The next day, Fei Fi is alone in the study, staring at the textbook and exercise book.

This question, is he still written?

Why, now he doesn't understand the topic ...

Thinking of Gu Wei said that he wants to make a coupon, and the fidel picked the textbook and sounded the door of the next door.

"Come in."

Gu Wei's voice came from the study.

The fiders put the handle, push the door, and explore a small head: "Is it busy?"

Gu Yizheng computer: "Not busy, what happened?"

Listening to him, Fei Fei hugs to go to the book: "I will make a course."

Gu Wei's eyebrows: "Don't you want to watch movies?"

Of course, I want to see ... The fidel has a lower lip, and the heartbeat is slightly accelerated: "I have to study hard."

Just feel that you want to wait with Gu Wei, the counted will be more justified than if you want to watch movies together.

He didn't dare to talk to Gu Wei to say that he did not want to be a person, and he couldn't say that Gu Wei came with himself.

Gu Wei did not doubt him, just when he was worried about the progress of the school, then got up and put the chair in his desk.

"Sit this side."

Sit down.

"Where to start?"

The Fi Fi is stunned, ah, he is unbelieving, is it going to have a plus one equal to how much?

Gu Wei is still waiting for his answer.

I coughed, and the fidel opened the first page of the textbook: "Starting from the beginning."

Gu Wei: "..." lost, then it is better to watch movies.

The fidel is bitten under the lower lips.

Gu Wei fell in the eyes and smiled: "Then let's have a sentence."


The ear is a voice of Gu Wei to explain the sound of textbook knowledge, but the fidel's eyes stare at the desk, and there is an unpaladable picture before.

He was sitting on this table, kissing Gu Wei!

This is why ... are they so loving? Is this house where is pure?

To put it, it seems that only when he is waiting in his own study, it is normal.


I found out his gods, Gu Wei knocked on the table with the instructions, thought it was too fast, and the fidel did not understand and embarrassed, so I got.

However, the voice falls, he screamed the ominity of Omega.

Relatives and shy.

Gu Wei looked at the Yuefi and the scorpion was dyed.

How is this going?

Omega is head, showing long neck, gently, said that he understands, as for it, it is still fake ...

"Do you think of what?" Gu Wei leaned over, the high nose is close to Omega's later neck.

The warm breathing is behind the ear, the fidel is pourmed before, squatting on the table, looking back, watching Gu Wei's eyes seem to bring hooks, but he didn't consciously: "We are, here, I took a kiss here." "

This kind of well-behaved is asked in temptation, so that Gu Wei's eyes are instantly.

Almost let Gu Wei have ignored the key points.

"Do you think of it?" Gu Wei is low, and it is a gentleness that is unprecedented, as if it is afraid of scared who is general.

The fidel half is buried in the arm, nodded: "Some fragments."

Gu Wei: "Do you think of?"

"Well ..." Yue Fi thought, "It seems to be a specific location, it will recall some things happening in this place."

"For example, this study allows you to think of our kiss here?" Gu Wei's mouth evoked the unspeakable radians.

Listening to him, I am so embarrassed, and the fidel is sinking: "Well."

"I still think of what?" Gu Wei asked him.

Kiss next to the restaurant cabinet, the main bedroom, the intimate shower between the three floor shower ...

Facial fidel can not say these: "There is something that I think in the study, I have to take scholarship, I will give myself."

This is not very clear.

But I remembered that two people went on the third floor last night to swim. Gu Weiji took him to ask him: "The third floor swimming pool, what do you think of?"

For example, the sudden confession of the shower.

The fidel blinks, and the cerebelings play back in the shower room enclosed in the transparent glass again. The code of the code, the heartbeat is accelerated, and the Fi Fi is lie: "No."

Gu Wei looked at him obviously dodge the eyes, and the light micro-coagulation: "Is it?"

Some of the fidel: "Yes, yes."

Gu Wei, looked at the exercise on the fidel, "Well, now, write a few questions to practice."

"?" Why is the topic that is so fast? "

Fei fi has no preparation, and the hands were passed by Gu Wei.

"These two questions, I watched you wrote."

Vietnamese fidelity: "..."

Five minutes from ...

The word is not moving.

Gu Wei relied on the back of the chair and looked at him: "What are you waiting?"

Fei Fi: "In fact, I think it is."


"Three-floor shower room." At this moment, it seems that the topic that is slightly shame is nothing more than the topic.


Yue Fii side, looked at Gu Wei, and Gu Wei lifted his head and said that he continued.

"You press me ..."

Alpha looks at him, like some words that he will take it.

