Gu Yisheng took the front, with his forehead, "You used to accompany me to be sensitive."

"Oh ..." Fei Fi is going down, some bureaus, "that, that's okay."

Almost the voice fall, the soft lips are hit hard.

"Hey -" The unfair, Gu Wei's power is too big, and the fidel is thrown on the lounge chair.

The bones are in the neck of Omega, and the fingers are lifted, pinch the Omega's chin, let people open their mouths ...

The intrusion of overbearing, hook, separate, and reticed ... this is his, all, all him.

The loose is overflowing, and it is restrained.

I have come soon, I will think about my mood, I like my mood ... I am bitten, torn, squat, alpha kiss with myself is an urgent, impatient.

White round toes curled up, fidel raising hands, press behind alpha, fingertip, unconsciously, leave traces on the opponent's back.

It is clear that it is just kissing, but he will make him tremble from the soul.

Is it too good to kiss? Fiformat is fascinated.

Above the pool water, the pixels are intertwined, fused, and the sweet pixels originally faint, gradually resumed calm.


Gu Wei fissed the biggest self-made force, and took down the fidel of his neck from his body.

"I am much better, thank you." Omega pulled out from the lounge chair, Gu Wei, Binbin, gratified.

The Fei Fei has not returned to God, and it took a moment: "You are welcome."

"Don't blow here, careful cold, go back to the house to rest for a while, I packed you." Gu Wei smashed his head.

Fiki nod: "Good."

Listening to him, Gu Wei turned to go out to the shower, the fidel is going to the stairway, and when a few steps, the ghost returned to the head.

After the body, Gu Wei stood behind the transparent glass, no one, the water flows from him to the heel, the wild beast is locked.

Seeing him back, Gu Wei stunned, then hook the lips smiled, after squatting, press the wall button, the curtain blade slowly.

"..." Fei Fi is looking back, go downstairs.

So big, foul.

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