"I will not do these questions." Yue Fi suddenly said that it couldn't go on, and suddenly transferred the topic, standing up, "I went back to my study and then see it.

After finishing, he picked up the textbook and plan to leave the room.

But people just walked to the door, and the hands were not tied to the door.

It has oppression behind it.

Alpha stepped behind him, leaned over, the chest was stuck behind, and the person pressed to the door panel.

"Pressing you, then?"

The Fi Fif is instant red, what is this?

"You said that I don't barely fulfill my partner obligation."

Gu Wei low, thin lips stickers in his ear: "Is it barely?"

...... The textbook in your hand falls on the ground, and the fidel put his cheeks on the cold door, and the heart is slightly fuse. How can this man, how to suddenly

The exquisite and elegant belt of the pattern is landed, the lock fell on the floor, and it sounded.

The rich rosin is overflowing, the fidel is closed, and the waist is strong.

"Is it barely?"

Gu Wei bites his ear.

The fidel shook his head and wanted to avoid it.

"Is it barely?"

Gu Wei did not easily let him.

Fiber is astishing breath: "Don't worry," Can you? "

He is exported, and the thin lips of the tip of the tongue immediately ushered in the rare raging.

Falling with kisses, is a big hand of bone.


The fidel has snorted, but it is firmly suppressed by Alpha, and it is not possible.

Omega originally just passive, is also accepted at this moment.

His body raised, and back on the chest of Gu Wei, the whole person is like tight strings, because the action on the hand, sometimes the bow, sometimes relaxation, and a volley.

Finally, the laminated spacing of layers set off a waves and flooded the fidel in the Matsushun Sea.

"It's barely, I."

Alpha drilled into the fidet.

"Be reluctant."


When you return to your own study, the fidel's legs are soft.

However, on the fever cheeks, the arc of his mouth leaked his mood.

Although, but, however, it is really cool!

He has fallen ... fidel is covered with face, lying down on the small sofa.

He is not pure ... Yuefu's voice is in the mouth, and the calf is excited.

" ..."

The door was suddenly knocked on the door.

The fidel is looking up, and Gu Wei smiled, and took a hand on the door, lifted one hand, very symbolized, knocking two times.

"I am not waiting?"

He seems to have forgotten it? !

Fei fi is immediately sitting straight: "What?"

The sky blue circular glass box is supported before the fidel.

"Ointment, I will help you, or you have to come by yourself?"

After he reminded that the skin inside the thigh seems to be protesting again.

"I will come." Fi Fi reached out and took away the ointment in Gu Wei.

- Gu Wei's lower lips, and it is a pity.

Fei Fi: "You go out, I have to learn!"

"Well." Gu Wei turned, and put it on the door, and punched the corner of the mouth. "Remember to close, if you need help, I am next door."

Fei Fi: "Oh -" Let's see you again!

Intondeded my blush to myself, I found out that his belt, as if, falling in the next door.


After a few times, I went back in Gu Wei, I didn't dare to go in, afraid that I still remember more.

I thought that Gu Wei took his belt to the bedroom, but until the next day, the fidel did not see his belt.

After taking the hand, I just went down the bed and prepared to wash the temple, and the Fifi opened his eyes.

Gu Wei: "What belt?"

Fei Fi: "Yesterday in the study ..."

"Oh." Gu Wei thought.

However, he did not answer the fidel immediately.

Faches look at the back of his departure, and the eyes are suddenly collapsed, and they are defeated.

When he woke up again, Gu Wei had already washed it, wearing neat, standing on the balcony of the master bedroom.

Soon, Gu Wei ended the call and returned to the room.

Seeing him waking up, Gu Wei picked the eyebrows, went to the bedside side of the fi, and reached his cheek: "Can't afford it?"

Fiviles stretched a lazy waist: "It is necessary to get up."

"You just have to talk to me?" Gu Wei reached out and pinned the elongated finger of the fidel.

Fei Fi: "Well? Where?"

Gu Wei pulled his hand and came to his waist, and the soft finger touched hard and cold metal.

"Here, this is yours."

The fidel is blinked, and the ear is red.

"What ... What?"

Gu Wei: "This belt is not what you are looking for?"

The Omega just wake up was still in a soft bed, and he wanted to the next move, and the waistband appearance: "... Yes, it is mine."

"Getting you."

Gu Wei, one hand is supported on the side of the fidel, close to him.

"I have been wrong, you are not taking you."

"Hey, help me pull it out."


Yue Fi was shocked to pick up his hand, turned over, buried his face into the pillow, back to Gu Wei, pretending to be ostrich.

He didn't understand anything, nothing else!